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  1. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

    My father in law practices Nichiren. In Japan, Soka Gakkai is regarded with a great deal of suspicion. It is involved in politics, and there are rumours it uses it's practitioners as cash cows to fund further influence. I would stay away as much as possible from that organisation. Nichiren by itself is fairly innocuous, but I'm not sure I agree with a lot of the founder's ideas
  2. Mental and physical routes to enightenment

    Most of the people who claim to have achieved enlightenment say it was a sudden, dramatic experience. Doc Morris said it felt like his head was being blown off. I think the most in-depth account of what enlightenment is and what the experience of it was like on this forum came from dawg. Also he's the only bum here who claims to have attained it. It's a great read. Edit - interesting parallel I saw with the Doc was the unconsciousness as an almost seperate entity. A higher mind. Doc said he had a sort of conversation with the subconscious, before reaching an agreement to merge both the conscious and unconscious mind ('like a fist being pushed through another fist').
  3. Looking for Jose Figueroa silk reeling dvds

    Damn! Missed that auction. Was it live when you posted it? I didn't see it
  4. Question about Falun Dafa / Falun Gong

    I guess it's each to their own. In certain daoist practices they talk about the establishment of an energy mechanism in high level transmission. Like the master establishes aetheric 'training wheels' so the refinement of internal alchemy doesn't go wrong at high levels. My understanding is that it's a similar principle with the falun, it's not so much a sentient entity, but something to help refine virtue and qi developed through the cultivation and qigong into higher level energy. It's either something that you believe exists or you don't. To call it a 'cult' because you don't believe in it is slightly disingenuous. I did my university thesis on cults and brainwashing. That was about 15 years ago, but I vaguely remember the characteristics to look out for. 1. Separation from society or from influences that contradict the group's teaching - there is nothing of the sort in Falun Gong. People practice in their daily life. (The drummer in David Bowie's band practiced Falun Gong) 2. High financial demands, often linked to progression in the group. Or else payment for higher level teachings through labour. - you see this in Scientology. However everything is free in Falun Gong. All the materials, practices and everything are available to download for free online. There is no 'inner circle'. 3. Coercion or manipulation into following the group's teachings. - it's a purely internal practice. You cultivate yourself and you have no accountability for that. Similarly no disconnect for leaving the group. I still have many good friends who practice and I meet up with them now and then. 4. An authority figure in the main founder - Falun Gong does have this, admittedly. But then, most qigong schools do. Look at Chunyi or Wang Liping. Or that guy in the 90s who used to give six hour qigong transmissions. The schools are built around their authority. Moreover they often charge thousands of dollars for their teachings, whereas FG is all free. Plus Li Hongzhi is something of a recluse. I only saw him once in the decade that I practiced, and that was when I went to a seminar he gives once or twice a year. Anyway, no offence if you disagree and still want to call it a cult. I don't practice any more so I have no vested interest. Just wanted to set the record straight as I see it.
  5. Your Current Cultivation Practices

    These days I've been experimenting with a few bits and bobs. My main practice, as always is the mani mantra - which to my mind is a thousand practices in one. I've also kept up a regular Shaolin martial practice. But I've been dabbling in a few qigong forms, 8 brocades, zhineng and a bit of Chen. All good fun. Also someone kindly shared with me the secret smile pratice from KAP. Sometimes it's good to branch out a bit, try new things.
  6. Movement Arts That Are Non-Martial

    This looks like a wonderful form.
  7. Question about Falun Dafa / Falun Gong

    I practiced it for over 10 years. Gave it up a couple of years back to focus on Buddhist practices. It's not in any way a cult. It is an extremely safe, healthful practice but at its root is l the idea that your spiritual breakthroughs are tied to the cultivation of your heart - how well you embody the characteristics of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. It teaches you to turn the other cheek when being abused by others. Not only remaining calm when being attacked but remaining compassionate toward others. It's completely free - there's no membership, fees or mandatory group attendance. You can literally download the book and videos and practice on your own without ever meeting another practitioner. I stopped practicing because I got stuck at a certain level and felt like I wasn't progressing anymore. I still have a bunch of friends who practice and get loads from it. I won't get into a debate about it here. It was banned in China because there were 100 million people practicing it in the 90s. Which is utterly terrifying for the communist leadership, as the founder wasn't a party appointee. The cult propaganda came later and included loads of coerced testimonies and falsified footage. A good friend of mine was tortured for about three months before finally agreeing to give a false testimony to the tv station about how it ruined his life. The reality is a innocuous, peaceful practice.
  8. I know Dragon Door still sells the first DVD but can't seem to find the whole three DVD set anywhere. Does anyone have s copy they're looking to pass on?
  9. The Shocking State of Human Insanity

    And how about to half of the world's population, three billion people living in poverty. Or to the 1.3 billion living in the most extreme conditions of poverty? How would they view a pimple?
  10. The Shocking State of Human Insanity

    Genuinely see very little of that in Buddhist circles. In yoga groups, certainly In fact, there's a whole practice of vajrayana called chod, which is orientated around 'feeding' (and thereby pacifying) demons (internal or otherwise). Internal emotions are met head on, embraced and accepted. Not suppressed in any shape or form. It is a path of bravery. The op knows very little about Buddhism beyond what he may have read in a magazine sometime.
  11. The Shocking State of Human Insanity

    Working in the city, watching people not even spare a glance at homeless people living in puddles of their piss on the floor, let alone spare some change, or offer to buy them a hot meal, makes me angry. Child abuse, murder, gang violence, poverty, the lack of social welfare, the cultivation of hatred toward people fleeing war or famine, those also make me angry. Other things annoy me: the vanity of the selfie generation, the lack of self awareness inheritant in complaints over first world problems, shaming and publicly destroying people on social media without regard to the consequences, those also make me worried about our future. But a group of people trying to develop compassion for others, gratitute for their lives, and trying to live mindfully and peacefully in the precious few years we are given, that doesn't make me angry. Not one jot. For those people, I have the greatest respect and I hold them in the highest esteem.
  12. Why do so few qigong masters radiate vitality?

    Just wanted to say thanks all for the replies. I came with strong views, but I've listened to some compelling counter arguments, and tried some promising new exercises (thanks those who posted ping shaui gong vids). My views on the issue are now more ambivalent, and not as black and white. Grateful to this forum and you all.
  13. Why do so few qigong masters radiate vitality?

    Two very different videos
  14. Why do so few qigong masters radiate vitality?

    Yes well I never claimed to radiate good health and vitality myself. Although I would love to, don't get me wrong. But I believe when you look at a system, you should look at the teacher. And then ask yourself if you want to become them. JAJ is a teacher for instance that many people seek for high level teaching...
  15. Why do so few qigong masters radiate vitality?

    I'd rather not mention names, so as not to offend anyone. I know some people on here consider them their masters and have great respect for them. If you're curious who I had in mind please pm me. This is an excellent point, and it is true. My experience in person with qigong masters is indeed limited. But I do believe this can be transmitted through the screen. I've listened to dozens of dharma lectures in which I've felt the qi field of the teacher, the quiesence I can only liken to fresh snowfall. I've never felt the same way listening to one American daoist master give long lectures on the arts, for instance. Not for a second. And that is someone who has dedicated his life to internal arts. Maybe it's just as you say, that the changes are a lot deeper than surface level. Maybe something like yoga works from the outside in, rather than the inside out?