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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Does anyone practice Roberts Bruce methods from Astral Dynamics?
  2. Recently classified CIA documents were released. They contained the declassified information about Ingo Swann. He was a remote viewer who confirmed the presence of alien life’s forms on the moon. I also saw in his books ( most of which are online in PDFs ) that he explained how he did much of these things. Any thoughts on this? To read more, follow this link:
  3. So my friend Austin and I have come to the conclusion that we were supposed to be born in each other's body and we want to try trading bodies for a few days to see what it's like. If you've done his, please share your experience and tell how you did it. Our current plan is to leave our bodies, unplug the silver cords, and replug them into the correct bodies.
  4. What are some good ways to induce sleep paralysis?

    I really want to astral project. Has anyone discovered a good way of inducing sleep paralysis so that it will happen when you are conscious?
  5. Sincere call for Help

    Hello guys, I have been having some strange things happening in life lately. I thought long and hard before trying to compose this post. It seems like I am getting visitors when I am asleep. In my opinion I am getting visits by people who can astral travel. Couple time I woke up, meaning my astral body woke up and actually talked to the person as if I knew him. The incident happened early in the morning. I saw (while I was asleep with third eye??) one guy standing inside of the door of my room. I could see the whole body of the person but the face was blurred. I actually greeted the guy as if I knew him by calling him uncle. Then I got up (my astral body ???) and next thing I know the guys is on top of me with his knees on my thigh. It hurt me (in dream??) so I called him to stop. He actually told me to stay still and shut up or he will kill me right there and then. Then I go blank not sure for how long and I woke up. The thing is, I am having similar experiences on regular basis and I do not know how to stop it. I do not know what they do to me, after I go blank. I feel violated, and as if somebody is trying to control my thought and feelings. It has got me very worried. If somebody has similar experiences and some solution which they can suggest, it would be very helpful. Thanks Sunshine