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  1. DRAFT: Change Your Story while limping along on one shew The young energy mover was dejected after having spent years searching all over his country for a teacher of internal creation. After being asked by a young energy mover to teach him how to become a creator of his own destiny, a old sage humbly stated,' I have discovered that my words do not teach. For the hundredth time the young energy mover, half heatedly asked the old sage,' saying then,' where in the world can I find a teacher of creation? There are none', said the old sage, my teachers where from the unseen world, they only taught me because they needed a person who would except the obligation and incur the debt of their teachings. I paid then back by acting as a facilitator within the physical realm and by preforming which ever actions were needed to be done by a person in the physical realm until my obligation was paid and all that was needed was done. So, because there needs to be one who resides within the physical realm who facilitates the necessary actions that begin as seeds in this realm. I say to you: You become the one, the teacher of creation if you like to call it that. I will attempt to assist you for the sake of the worlds needs, I will do this not because of obligation because I have completely paid my debt to my teachers. When the young energy looked at the old sage in astonishment. the old sage, said, 'again I say I cannot teach with many words but only by changing your current life story which contains the words describing your past destiny as it has been revealed so far and which we Can observe as it changes within our efforts. This story if carefully crafted as observed in its unfolding, will serve to add to our control of the changes that we can together make to Alter the direction of your future observable destiny patterns. But what about my destiny said the young energy mover. Your what is called your destiny has always been within your own reach said,' the old mage knowingly. but to change your destiny always takes two, for now I am one and you are one, once you are properly prepared you will be the two, one the physical you when awake and one the energy mode when you are asleep or meditating, for example lets say that you were to get married and have children or not, the act of Choosing to join with another is a powerful changer to your destiny which destiny will always remain fluid. You will discover that your destiny is actually the greatest version of you'. Using this greatest version of you as a sounding board is how by writing words then changing them to match the greater description of you, as you feel directed is how you will learn all manner of the other worlds truths, and very early in life if you choose the path that I walk. It is to have a continually altering destiny due to my continued recreating of my own path that orders my activities to match the rhythms of earths destiny path. Is being in rhythm with the earths destiny a great relief or burden asked the young energy mover? Yes it can be both, said the old sage smiling,' it can become lite once you have ordained the knowledge of how to ride on top of the power wave that it produces. I will except the debt for you training said the young energy mover bravely. No debt said,' the old sage laughing, your debt will be to yourself for indulging your desires toward accessing the creative powers, that served to placed you in the way of the discovery of my path which is most difficult and uncomfortable to achieve. But said the young energy mover, you said that your burden is light. Yes, said the old sage,' light now, but to achieve my path you have to recreate your self into becoming inside out, which may seem impossible to you know, but will be considered simple once you have achieved it. OK, said,' the young energy mover, when can we start? We have started said, the old sage, concentrate on your third eye and perceive your 1000 petal lotus. OK, said,' the young energy mover, I have perceived my 1000 petal lotus, before. Now said the old sage look further just above the flowering of your lotus. the young energy mover, stood for a moment, paled wobbled and then he fainted. When the young energy mover, came two the first thing that he saw was the old sage smiling down at him. I, I saw, 'stuttered the young energy mover a knife sticking straight up from the inside of my head and out through my 1000 petal lotus. Yes said the old sage laughing, that was most impressive, I was delighted that you had the power to view it, so that I did not have to baby you through the process, the knife looking item is called your first feather, it serves to increase your perception of a higher plane while at the same time it reveals to all beings from the other wold and all on this plane who can see that you are a walker of the deep path, many of them will respond to you as one of their own, showing you respect as long as you act worthy of that respect. This light feather is also a aspect of your higher self which will be revealed more fully to you as you progress and gain more experience. How do I keep the respect of the beings in the unseen world asked the young energy mover? For instance Laughed the old sage, a good start is to not pass out like you did when you saw the light feather sticking out of your head. although I would not be ashamed of you if you did, many people seem to pass out the first time that they see a being that does not look like anything that is normally observed by people in this world. That is how I thing that so many religions got started in this world, by people seeking a more convent way of asking beings for help rather then going through all of the trouble of becoming a creator themselves, then when a angel or a god shows up they pass out, Laughed the old sage, then he continued that go off and higher a person to be a priest who is then suppose to be brave enough to inquire within the unseen world for them. Laughing at his own humor and in a great mood the old sage says,'If you come back tomorrow we will start a conversation on another aspect of the magnitude of what you are asking me to assist you in accomplishing for yourself'. The next day the young energy mover came back and was greeted by the old sage with the same words: I have discovered that words do not teach, said the old sage Again. The young energy mover slumped, fearing that his desires to learn the art of creating/changing his own destiny had been derailed once again. With lowered head he began to walk away. The old sage seeing the young energy movers tears of frustration, decided that even though the young energy mover mite not have the presence of mind to persevere through the process, that he at least has the heart for it. So the old sage half mumbled to himself, 'half is better then nothing'. The young energy mover hearing the sound of the old sage mumbling, quickly turned on his heal looking at the old sage hopefully. The old sage looked at him surprisingly, and said, 'take off one of your shoes and throw it away. The young energy mover responded, then old sage said to young energy mover, 'I will call you Half', do you except this humble name. Yes said. 'young energy mover hopefully'. Then the old mage, quick as lightening, pounded his clenched fist into the ground so hard that the young energy mover was almost knocked from his feet. Calmly the old sage pulled his fist out of the earth, and looking as the young energy mover, stated calmly,. the path is cast, Run away or step on the whole that I have just created. The young energy mover swallowed down his fear and stepped forward placing his foot over the fist sized dent in the ground. Because you are only Half said the old sage, if you are only about the power then this path that I have set will be more difficult for you. You must forget all about the power or creating, you will think creating, breath creating, live creating, dream creating. If you do not as you are being turned inside out you will notice, and then the pain will be unbearable, the thoughts of creating are your feather, your life line, your hope, your one chance. Now leave me said the old sage and do not bother to come back until you have dreamed of meeting yourself. Then return to me and explain what occurred during your dream. The young energy mover limped away smiling while walking on his one remaining shoe. :-)
  2. Interesting information Marblehead, in my experience North West is where the dead run to when they can't function within the higher planes. East is where the functional spirit bodies of those who have gained a higher existence go. South is where treasures/information/experiences from the past are located.
  3. Thanks to the cultivation from some on this forum and with the support of many, I have leveled up within my path.  :D

  4. 'I prefer to be open with healthy skepticism, but don't want to adopt cynicism to the point of outright dismissal.' I am still liking your comments, without the experiencing/seeing it for myself which I have, I would doubt anyone else if they claimed that they have seen a persons rainbow body.
  5. I am , new to Daoism, I like this thread in general and your opinion in particular.
  6. Once again I thank you Marblehead, for bringing my attention to this is important Daoist concept, and terminology. In my original understandings, a first "wu wei" moment/experience, is the beginning of everything, and now I understand the Daoist concept of this is slimier .
  7. Yueya, I am happy that you have experienced a brief separation from the collective conciseness of humanity. In my experience: I to have been through the separation in other ways with the gaining of similar understandings. I am new to Daoism, and I am studding its concepts to add to my own because unlike many other teachings Daoism teaches doing something to improve my own personal energy body, which to me is vital to my continued progression.
  8. This is a good example of a opportunity for someone to choose to initiate into the lower forms. It sounds bad but it is actually necessary for the person to be given a Chance to initiate into the higher forms, because with out this going below there can be no Balance. In other words you have to dig a whole plant the seed of your tree of life (a small death), before you can expect to Truly and Permanently experience the tree that rises above the level of what is Normal life on this plane of existence.
  9. A tiny talent A young stranger while looking about for a new spirit quest/Journeying adventure to go out and search for knowledge and gain new abilities to add to his personal talents through experience. Did discovered through his diligent research that the genius loci of a certain area were thrilled by the conduct and kindness of a group of whistling monks who lived in their area. The young stranger picked a good time for traveling, then he set off to visit these monks in order to discover why they among many other peoples had such happy genius loci in their area. As he traveled to the monastery the young stranger the young stranger discovered another monastery that was in the line of where he was headed. So curious to see what was going on in this monastery he presented himself at the front gate. After asking his name and a brief conversation, the monk soon learned that he was a relative of a well-known contributor to their religion, so the young stranger was treated well and invited into the monastery to spend the night. Due to the late hour, the young stranger agreed to stay the night and also because the monk had told him that every morning the monks performed a magic called a mass during which a person's energy body could receive healing and knowledge through the blessed food ingested during the mass. The young stranger had always been intrigued by this notion for he himself had been trained by his spirit guides to be a healer and to balance energy bodies. While sleeping that night in the monastery the young stranger was awakened by a strange noise coming from one of the walls of his room. When he opened his eyes he saw the image and appearance of a religious Icon being reflected off of the wall before him, wondering why one of the monks had not just come into his room, or journeyed in with his energy body to visit with him decided to ignore the intrusion and having been woken up, decided to meditate and to travel in his energy body to the other monastery to fulfill his original quest. At the other monastery, he discovered that some of the monks were up and active and had strong energy bodies, that we're dealing in harmony with the genius loci of the area. So the young stranger spent the rest of the night communicating with these monks and discovered further that it was the sacrifice of speaking human words and developing the tiny talent of whistling to communicate with each other that had served the monks to forge good strong energy bodies. The young stranger was very enamored by the efforts of these whistling monks. Some of them have given up the pleasure of speaking any words at all for decades, to aid their growth and increase the health of their energy bodies through this tiny physical sacrifice, discipline and the humility that went with it. The young stranger decided to favor the whistling monks by using his talents of adjusting and balancing the energy bodies of all those of them who were spiritually strong enough to receive it. In exchange for this balancing, the monks gifted him the tiny talent of whistling. The next day at the monastery where his physical body had spent the night, the young stranger got the impression that a monk offering him a position to stay as a trainee monk at the monasteries, seemed to be expecting him to show some kind of reaction from the viewing of the reflection of the religious Icon in his bedchambers wall the night before. Then the young stranger went to the morning ceremonial mass. He was less than impressed with the proffered tiny bit of bread and drink and did not feel any enhancing or healing of his energy body. So after the mass, he thanked the monks, promising to make mention to his rich relative of their hospitality, and then he left the area never to return. Time passed and in another region of the world the young stranger while talking with one of his relatives, learned of the fate of the two monasteries. The one monastery had met the misfortune of burning down and the other was thriving somehow having achieved a state of general bliss, where they were so supported by the collective strength of each other's energy bodies that for at least that period of time they no longer needed to sacrifice their words to generate enough power to grow their energy bodies. So the whistling monks became free to speak and whistle as they chose. Hearing this last happy news the young stranger, just expertly whistled a happy tune as he headed off to yet another spirit quest.
  10. 'I need a better definition of self. "I" and "me" don't seem to cut it anymore...',Lol,good one! In my experience: using the '180' scenario, and transcending, 'not working at the level of the problem', provides the I and me with a third door to go through, a third window to look through, a third opinion to form. Also *separating the three brains into singular components, so that their views can be more easily understood and focused can be of help. *(a sage/mage users system, each section of the three brains is named for better control of the whole)
  11. Wells, I was just inquiring if your goal was to travel in your energy body, or something else. Once traveling initiations are done without a physical meeting. Thanks for the information for the name of the part that my clog was released from. I will add it to my new Daoist vocabulary.
  12. Hello Wells, I am new to Daoism, However I have experience with this type of vibration throughout the body, when I vibrate the frontal lobes in my head I get a clear movement know, but when their was a blockage it acted like a resistant causing a powerful vibration and then when it broke up it flowed through vibrating the whole the body until it dispersed. When this happens anywhere in the body I know that this means a leveling up over time, there was a balancing of energies. Also I was taught to draw energy in through my feet using emotional content as the lifting/attracting force and a mental construct/tuple(a) as the direction to receive the storage. All this not to fight but to build energy body to travel in. With all of this training skill building and effort have you had a initiation, of any kind?
  13. Respect!
  14. A Greased Scotsman, 'Since humans are by nature social creatures, is isolating oneself from society for extended periods of time not an action which runs contrary to the Dao?' I am just a bigger and learning Daoist concepts, but in my experience: it is all about the doing of whatever you can manage at any given time to get you below all things-forms so that then you will have opportunities presented to you by the universe to transcend all things-forms, and that places you in line with the Dao to my Novelist understanding. If the following story was just a story and not a real life experience, I would have written that the monks who had achieved functional energy bodies by choosing to go below human speech in their daily lives, would have eventually chosen to leave the whistling monastery and to migrate into the world so that through service and experience they could begin to transcend all things according to the opportunities that would be presented to them.
  15. I thank all who posted, for me reading this thread is extreme cultivation, in terms that I can understand. I would add my take on the doers. In my opinion: the act of transcending any part of the reactionary states of the world is 'being in the world but not of the world'. Which is personal monasticism, as some of my christian relatives did attempt.