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  1. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    If you're really interested in water lineage Daoism Max Christensen is a bit cheaper to study with as are Chris Matsuo and Ray Carbullido. I've done classes with some of Frantzis' students and was impressed if not completely drawn to the method. Bruce is who he is and that's not for everyone. Like someone else said, there's a lot out there - do what you're drawn to do. There are a number of Tibetan Buddhist teachers out there now since the diaspora. Also really knowledgeable internal arts teachers that many are unaware.
  2. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    So you're breathing from the perineum up to the dantian, then what you are supposed to do is reverse breathe and pull from lower dantian toward the mingmen - this will start your qi rising up the spine.
  3. Reiki

    Reiki does not have xie qi so long as one is properly channeling and staying open to the medicine buddha's guidance throughout your session and not interjecting your own intent upon the session. Stay within what the client asked for, stay empty, and let the guides do the work. Speaking of metta - I recently did a Celestine Reiki session with Emperor Rohan, Empressa Majelda Lei, and the Chancellor guiding me through the various levels of the system until I was doing metta along with Celestine healing for the whole planet. It was an amazing experience to feel compassion spread from continent to continent and from ocean to ocean. I'm almost done with the first Love Inspiration volume.
  4. Humans are instinctually polyamorous. You may want to read Christopher Ryan's Sex at Dawn. BTW, in only a select few species are there actual alphas. For most mammals (including wolves) the alphas are just the parents of a brood, take from that what you will.
  5. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    The 2nd and 3rd book are about Yiquan - the 1st is about a sort of Wuji Qigong.
  6. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    rideforever - you can sit here and pontificate, poke people who actually study the arts, or humble yourself and reach out to the people who might know and go learn from them. I recommend the last part because very few teachers will give the information you are looking for away on DVDs or online courses. The best Yiquan instructional set I've found so far is from Gerald Sharp. He includes mudras, tones, and postures for each of the 5 Elements related to Xingyiquan as they consider Yiquan to be a subset of practices within their art. What spiritual benefit you get from this will entirely depend on whether 1: you have received transmission (yes energetic transmission like reiki) for your lineage and 2: how much you actually practice. I've trained a bit of Han family Yiquan and the spiritual stuff isn't really discussed except as a possible side benefit. Until you get to a certain level (creating a vertical rolling wheel of energy in front of you) it's not of any use to discuss anything with you as you will only be confused further. I've gotten the transmission from one of Chris Matsuo's students. Before and after were like night and day in practice. After transmission my qi sensations and visualizations became much more intense.
  7. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    Looks like taiji - for good reason.
  8. Thank you! I'm aware of BDK America but I'm always looking for new resources. Got a Tibetan empowerment last January so it's of interest to me.
  9. Is being a Daoist for the well off

    Everyone's path is different. So far it's cost me less than $200 but a shit ton of effort, mental and physical abuse (xingyi), and my sanity a few times. Where do I go? At first it was a friend who knew Chen village taiji and Mantak Chia's stuff but I lost my mind with a physical trauma release and entheogenic trip. Then I started doing BK Frantzis' meditations at a recommendation of someone to help me fix myself and Sedona Method as an add on dissolving practice. Next, I went to train Kenny Gong's line of xingyi and bagua and lost my mind again thanks to abuse and the instructor's incomplete understanding. I've been working on the Dragongate Sanctuary material of late and it's really changed my life. Honestly, I think the martial arts side of this is the least important aspect. Getting your body, mind, and spirit right are really far more important. Once you can sit down and pivot your viewpoint, you can shift your life. Also, don't discount Buddhist practice, it's a good fit to add. Since I started doing reiki hardcore I've gotten a new job that fits my scheduling and work environment needs. It's more important for me to have a job that enables me to spend time with my son than making a LOT of $$$.
  10. Would you mind providing a link? I'm curious.
  11. Honestly, I'd say Chris Matsuo if you can get plugged in somehow.
  12. Storing energy in Mingmen v Dantien

    Just do what they teach you and if you learn something else later that's great. Each tradition has its specific flavor. It's same same, but different. You know?
  13. Regarding the center of gravity dropping - it's a fairly accurate way of describing the mechanics of opening and closing physically along the Governing and Conception Vessels. I think that many here in the West hold a lot of excess tension in their upper torso and don't even understand how that changes things.
  14. Videos of strange forms of healing

    Looks like effective tuina. I learned something similar but we have very different cultural boundaries here. I've received extensive Active Release Therapy and myofascial release work and it's similar but very different setting and privacy level. The blowing method is taught in some more traditional Japanese and shamanic reiki lineages. Connecting to the reiki energy, invoking spirit guides, and projecting healing is pretty common. A lot of reiki is influenced by Pure Land, Tiantai, and Shugendo practices of mountain ascetics. The breath has a different quality when connecting to certain energies.