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  1. Neiye - Section 13 - Concentration

    Thanks guys for your help!!
  2. Neiye - Section 13 - Concentration

    When the author speaks of concentrating the qi does it necessarily imply breath work? What's your opinion?
  3. The cat is out of the bag

    Welcome back Taomeow :)))))))!
  4. Isn't this dude much more interesting than the other... Just sayin'...
  5. What are you listening to?

    Only knew Bryan Setzer's version. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Neiye - Section 1 - The Essential Qi

    The important point to me regarding location is that the text informs us that something is going to manifest there. The text doesn't say that some work has to be done or even the attention needs to be placed in the chest/heart area.
  7. Altough I'm working a long night shift tonight and need to sleep during the day I'll manage to find some time to practice a bit. How about you?
  8. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    It works! According to lao-tzu and others with the same view of things.
  9. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    You can learn the basics anywhere. There are books. As to learning the inner secrets, when your practice reaches a certain level, you'll meet a teacher. But you can't be in a hurry. You have to be prepared to devote your whole life to your practice. This is what's meant by religion. It's not a matter of spending money. You have to spend your life. Not many people are willing to do this. If you're ready to learn, you don't have to look for a teacher. A teacher will find you. - (Taoist) Master Hsueh in Road to Heaven by Bill Porter
  10. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Wild by Cheryl Strayed Collins Japanese Dictionary Collins Easy learning Mandarin Chinese Dictionary Road to Heaven by Bill Porter Cheng Tzu's Thirteen Treatises on T'ai Chi Chuan by Cheng Man Ching
  11. what is human?

    I pretty much am in accordance with those who think that "humanity" is just wishful thinking... However, a few years back a philosophy teacher opened my horizons with this line of thought: A man is something other than an animal because if you keep an animal away from individuals of its species, it will still develop the behaviour of that species. For example, if you keep a monkey away from other monkeys for let's say, its first three years, it may develop as a neurotic monkey but can however have a life among its species. That is just not possible with human beings. If you are not made a "human" in your first living years you will never become one. So, our species depends more on education than genetics to be what it is.