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  1. The I of the storm

    In my experience: not everybody has the same or any demonstrable talents, and not everybody can receive all that can be reveled. That said, I would just think that I was crazy, if I hadn't early on been tested and Initiated, by physical masters within the lower physical reals.
  2. Forays into "Folk magic"

    I am a former member of rune soup forum. In my experience: Gordon White is the real deal.
  3. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Oh! at first glance, I thought that she was poring tea, in a new-age sort of way.
  4. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Watching the bird feeder: a sparrow flies down, and misjudges its landing on the polished brass bird perch, it holds on with its feet while hanging upside down as it swings back and fourth looking around for the bird seed, finding nothing but open air, in seeming disgust it does a graceful back flip and lands on the ground below.
  5. Tantra...

    I would like to add a bit by Sadhguru, that covers tantra as a tool, not relying on any external physical partner to contribute when you create.
  6. #s1va, thanks for this information, it is clear to me that Brahman is the only permanent unchanging source of the universe, while all other energies are Not permanent and constantly changing. this is with the caveat that this changing can in some cases last billions of years like our earth or even the pyramids that have lasted many thousands of years.
  7. 'It wasn't fear, but a real sense of it not being possible to return to awareness of my physical form as I know it.' It realy sounds like you passed the initiation and the test to me. Why? because these things are Subtle, all is balanced, your desire to try along with your courage to face the snake, sounds like enough. It also sounds like you got the upgrade/a quickening in your spirit, which is normal if you passed. Like me entering the 4th earth chk, the gate keeper said straight up 'you are not ready' Now I am working to get ready, it could take weeks months years. 'Like the real test was beyond a point of no of no return' In my experience: that is exactly what crossing the abyss feels like. P.s. I didn't want to be discouraging, but felt that I should mention that just before I cross over like into the 4th earth chk., I leave a note or a post, just encase I don't make it back to my physical form.
  8. I am posting this with thanks to whoever led me to this web sit where after reading the following I finally understand the difference between dual and non dual. Dual consciousness 'An occultist learns through self-control and discipline to work on two planes at once: to be partly out of his body even as he is working on the physical plane, so that while he is writing or speaking, he may be doing other things with his astral body. When such is the case with an occultist, little need be said of a full-blown jnani who is resting in his own swarupa, essential nature. A jnani has dual consciousness. He has consciousness of Brahman as well as of the world. He sees the world as a dream within himself. A jnani is always in samadhi. There is no ‘in samadhi’ and ‘out of samadhi’ for a jnani like that for a raja yogi.'
  9. Background: I am currently pushing my way into the earths 4th chk. The gate guardian (deliberately being non nondescript, at this point in the process). The gate guardian seams to be forcing me to become clear on my Hindu, incites. In other words because the head(focus) of 3rd earth chk is in the hands of Hindu's (according to me, 'having recently passed through it), I need to present to him a clear understanding of what they teach before he will allow me to enter the 4th earth chk. Still working on my understanding the dule verses the non dule, etc... The point is that I reread this thread, after posting my experience/initiation while in the earths 1st chk, and I realized that your post indicates to my experience that you passed a slimier same initiation to mine. So big congratulations. Earth chakras expanded view
  10. A closer look at candle-gazing meditation

    'For me personally, it just raises a question of what space is it that tratak will eventually grant me access to? In my experience: one of the types of spaces that you could possibly enter into would be: Also, what exactly is the force or entity that I'm aligning myself with by continuing to entertain and engage with the practice of tratak? You are aligning with your true or higher Self. Your own fire of life (life energy) can be increased and controlled with various types of practices. In my experience: unseen world energies sometimes have the appearance of fire. The easiest type of external energy that can be handled is sometimes called smokeless fire or fairy fire. several decades ago I experimented with tv as a form of meditation and energy transmission. Not much luck went back to candle. Then plasma tv came out and Huzzah! no more need for candles.
  11. Earth chakras

    DRAFT: More info and updates on my passage into Earths Chakra 4: *(incidental information for those who have made comment after remote viewing me sitting in place, during trances/samadhi). That said so far, I have achieved the gain of getting past the Distraction of the alluring green rays emitted by the earths 4th chakra and I have now entered the painful phase, the requirements of continuing the pressure of pushing through what I call for the lack of better words: to 'discourage the not fully committed'. This half of forcing my way through the protections of the green gate cause my bones feel light and hollow inside, my life energies to bubble all about my appendages (I have heard/hearsay that Shiva caused this suffering in some way to assist the one entering higher dementions to cleans their ora properly). Fortunately I have experienced this all before on other quests into other dementional enterences and so I am able to press on. Side note thanks to DBs cultivation starting with (posts) and cultivation into folk soul support, and providing a base to push against from within the unseen work), I was lead through a series of bezar synchronicities to a block of information about siddhis, I had no real idea what siddhis are, however at the conclusion of the information, it stated that 'in order for me to move on past the gate and into 4, I mite needed to at least ^*^get rid of the lower 5 of these siddhis', Eureka!, this was a portion of the information that I was looking for, to facilitate my continued advance through the green gateway into the 4th Earth Chakra.You may ask. Why would I consider giving up powerful magics, especially now that I knew what they were called?Who Knows What I Will Receive Behind door #4 is the answer, and because I had to get passed the gate guardian ('who said to me 'you are not ready yet'). With the reassurance of my recent apithney causing me to consider getting rid of my attachment to the lower siddhis, and what seemed to be a vague nod from the gate guardian who is partially concealed while standing within the transparent inner vale of the gate, verifying with a nod that he thought that was part of the holdup. I am considering that, the loss/removal of the siddhis, would be the correct thing to do in order to Eventually (still watching the grass grow) gain full entrance into the earths 4th chakra (heart chakra). The latest update July 18th 2019, I just found out that apparently some kind of full moon or eclipse has occurred July 16th I missed noticing it,(visions dreams lack of sleep are usual) because I was working-hard pressing through the 4th gate, and suddenly I received/channeled more info. to put on my to do list. So as of this date, I find out that I get to spend a lot of extra time seeking my higher self as part of the needed items that are added up, to enable me to get through the 4th gate. Finding out new stuff/Info. is usually fun but this is a big job already, having to get touchy-feely with my higher-self is going to be tough (real feelings). I am a doer I can't make this stuff up! In a earlier post I stated that I was looking for some sort of instructions for entering gate #4 (according to newly found Sumerian tablets, containing instructions for passing through gates within the unseen world, it is best to observe the following instructions FOR THE LOWER GATES: Take your own: seat with you (do not sit on any seats offered to you), or take or ingest any Tribute that is offered. In other words unless you plan on some permanent aspect of yourself staying don't partake of any of the substance that is available within the Gate. Part of the above INFO. verified previously by the spirit guides of my youth: It is best to be sitting in your own chair when working through the spirit realms. Note: there is almost always , some form of ^small self sacrifice (can be hair, fingernails, other), or a offering of tribute, involved when obtaining unseen-world gain, this requirement of a self sacrifice (that is common to one of my lineage(s)), is just another thing that separates out the **^uncommitted from the sincere or the wise. **^some where in another thread called "are you a shaman" has a post that discusses the 'sincere' or the "wise" being able to cross the 'abyss/death', (as far as I know: ^*^It would be tough to give up things that were hard earned (especially, after just learning what they are called) but I had to gin up the will to mentally distance my self from my newly understood siddhis if I discover that it is the only way to get into e-chk4? Having Previously (in some form or other, could be a normal NDE, or a ritual, or a spirit based initiation, or a trainee/master initiated passage while training) crossed the abyss/death is a prerequisite to passing through most e-chk gates.) *: Some call the method that I use effortless doing, that is only in outward apprentice. In my opinion: any spirit traveling shaman worth his salt can tell you of the exhaustion, freezing to the point of hypothermia, over heating, dehydration, and painful injures that sometimes occur within the shamans physical form during a real unseen world spirit passage. ^(the small self sacrifice (can be hair, fingernails, other), tribute, a favor incurred, or a favor repaid can sometimes be waved or mitigated by the power in-charge of the unseen-world edifice). ^^^Empirical existence and existence-reality This next section outlines what I have to go from to what I have to go to if I am to enter the 4th Earth Chk: 'The world does not disappear absolutely, as is supposed, in the jivanmukti state. The empirical world ceases to exist, but this does not mean annihilation. It merely means that existence changes its form and color, as it were, for the Absolute. It is empirical existence and not all existence that vanishes. Existence-reality remains, but its limited forms vanish. External has to go; spatial and temporal views of things must go; causal determination of one thing by another must go; many-ness and oneness must go. This is inevitable. However, the universe with all its reality will not go even for the liberated soul. It will merely change its form, meaning and significance. Nothing will disappear except a false view, a limited horizon, erroneous ideas and a circumscribed vision. Fact, reality, existence, however, will remain as fundamental as ever, but the viewpoint will change.' Dual consciousness 'An occultist (my current state) learns through self-control and discipline to work on two planes at once: to be partly out of his body even as he is working on the physical plane, so that while he is writing or speaking, he may be doing other things with his astral body. When such is the case with an occultist, little need be said of a full-blown jnani who is resting in his own swarupa, essential nature. A jnani has dual consciousness. He has consciousness of Brahman as well as of the world. He sees the world as a dream within himself. A jnani is always in samadhi. There is no ‘in samadhi’ and ‘out of samadhi’ for a jnani like that for a raja yogi.' POSIBLE DRAFT: Comments on the thread: *^#^Why do YOU think the world is so messed up? By alchemystical, June 13 in General Discussion Once again I have to give a big thumbs up to DBs. I never would have though to ask any questions, about this topic. In my search for information having to do with entering the 4th earth chk I discovered a possible answer to the above *^#^question. The following info is only relevant if a person believes that the earth is in some way a living being . I was convinced of this when I was young. That said: many earth chakras are mentioned but in my experience: the only ones directly reverent to this supposition that the earth is messed up is chk1 through chk4. I say this because when I was young I tried to pass from chk2 to chk3 and I was informed that the vibrational influence (a point of power and connection-the focal point, the entrance) of chk3 was not their (within the unseen world). This missing note of the earths song/vibration is relevant to the entire story of my life 7 decades long. So the short of it is now that chk3 is up and running, and with me having passed through it, I am on to chk4. Back ground comments:The earth having lost the use of one of its chks for what appeared to me to have been a very long time would be the answer to the question: 'why do you think that the world is so messed up'. I have come to know/understand that we as people need to be influenced/balanced by at least the first 4 earth chks so that we can transcend to at least the level that we were made to live at. Like strings on a guitar these gigantic earth chakras vibrate and in-power our tiny matching strings and keep us in tune. There is a old saying that implies to me that the song/wave length of the earths chks when properly balanced will make the necessary corrections to the earth, and hopefully that alone will solve many problems for those who can receive it.
  12. Tantra...

    Great explanation!
  13. Tantra...

    Here is a post that I wrote for *Patheos/Pagen, that is about a type of group merging, that in action I consider it a type of 'tantra': 'John, in my opinion: The original religion was and is the gathering of like minded people using simple techniques to form a folk soul="church", then one or more people channel/connect to the life force of the folk soul, and initiate those willing to evolve/transcend to the next level of awareness/quickening, and so it goes, until all have become Hole(christian call it Holy, Hindus call it realized, Buddhist call it nirvana, Taoist enlightenment, etc...). *
  14. My posted words are not sufficient to address all of your questions, so I picked this one. In my experience: initiations (sometimes observed by others as external suffering) are part of a process of obtaining for are selves, the unseen world functionality that will serve us in the next higher faze of our evolution. In my experience: 'the caterpillar becomes a butterfly' totally simple to the casual observer, and y a totally complex activity to the continually initiating creator who is *(suffering 'exerting himself', to pay the price) to learn the unseen world complexities of creation for himself. *siddhis:anima-minimization A definition: In Shaivism, siddhi are defined as "Extraordinary powers of the soul, developed through consistent meditation and often uncomfortable and grueling tapas, or awakened naturally through spiritual maturity and yogic sādhanā."
  15. 'But it doesn't change the fact that it is the truth...' The above statements are true within this plane of existence. My question: is this truth working for those who practice it? If it hinders them from attempting to reach for the next higher rung of the ladder, in their personal evolution?