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  1. Because someone could get an epiphany.
  2. My answer for the subtle body dualism team Lol: In my lineage everyone professing to have a functional subtle energy spirit body is critically tested 'for their sake' to prove to them that their subtle energy body is functional. (for those of you who are not clear on the Lol team name= Love of life Lol.
  3. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this thread, I have experienced much cultivation. I am not against non-dualism as such, but from child hood I was trained to use my subtle energy body, on a regular basics to explore the mysteries of the other world(s) (same world but from a different perspectives). It is regrettable that I do not understand/get non-dualism, I gain experience through my efforts, I don't seem to get much understanding out of books, so at least for now I am stuck in a dualism capacity. Again thanks for all of your kind efforts.
  4. This is what I have wanted to say for a very long time. Many Thanks.
  5. I would be interested to read the posting on a subject of this magnitude, and I would enjoy adding my personal experiences on this subject as well.
  6. Transcendence!
  7. I can't match your clear explicit (dualist) words, all that I have is experiences, then I attempt to enplane in words. I have seen in my lineage a ceremony that has that kind of a effect and until you posted I didn't know how to explain it. So I say "what you said"! The ceremony starts the transition of the change from the you in the physical body to the you in your functional subtill energy body, and I considered it to be like what you posted but not limited to it. Also doesn't activating your 1000 petal lotus do something similar to razing yang and descending yin (at leas the energies)?
  8. We resonate in dualism on the subject of active subtle energy healers also.
  9. @Bindi "My subtle energy body develops, but I didn’t set out to develop a subtle energy body. What happens to it at or after death I have no idea, nor is that really my interest, for now I’d like to go on until I see what a fully functioning subtle energy body does while I’m alive." In my experience: It is necessary to practice energy generating alchemy, or to have great physical stamina to be able to experience a functional energy body.
  10. (taken from my personal linkage and experience): In the past I have viewed a light body improvement initiation. Making a "light body" functional sometimes called a "immortal spirit body", takes much work and practice, accompanied by exceeding uncomfortable testing and initiations. The discomfort and damage during the process, frequently has a notable impact upon the physical body.
  11. @ralis "A tap on the shoulder from whom?" That was meant to be a complement, not a statement of fact.
  12. @Bindi 'Re the spiritual quest causing problems and suffering, I do completely agree, if you don’t go through some then the heart isn’t being cleared. I like to think I cleared my heart in a slow way so less acute suffering, but plenty of suffering nonetheless. Maybe there’s more to come' That is wonderful news that you found a slow and not so painful way, and yes, I know that there are other ways to clear the heart some less painful then others.
  13. @ralis I would really like to say what, group that I belong to. I should not say anything, but after decades, of keeping quiet, while most everyone else is free to quote this and that group I sometimes do a Freidan slip and mention my ilk. After reading your strong posts, I would be surprised if a variety of groups aren't already looking to give you a tap on the shoulder.
  14. @ralis "I went through a similar event the likes of which I will never forget." I am glade that you are threw that faze, in my ilk some form of that type of purification is expected.