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  1. San Ti Shi

    I am following Bruce Frantzis Hsing-I dvds wheer he explains the San ti shi stance. He places a lot of emphasis on opening the hips(that's what I understood from the dvd). Today I was watching a video from GM Jiang Yu Shan , where he says that opening the hips like that causes erectile dysfunction. He gave the example of Horse Stance. He says it's ok , if the person is a monk , because monks are known to be celibate(pardon me if I am wrong). Now I have been pratcising San ti shi since a few days and I tried to open my hips as much as I can. I have noticed a swag when I walk and I am getting the mental effects like success drive and confidence. But I also at the same time don't want to have erection problems. It could be that I am doing it wrong. So, did any of you had those problems or do you think I am exerting too much force to open my hips. I feel mentally aroused when thinking about sex but down there, things are not well.
  2. Hi Everyone, I recently read about XingYi Quan and it's benefits on health and the mind. I am looking for some online resource to learn Xingyi Quan , because where I live people rarely know about Qigong. So If I could get some directions to learn it online, solo, that would be great.
  3. G.M Doo Wai San Gong meditations

    Is there any explanation somewhere as to which dan tian these meditations affect?
  4. Hi from Bahrain

    Hi everyone, I feel excited about joining this forum. I joined mainly to find more stuff on how to create more energy in the body.