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  1. Reiki

    As far as positivity goes - it's definitely not always a pleasant experience for those providing assistance. I recently received reiki treatment from multiple people at once in class. Almost two years ago my pancreas nearly failed and those treating me experienced a reduced empathic pain. It's only able to be used for healing but if you're a well rounded person you probably have a martial art you can use to kick ass with - just don't turn your reiki on when you fight as it won't work and if you try to force it there's blowback.
  2. Reiki

    I just completed Reiki levels 1 and 2. I think you may have some misconceptions. It is something that anyone can do if they have extensive work in Japanese esoteric Buddhism, Shinto, and martial arts at a very high level of achievement and then complete a 21 day fast along with very specific meditations. Sure, anyone CAN do that - however, one must typically be attuned to the energy of the system by a master otherwise you are using the energy of your self and not channeling the reiki energy which is different. Without attunement many are doing a form of "reverse vampirism" and pushing their personal energy on someone else - how pure that is is entirely dependent on the person and their intent. There are a number of mudras and mantras to practice along with this. It's a very high vibration level and most people will not achieve this without assistance. The rules are that there must be an exchange whether that's money or a meal it entirely depends on the situation and the people. As to whether it's expensive - that depends on your viewpoint. I've paid over $250 for a single myofascial release massage session for assistance with regaining mobility. Someone in true need will find a way to get treatment and usually if they're sufficiently social they should be able to find a benevolent healer who may be willing to trade for labor or whatever - talk to people. A lot of it is just taking the small steps to pursue what you need and then more and more of this will come into your life if you are truly ready for it. Reiki is basically becoming a medium for medicine Buddhas to assist you and keys to the energy of your reiki lineage. It's really easy and intuitive but there's psychic, energetic, and physical blowback on the person doing the healing. Someone has to pay for their training, maintain a daily practice, spend an hour previous to treatment in meditation and preparation, then however long treatment takes, and then dealing with whatever baggage may be left from the patient. Do you think the person helping should not be compensated? It's honestly not that expensive - most people I've come across will do attunements anywhere between $100 - $200 for level 1, $100 - $300 for level 2, and most people don't go on to level 3 but really $1,000 or less for a new skill and an energy healing system for yourself in the future is not expensive at all IMO.
  3. Really great information in here - had to get further than page 400 to get to stuff related to my current practice. Lots of facets of my foundation to revisit and I want his neidan book White Moon on the Mountain Peak now.
  4. Rare Martial Arts (post them)

    Liuhebafa was still being formulated from about four different kung fu sets from the rural village Wu Yihui grew up in throughout his life. So each of his eras and areas that he taught in show different flavors dependent on his students' other experience as well . What Helen Liang is showing is a wushu competition form. Were I looking to study the art I'd start with an instructor from the following organizations. This group is led by Mok Kei Fai - the last disciple of Chen Yiren. This is a student of Wai Lun Choi's in Chicago. Wai Lun Choi was an accomplished fighter and had a background in Lama pai before learning internal arts from Chen Yiren. David Chan taught a combined version of Chen Yiren's Liuhebafa along with Yiquan. Some will say that Liuhebafa's 9 Joints and 5 Hearts theory is violated by Yiquan's Hunyuan Li but his students look to be skilled and have trained MMA competitors for the SE Asian circuit. If you're looking to avoid forms and want something more focused on partner exercises the Han family teaches Yiquan that is heavily influenced by Liuhebafa. Han Xing Qiao's wife was an indoor student of Wu Yihui's and the opening of LHBF's main form has been integrated into it. This is the only group I've personally touched hands with but the rest have been vetted by people whose experience I trust. I'm more of a bagua guy the last two years.
  5. Temple style Taiji Quan

    Eh, I got no horse in this race. Focusing on bagua - no interest in taiji any more.
  6. If I had the cash I'd probably get this. I read the Dai Shi Xinyi book he wrote and it was stellar. Confirmed a lot of what I had suspected.
  7. Ark Wong's Five Animal Style

    Sifu Dunn, Thanks for elucidating and clarifying the style for me. This post is about four years old. I have since gone on to learn the xingyi five elements, some Jiang baguazhang, and am now studying material from the Dragongate Sanctuary out of Hawai'i. Matt
  8. Ma Wei Qi Bagua

    There's no real connection between the two historically.
  9. Modern Taijiquan Sucks!

    Aye, my friend that learned bagua and then learned from Angel Cabales used to say that the two fit hand in glove with each other but that the bagua usually produced more power. I've played with some local students of Sam Buot and they're quicker than I am at their drills but I've thrown some pretty big guys with very little effort.
  10. Modern Taijiquan Sucks!

    Although there's some choreography from Hakka stuff its theory and methods are pretty much the same. Although Han Jingchen thinks that the Chins may have learned Yiquan somewhere.
  11. Modern Taijiquan Sucks!

    Honestly, if I were looking to learn taiji I'd just go to one of Sam Chin's Zhong Xin Dao (I Liq Chuan) classes.
  12. Modern Taijiquan Sucks!

    I agree, most modern taijiquan much like modern aikido sucks. I trained in a pre-WW2 lineage in Stockton, CA and we were expected to defend ourselves from the readily apparent violence. It did save my life from a knife-wielding attacker in my teens. Little did I know that most aikido-ka couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag until about 3rd dan. I drunk the Kool-Aid when I first started training Chen but had my illusions quickly dissipated by a former Marine special forces soldier and another martial artist. The Marine showed me in no uncertain terms that neigong was not necessary to kill someone and that launching someone 15 feet was pretty much useless against a determined attacker. The other martial artist was a champion TKD fighter and had trained with a lot of today's big names in the internals that were just students then. When it came down to it he pretty much shat all over taiji and recommended I learn bagua and play with the Filipino guys with sticks and knives and get on the ground with the Brazilians. Taijiquan is a martial art - a lot of what gets attached to it on the other hand...
  13. It might be the earliest historical form but I highly doubt it is in any way connected to modern football. On the other hand - Calcio Storico Fiorentino is.
  14. Yin Style Baguazhang Lion System Overview

    Becoming the Lion - A Yin Style Baguazhang Beginner's Guide Becoming the Lion - Ask Dr. Jimberly: Why the Lion System? Becoming the Lion - Bagua Standing Strengthening Practice Becoming the Lion - Turning Training Tips for Beginners
  15. Yin Style Baguazhang Lion System Overview

    Association for Traditional Studies - Penetrating Palms 4 DVD Set Penetrating Palms with Liu Shichang Playlist