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  1. You might be a Taoist if all of your friends come over to visit you wearing nothing but their energy bodies.
  2. Thanks for this, 'If you have "what" and "how" to circulate, you can choose to release it instead of returning -- if you know "how." Learn to release it instantaneously, or even (gasp) with a backward bend of spacetime (faster than "now") and you have the shortest jin. Simple. Not easy. ' I am getting really excited because I have bought one of the tao books offered here and I am finding all that I know as magic is openly talked about, and it all has acceptance. I use what you call a 'backward bend of spacetime', as a defence, when I am being attacked in a duel, I called it a 'destiny tweak' for lack of a better name. Learning the tao names for all of my "magic" is really going to help me because I have been calling it magic, which doesn't go over so well with most people who shun me. Many thanks!
  3. Thank You for this post, I have not had anyone to talk over this Fajin stuff with before and I was even calling it by the wrong name, so I couldn't find any references to it. I just started reading a tao book, and it turns out a lot of the stuff that I have been calling magic is explained in the first few pages. So I guess that I have been doing Fajin taoism, and calling it spirit questing magic. 'who knew'!
  4. The Young Mage A young Mage could not start his truck one cold winter morning, he was desperate to get to a lodge meeting where he was to receive his first initiation into the spirit mage lodge. He had a lot of practice and training preparing for this day and so he set himself to challenge his destiny by tweaking the negative results that he was getting from destiny while trying to start his truck, into positive results through his magic. For a long time, he tried everything that he knew to start his truck both magical and mechanical even testing the battery’s strength several times by honking the horn. Finally, after a long time he began shaking so hard that the ice on the truck fell free of the trucks window. He was so exhausted from his magic wielding efforts, that he passed out for a couple of minutes falling forward and resting his head on the horn button of the steering wheel. The young mage woke up a few minutes later to see the vision of a cloud of magic ambiance shooting outward from where he was sitting Finally admitting defeat, he called the old mage who was acting as his mentor during training on the phone, with the hope of getting a ride to the lodge. His frantic sounding mentor, answered the phone in a shaky voice, when he heard the story of what his young apprentice had been doing, he exclaimed; Thank the gods, it was you casting those spells. Then with relief in his voice his mentor told the young mage what had been happening: “From inside our lodge we heard a car horn going off for a couple of minutes. Thinking that someone was in distress, I and several other members rushed out into the parking lot to investigate. We looked toward the sound of the beeping horn and were surprised to discover that many of the cars in our parking lot had their engines started and were just sitting there running with no one inside of them. Then we discovered that the horn that was beeping was from one of the running cars which was also shaking like it was going to jump the curb and slam into our lodge building. That must have been my fault,’ said the young mage apologetically. Wait there's more’, said his mentor sounding ever more excited. When you called, I was in such a panic that I was about to gather our clan, and go to war with that group of necromancers that had moved into the building across from us and who have recently been trying to goad us into some kind of spell weaving contest. Sadly, the young mage said, ‘that he had given up on starting his truck and he would either need a ride to the lodge or have to miss his initiation. The old mage just laughed and said, ‘are you kidding with all of the magic that you were just throwing around. The old mage left that thought, hanging for the young mage to contemplate, then focusing for a second the old mage just snapped his fingers and the young mages truck started right up. The young mage with his jaw dropped wide open stammered, ‘how, into the phone. ’I used the leftover ambience from all of the spell casting that you told me that you were doing, it is a good practice to keep an eye on where and when your magic is happening, said the old mage, then with laughter in his voice the old mage said, ‘now get over here before we hold your initiation on time but without you.
  5. 'it's interesting though, how you're visited by a dragon. We all seem to have different experiences and can only guess were they come from and just go along. See what it brings us. blue eyed snake, When I went on vacation to a log cabbin in the mountains: 'I channeled the genius loci around the log cabin, as I did I pictured a dragon, being a dragon enthusiast I focused in on the spirit. Then instead of getting to comune with a powerful dragon spirit two little lizards like in your picture above came up to me. I relized that if there is no full sized dragon spirit in or near the area, the ones that are available will show up.
  6. Hey, I know that many posts here are down on Crowley's version of western magic, and I agree with most because I have some problems with his practices, but not necessarily his copied translations. (which I haven't studied anyway) I practice my own version of moving spirit through the esoteric understanding of the so called western variety of magic. It is exciting that through reading just the first few of pages of: The Taoist Practice of Neidan, I have already found some striking similarities, regarding the creating of spirit from breath, which I had no words for like ' Xing', but I will after a little more reading, and the balancing between creating spirit back to nothing/neutral. Any way, who knew that the esoteric teachings were so similar, to at least this Taoist book. 'This tells the readers that they should not try to to understand the core by looking at the surface, or they would be caught in a maze. They should, instead, look at the front, the back, the cracks, and the edges to find the true meaning; and they should draw the main gist from the “metaphoric, murky, and allusive words.”' (“ refining Breath to transmute it into Spirit”), the work on Xing has priority on the work on Ming. Finally, in the fourth stage (“ refining Spirit to return to Emptiness”) Mu, Wang. Foundations of Internal Alchemy: The Taoist Practice of Neidan (Kindle Locations 95-96). Golden Elixir Press. Kindle Edition.
  7. Spirit Bumped by Mr. Tail: I was walking through a public building on my way to my favorite local cafeteria in downtown Sacramento. I was cutting across a mostly unoccupied waiting room when all of a sudden I got the urge to take a short cut by to going around a blind corner, I slammed headlong into a incredibly tall man wearing a long dark over cote. I know now that I was Spirit Bumped by Mr. Tail. As the shock of bumping into him set in, and while I was pausing to get over the start of of it. The close contact gave Mr. Tail the opportunity to place and activate a spell on me to form a spirit link between me and his #daemon. Realizing that something strange was going on, at that point I had to make a FLASH DECISION! Do I sit down and rest for a minute hoping to get over the weird feeling that had just come over me. Or do I get weirded out and quickly get up and take another route to the cafeteria? Mr. Tail seemed somehow familiar, but I couldn't quite place where I knew him from, so I chose to stay and discover what Mr. Tale was about. I also decided that him bumping into me and me feeling strange was no accident. As I stepped back a few paces from Mr. Tale to lean on a nearby wall. Thanks to my earlier life in the broom ##closet,'mostly consorting with spirits about magic', I had attained the know how to realize that a type of ###spirit fire was beginning to form about my feet and that I could be hit with a spell at any time. I decide to play it cool, so instead of taking off at a run usually the best thing to do in this type of situation, I decided to sit on one of the chairs that littered the mostly unoccupied waiting room. I had not recognize Mr Tale as an enemy because he was wearing a ####mage hat. After thinking It over later on, it had turned out to be the mage hat that had seemed familiar. I remembered that while on a spirit quest, I had reposed it or one like it, from someone who I had caught off guard, and who owed me a favor. But before I could sell/trade it *off, a spirit world heavy/supper sized thug had claimed the mage hat as his and then charmed me out of it, by threatening to tip toe all over my .... What I did not realize at this time, is that In this case Mr Tale had obtained it the hat for himself and had used my prior connection to it along with a affinity spell to draw me into his not so pleasant company, and that he was using the mage hat (or one just like it) as a disguise because of a previous encounter with me that hadn't turned out well. At the time I had reposed a arcing item from him. (another story, the sidhe don't seem to want to forgive and forget very often). Let's just say that we had not parted in the best of circumstances the last time that we had met. I at the time of this encounter had just considered that Mr Tale had worn his mage hat as a distraction and a possible bribe or an incentive to dicker/barter/trade for something of mine. Once Mr Tale had discerned that his disguise had worked and I was not on guard against him, he began a conversation with me in detail about what he wanted from me, offering me, the future possibility of me getting my hands on a mage hate in return for a present favor. Suddenly I had bright stars in my face picturing me selling off a infernal machine like the mage hat, and the handsome favors, or the giant sized loads of spirit world materials that it could bring in trade. Looking back on my sudden desire for the mage hat I could have been under a overreaction spell? At the time (not knowing who exactly was in the mage hat), It seemed a little strange to be sitting in a public room within in a state building, discussing spirit quests and magic, with everything going on as usual all around us, but having had dealings with Mr Tale types in the past I adjusted because anyone wearing a mage hat in **public is almost always going to be emitting a strange feeling encounter no matter where you are meeting them. Besides the dmv lounge where we were sitting is so public of a place I felt safe from any open attack on his part and we were both sitting a comfortable distance across from each other. Once we had settled in Mr Tale got right to the point and asked me if he could use some of the stories of a adventure's (spirit quests/Journing) explaining that he wanted to add portions of some of my adventures to the mixture of many other Mage stories that he had collected. I was made to understand that these stories would be Secretly passed on to talented writers who would then write fiction and nonfiction stories, and that some of the books that were produced would have magical workings placed in the writ. He explained that this massive undertaking on his part was to forward the growth of the magical community. So (with sparkly images of the spirit world wealth coming from the sale of the mage hat in my head), I agreed to let him magically clone the information from some of my spirit quests. I remembered thinking to myself in the back of my mind at the time: 'Also the magic link that he already had secretly placed on me when we had Bumped into each other, would have done the cloning job anyway, especially if he used the amassed magic ambience that had formed about us to throw a freeze spell or something like that on me, so that I would have to sit and wait for it to wear off anyway'. Also their was the pride fact that 'excuse my french: Me a **** good amiture repo man even getting a half valid promise to get a mage hat was worthing something. At the time I remembered thinking to myself, 'that I in my spare time might take a chance on a opportunity for a future repo job to get the hat'. Of course I could only honestly do this after I found any some part of my spirit side adventures used or partly used in a future writing, which would seal the deal as far as I was concerned. :-) Then Mr tale made a big deal out of making with the wizard signs to get the information cloned, and in a couple of minutes he left in one direction while I left in another. Little did I know that Mr tale aka an old enemy had plans to eventually use my past spirit side adventures as a blueprint to tweak destany toward a future event where he could ambush me and put the hurts to me for my past unpleasant dealings with him. (another story, were Mr tale aka acting outside of spirit world dueling rules did make a move on me) Some years later I had forgotten all about the incident, but then one day one of the spell enhanced books had fallen into my hands and I discovered while reading it How Mr Tale's version of increasing the magical community was to play out. In my finally analysis I concluded that Mr Tales was secretly giving some talented writers the knowledge of actual mage adventures as he had previously stated. So this was alright with me (because it was a secret) and at least some of the writers must also have had Magic Talent because they added a working spell into some of their writings. I know this because I got a good surprise when I unknowingly read one of the magically enhanced books. When I read the book I felt a certain amount of emotional content begin welling up inside of me, this inpowered increased the area of my magic ambiance and set off a imbedded spell/sigil hidden within the book. Over the years I have found a few of these books containing spells. Most of the spells I found to be a simple popping up of a flair of blue/red smokeless fire (probably a tuple/tupla form from a signal, that looked like a butterfly). I discovered that it could be seen within the world of spirits. Because this flair seemed to attract the attention of any who were be looking to invite potential novices into their folds. (Note: not all who tried to visit me after being attracted to the flair were nice). #a spirit based functionary, usually but not limited to a tuple spirit companion probably concealed in the mage hat. ##closet (a magic spell to keep the kid quiet about magic, called Lives In Closet, 'LIC') ###(spirit fire, sometimes called fairy fire, smokeless fire, is not usually harmful in and of itself, but it can be used as a base ingredient/energy source by a mage to cast spells) ####a spirit side functionary in this case acting as a conduit for spirit to spirit communication. #####An infernal machine, because this particular type of mage hat is a organic entity that operates on dna and life energy so that when you use it you become a head taller. You can also still look mostly like yourself, or you can add a spirit or two and change your look, also you get a dna exchange between you and the hat that is really not good for you-unless you want to start turning your spirit self into a arcane demon looking hard case, this is because the power draw causes a roughened texture to the skin after enough dna has been exchanged between you and the mage hat).
  8. Respect!
  9. The young apprentice: One day a young apprentice after studying very hard, decided that he felt ready to pass his first initiation. He went to his master and said, ‘master I have studied all of the books that you have graciously given me to learn from and, I now believe that I am ready to pass my first initiation. Startling the young mage his normally peaceful master jumped high up into the air and slammed down the glass jug of water that he had been drinking out of to the floor, it hit so hard that, he and the young mage were both splattered by the water. The young mage thinking that he had done something very wrong to upset his master so badly, timidly said, ‘master I will get some towels and clean this up. The master just looked hard at the young mage and said in a stern voice, ‘I thought that you just told me that you were ready to begin your first initiation? The young mage even more stunned was beside himself and while looking down at the broken vessel said in a shaky voice, ‘what am I to do master, I know nothing about this type of initiation! Smiling his master put his arm around his shaking young apprentice to steady him, and said kindly, ‘my young apprentice you have just passed the first part of your initiation. You did so when you stated that, ‘I know nothing’, you see, that is the correct answer. Then his master explained to him the guile involved in giving him all of those ancient books to read; said the master, ‘all the words that you have read from the ancient books, have taught you nothing valuable about the world of spirits, they were only provided for you to read so that you would spend time and effort in focusing your intention on the world of spirits. Thus, giving the spirits a chance to look you over to see if they will accept you into their midst. Then the master made a gesture and the vision of a bright glowing ring appeared in the young apprentice’s mind, it encircled the desk where he was told that he had to sit in while studying the ancient books. I’ll admit to you said the master, ‘that reading the appropriate books can provide a frame of reference to keep you from losing your mind as you walk about on your spirit quests, when you are learning the real experiential knowledge that is only found within the world of spirits. Smiling down at the young apprentice the master excitedly said, now let’s get to the beginning of your first spirit quest, where together we will begin you’re real learning and training within the world of spirits, and let us see if together we can complete the second half of your first initiation and bridge the gap between us and the world of spirits. The overwhelmed young mage timidly looked up at his excited master swallowed and said, 'the beginning! Be happy!
  10. That sounds great, I'd like to see it if you post it. Thanks!
  11. George and the Druids: On the day after his ordeal, a determined band of local Druids had escorted George to his new burro. Soon after falling into a fitful sleep, George woke up with a start, he had been dreaming about his first ever flight and the traumatic events that had caused him to move from the burrow that his mother had made him before she had left George to go home to her own burro, stating “my humans need me George and I must go back to them, you are weaned now and I know that in no time you will be found and loved by your own group of humans“. In short George was struggling to get over the loss of his mother, the loss of the burro that she had so carefully prepared for him and the shock of having been attacked by a unseen danger during his first ever flight. George wriggled down into the nest of fresh leaves and branches that his new-found Druid friends had made for him. Once George was as comfortable George concentrated trying to force himself into remembering the joys of his first ever borrow and how on many occasions the Druids and other kindly forest folk would come and visit the flower surrounded circle that was caused by the magical ambiance that always exuding from his aura. George mentally envisioned and tried to relive the visions of how he had once enjoyed peeking out of his burrow and teasing his Druid visitors by adding a little smoke to his spirit fire and then as all of his kind could do, projecting the mixture into whatever forms of forest spirits that provoked his fancy. This lively mixture quickly turning into one or more tuples would dance and gig about teasing the Druids who were kept busy chasing them around before they finally faded away. During those happy times, George enjoyed the feelings emanating from the immense joy of the various Druids as they talked and played with the forest spirits who seemed happy to be admired as they danced about Georges flowered circle. he also remembered the delicious scent of the feasts of the Druids as they made their regular group visits to what they called a fairy circle. Finally, George slipped back into the thoughts of the very day that he had taken his first ever flight. It was one beautiful morning George was stirred from his nap by a surge of internal juices erupting into the larger outer sack of his stretchable body. George was startled by the strangeness of the feelings, but then he remembered his mother’s words, “when you feel the first surge of your flight juices don’t fear this George but rejoice and then go deep into your burro and ingest the supply of nutrients and crystals that I have placed there for you, then after a time you will enjoy your first ever flight “ Soon after eating the minerals that his mother had left for him George felt his internal and external float sacks swelling as the natural juices combined with the minerals that he had eaten. A short time later George had pushed off with all of his might and taken to flight just like all of his kind had for eons of time. At first George had determined to stay within his marked domain even through the rapture of the joy of his first flight was filling him with feelings of wonder and freedom. All of a sudden George was pulled from his new-found delight, he suddenly began to sense even a more marvels joy radiating sensations. Enthusiastically George swirled about to face the direction that the wondrous feelings and sounds where coming from. George new better then to venture out of his own marked territory because of his mother’s teachings, but the succulent sent of pure joy was drawing him with a hypnotic appeal. George didn’t even notice when he had drifted on past his magically marked boundaries. The magical protections/wards laid out by his mother before she had left where crafted to keep George from detection, these were to serve as his only real safety until he was old enough to produce his own. After going over all the practiced thoughts of his need to stay within the safety of his area several times. Finally, George was overcome by the alluring smell of the sweet spiritual magical ambiance that continued to assault all of his senses without remorse, it finally became too much for George so in a dream like fashion he slowly drifted toward it. Not paying attention to location while in this dream state. George drifted happily on not realizing how much of his magical ambiance that he was expressing, and so he became brighter and brighter as he did he also became lighter like floating on a cloud until he found himself drifting dreamily high into the sky. Suddenly George was snapped out of his reverify by an icy shocking wave the magical feelings had changed in an instant from a warm soothing joyful flow to a panicked stricken harshness. These new feelings instilling them into his senses and aroused his worst ever terrified fears. George snapped out of his pleasant state and hurriedly looked out over to the area below to see what was going on, as he did he beheld a scene strung about were masses of humans who appeared to be scattering out and running in all directions. George quickly remember what his mother had taught him saying, while hovering over him, “George if you are flying and danger comes blow out your flying juices that will form a giant cloud all about you then glide back down to earth like this and she tipped herself from side to side as an example, then hide and camouflage, she then turned her self into the color and texture of the surrounding vegetation”. So, George for the first time ever blew out a cloud of all of his flying gases, then concealed by this giant cloud of gases George dived toward the ground George instinctively began to zig zag tipping his body from side to side as his mother had showed him directing the wind flow so that it would slow his decent down. George saw a spot where he could find cover and then blend himself into the colors and shapes of his soundings. Once George had skidded to a halt he hurriedly scurried himself down into the protective thicket of bushes and then hunkered down to wait until whatever terror that he and the humans were retreating from had past. It was fortunate for George that an Old Wise Druid had been in the huge crowd of humans, He had knowingly noticed George before the rest of the humans had seen his glowing form and had panicked. Some where yelling that the sun was coming closer to the earth and then had utterly gone mad with panic, when the sun that they were watching had seemed to disappear for a instant and then begin to zigzag down toward the earth. The Old Druid knowing what was occurring had watched Georges zig zagging descent and carefully had marked the spot that George had crash-landed into for cover. Later that same knight a small group of Druids ventured out unnoticed, toward a thicket of bushes. When all were in position the Old Druid raised his arms holding a staff with a crystal at one end. The crystal began to glow with a soft light as he focused his intent on it. George quivering in fear and seeing the approaching group coming toward his hiding place began to burrow deeper and deeper into the soft mulch. George watched as the small group of Druids fell into an orderly line behind a older looking Druids as he paused and then turned his stave’s crystal toward the space where George was hiding. At first George fought against the allure of the gentle magical ambiance of the Druids crystal tipped staff, which to George had a sweet vibrating flavor. But after a few minutes, George recognized a familiarity of feeling emanation from some of the Druid’s. So, feeling no danger coming from the group and remembering the joyous meetings in his grove George began to feel less frightened as he did he slowly pushed out of his makeshift burrow and within a few minutes he had timidly emerged from the thicket to see the raised welcoming arms of the Old Druid. Suddenly George noticed several of the other Druids falling to their knees or onto their faces and he quickly pulled himself back fearing that more of the unseen danger had come back. Then as George continued to watch as the Old Druid placed his staff in a scabbard at his side, then facing George stood with his hands forward palms up, this was a gesture that George's mom had taught him, that the original peoples would make this sign to beings like George that they only wanted to help, so seeing the fallen Druids rising again George also began to rise and move forward. Once out of the bushes the druids surrounded George but kept a comfortable distance from him and then they all moved together keeping pace with the Old Druid as he pressed on into the forest. When they had finally marched to the point where George could sense the boundary of his marked territory, he wanted to launch himself into the air and sail toward his burrow. The Old Druid ‘having years earlier secretly bin in contact with George's mother had the power to sense George's thoughts, and turned to George, Displaying calming hand gestures in the old sign language that George's mother had taught him. Indicating that George would only be safe again if he would go with them to a new location where they would help him mark a new territory and make a new burrow, He further signed that all of the Druids would stay with George and always celebrate their rituals near to him so that he would not be alone. George was still confused because he did not understand anything of what the danger had been in the first place. But he still believed that there was some kind of a real danger because of the terrible way that all of the humans had reacted to it and the Old Druids thoughts, ancient words and signs to him all verified that there really was a real danger for George if he stayed in the area. So, George reluctantly agreed to go far away with the group of Druids to establish a grove for their Druid ceremonies and a new circle and territory for him where he would be safe and Happy again. The End
  12. Very handsome dragon, I must admit that I haven't seen that type of dragon before, but after almost 7 decades I have only seen two different types, and experienced a fly over by one that I could hear but I could not get a good look at because of the terrain. Thanks for being patient about my earlier inaccurate comments they were meant to be supportive.
  13. Spirit visits the bad and the good: (this is a intense story so if anyone finds any parts of it offensive I will delete it) This basic information will be the same for both stories in this post: My normal spirit communication process is from within my domain’s 3rd circle I project my mind out in several different ways, then I channel with whatever being/spirit that I make contact with, sometimes falling asleep to release my functional spirit, sometimes receiving open vision. I repose my body within the medium circle of a triple circle system (within my domain physical/spirit). The 3rd circle is augmented with the crossed powers emanating from a spirit anchor juxtapositioned spirit/physical phasing, using a specially prepared round table top to augment the spirit anchor frame which is symbolically sun stone enabled, which is focused on the physical aspect of the symbolic moon structor. This anchor is located just outside of my domains third circle and within the #rune organization of my domain. My theme is all focused toward adding comfort, and dimension to visits from my spirit world guests some of whom are scared, lost, angry, etc. I treat these as patients when they are in need of assistance, others are like myself functionaries in a series of ever evolving spirit quests (sometimes called the wild hunt or journeying). 1#Negative Incounter: The following Negative spirit activity is mentioned to add contrast to the posative spirit activity that follows: I was sitting in my medium circle when I noticed that a spirit had suddenly charged into the area of my domain unannounced, it smacked against the energy emanating from my medium circle and then smeared a visible dark swath across its outer primmitor. I channeled the spirit and could hear the chattering thoughts of rage being its projected from. As it had streaked across my circle I recognized something in the temporary visible smear of what looked like the outline of the face of an acquaintance of mine who I had apparently but unintentionally offended. I decided that I would give the shaken intruder time to pull itself together and so I went to bed and fell asleep, a couple of hours later I was awakened by a startling dream cartoon projection that seemed to explode near me. Then I opened my eyes and recognized the presence of a functional spirit, standing at the foot of my bed. The aforementioned spirit had come to me in open vision, he/she apologize for the rude interruption to my sleep, then as we exchanged a few tense words he/she tried to cow me with a set of powerful mental persuasions. I could tell that he/she was obviously seeking for a win by force of will augmented by intimidation’, after a time of me shielding myself, (while still talking politely) he/she psychic attack faltered, then he/she slumped, from the effort and from the earlier draining effects of having *charged into my medium circle earlier that night, once he/she realized that they could not overpower me, their attitude changed to a degree humbler, he/she paid me a *tribute of water, then left. 2#Posative Encounter:I was sitting in my medium circle when a spirit intending to visit announced itself properly to me, by showing itself to me in the form of a giant crow which had made itself obvious and visible in the view of my front window (after 7yrs. of living in my house I have never seen any bird bigger then a dove near my front window). I channeled back and forth with the spirit that had produced the form of the crow and we came to the terms of admittance to my domain, then I went to bed and to sleep (in my experience serious spirit transactions are best left to my functional spirit, by leaving the body in a resting position). The spirit that the crow had announced the arrival of came to my front door, I got up out of bed and let it in ‘under my tough but fair rule’. In this case I wasted no time in getting the Daemon (my prefered catchall word for unknown types of entities, in the definitions for Daemons: A Daemon can be anything from a evil spirit to a god), who was a head taller than me in a hold. I explained what I was going to do, for it and then we agreed on the arrangements, and things got more relaxed. The deal was; for me to repair the Daemon to a higher state of functionality, and for me to receive occasional visits from it at its discretion. Because of the powerful stature of this Daemon, It would require two (spirit anchors, totems, 'bindings, I don't like the word bindings, but it is understood by many to mean the connecting of a spirit to a condition through a physical item that permits it to operate on the physical plane'), a high Daemon such as this one needs two, one to stabilize it in its current form when it wishes to, and a second to allow its spirit to be more functional on the physical plane. The operation on the Daemon was tough, but simple. Outline: a destiny tweak has be added to the past of a standing destany mural, so that adding a new resident/Daemon to the physical/present can be balanced. The words of the destany tweak that is added to a standing destany mural: 'This Daemon had fallen into circumstances, where it was in a position to gain two totems one silver and one gold.' During the procedure I placed the two totems just above the location of the Daemons eye sockets, the Daemon could then have both hands free (I have seen many bound spirits having to hold their totem/anchored in one hand which is a handicap in my opinion). On a brighter note these bits of jewelry really added dimension to the striking good looks of this fully formed skinny black Daemon, ‘one silver and one gold eye piece’, (very cool). the Daemon left happy. In the future I am hoping for him to visit, and I hope on occasion to get needed support from him when I go on some of my upcoming spirit quests. (I have to add I used bonding magic to finalize all of the components, which always leaves free will intact within creatures that can normally operate under free will conditions). *For those who previously asked me about the meaning of a friendly enemy: (in a duel for dominance when the aggressor loses. To avoid future retaliation a being gives something, to the victore). Once I have received tribute, after a challenge to dominance over my domain, from then on I consider the attacker a friendly enemy. ##I had in my position several totems, that I received when working to free a few (unwillingly bound) spirits that had fallen into my hands. The totems/anchors were removed and then the spirits were freed. I transferred the spirit ambiance from two of these totem anchors to the two shards one of silver and one of gold.
  14. As lite reading is good fun. I agree with the sentiment of your statement, be the doer of deeds not just the viewer.
  15. A visualization of a Spirit Mage bonding with a #Gaient Daemon, who seams to have decided to increase its size by placing all manner of spirits into its magic bag of holding. The mage in the visualization is practicing a new spell using bonding magic, he hopes to communicate with and befriend the Giant Daemon, before telling it to go on its way, and stop disrupting the area around the crossroads and bothering the residents of the mage school. A VISUALIZATION: (all comments on improving my visualization techniques are welcome). THE WORDS: The heavy wooden door creaks as I enter my small cluttered dimly lit room. Furnished with a bed, table, chair, and with hundreds of books stacked on hand made sagging shelves all along the decrypt damp walls. The smell of a lit beeswax candle greets my nose as I set myself down in front of my partially finished grimoire. Turning to a fresh page with one hand while I dip my feather quill into a filled ink bowl I settle in and begin to write the completion of the new spell that I have finally completed working out in theory. My initial testing of the spell having been completed during a several hours visit to the outback next to the cross roads where I have done much of my spirit related business. I finally settled down to my writings the only distracting sound for several hours being my quill as it scratches across the pages forming the written words of my new spell that I entitled the ‘Little Bonding Book’: THE DECISION: Do I choose to do the actual live testing of my home-made spell using myself as the platform to Launch my spell against the Giant Daemon that I have seen lurking near the cross roads? ————————-OR Do I choose to put my grimoire in a accessible place and then leak the information about the new spell hoping that one of my over enthusiastic student friends will ferret out a copy of the spell and take the chance to go test my new spell out for themselves? THE DEEDs of whoever you choose: I took my equipment and headed for the nearby crossroads just as it was getting dusk. I meditated into my usual spirit mage trance so that I could see in part or whole the spirits doings within the spirit realm, then I looked about and not seeing nor sensing any spirits at the moment I set myself to wait. After a time, I first saw him a distance away shimmering like black smoke against the fading light. I watched in amazement as the giant daemon giant daemon that had been seen lurking about the cross roads had just plucked up a smaller dark figure that looked like it might be a spirit or a smaller daemon. I could see that the smaller dark figure was frantically struggling in the giant daemon’s giant hand as he held the spirit up high to look him over before stuffing the flailing creature into a massive black sack that he held open with one enormous hand. Then I heard it just like a gentle breeze at first but growing louder, the sound coming in the form of a breathy scratchy sound that echoed about the trees, I strained to hear it at first as it seemed to wisp in and then out from nowhere and then from everywhere, finally a cold laugh that could cause small animals to freeze in their tracks and that set every hair on my body to stand up while my internal courage melted away begging me to follow. With my courage failing me do I continue to summon the giant giant daemon to my test. ——————————–OR Do I run home on shaky legs and try another day? THE DEED if you choose to continue: I had made all preparations to use a form of bonding magic in my spell to connect the giant daemon’s good will to mine. I had acquired the knowledge that bonding magic simply works best on the more giant-sized spirit beings that are sometimes encountered within the realm of spirits. So now to force myself to action I decided why not use a little of the prepared ambiance of the bonding magic on my failing courage. I brought up my focus then gathering power from the prepared spells ambient magic that was available to me I mentally touch my own solar heart with a warm thought stating: ‘Fleeing courage stand your ground’. Refocusing my attention on the giant daemon again I see that he was sniffing about as if the smell of the scent of my black crystal lined bait sack containing scrapings off of shad contacted materials was attracting him toward me. Quickly I opened my own black bait sack and then jerk back as the musty smell of mold and decay that I hoped would attract the giant daemon wafted up to my nose. It was the aroma of that I which I had gathered by trudging about haunted houses, grave yards, and scraping into my crystal dust lined bait sack the scraped off leftover residue from areas like tombs and walls that I had observed having been in direct contact with apparitions or spirits. As I stared at the bits in my sack I had an epiphany that when I was gathering the scraps containing what I hoped were the scents of the presents of spirits for bait to use as a lure for the giant daemon, I had been acting like a sort of mini daemon myself. In other words, my need to gather bate for my test had caused me to get into a strange sort of synchronization mimicking as it where the actions similar to match the fear generated rumors of the giant daemon who I was about to directly encounter. He was rumored to go out at twilight Marauding about outlying areas near to the local cross roads and gathering up into his huge black sack any and all forms of dark spirit beings including other daemons. I knew from my arcane studies that it was believed by many that we all had a portion of ourselves/personalities that could assume the persona of a daemon, but this was the first time that I was able to perceive myself as possibly having a actual separate entity within me. At that point in time, I wondered could my epiphany of the possibly of having multiple selves be a precursor of things to come. Fortunately for my shaky courage this somewhat scary thought fortified me to the task at hand because I had gained a mental report with my fears of the enemy, and as I had been taught facing the fear of the enemy is half the battle. I went to action and began to swing my crystal lined bag of holding around and around over my head, hoping to increase the dispersal of the scent of what the giant daemon’s sniffing was trying to home in on. Suddenly into my mind a mental connection was made which jabbed pure cold energy into my head that felt like an object circling a planet to increase its speed by using the pull of the planet’s gravity, this gravitas of power was also enhancing my own perceptions of the lights and sounds of the spirit world to the breaking point. I prepared myself to mentally push the words from my spell into the massive face of the giant daemon. I strained against the pain in my head to look up and watch him rapidly closing the distance between us until I was staring almost straight up at that giant being. His glaring Smokey form was now just a few feet from me. I intensified my focus upon his smoky face to a sharper edge and I noticed a almost imperceptible strand of a dark thread that was proceeding directly from one of his massive fingers, following its path to my head, I could see where my cold headache was coming from. I quickly lifted up the absorption sigil that I had been palming in my left hand and placed it directly in the path of the dark thread, then there was a presentable crack like a chunk of icicle being broken off from a roof top at the end of winter. My hand jolted back as the sigil turned into a wad of black-ice that I quickly popped into my mouth swallowed thinking: ‘got yaw you over stuffed puff of smoke’. My joy was short lived as the temporally relief from the sigils blockage of the withering head pain quickly returned as the black thread refocused on my head with renewed force. THE PANICKED REALIZATION: The shock set in as I felt the tearing separation and realized that the giant daemon’s sheer command of gravity was beginning to pull my visibly flailing spirit self out of me. Should I plead with the giant daemon to let me keep my spirit self. ——————————–OR Do I accept my own instinctive knowing that by pleading I would lose the giant daemon’s respect and that he would still continue summoning my spirit self into his terrible black sack? I choose to accept and trust my own knowing and to keep working my spell hoping to find its Power in my words before it is to late. Desperate I make a sign with my hand that most spirit beings seem to recognize as meaning let’s barter, then like Magic I find myself beginning to Bargain with the giant daemon. So I start acting as if I want to get a really good price for my spirit self. At first I began receiving sledgehammer thoughts of intimidation to just let him take my spirit self. I wished to keep my spirit self so I kept forcing thoughts of I want a greater payment into my mind and shaking my head no to his increasing mental threats and various offers. I hoped that this bargaining with the giant daemon would buy me a little more time for my spell to level up to greater power, so I mentally dug in. Then spirit items of great value began to flash before my eyes in a mesmerizing swirling formation, as I looked, everything that I saw seemed to beckon me like it was saying this is what you really want. Next, I thought if I was to take one of those items that I was starting to really want that it would define me as an important being in the world of spirits. More powerful thoughts flooded my mind of what I could use any one of the items for if I only would except one of them. Next whizzing by in my mind, were dozens of things like powerful spirit anchors, weapons, armor, even a gold helmet.” Do I reach out to take one the spirit items that I am beginning to believe can do me so much good in the world of spirits. —————————-OR Do I try to save my spirit self and use the power of the newly forming spell to finally gain a advantage over the giant daemon? I choose to keep my spirit self and as I do I discover that I can see myself standing there facing the giant daemon who is holding his very large half full sack of squirming spirits open, and as I watch in awe my spirit self is slowly drifting through the air towards the dark opening of the sack’s mouth. At that sight, my mind is frozen and almost overcome with shock and fear to the point that scattered thoughts are bouncing off of the inside of my skull. All seems to be lost except with the desperation came a timeless sort of clarity that was almost palpable and in that space of piece like being in the eye of the hurricane I came to realize that this vision of my already losing my spirit self is what the giant daemon is projecting into my mind, so that he can intimidate me to the breaking point and bend me to his will. I knew then at that very moment that I had gained the advantage. I refocus my eyes and I saw that my spirit self even though it is feeling the strong pull toward the terrible dark sack of the giant giant daemon is still mostly attached to my body. THE SPELL: Finally, the anchor of the Little Bonding Book spell’:is fully activated by my exploding emotions, and like Magic the flow of power from the spell causes me to begin to speak clear powerful statements and I start yelling at the enormous being. More over from my gut arises floods of intense emotions reinforcing the power in my words as they begin to sound rougher and surer. Next I begin to express intimidating words that seem to jell in and around my body like small flying vessels. I jump up in the air screaming and I can see my words as they are forced through my mind and mouth like volumes of air from a tornado spraying my spittle into the face of the giant giant daemon. As the power of the spell continues to grow I feel like I am lit up inside and out I no longer need to open my mouth to speak/expel meaning. I can see my words vomiting forth from me like vortexes of charged particles as they go shooting toward this being who is standing across from me. Then as I am reaching my body’s breaking point I see him cringe beneath the showers of my words that are issuing toward him, and he begins to lose stature and waver. Finally as my bonding magic completes its first cycle through my newly formed connection to his mind I feel the blending mixture of both his and my intentions beginning to mingle together forming a bond of connection between us. I know as I know myself that the giant daemon will do anything reasonable for me as I him, as long as I can strengthen this first fragile connection. I know through experiential knowledge and training that to keep the bonded connection continuing to build between us that I have to present a reasonable quid pro quo, initiated first by me. So, I stand on a rock and reach out gifting him my bait sack. He takes the sack and peers into it then laughing his piercing laugh he holds up the small bait sack and says one hollow sounding word ‘Respect’. I immediately started to feel his mental energies withdrawing from me and as he strode of into the night they lessened to nothingness, thus indicating to me that his effort to take my shadow self from me have ended. Will, I choose to make a talisman that I have to carry around to open my new spell. ———————————OR Should I decide to continually draw on my own life energies and exercise patience when I activate the anchor formed within my second attention, to open my new spell. I withdraw from the area and ponder the power of the new spell as I walk home. Feeling satisfied that it has served me well this day and decide that it should retain its original emotional anchor. Finally reaching home I put aside the ponderings of the evenings work and I open the creaky wooden door to my room being greeted with the same familiar smells of home and then just as I step inside to take my rest I hear in the distance the voluminous rakish laugh of my new-found friend which now sounds to me like a comforting melody to my freshly attuned ears. END #Daemon: The written definitions for daemon are so diverse, from evil to a god that I decided not to write them down or give references.