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  1. Haiku Chain

    Curling inward on Place lifeforce into the mold Move beyond the vale
  2. Haiku Chain

    The wise seek shelter. Shelter in a shaman cloak Walk on the planes
  3. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    I am 100% sure that you are wright about not being able to be sure about being awakened.
  4. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    I moved the spirit quest to England up to the top just now (no good short answer out of time now I will try to write a post on spirit questing later): Using a functional spirit body, to interact with other beings in the unseen world, to produce some sort of a positive gain or outcome, like a healing.
  5. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    I have come to admire your posts and the cultivation that they provide. 'One simply cannot know for sure that one has finally waken up. Maybe the Awoken are more asleep than the non-Awoken, who knows?' This is so true. The only way that I think that gives me hope that I mite be awake is that: When I go on spirit quests and I get injured in some way (happens more then you would think), a little later the injury shows up in my body, in the same area and with the same results. The pain of these injuries is the best clue that I have. There are many other signs of my activities having a real effect but the natural nature of them make there validity questionable.
  6. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    I have never been able to figure that one out.
  7. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    I really like this concept. It is in within the space that I am able to create. Thanks
  8. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    I really felt the clarity in what you posted, 'Mind creates Reality', is a powerful concept to under stand. Thanks
  9. Lineages- old and new

    I have really enjoined many of the things that you have posted in this thread. But when I looked into Buddha at the Gas Pump, I was given an expectation that you are teaching ascension. I do not like being a nay sayer, and I try to support everyone's efforts at walking their own path/way. My question is if you are teaching ascension then where is the information about the practices leading up to creating a fully functional spirit body to ascend into?
  10. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    Thanks, this is good thought. I would like to add being prepared to receive is a required action for attainment. Shaking ones fist at the gods might get their attention but without making the effort to open a void to receive a gift or a curse, in my experience: it is unlikely that great attainment is possible. I may be wrong (probably) but isn't Naidan some times called the Great Way-which jells in my mind as moving in the direction of attaining at a god level.
  11. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    Thanks, I always enjoy studding everyone posts. From the least to the greatest of them I find cultivation and fun. I have been working on the Taoist Neidan great Way for quite some time now and while I have not got it all down, I get the part about creating a functional spirit body, which is the same in most areas as my way practices. I under stand this Neidan great Way teaching with the exception that once you have a functional spirit body, then you get started on the really difficult challenges initiations, and deeper mysteries that only seem to me to be available for the discovering within the unseen part of the world (or some masters may hold these mysteries back for the higher level students). The reincarnation parts of Buddhism, that I have been studying all seems to fit nicely within my experiences of the framework of the unseen world. My take on the functional part of the reincarnation scenario is more like Egypt information where a person has many levels of bodies/iterations and that sometimes one ends and is supported by the reminder until it can be re-achieved.
  12. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    In my experience: That is the reason for initiations, the fear challenges a person and when they are ready; they have to break through it, then receive the rewards of that initiation, and temporarily blissing out before going on to over come the next challenge. Not a direct quote: I think that it was the ancient sage Rumi that gave this big Hint and said something like: I lead you to the gate of heaven, then when a demon pops up you all run away.
  13. Haiku Chain

    Oh for the still centre It is the head of Mimir Do not hike it center
  14. Haiku Chain

    Can be dangerous Valhalla warriors clash Odin smiles anew