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  1. Zhineng/Wisdom Healing Qi Gong

    Can anyone shine some light on this? Why is it called Wisdom Chikung exactly. Does it improve maturity in oneself or does it enhances intelligence. I have practiced Xiang Gong and it improved my intuition a lot.
  2. San Ti Shi

    Thanks for your reply, Do the 12 animals fist also develop certain kind of energy or they are for fighting techniques?
  3. Potent Systems

    Are there any instructions online for Guo Lin Qigong?
  4. My experience with Spring Forest Qigong

    @Nuralshamal I hear a lot about clearing blockages in SFQ. Do you think SFQ has the capability to clear magic and entity issues from the body. If yes , then at which level is it possible. Also , Is SFQ an energy in itself or is it a clearing Qigong?
  5. Qi Gong Keeps Making Me Manic

    Look into Dragon Dao yin. Do the swimming dragon qigong exercise . You can find it on YouTube. Instead of building chi, for the moment focus on clearing blockages especially from your spine.
  6. Qigong for Big Heart

    I am currently doing Sheng Zhen Qigong by Master Li junfeng. Sometimes I feel the effects, sometimes nothing.
  7. Qigong for Big Heart

    Hi, Since few years , I have become very petty. I am also going through a lot of stress, fear and anxiety due to family troubles. I wasn't always like this. I used to think big, about doing bigger things. Now it is like I have closed my heart. I have become petty, worrying about petty matters and stuff. Is there a qigong which instills this big heart energy in us. So we can embrace ourselves, and the challenges of this world.
  8. A beginner question Ibhave always wondered but never gotten a simple answer. How do you meditate on something. Do you imagine it and just allow stuff to come up? Secondly can I reach higher states of meditation without a master, on my own.
  9. Qigong and astral travel

    I am also interested in astral travel but I am somewhat afraid of entities that try to attack you. There are subliminals out there for astral travel but I haven't tried them. Did you find what tibetan mandala that swiss guy was meditating on?
  10. San Ti Shi

    Hi, Can we cultivate the five elements energy of XingYi Quan in a standing meditation. Like San Ti Shi cultivates a certain energy. What if I want to cultivate the metal element . I have done the drilling fist movement but I am wondering if it can be done standing at one place. Currently I don't have the energy to do the fists routine ,like a moving exercise.
  11. Hi Greencord, Did you find what you were searching for. I am searching for a practice that is completely focused on removing blockages, like Daoyin but focused on whole body .
  12. I don't know much about Kuji mudra system. I am curious does this system has something to do with magic or dieties?

    Is there any resource for Mara Qigong. i couldn't find anything on the web related to this style of Qigong.
  14. Healing in different systems

    Hi , NuralShamal Can you share something which might work on opening the heart chakra. Something from sufism or sfq. I have had a lot of emotional trauma and heart breaks, plus magic issues. I can't feel any love or emotion. It's like it's all up to my brain . Making decisions with logic instead of heart. Recently I have been listening to a subliminal which is related to the heart and realized that my heart wasn't working like before. Like when a person loses some materialistic thing he can compare the before and after. Like before I had this thing and now I don't. But with emotional stuff , people forget , how they were before and how they are now.
  15. Fragrant qi gong has saved my life

    Toni, Have you practiced level 2. I want to know how someone felt when they practised level 2. I am doing level 1 and I like it very much.