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  1. Non-verbal communication, feel the bliss!

  2. desire in Taoism

  3. Thanks, freeform this post is really informative and does bestow light into the darkened areas of the available information.
  4. Natural: 'Seeds that grow, head up toward the light but have to be supported by their roots that grow in the dark'.
  5. A strange experience - Mato Tipila

    Thanks for the cultivation of this thread, I became inspired to share this demo to show the way that the vibrational energy/sound of the earth charkas supports our forms, enjoy Lol.
  6. Cultivating the Golden Seed

    It seems silly; me answering my own question, but this post also brings the thread to the four front as dwai suggested it be viewed from time to time. That said, in my latest round of cultivation on other threads, I discovered IMO the answer to my question about the tiger, pictured above, and that is it represents the kinetic, energy that is necessary to continue the flowing movement within the micro orbit, and the external orbits. I also noted that the general text with the picture while unreadable to me, seemed to lean toward depicting the wielding/flowing of the energy of creation between a man and a woman, ON both the physical and ethereal planes of existence, at first I read into the symbolism only my focus of Non-physical tantra, but later I could also surmise a physical component being hinted at by the information as it is presented, the pearl (Mysterious Pearl) representing both the woman's egg and the ethereal pearl subsequent to creating a functional spirit body. 'Just sain'
  7. I agree, in my understanding: that filled space in its greater and greater levels, is sometimes called the higher chakras, I personally call the first three the Aura, Merkabah, Domain.
  8. After properly reading the essay, so that I could enjoy posting in the thread. I can say that there is no other emoticon that signifies discomfort. I have mentioned that I would delete any posts that were considered uncomfortable by others and I will change this emoticon as well. Reason: the first few pages of the essay were not clear to me and your comment "Comments welcome but please read this essay properly first!" caused me much discomfort because of the amount of effort that I usually put into properly reading anything. I am a doer not much of a reader, and at first, I wanted to stop reviewing the essay in its entirety without making any posts. But reading the excellent posts I thought that I should try to post some of my related experiences after studying the terminology and cultivating in and around Taoist Neidan for the past 3 years.
  9. Another, big thanks to the cultivation within this thread: I connected the lower and middle levels of growth to my ilks initiations: In my lineage, these lower level and middle level are called initiations, each one preceded by a challenge to overcome, and then an increase/*gift that also has to be earned, so a challenge to overcome in the front and a gift that has to be earned in the back. In another thread, I posted about one who made it to what is being called the middle level (30 years), which is a functional ethereal body that can traverse the ethereal plane. *the gifts are not usually discerned by a person's physical senses but in the formless state, they become available.
  10. *To cultivate the real while living in the vulgar, to exit the world while dwelling in the dust, you should first awaken to your xing. (in my experience: we call it creating a functional spirit body, to be used, to gain experience within the ethereal planes, and coming into contact with others who are doing the same) This is one of my favorite pics because it depicts so much of the required energy exchanges simultaneously going on within as the spirit/xing interacts with the physical/ming, both primordial and future real energies can be easily imagined to be involved in the exchange and the inverted exchange: the creative ethereal energies working together producing the 10k things and others being readied to become forms as the clouds of stardust/flux within the enveloping wrappings of the emerging waveforms molecular structure. Then as all the balanced actions are naturally accruing and manifest the central IM is shown as being current to the central balance and dispensing of the light energies to invoke the cultivation of the raw forms. My several decades of experience processing energies are within another lineage, and because the teachings have been mostly eliminated from the physical plane I have chosen to express what I can share within Taoist Neiden terminologies. Thanks to the added cultivation of this thread I can now add the information that expresses to me a deeper version of what this pic represents what I believe to be called the Cinnabar Field, which is within my new Deeper understanding of the terminology that represents the central dan ten, called by me the solar heart. In my experience: the act of assisting a student to move forward is paramount, in order for me to begin my higher levels of understanding, the training process of one student must be completed by me and the breath of life (I believe to be called the Golden Elixir) had to be issued by me in a ceremony. I have posted the actual experience of this startup ceremony of a student in my ilk within another thread. . **Apr 20, 2019 - In Daoism Xing and Ming are two interrelated concepts that can be understood in a variety of ways. ... First, the literal meaning of Xing and Ming, words when translated into ... In Daoist Neidan practices, Xing and Ming are sometimes ... They are thought to correspond to Spirit (Xing) and the Breath (Ming) ... *Merging of Xing and Ming” (“Xingming hunrong lun” 性命混融論), his second-generation disciple, Wang Jie, points out that the sole cultivation of xing or ming leads to incomplete states of realization. Focusing only on xing, he says, makes it impossible to manifest the “pervading” power of Spirit (shentong 神通), by which he seems to refer to the supernatural knowledge of aspects of the sensible world (in the sense of Buddhist abhijñā, that is, in order to comprehend or to renounce them, according to their kind); focusing only on ming may grant long life, but not transcending the world: If you only cultivate your xing and do not cultivate your ming, after your body dies your Nature becomes a yin spirit (yinshen), and you cannot manifest the pervading power of Spirit. If you only cultivate your ming and do not cultivate your xing, your body may live a long life, but you will forever reside in the phenomenal world and will be unable to transcend the cycles of kalpas.100 苟有只修性而不修命,身死之後,性為陰靈,不能現神通。只修命而 不修性,身雖長生,終住於相,不能超劫運。 Both xing and ming, therefore, should be cultivated. However, analogously to Li Daochun, Wang Jie emphasizes the priority of xing over ming, and states that by knowing one’s xing one can also know one’s ming: To cultivate the real while living in the vulgar, to exit the world while dwelling in the dust, you should first awaken to your xing. 在俗修真,居塵出世,當以悟性為先。 In cultivating the real, xing is the first principle; as you see your xing, you do the work for refining your ming. 101 100 Huanzhen ji, 2.5b. The purpose of Neidan is often described as the creation of an immortal “yang spirit” (yangshen 陽神). See van Enckevort, “The Three Treasures,” especially 136–41, whose discussion is based on Wu Shouyang’s views but also applies to other Neidan traditions. 101 Huanzhen ji, 3.39a and 3.27 * **
  11. Jungs shadow theory, IMO his purpose was to let fly in the face of those who could receive its practical application, the use of the watered-down version of the information that he had gleaned from his understanding of the ancient meanings found in the ethereal realms collections of comments which are, that IMO: when it comes time for a sentient being to gain a physical body, it is necessary to split the ethereal version of the gray matter into two parts forming a negative/positive spirit and then letting them mentally duke it out so that they both are strengthened. My support for those who admit to and admire nonverbal communication In my experience: when working in the ethereal realms, we have a saying ( ), this bit of nonverbal communication very much supports everyone broadening their horizons- when leaning into the infrastructure of the ethereal realm, in my experience: much understanding can be gained and can be obtained by not expressing in words deeper meanings when they can be better understood by those who are able to receive them nonverbally.
  12. Serpent Lore

    Thank you, Apech This pic is such a gift, describing an initiation that I had the privilege of participating in while passing through one of the earth gates. The Amduat (Ancient Egyptian: jmj dwꜣt, literally "That Which Is In the Afterworld", also translated as "Text of the Hidden Chamber Which is in the Underworld" and "Book of What is in the Underworld") is an important ancient Egyptian funerary text of the New Kingdom of Egypt.
  13. Mosquitoes, ants?

    Thanks, for the opportunity to mention the "Merlin" myths: In my experience: Pagan Mages/Merlins sometimes use ants-dead or alive to have their students gain experiential knowledge about traveling through the ethereal portion of the world. Pagan Mage's historical activities are frequently billed under the laughable guise of mythic Merlin because IMO: in past times religious armies destroyed all the books scrolls relics symbols, killed all the historian's mages practitioners, made laughable myths out of anything concerning Alchemy/magic Pagan Mage practises, killed anyone that told the truth about it, and then let whatever was left stew in obscurity for hundreds of years. Until finally somebody comes along and writes books and makes comments about the airy-fairy Merlin Alchemy/magic like they know what they are talking about. 'Just sain'
  14. Mosquitoes, ants?

    The following info. is taken from an article written about a student possessing an ant to vicariously experience/practice crossing over to death and back. #**Normal-incidental info. During the practice that this article is based on, the student who enjoyed the crossing became nervous, and so just before trancing out, he asked the student Mentor what he should do if he became frightened of all the beings that would appear to him as giants when he was experiencing his vicarious journey through the normal movements of the ant while it was alive. The student Mentor had jokingly said: “when you get out there, and if you feel uncomfortable just wave at one of the giants that look like a human and ask for help” Lol. The student did just that and another student who just happened to be nearby noticed the weirdly waving actions of the ant and not thinking much of it, decided that it was a good time to take a leek. The next day the student that had possessed the ant for the crossing, approached the student Mentor, and in all seriousness complained about his unhealthy treatment at the hands of the unsympathetic giant student, to the Student Mentor. The student Mentor tried to not hurt the already indignant students' feelings, but try as he would he could not hide his uproarious laughter. The resulting fuss over the incident still carries weight several decades later, and because of it, many an insect has had its life spared and even been protected, when anywhere near the student Mentor.