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  1. Taoist Immortal Monarchs: Alchemy in Nature

    After only seeing one Monarch this last year, my wife bought some *milk weed seeds, kept them in the refrigerate for 3 weeks until they sprouted and just planted them today. *"asclepias fascicularis"
  2. My Kundalini/Shaktipat Initiation

    In my experience: It is not all about the teacher being able to transmit, but it is totally about what the student is ready and able to receive. 'Just sayn'
  3. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    In my psychomanteum, I use a 100+ year old English mirror. At one point I had to Elmer's glue the fancy top knot back on Lol. Its a type of not very portable talisman.
  4. Shaktipat and posibibly Lineage transmission, In my experience: Shaktipat and a posibley *Lineage transmission exchange factor. At or near my 30th year of studying spirit work. I found myself, having to move from a location where for several years I had enjoyed learning from someone who had become my favorite teacher. Anyway after my last class with him we had a parting handshake and both he and I were taken aback by a powerful, what I now believe to be called a Shaktipat type transmission, at the time we both were to stunned to say anything. However from then on I was able to enter into visions where I could interact with near by spirits in a beautiful otherworldly **setting. I found out years later when I attended a seminar and briefly talked with my old teacher, that he was excited to explain what happened to him after our mutual experience, he told me that he had gained the love of small birds from me. Then he shared with me a example of how he had previously treated, small birds that in his words, "inhabited/vandalized his exquisite garden", (xxx) and that he recognized that he had gained a form of charity, from our exchange that he had been sorely lacking. **prior to this I relied on others to create the other worldly settings for spirit interactions *Lineage is basically about being able to trace the transmission–ancestry of a particular meditation tradition or meditation teacher back to an individual that was seemingly endowed with at least a modest degree of authentic spiritual realization.
  5. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

    In my experience: while the vibrational patterns of certain words when supported with real forms of internal power can produce effective change. I would like to mention that IMO it is always the work of attuning chakra to smooth out or clearing them from obstructions that causes the epiphany, and physical improvements (not some mystical words). For years I worked to vibrate my third eye, until it cleared out (no specific words involved), this was followed by a once in a lifetime visual of my 1000 petal lotus. 'Just sain'
  6. What is Taoism

    I can only speak to the actual purpose of chanting in any temple. In my experience: chanting is supposed to be for unifying the present group into vibrational harmony with the folksoul that is residing within the temple. If the temple is vacant of the folksoul then no reason.
  7. Awakening, Enlightenment and Liberation

    I Resemble that remark.
  8. Awakening, Enlightenment and Liberation

    'The Ultimate must (obviously...) encompass and transcend both masculine and feminine, as were that not the case, It would be polarised/limited.' If you are talking about the earths 2nd gate guardian: He is perfectly hole but at least for now he is in an angelic form. 'Earths 2nd Chakra: Lake Titicaca is said to embody both masculine and feminine energies, thereby making itself representative of sexuality as the sacral chakra. This chakra is believed to regulate all species on Earth and their evolutionary processes'.Jul 28, 2019
  9. Awakening, Enlightenment and Liberation

    There appears to be more then one def for tantra. I was trying to be supportive of this thread. I have practical experience in Non touching tantra magic, as used to enhance a creative word spell. What is Tantra magic? In the words of Vaman Shivram Apte in his The Practical Sanskrit — English Dictionary, tantra is. “a religious treatise teaching magical and mystical formularies for the worship of the deities or the attainment of superhuman power.” We might agree that the above definition is what we mean by “black magic”.
  10. Awakening, Enlightenment and Liberation

    In my experience: the new gate guardian of the earths 2nd chakra/gate, is a complete being male, spirit, female, he is very impressive to behold. The old gate guardian had a male avatar at the gates door, this has been very confusing for everybody.
  11. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    Starjumper, not even, anyone who can visit me by traveling the unseen world while wearing his astral body, is right with me and gets my respect. He was only there to attempt to kowtow me for (in his mind disrespecting his superior knowledge of the occult). In my training this sort of dueling was the norm. I wrote a article on it in the rabbit hole if you are interested.
  12. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    In another forum I offered a simple suggestion, to another poster. I found out later that he was a temple master in some major group or other he took offense. Later that night he came over in his avatar and we had quite the duel.
  13. In my experience: as your spirit becomes functional, gets powered up and begins to move independent of the physical self, then at times the body will attempt to tag along causing a floating feeling.
  14. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    Such a honorable post, IMO: I have a suspicion that a powerful flux has been introduced into our collective mix, and through alchemy we are being cultivated toward greater heights of awareness. Thank You for being a such a strong voice in confirming this wonder to me.
  15. What is Taoism