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  1. Blue Light

    Good questions. You should ask any other ones you have on the Flying Phoenix group page, as Sifu Terry is normally around there to weigh in.
  2. Leo Gura films himself becoming enlightened

    Yeah I remember my mate at university took mushrooms and spent an hour talking with God while staring at the clouds. I've got a great video of it somewhere. The trouble is, he was tripping his bollocks off and none of it was real. Another time he took them he hallucinated that Arnold Schwarzeneggar was giving him workout advice, so he was pedalling furiously on a exercise bike in his bathrobe for a good couple of hours. (This guy was my best man at my wedding) Mushrooms may invoke temporary higher states but there's a huge amount of delusion thrown in too. I think it's somewhat naive to equate states of intoxication, no matter how escatic, with lasting and profound liberation from samsara. Edit: As I suspected, he is also selling a course for $249.
  3. Willing to buy Dragon Gate Sanctuary DVDs

    Bumping this thread.
  4. Connecting with Deities

    I agree with you, a teacher is very important. There are a few things that need to be firm in you before you practice sexual yoga, the most important is bodhicitta - or a motivation that everything you do is for the benefit of all mother beings rather than yourself. It takes many years of dedicated practice for that, which is while sexual yoga is one of the last practices taught. If practiced with an inattentive mind, driven by lust, or with strong attachments, it can easily become a demonic practice or leave you completely burned out. Then when you die you could be reborn in a lower realm of suffering. Anyway, it's beyond the scope of this thread, but if you're serious about esoteric Buddhism (or for that matter, Bon) I would recommend seeking out a teacher like Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche or Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, both of whom offer online empowerments, have practice centres around the world, and have a wide range of material publicly available to constitute a clear path for a remote learner. Bowing out now, apologies for derailing the thread. Looking forward to hearing more stories of deity practices from other traditions.
  5. Connecting with Deities

    Thanks buddy, I'll look into the books you recommended. In deity yoga there are two main stages, and the latter stage requires empowerment. The meditations above involve visualising the deity in front of you, whereas only after empowerment you will learn to visualise yourself as the deity. Moreover there are certain deities, wrathful ones particularly, which it is generally forbidden to practice the first stage even without empowerment. It is generally better to do things by the book in vajrayana as there are guardian spirits protecting the teaching and misuse can get you into trouble. Generally any mantra from the sutra is fine, as well as the meditations above. I would also say that rather than any secret mantra or sexual yoga, the real essence of the teaching is contained in open practices. For instance the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum offers a complete path to liberation by itself. It contains the essence of Avalokitesvara. Here is a nun who has made it her sole practice for 45 years.
  6. Connecting with Deities

    I'm at a very early stage, having only practiced in any depth for a few months. But I would say I feel happier, healthier and more peaceful. And psychic ability seems to be developing. More than that, it feels like a path which is going to take me a long way and that I've barely scratched the surface. EDIT: For anyone interested, this hour-long Amitabha meditation is available free on SoundCloud. There are others he has that are slightly shorter which involve Tara as a yidam
  7. Connecting with Deities

    Not really the easiest thing to describe. Dictionary definition is: 'love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person or activity' But feels like an opening of the heart and allowing someone in with complete trust.
  8. Chose one thing, and do it a lot. Either mantra recitation, or as others have mentioned, jhana meditation. Do it for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. Learn from my mistakes - trying to do four or five practices at 10-15min each will give you slow progression at best. Best of luck man
  9. Connecting with Deities

    There's an audio guided meditation on Amitabha in a book by Tulku Thondup Rinpoche, which involves deity visualisation and receiving blessing energy. It's like blazing light filling my body. Whenever I practice other mantras, like Avalokitesvara's mani or the Medicine Buddha mantra I now see the respective deity in my mind's eye and receive blessings. One thing I noticed is that to be open to the blessing energy from a deity, devotion is really important. Without it, it's like trying to see the sun light through shuttered windows.
  10. Why Kung Fu masters refuse to teach

    I think if a teacher shows a student how to fight, then that student goes on to misuse his ability and murder someone, then that teacher would also suffer karmic consequences. You see this in Tibetan delog literature, where blacksmiths who make weapons are also suffering in the hot hells. I think this is the reason teachers were picky about students in the past, because they were aware of this fact. Rather than any deep secret of magical effectiveness that has now been lost.
  11. Giving away two Tibetan prayer wheels for free

    I have no doubt that the tibet tech prayer wheels work, but it's never been my cup of tea. I like to spin the wheel while reciting manis, with specific visualisations outlined in the book 'Wheel of Great Compassion'. For those unfamiliar with prayer wheels, the benefits are tremendous.
  12. Leo Gura films himself becoming enlightened

    Not sure if I fully believe this. On his site he talks about using psychedelics for personal development, and in this video he kinda looks high. Anyway, if he has indeed reached awakening, then I am very happy for him.
  13. Giving away two Tibetan prayer wheels for free

    Update: both now have been taken.
  14. Giving away two Tibetan prayer wheels for free

    If you want them they're both completely free, with free postage in the UK
  15. Giving away two Tibetan prayer wheels for free

    Here's one (sorry for weird lighting). Didn't take a pic of the other one but it looks like this: