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  1. Santi for the lungs : but other organs ?

    An old Chinese guy when he was a teenager living in Taiwan, as far as xingyi is concerned. His book 'radical xingyi energetics' has lots of interesting exercises to cultivate qi. I haven't tried them though as they seem fairly time consuming as an adjunct to other practices
  2. Interestingly, those who have undergone phowa in Tibetan Buddhism are said to have an indent on the top of their skull. From my memory it is said to facilitate the transfer of consciousness at the time of death to rebirth in a pure land.
  3. Jim Lacy and Doo Wai

    That's a sad story, of a life entangled with karmic debt. Hope he found a happier rebirth.
  4. Juicing

    How does juicing work from a TCM perspective? Since it was a cold food, potentially damp forming, I stopped juicing. Would love to hear anyone's thoughts on it from that perspective.
  5. Willing to buy Dragon Gate Sanctuary DVDs

    Bumping again
  6. Compassion is the most simplest, most direct path. It yields the greatest qualify of life and happiness, generates mountains of merit and leads you to rebirth in a pure land at death. Therefore all you need is the mantra for generating compassion, the heart mantra of Avalokitesvara/Chenrezig/Kuan Yin. Om Mani Padme Hum. Here is a nun who made this mantra her sole focus for 45 years. The Buddha said: “I can count the number of dust motes, but I can not reckon the merit and virtue that results from one single recitation of the Six Word Great Bright Mantra.”
  7. Does maha vajra have a legit lineage? I got the impression it was something he made up.
  8. Ausar a Fraud?

  9. I remember learning nine mudras from a DVD by Stephen Hines a long time back. I could never work out whether you're supposed to hold each mudra for a period while continually reciting the associated syllable, or if you are supposed to quickly run through the mudras in pace with the recitation of the entire prayer. Anyone who practices this do let me know. Not knowing has always bothered me.
  10. Pure Land

    This is Nichiren, not Pure Land. Specifically a sect within Nichiren called Soka Gakkai, which is regarded by the rest of Nichiren and Japan more broadly as being potentially a cult. My father in law practices Nichiren and he doesn't have such extreme views by any means. Referring to Pure Land there are two major Japanese schools, Jodo-shu or Jodo Shin-shu (or Shin). The main practices are chanting solely Namu Amida Butsu, or Namu Amida-bu. It is a Buddhism of faith, where you rely on the vow of Amitabha (referenced in the sutra above) to deliver you to the Pure Land at death, and the ultimate enlightenment. It is also sometimes used as a 'safety net' for other practices, especially in Zen. Whereby if you fail to achieve enlightment in this life through your own efforts, you still will achieve liberation from samsara and another shot in the next life (in the Pure Land). It's a perfect, easy and non demanding practice, and certainly one most cultivators should consider, especially those getting older.
  11. The Microcosmic Orbit

    Yes well, I'm an ordained Buddhist and that is my main focus. I've come back tentatively to qigong, as more a means of maintaining wellness and vitality. I don't fool myself into thinking I'm doing deep internal alchemy. Nor do I think such a thing is possible without a teacher. The taoist path is a very narrow one, and very few are able to make it. But I'm reassured somewhat in that what I am practicing is neither harmful nor too high level. Which suits me, as it is not my primary focus.
  12. The Microcosmic Orbit

    When you breathe in you visualise energy entering certain points around the orbit and when you breathe out you visualise energy moving to the next point. All the while the recording has the master saying 'om' and 'mo' respectively when the energy radiates at certain spots. I definitely feel very peaceful and harmonious after practicing and you guys saying it is unsafe is news to me. Chunyi Lin has impeccable credentials as a master and the system is widely regarded as both effective and safe. But then its been a while since I posted here, and I forget how energy practices (compared to Buddhist practices) are fraught with uncertainty over provenance and safety.
  13. The Microcosmic Orbit

    In Spring Forest, MCO is one of the first things you do. However it is a guided recording aided by the Master's energy. Would you also say that it is dangerous?
  14. Blue Light

    Good questions. You should ask any other ones you have on the Flying Phoenix group page, as Sifu Terry is normally around there to weigh in.