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  1. Dear Dao Bums, Question: Did any of you ever get a "naadi" astrology reading? Aka a palm leaf astrology reading? If yes, please share your story, experience, if everything came true, how did the remedies work etc. Story: In the past there were great saints and sages (aka maharishis) roaming India. In South India there was a group of rishis devoted to Shiva. Through their practices, they were granted the power (siddhi) of knowing the past, present and future of all people to ever live on Earth. In their great devotion to God and in a spirit of service to mankind, they wished to help all of mankind. Therefore they saw many millenia into the future, and saw exactly which people would eventually come to seek their help. The rishis then wrote in ancient tamil on dried palm leaves. They wrote the destinies of all people who would ever come to seek help. The leaf will start at the exact time of your life, when they foresaw you would come seeking guidance. It will give you the exact guidance you need (divided into 12 chapters, general, father, mother, siblings, work, marriage, spirituality, karma etc), and list out exactly what will happen to you for the rest of your life. In the karma portion, they will list your worst karmas from previous lives, and give the remedies needed to undo or counter these karmas. That's the story of Naadi Astrology. Personal experience: I've heard amazing stories of naadi astrology since I was a kid, but I never managed to get a reading for myself. I have searched several times while visiting India, but I couldn't get to any. Now, I've finally managed to get a reading! I booked it online (even though I am still extremely skeptic) and I'm going to get a reading in the middle of March. It has taken 4 months from when I submitted my thumb print and for the readers in India to actually locate my leaf (the libraries are spread all over with no centralized system). And now I will have to wait one more month for my actual reading, because the time zones need to match up. I am extremely excited! I will share my experience once I get the reading Until then, I hope to hear from you guys: Did you get a reading? Have you heard stories about people getting readings? If yes, please share God bless you
  2. Qigong and astral travel

    Dear Dao Bums, Qigong and astral travel... Let me ask you some questions 1) Have you astral travelled? If yes, could you elaborate how you got to be able to do that, as well as share some experiences 2) Do you know any trustworthy stories (about friends, teachers etc) about astral travel? If so, please share 3) Do you know any qigong or meditation methods for astral travelling you could share? 4) Do you know any qigong or meditation teachers (trustworthy and authentic) who teach astral travel? Let me share some of my own answers to the above questions a) I'll start with SKY (simplified kundalini yoga). b ) After, I'll share about my sexual qigong and daoist lovemaking teacher. c) Then, I'll share from my indian-village-mountain-cave-yogi guru, who has a student who has shared stories about "sukshma sharir ki yatra" (subtle body travel or subtle body pilgrimage). d) Subsequently, I'll share the story of a white, atheist european boy, who accidentally got the power of astral travel through tibetan buddhist mandala visualisation meditation. e) finally, I'll share a short story from a qigong master from Australia SKY In SKY (Simplified Kundalini Yoga), Vethathiri Maharishi (the guru and founder) was taught astral travel by one of his own gurus. In the beginning of SKY, astral travel was taught as one of the meditations, freely available to everyone. Later, they changed it so only masters would learn it during the masters course. Latest... they completely stopped it. Therefore, alas, I have not been able to learn it yet.. However, I've heard face-to-face trustworthy accounts of high level teachers and masters in SKY, personally telling me about their experiences. The method used is meditating on the navel chakra. After that, I don't know what the next step is (yet.. I hope to learn someday, somehow). Other things they said: how they used to learn it. It would be on full moon morning. They would all have eaten a light dinner the night before, and meditated on the navel chakra before bed time. They would then meet at 4AM. They would all lie down with white sheets on top of them. Vethathiri would be seated, guiding it all. They would meditate on the navel chakra while lying down, and Vethathiri would use his yogic power to take them out of their body, one by one. Once all were out of the body, he would take them to the moon, all together. After returning to the meditation hall, he would stay there. He would then allow everyone to go and do what they want to try; e.g. visit their families, visit mountains or faraway lands, go on pilgrimages to temples etc. Lastly, he would put everyone back in their body. They could then practice this meditation on full moon mornings back home, whenever they wanted. They should just follow the same instructions; light dinner the night before with navel chakra meditation before bed etc. Sexual qigong and lovemaking teacher He told me that the end goal of all daoism and qigong is astral travel. "The One" spoken about in alchemy is actually our spiritual fetus, spiritual body, whatever you want to call it. "Return to the One", "Merge three into One", "From spirit to the One", "Merge with the Emptiness and attain the One" etc. He said the couple would do their qigong and meditation. They would then make sweet, sweet love. They would then leave their bodies. Once out of the body, they would use all the energy from the lovemaking to heal the physical bodies. They would then travel to another planet in our Galaxy, the one from where qigong originates. Here you can be taught higher teachings and achieve higher levels of mastery than using the qigong physically available on Planet Earth. Teachings which have slowly been lost over time, since given to the Planet Earth by "the Gods". Indian Village, another student of my guru He got the siddhi of sukshma sharir ki yatra through the following steps: 1) attain mantra siddhi of a kavach mantra (tantric protection mantra) 2) tratak on the sun and moon to build the energy sufficiently strong 3) meditating on the navel chakra with neck lock until prana and apana merge, after which they rush up through the sushumna, naturally break your neck lock, and go to the crown chakra 4) the prana will then pulse in your crown chakra. You meditate on this pulse of energy for 60 minutes with no other thoughts in your mind 5) then you will feel your sukshma sharir leave your physical body (don't become shocked, then you will have to restart the 60 minutes) 6) after the first succesfull leaving out the crown, you can do it very quickly (because the path has been opened) 7) then you can lie down on the back more comfortably and simply leave out the crown 8) then you will see your physical body sitting or lying there, and you will see spirits around you, trying to mess with you, trying to get you to freak out. Don't let them distract you from your goal, remember that you have put the kavach and trust in it 9) go to your destination, do what you need to do, come back (just by thinking about your body, you automatically return instantly, no matter where you are or the distance) He himself personally went to "Vaikunth", the planet or place where Lord Rama resides. He then did puja to Rama and Sita. Then he returned. After this first journey, he would venture out and journey, doing pilgrimages or simply visiting interesting places, every night during his sleeping time. White atheist boy At one point in my life, I stayed 6 months in a Hindu Ashram in Europe. The resident indian swami told me the following story about this swiss boy, who came to ask for advice. He was a white, swiss, atheist boy, who had never been interested in religion nor spirituality. In his 20s during his university education, a girlfriend of his convinced him to try to meditate, as a way to cope with stress. He agreed (I think he liked the girl ) He was taught a tibetan buddhist mandala visualisation. He would visualise the mandala in 4 steps: lower part of the mandala, middle part of the mandala, upper part of the mandala, the whole mandala together. If you lose the visualisation, you start over. He actually felt some stress relief from this method, so he continued it all throughout university, and also after starting work. After 7 years, one day while meditating, he heard a huge pop. He opened his eyes and saw the wall moving towards him. He was very surprised. As he tried to move, he noticed it was actually him, flying towards the wall. He turned around, and shockingly saw his body sitting in the chair. He was out of his body! He didn't know what to do, so he decided to go visit his dad back home in the countryside of Switzerland. He flew slowly all the way, following the roads and signs. He found his dad out in the garden, working. He tried to talk to him, but his dad didn't react. After some time, he flew all the way back, and went into his body again. He called his dad and asked "dad, did you work on the kale in the garden around 3 o'clock this afternoon?", "Why, yes son, I did". The swiss boy was shocked. The leaving of the body would then happen every single time he meditated. As an atheist, he was so confused by this experience, that he stopped his meditation, and went on google to try and find some hindu or buddhist centers in his city. He found the ashram I would later live in for 6 months, and asked the resident swami to explain what was happening to him, how it was possible, and what he should do. Qigong Master from Australia He was born into a chinese qigong family. At 4 he was forced to do long standing. As a teenager, his teacher took him astral travelling. He took him all the way down to the "realms of hell", and all the way up to the highest levels of "divine realms" they could go to. Conclusion I have heard many bogus and untrustworthy accounts of astral travel in my life. However, the ones above, I can all vouch for. They were told to me by trustworthy friends, in a natural and unforced manner. There were no reason or anything to gain for them, cooking up these stories. It was simply a natural part of the conversations I shared with them during my time with them. I consider them quite "juicy" and interesting I hope to also learn astral travel someday Now please, what do you have to say about my 4 initial questions: 1) Have you astral travelled? If yes, could you elaborate how you got to be able to do that, as well as share some experiences 2) Do you know any trustworthy stories (about friends, teachers etc) about astral travel? If so, please share 3) Do you know any qigong or meditation methods for astral travelling you could share? 4) Do you know any qigong or meditation teachers (trustworthy and authentic) who teach astral travel?
  3. Helps learning easy

    Hey all , There is an amazing app which will help in learning scriptures and mythology .Everyone of you have to check it out it is very very nice . The app gives alot of information and also is children friendly .
  4. THIS IS VERY INTERESTING.IF U MAKE COMPARISONS ON THEIR LIFE, CHARACTERISTICS & RELATIONSHIPS, U WILL FIND INCREDIBLE SIMILARITIES !!!THE SAME CREATOR GODS PRESENTED THEMSELVES (APPEARED/INCARNATED) IN DIFFERENT CULTURES WITH DIFFERENT NAMES.NIBIRUAN / Annunaki / Egyptian / SUMERIAN GODS = HINDU / Vedic / Jain / Persian GODS = GREEK / Roman GODS AND SOME VATICAN (Elohim / Nephilim) AND BUDDHIST GODS AS WELL !!!SEKHMET = DURGA = ARTEMIS = Mut = Athena = Frigg = White Jaguar Lady = White Buffalo Calf Woman = Vaishno Devi = DevanaALCYONE = SATYANARAYANA = APOLLO = Vishnu(1) = Rama = Amen RaEnlil = Garbhodakasayi = JEHOVAH(1) = Vishnu(2)Leontocephalus = Narasimha = Merlin = Vishnu(3)Amun Ra = Krishna = Vishnu(4)ANAT = ERESHKIGAL = KALI = BLACK MADONNA = BLACK TARA = Demeter = Hecate = Ceres = Lilith = Nuit= Nepthys = Baba YagaBaphomet = Ardhanareshwara Astarte = Parvati = White Tara = Madonna = Mandodari = Shekinah = Uma = Kamakhya = Naamah = Goddess of Spring = Lalita = Kamakshi = Meenakshi = Kamakhya = Persephone = Rudrani = Proserpina = Bhairavi = Flora = ClorisMaia = Sati = Dakshayani = Damkina = Goddess Of The MountainsEnki = SadaShiva = Mahadeva = Holy Spirit = Chakrasamvara = Avalokiteshwara = Ptah = Chenrezig = Lucifer = Ea = Geb = Adonai = Hadad = Cain = Ba'al = Esu/Ishwara = HaraHades = Rudra = Boreas = Aquilo = Logi = Loki = Veles = SetAgni = VaishRavas = VaishvanaRa Raphael = Uranus = Varuna(1) = Guardian of the WestCronus = MahaKaal= Khandoba = Neptune = Varuna(2) = Poseidon = Nu = Yamm = Nechtan = Nethuns = Apam Napat = AegirApep = Kalasura = Ahriman = ChoronzonPluto = Pavan/VayuDev = Anubis = Mot = Kala Bhairava = Favonius = Zephyrus = KariMoon God = Chandra = NannaUriel = Dharma Dev = Yama = Guardian of the SouthAmphitrite = Salacia = Ran = Ganga = Goddess of Salt WatersAn = Anu = Adam = BRahma = Ra = Yahveh = Allah = Ahura Mazda = SvetovidThe One = PaRa BRahma = The Force = Source of All That Is!The Great Ra = Atum Ra = PRakash BRahma = Father Of The GodsEnoch = Metatron = Marichi (1 of 10 Prajapatis, Mind Born Sons of Brahma)Methuselah = KashyapaAnsar = Abzu = Abba = Apsu = Helios = Aditya = Surya = Sun God = Sol = Shamash = Utu = Aten = Aton = Rod = Lamech = Vivasvan = SwayambhuDuas Pita = Vywamus Noah = Satyavat/Vaivasvat Manu = UtnapishtimNoah's Arc landing site Mount Kardu/Godash = Malayan HillsChaya = AaAshwins = DioscuriGaia = Aditi = Bhu = Bhoomi Devi = Koumudhi = Kamadhenu = Ninhursag = Ki = Uras = Cybele = Rozanica =Earth GoddessJupiter = Brihaspati = Zeus(1) = SvarogNergal = Orion = Narakasura = Agdistis = AttisTiamat = TarakaTyphon = PulomanGabriel = Consus = Kubera = THOTH = GANESHA = HERMES = Mercury = Wodan/Wotan = Bud(d)ha = Progenitor of the Lunar Dynasty (Chandravamsi) = Da┼żbog = Guardian of the NorthIla = Tiresias = Djehuty = Jehuti = Tahuti = Tehuti = Zehuti = Techu = Lord of the KhemenuKalki = Maitreya = Vishnu(5) = Imam MahdiEmperor of Atlantis = Ravana = MundakeshaMarduk = Murugan = Karthikeya = Nimrod = Ares = Mars = Tyr = Svetovid = Jarovit = Jehovah(2)Osirius - Horus = Krishna - Pradyumna = Abraham - Isaac = Dionysus - Eros = Bacchus - Cupid = Wesir - Heru = Amun - Min = Narayana - Nara(da)Christ Michael = Shem = Ikshvaku = Progenitor of Solar Dynasty (Suryavamsi) = Ancient Of Days = Mithra = Siva Goraksha Babaji = Sanat Kumara = Dazbog = Dipankara = El Khdir = Asar = Ausir = Guardian of the EastAbel = Tammuz = Min = Freyr = Kamdev = Pradyumna = Adonis = Thotmes = Indra = Odin = Pan = Vajrapani = Zeus(2) = PerunSheshnag = Thor = Balram = Laxman = AnantaParasuram = Gilgamesh = Hercules = Narayana = Vishnu(6) = Iolaus = PirithousHeracles = Enkidu = Arjuna = Nara = Narada = Perseus = Theseus = Paris(Apollonius of Tyana) Jesus Christ = Sananda Kumara = Jeshua Emmanuel = Baldr = Aniruddha = Asclepius= Dumuzi = Damu = BragiAyyappa = ImhotepInanna = Selene = Mohini = I├░unn = MahalasaSiddhi= TycheIsis = Mary = Mariamma = Koumari = Venus = Freyja = Aphrodite = Semiramis = Hathor = Mayavati = Kanyakumari = Tripura Sundari = Rati= Sarah = Zorya = Ger├░r = 16 Year Old Goddess = Mary Magdalene = Ishtar = Lakshmi = Fortuna = Aset = Tyche = Ninlil = Goddess Of GrainHera = IndraniEos = Savita/Sandhya/SaranyaPsyche = Radha = Lada├×jazi = Brahmasura = SurpanakaShani = Saturn = Wrathful Tibetan Deity7 ArchAngels = 7 SaptaRishis = 7 Amesha Spentas = Council of SevenAtlas = Himavan = Daksha = El = Shukra = Dhadhichi = PenurPleione = Menaka7 Pleiades' sisters = 7 krittikas = 7 sapta matrikasIliad = MahabharataDeianira = Draupadi = Andromeda = Ariadne = HelenHecuba = KuntiEurytion = JayadhrataAlcmene = kunti = Danae = Aethra = HercubaAmphitryon = Pandu = Aegeus = PriamPolymester = DhritarashtraMenelaus = DushasanaTroilus = AbhimanyuHector = YudhishtirParis = ArjunaAchilles = karnaAgamemnon = DuryodhanaWild Cow Goddess = Ninsun = Nininsina = RenukaHumbaba = Trishanku = KalmashapadaSaraswati = Seshat = SophiaEve = Kheba = Nuit = Ninti = NinkiAurora = Usha = GayathriMoses = AkhenatenZipporah = NefertitiMithra = ZoroasterDivine Architect of the Universe = VishwakarmaTvastri = Haphaestos = Bunene = SvarogAesir = Annunaki = Seraphim = SiriansVanir = Venusians = Cherubim = Lyrans Asteroid Belt = MaldekAtala = Antartica/MarsVitala = VegaSutala = LyraTalatala = RigelRasatala = BetelgeuseMahatala = OrionPatala = DracoBhuloka = 3D Earth PlaneBhuvaloka = 4D Astral Plane - Astral travel, OBE and NDE experiences, spirits, pisachas (vampires) and dis-incarnatesSwahaloka = Lower 5D Plane - Angels / Aliens / ZetasMahaloka = Higher 5D Plane - Devas /Aliens/Extra Terrestrials - Sirians/Pleyades/Arcturus/AndromedansJanaloka = 6D Plane - Devas / SaptaRishis/ArchAngels / RA Group / Cassiopaeans / Future Earth Humans/Over SoulsTapaloka = 7D Plane - Swayambhu / Linga RoopaSatyaloka = 9D/12D Sagittarius A/ II Octave / Nirvana / Anti-Matter UniverseAnnamaya Kosha = Physical Body - Governed by EarthPranamaya Kosha = Life Force Body (Tachyons) - Governed by Shiva (Holy Spirit)Manomaya Kosha = Mental / Emotional Body - Governed by Brahma (Father)Vignanamaya Kosha = Intellectual Body - Governed by Vishnu (Son)Anandamayakosha = Bliss Body - Governed by Devi/ParaShakti (Mother Goddess)Holy Grail = Amritam = Ambrosia = Soma = Life Elixir = Nectar Of Immortality....................................The list is endless!The Annunaki gods ( Nibiru = Nebadon = Vulcan = Vaikuntha = Planet X = Wormwood from Sirius B ) have always been here.All the religions (Ra's (& Ka's) Legions) have the same source !( bible -> by-bal -> by Ba'al( Enki))( quran -> Qur-an / Anu )MANY OF THE COMPARED CHARACTERS/INCIDENTS MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED AT ONE PLACE AND THEN IMPLANTED INTO ANOTHER CULTURE FOR THEIR BENEFIT.
  5. Dear Ones, there are far greater things than only language alone behind what we (try to) manifest (each day) in our life. I am not yet fully aware of it but I know that for the unconscious part, when we do not have a precise knowing what parts of our body are used for doing so, so we can not yet do it purely from our minds, always coming out of our heart, then we do it with voice. These tones, these vibrations are then understood as a code by our spirit with the propper intention behind it that the certain tone already has created (without the mind) in certain areas of our bodies. As far as I know the vowels alone play a major role in it. What I am yet to figure out If you think I am nuts, thats okay for the time of being - if you dont understand what I have just written, that is fine aswell. Lets continue My question then is: Do Sutras only work in Hindu or can they be performed in any other language using only what we wish to change? For example like written in the topic bellow regarding eating. The translation of this sutra was: "throat, hunger, thirst, overcome." My information up to this point for mental manifestation includes the actual Mental Body, the Emotional Body and the Physical Body in order to manifest precisely but With a Dual Aspect. Leave your fingers off of it, it's just a demonstration. Throat = bodily ergo Physical - being aware of the throat, feeling the throat (merging with emotions) and more Hunger, Thirst = Emotional - feeling the hunger, feeling the thirst, knowing where it is located and what it actually does (merging with the physical location and with the mental idea behind it) Overcome = Mental - the intention what you want to do with it and how the state of having successfully done it will feel like (wrap it up) both emotionally and physically If it is possible to formulate this from the heart it might be instant, if we can locate it more precisely. The more precisely such a thing is formulate, the more "instant" it is. That means, the more knowledge you have about how manifestation works, the faster time and events are bridged. The less repetitions needed But again, the wholesome method is only from the heart. From the brain, you get the opposite right with it. Has anyone deeper information on this? Really curious... Kind regards.