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  1. Hello Dao Bums, I got a chance to sit down with Harry Minogue this last Saturday and chat about Baguazhang. I hope you enjoy.
  2. In this video Michael Goddard and myself discuss intuition and how to develop it. We discuss techniques from Reiki, foundations for integrating intuition into your daily life, as well as how intuition has literally saved my life. I hope you enjoy this discussion and we plan to continue these. Thank you, Matt Parsons
  3. Greetings Dao Bums! I am still grateful for the chance to interview Michael Goddard. He is my lineage senior in the Dragongate Sanctuary lineage of Baguazhang and Reiki. We discuss topics from Baguazhang to Reiki and a lot in-between. Michael offers a free Udemy course to those first 5 people who e-mail him with the name of his Cranio-Sacral Therapy teacher. I provide links to Michael's video and contact info in the YouTube video description.
  4. Qi Gong and Tibetan Yogas?
  5. Hi sent you a private message - writing here in case you missed it

  6. Your opinion about reiki?

    You're gravely mistaken about the origins. Usui Mikao was not Christian - that was marketing created by his grand student Takata Hawayo so American students wouldn't feel intimidated by foreign culture. It is linked to Chinese Maoshan Thunder Magic through Onmyodo as well as Golden Light practices descendant from Joh-Rei that are also present in things like Zhengyi Daoism.
  7. Your opinion about reiki?

    I'm certified in this system - it definitely works.
  8. Your opinion about reiki?

    As a Reiki Master Instructor - my opinion is that Reiki is very beneficial so long as the person does the foundation work. It is very possible to complete a weekend class and receive a certificate saying one is a Reiki Master. Personally, I wasn't taught any qi emission therapies until I had ~9 years of cultivation practice and I received a separate Vajra transmission with its own qi emission therapy prior. Reiki translates from Ling Qi in Chinese - it's literally one of the most refined energies one can access. So long as the person doing your healing is out of the way it will be without pathogenic qi. That assumes the person even knows how to get out of the way. I'm teaching a Level 1 class at this very moment and chose to teach it over the course of a month so people would have a good way to integrate the energy and take a practice home.
  9. Your opinion on Damos neigong?

    I've found a lot of value in Damo's Comprehensive Guide to Neigong. I'm still trying to wrap my head around White Moon on Mountain Peak but I'm hoping this Martial Man course will help me decipher it a bit better.
  10. All esotericism descends from shamanism. Esoteric methods are just a preservation of tribal knowledge within a civilization. Have you trained from this school in person? My teacher learned from Chris and Max prior to the formulation of the Kunlun system. What I learned was closer to the practices outlined in the old red book Max published with Chris Tittle. We mainly did Tibetan Vajrayana seated meditations and Bagua Neigong but we also did some Tibetan yoga. Bon was only ever mentioned in passing and its influence on the Vajrasattva heruka we were doing at the end. Much of what we did was straight out of Tibetan Nyingma and has given me the ability to exchange transmissions with monks. After completing my studies a signed copy of Max's purple book literally jumped off the shelf at my girlfriend at the time. When I made achievement after integrating the 5 Elements I was told I turned on the Lingbao side from a past life. Lingbao was already a syncretic sect that was known for integrating Buddhist cosmology and methods into their brand Daoism and had great influence on the wider Chinese Daoist culture. The 5 Elements are necessary to perform something like Vajradhatu practice. The mandalas are more than art and are meant to be engaged with in a multi-modal manner. All of the Dragongate Sanctuary practices come from somewhere - much of it is Tibetan but have a lot of influence from China and Japan. Many of the teachings they received from China and Japan may have roots in Tibet but they develop their own flavor in the new country. You can sit down to a Japanese or Tibetan fire ritual and the only difference will be the language but that doesn't mean the surrounding locale, culture, and people it contains are the same. The Shingon school that the Kuji Kiri descends from preserves aspects that have since passed from popularity in more mainstream Buddhist sects. The Kuji Kiri practice itself descends from a Daoist Liu Ding Liu Jia practices for protection whilst traveling through forests and mountains. While some ninja schools have preserved the martial guardian aspects of this - many only use it to ask for the Six Paramitas. Back to the topic at hand - Jason Read talks about the Buddhist influence on his Mao Shan line openly. There is a quick thunder palm strike method he described that would basically require one to have some cultivation of the 3 Vajras to use. Also he shows Daoist methods and talismans that are incredibly familiar to any Reiki Master worth their salt.
  11. Circle walking

    We obviously don't have the same practices. I can make someone fly with a simple Wood fist. Single Palm Change typically has a number of supplemental exercises I learned before getting it sure. 3-5 years is excessive - I feel one needs 1-3 years with a good teacher. I feel the Wuxing and Single Palm Change takes about that long and how we teach it, including the Neigong - one should be able to fajin at will using all 5 Elements on the circle and then the 8 Mother Palms.
  12. Circle walking

    Yup - me too just a different branch. Did you guys start Bagua? I have a number of transmissions for it now. Last I saw the David Chan guys did Yiquan, Liuhebafa, and some Yang Taiji Sword. I feel like Baguazhang is basically mobile Yiquan as taught by our Jiang Rong Qiao. Really takes the 12 Animals of Xingyiquan and moves it through different angles. Granted, I have a slightly different lineage so we do things a bit differently. Fajin whilst walking - super basic work for a Bagua person - you should be able to do this when you have a good grasp of Single Palm Change.
  13. Circle walking

    Everest and K2 are both in the Himalayas - one is still taller than the other. What I do is heavily influenced by Liuhebafa but does not pretend to equality even if we can see from our peak to theirs. Jiang Rong Qiao thought for a very long time it was the same as Taiji until the latter part of his life. Prior to that he had helped develop Taiji Duan and Chang Quan sets with his martial brother Yao Fuchun. It's said that his Baguazhang may originally have been developed for a Xingyi man to transition into Taijiquan. Later, he changed it to include content from Liuhebafa. My Yiquan lineage is also influenced by Liuhebafa and I can see the crossovers between the Zhan Zhuang of Xingyiquan and the influence from Liuhebafa's Weituo Gong in the Han Xing Qiao Yiquan I practice. There is good reason so many people sought out Wu Yihui and so many of Wang Xiangzhai's students cross trained. I don't pretend to know it yet but can tell there is something there I do not yet have from training Taijiquan, Hebei Xingyiquan, or the Jiang Baguazhang I have practiced.
  14. Circle walking

    Baguazhang is very interesting. It really takes this liminal space between ritual, meditation, and martial arts and expands it. I feel it's probably the second highest peak of the Chinese internal martial arts after Liuhebafa. I'm a Jiang Rong Qiao line practitioner and I've received a few transmissions now largely from Jiang and other Cheng related branches but I'm told some of our neigong comes from Fu Zhensong as well. Every group seems to have a slightly different focus. The more fighty focused guys usually had a focus on natural heel to toe stepping. The more energetic focused cultivation guys loved long low mud wading steps with very exacting requirements for not peeling the foot. The more body structure oriented steppers seemed to want to "check" every part of the step as you go. Anyway, get an in-person instructor with good achievement - it helps to be in someone's field to get these things right.
  15. This is the author's blog. I did the spiritual heat talisman - kinda like a Daoist take on Weituo Pusa.