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Found 6 results

  1. What is Light? I will start with what it's not. If someone sees various dimensions and realms, travels astrally to these places, interacts with others astrally, none of this is actually light! Not to discount such experiences. They are so fun and only those with their third eye open are able to do such activities in general. Light is beyond all of this. If I see something, anything, as other or seperate from me, if I travel from one place to other, then I am still in dual mode. I am just a limited entity, who sees 'other' things and be able to travel, interact etc. In Light, we go beyond the state of seeing to become ourselves, everything that is out there. If I am not seperate from everything else, why do 'I' need to go anywhere? As the crown opens and beyond, the individual starts expanding beyond the local body and mind to become everything. The whole process is fascinating. Questions, comments, welcome.
  2. I have heard that if people have sex with each other they get connected on a spiritual level (astral tube concept?). I don't know about this but i wanted to ask you if is this the case with porn ? If we put out focus on a video of a woman living 1000 miles away from us and masturbate to it, Can we get connected to her spiritually?
  3. What are some good ways to induce sleep paralysis?

    I really want to astral project. Has anyone discovered a good way of inducing sleep paralysis so that it will happen when you are conscious?
  4. Does anyone here astral project?

    You know, leave your body in energy for or some other form?
  5. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has had any success with actually reaching certain stages of the IIH steps. I have come to notice and attain certain miraculous feats...but not in the way described or instructed by the book. I am specifically interested to know if anyone has had any success in making elementals and the physical elementary, or the fluid condensers to magically animate pictures.
  6. Hello again friends. Ive been reading through some Mantak Chia books and the Initiation Into Hermetics book by Franz Bardon. I am asking myself what Mantak Chia means by making an energy body, while Franz Bardon and myself believe we already have one? Are the two concepts different in any of your understanding? Does Chia aim to meld the energy or astral body that we all have into a new form? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks guys.