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  1. there is no enlightenment in the future

    Hey! old3bob, a brief comment from my current perspective, when you are living in the present/now you are then able to Receive the future as it is arriving.
  2. Spotless, wonderful words, I can't tell you how much I have wanted to post something like this, but the words fail me. Transcendence!!! Right ON.
  3. How/why does qigong work?

    I have enjoyed the extreme cultivation provided by this no nonsense thread about qigong, and I kept quiet as requested because of my similar yet different skill set. I needed to make a supporting comment about non verbal communication, which relates to receiving higher level skills as you qpfq have stated above. in my experience: It is just the way that it is done.
  4. The Mahāsiddha Field - My first novel

    I also got the book "The Mahāsiddha Field" on kindle. Thank you, Dwai.
  5. Cultivating the Golden Seed

    This is a exciting and rare picture for me to find because: it shows the smokeless fire that consumes not, being poured from a *dragon into the **sarcophagus of cleansing and renewal which is also where the solar heart what is being called here, the golden seed can be charged. IMO, it is also a binding link between more then one earthly culture and unseen world activities, that all use the smokeless fire and the sarcophagus for cleansing and renewal. *In my understanding a dragon supplies the smokeless fire to fill the sarcophagus, in all cultures. **the same sarcophagus is found in the egyptian pyramid also a decorated coffer.
  6. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    Thanks for the setting out the welcome mat Nintendao, and for clearing that up: At first glance I thought that the thread heading: "Why gendao is worth having on this forum" was some new form of martial arts, so still a little bit fuzzy from my travels I went and looked up Gendao on google, 'who knew', I didn't connect it to the"No more right-wing bullshit" thread. When earth gate hopping I just can't seem to muster enough focus to read or write anything well for at time, you might have noticed this the last time that I went off to england 'exploring the possibility of a 4th chk/gate entrance being accessible there', and met up with the welsh blue faced witches. Glad to be back there is no place on the physical plane/internet like TDB
  7. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    I am back from checking out earth chr/gate 4, what did I miss? Once again I have to give a big thumbs up to DBs. I never would have though to ask any questions, about this topic "why-do-you-think-the-world-is-so-messed-up". In my search for information having to do with entering the 4th earth chk I discovered a possible answer to the above *^#^question. The following info is only relevant if a person believes that the earth has a living spirit. I was convinced of this when I was young. That said: many earth chakras are generally mentioned but in my experience: the only ones directly reverent to this supposition that the earth is messed up is chk1 through chk4. I say this because when I was young I tried to pass from chk2 to chk3 and I was directly informed of chk2/gate being messed up by the gate guardian poking me in the head with his (@#$%^## staff). Then when trying to do a end run around chk2/gate through chk3/gate I discovered to my dismay that the vibrational influence (a point of power and connection-the focal point/gate, entrance) of chk3/gate was no longer their (within the unseen world), this could have something to do with the sinking of atlantis, I don't know (there are experts on the subject of atlantis in thes forum). This missing note of the earths song/vibration is relevant to the entire story of my life 7 decades long. So the short of it is now that chk3/gate is up and running, and with me having passed through it, I am on to chk4. Back ground comments: At a early age I discovered that the earth had lost the use of one of its chks/gates for what appeared to me to have been a very long time would be the answer to the question: 'why do you think that the world is so messed up'. I have come to know/understand that we as people need to be influenced/balanced by at least the first 4 earth chks so that we can transcend to at least the happy level that we were made to live at chk4 (green gate, garden of eden, jade emperor, etc...). Like strings on a guitar these gigantic earth chakras vibrate and in-power our tiny matching chk strings and keep us in tune. There is a old saying that implies to me that the song/wave length of the earths chks when properly balanced will make the necessary corrections to the earth, and hopefully that alone will solve many problems for those who are willing to receive it. for a more in depth study of my comments/info. about earth chk/gats:
  8. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    I just got back from a several month exploration of world gate four. Did I miss something?
  9. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I tried to make a joke and failed so badly that it had to laugh. Then I was told that if I would only stop looking and sounding like I was going to a funeral, then people would laugh at my jokes.
  10. In my experience: once a higher gate/Loka is entered into, the changes achieved to self, can sometimes manifest as siddhis in the lower realms, these siddhis seem to be a byproduct of the persons attainment.
  11. It is good to hear, such powerful comments as this one. In my experience: developing the lower powers and applying them, is essential to the formation/connecting to functional spirit form, that will then be able to carry a intelect through the world gates. I have heard that in order to pass through the world gates, it sometimes mite require leaving behind some or all of the lower powers/siddhis in order to experience other available powers.
  12. The I of the storm

    In my experience: not everybody has the same or any demonstrable talents, and not everybody can receive all that can be reveled. That said, I would just think that I was crazy, if I hadn't early on been tested and Initiated, by physical masters within the lower physical reals.
  13. Forays into "Folk magic"

    I am a former member of rune soup forum. In my experience: Gordon White is the real deal.
  14. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Oh! at first glance, I thought that she was poring tea, in a new-age sort of way.
  15. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Watching the bird feeder: a sparrow flies down, and misjudges its landing on the polished brass bird perch, it holds on with its feet while hanging upside down as it swings back and fourth looking around for the bird seed, finding nothing but open air, in seeming disgust it does a graceful back flip and lands on the ground below.