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  1. Thank you! I'm aware of BDK America but I'm always looking for new resources. Got a Tibetan empowerment last January so it's of interest to me.
  2. Is being a Daoist for the well off

    Everyone's path is different. So far it's cost me less than $200 but a shit ton of effort, mental and physical abuse (xingyi), and my sanity a few times. Where do I go? At first it was a friend who knew Chen village taiji and Mantak Chia's stuff but I lost my mind with a physical trauma release and entheogenic trip. Then I started doing BK Frantzis' meditations at a recommendation of someone to help me fix myself and Sedona Method as an add on dissolving practice. Next, I went to train Kenny Gong's line of xingyi and bagua and lost my mind again thanks to abuse and the instructor's incomplete understanding. I've been working on the Dragongate Sanctuary material of late and it's really changed my life. Honestly, I think the martial arts side of this is the least important aspect. Getting your body, mind, and spirit right are really far more important. Once you can sit down and pivot your viewpoint, you can shift your life. Also, don't discount Buddhist practice, it's a good fit to add. Since I started doing reiki hardcore I've gotten a new job that fits my scheduling and work environment needs. It's more important for me to have a job that enables me to spend time with my son than making a LOT of $$$.
  3. Would you mind providing a link? I'm curious.
  4. Honestly, I'd say Chris Matsuo if you can get plugged in somehow.
  5. Storing energy in Mingmen v Dantien

    Just do what they teach you and if you learn something else later that's great. Each tradition has its specific flavor. It's same same, but different. You know?
  6. Regarding the center of gravity dropping - it's a fairly accurate way of describing the mechanics of opening and closing physically along the Governing and Conception Vessels. I think that many here in the West hold a lot of excess tension in their upper torso and don't even understand how that changes things.
  7. Videos of strange forms of healing

    Looks like effective tuina. I learned something similar but we have very different cultural boundaries here. I've received extensive Active Release Therapy and myofascial release work and it's similar but very different setting and privacy level. The blowing method is taught in some more traditional Japanese and shamanic reiki lineages. Connecting to the reiki energy, invoking spirit guides, and projecting healing is pretty common. A lot of reiki is influenced by Pure Land, Tiantai, and Shugendo practices of mountain ascetics. The breath has a different quality when connecting to certain energies.
  8. Movement Arts That Are Non-Martial
  9. Your Current Cultivation Practices

    I like the term cultivation. I spent my summers helping my grandfather with his little patch of land. When you're actually connected to the Earth that way you know that you prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water, amend the nutrients as needed, combat pests, harvest, and repeat. You can have multiple harvests from the same practice just as you can have multiple crops, multiple years of work, and varietals. It's an apt comparison.
  10. Indeed, we have a lot of resources. Tons of academic translations out there. Do you not know how to use LibGen or Torrents? I'm currently learning how to read traditional Hanzi because I've encountered some very BAD translations. That stated, learning to read the traditional is not how modern people communicate but they should understand you in written language at least.
  11. Your Current Cultivation Practices

    Martial arts I'm mainly doing work on the Bagua Power Training DVD from Gerald Sharp as well as the Kenny Gong 5 Exercises as well as some stuff from Dragongate Sanctuary. For healing I'm working on Usui Reiki 3, Kundalini Reiki 1, and some Bon meditations.
  12. Reiki

    I think these guys are the bee's knee's on distance attunements. Great stuff. I've done a few other YouTube video attunements since and Love Inspiration still feels like the best resonance. I had to find more traditional versions of the characters though - my reiki guides were quite upset by the approximation of the kanji. I'm thankful I had more traditional version of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen already. I'm working on the symbols for Usui 3 now.
  13. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    They're on his newer YouTube channel as well.
  14. Reiki

    I was skeptical at first as I am about almost anything. So I gave them a try have really gained some benefit from these manuals and attunements from Love Inspiration.
  15. I would consider Daito-ryu to be a direct strategy internal martial art. Many of the teachers don't have it or only pieces. It's an attempt to channel baguazhang from Fudo Myo-o. So many parallels between the aiki arts and the internals.