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  1. Humans Without Souls

    Thank you, I have posted to very few who are interested in christian soul information, and at the same time can handle more then generic.
  2. Humans Without Souls

    In my experience: those who manage a functional spirit still need to pass through initiation(s) to the point of self hood. In my opinion about those who don't make decision to evolve it is mentioned in historical documents : 'they will nether marry or be given in marriage but will be as the angels.' In my experience: the causation of a lower state is the statement that at some point in their progression if they throw their crowns to their teacher/master (relying on teacher/master for salvation). The visual of this lower estate is the seen of Pentecost where the apostles where seen wearing tongs of fire/feathers of fire which in my opinion a lower estate. It does not mean that they cannot or will not achieve mastery, it is just telling of their current state, which needs to be passed by, or else they could be stuck.
  3. Humans Without Souls

    Well said. From this starting place which in my experience is the future angel level, if the initiated is still alive and willing they could press on toward self hood.
  4. Ouspensky and the forth way

    In my experience: it is best not to give much advice using words, I have a few visualizations/stories.
  5. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    Thanks, there does not seem to be a lot of support for the study and understanding of certain sciences of the past, OOPs I was speaking from personal experience and forgot to mention it: except by those who are labeled as fraudulent and called alchemists/magicians.
  6. Frugivore (homosapiens natural state)

    Thanks for the laugh, I grew up on S.A.D. also, but then recently, I all of a sudden lost my life long appetite for animal meat (hamburgers), and know I am what is called a pesco-vegetarian/pescetarian/fish eater. Who knew!
  7. If anyone is upset by my post about a visit from a avatar or goddess, just let me know and i will delete part or all of the post. I personally have barely met any Hindu gods/goddess, I do not worship any gods/goddess, "I work out my own salvation with fear and trembling"=(anxious for each practical unseen world gain). I do not have a lot of practical writing skills. Sharing in the experiences of others helps me, and so I also share.
  8. Thanks, for your post I struggle with sharing, but all of the cultivation that I am receiving form this forum helps me to push my limits.
  9. When I was a young person, without the means/ability to travail far, I needed to give a item to someone who live far away, so one of my spirit guides suggested that a femail friend of his with the ability to travel through the unseen world could help me out. A week later at noon in the appointed place and in public view I was in a trance expecting the visitor (considering all of the christian dogma that I had had to swallow all of my life, I expected or was picturing to look like or slimier to the virgin marry), when all of a sudden to my surprise a what could only be described as a India/Hindu princess emerges out of the unseen world and into my view, I handed over the item, then upon receiving the item (she spoke with what I remember as sounding like a India accent) asking if there was anything else, I said no. I do not know which goddess or avatar of a goddess she was, but a number of years later I found out that the item wound up in India as a part of a edifice dedicated to Shiva.
  10. Similarities among religions

    In my opinion: Same life, different, functionality, perspectives. In my experience: this stage like turtles struggling to get out of egg shells, next climbing up to get out of sand nest, next racing to the ocean, next swimming against waves toward smother water.
  11. Similarities among religions

    I thank you for the cultivation of words that this post has provided me. I can't express in words the picture that you have provided. I have just been calling it, becoming a singularity.
  12. Similarities among religions

    In my experiences: of psychopomp training death is a regular practice, you can't aid the spirit of someone passed away unless you can get to that plane of existence. You get in, you help the persons spirit body, to raise up out of the grave, give them a shove in the right direction and then you get out. PS In my opinion many religions seam to point toward a recycling program of sorts with a escape clause providing for those who are prepared to receive a enhanced evolution, and then no more recycling on this physical plane of existence.
  13. Transmission: Useful? What? Where? How to?

    Thanks for this, page 15 is exactly the cultivation I needed to read/understand at this time. About transmissions, In my experience: you have to be prepared to receive one to get a benefit from it, if not then even a well intentioned one can possibly do harm.
  14. Visualizations stories the mage

    If you have red the discussions by the old mage about the use of tools, totems, then the following paragraph will add a little Taoist clarity to their use within the unseen world: As the Three Pure Ones are manifestations of Primordial Celestial Energy, they are formless. But to illustrate their role in Creation, they are often portrayed as elderly deities robed in the three basic colours from which all colours originated: Red, Blue and Yellow (or Green) depending on personal interpretation of colour origins by additive or subtractive means. Each of them holds onto a divine object associated with their task. Yuánshǐ Tiānzūn is usually depicted holding the Pearl of Creation, signifying his role in creating the Universe from void and chaos. The Ruyi held by Lingbao Tianzun represents authority: the second phase of Creation where the Yang was separated from the Yin and the Law of Things was ordered in place. Lingbao Tianzun then took his seat on the left of Yuanshi Tianzun. Later, when all was complete, Daode Tianzun took his place on the right, with the fan symbolizing the completion of Creation, and the act of fanning representing the spreading of Tao to all Mankind.
  15. The Tao of disappointment

    The following is abbreviated full info. at The term "shaman sickness" is not one that you'll generally hear outside of most spirit-worker circles, and that's because we have only relatively recently learned to identify it again, after centuries of not understanding what it is that happens to shamans at the beginning of their careers. The term denotes a period of illness (often seriously life-threatening in some way) which is caused by the Gods and wights in order to completely remake someone and turn them into a shaman. The phenomenon of shaman sickness is found in tribal cultures around the world, with remarkably similar sets of traumas. It is the hallmark of the classic shaman in many parts of the globe. Whether his calling be hereditary or not, a shaman must be a capable - nay, an inspired person. Of course, this is practically the same thing as saying that he is nervous and excitable, often to the verge of insanity. So long as he practises his vocation, however, the shaman never passes this verge. The Chukchee call the preparatory period of a shaman by a term signifying "he gathers shamanistic power". For the weaker shamans the preparatory period is less painful, and the inspiration comes mainly through dreams. But for a strong shaman this stage is very painful and long; in some cases it lasts for one, two, or more years. "The young novice, the 'newly inspired' (turene nitvillin), loses all interest in the ordinary affairs of life. He ceases to work, eats but little and without relishing his food, ceases to talk to people, and does not even answer their questions. The greater part of his time he spends in sleep." This is why "a wanderer . . . must be closely watched, otherwise he might lie down on the open tundra and sleep for three or four days, incurring the danger in winter of being buried in drifting snow. When coming to himself after such a long sleep, he imagines that he has been out for only a few hours, and generally is not conscious of having slept in the wilderness at all." However exaggerated this account of a long sleep may be, we learn from Bogoras that the Chukchee, when ill, sometimes "fall into a heavy and protracted slumber, which may last many days, with only the necessary interruptions for physical needs."