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  1. Exercise related to....

    The 'Ten Mindful Movements' are apparently derived from Yoga and Tai Chi: The video reminded me of the Eight-form Moving Meditation introduced by the late Chan Master Sheng Yen in Taiwan. There seems to be a long tradition of Chan and Zen masters introducing exercises for the benefit of their students, who spend long periods sitting. These appear to be adapted from warmup exercises, calisthenics and qigong.
  2. Wild cats

    The elusive Chinese Mountain Cats on the Tibetan plateau have been in the science news after a study of their genetics...
  3. Wild cats

    I hope the 'Scottish tigers' survive, like the Siberian ones. There are many conservation initiatives in Scotland now, and even proposals to reintroduce the lynx. The wildcats really are wild and untameable, famous for their ferocity and independence. When I was young I read the book "Ring of Bright Water" by Gavin Maxwell, an autobiographical account of when he lived in a remote part of Scotland and kept otters as pets. He rescued a wildcat kitten, and it bit his thumb, biting right through the thumbnail.
  4. Wild cats

    It is estimated only 35 pure-bred Scottish wildcats may be left in the wild.
  5. Climate Change

    How climate change is pushing Central American migrants to the US The science is indeed political. The 10 hottest years on record Climate Change: The Facts review – our greatest threat, laid bare It's so easy to find ageing scientists, pay them lots of money, wheel them in front of a camera, and put them on YouTube, to cast doubt on the scientific consensus. Plus all the lobbying against local & national governments when they try to introduce measures to do something about the problem. Big Oil’s Real Agenda on Climate Change The influence of these companies, (and other business and political interests) seems to have persuaded a lot of people that there is a 'globalist' conspiracy. This is just a conspiracy theory, neatly fitting into alt-right disinformation, with no facts behind it whatsoever. And then there's all the chemical pollution, plastic etc. affecting whole ecosystems, 'big agriculture', habitat destruction and so on. (But perhaps that's getting a bit 'off topic'). Although the effect of 'big agriculture' (producing cheap poor-quality food that keeps the masses in poor health), is that intensive meat production is increasing the amount of methane in the atmosphere, a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. And nature - planting forests and restoring natural habitats - may be the most powerful force we have to reduce C02.
  6. I believe that the list above should refer to 勁 Jìn (strength, power). The OP and discussion of Jing, Qi, Shen referred to replenishment of Jīng 精 (essence). Different word, different meaning.
  7. Zhan Zhuang Practice Videos

    I agree the DVD seems a bit expensive, but it is quite well-produced and runs for 2 hours. It's not like the YouTube videos. It starts at beginner level and presents Zhan Zhuang as a complete system, including breathing, opening and closing and many other topics. I am glad that I bought the DVD, and would recommend it.
  8. Zhan Zhuang Practice Videos

    I found Mark Cohen's Inside Zhan Zhuang DVD to be very informative, but haven't done much practice using it as yet. Not sure if this is quite what you are after, but he goes into a lot of detail, including many acupuncture points. The DVD covers variations on the basic wuji posture, postures for health and martial arts and those that affect specific organs. He also has a book, and a number of YouTube videos. When unpacking after a recent move I discovered I still have my VHS tape of 'Stand Still - Be Fit' by Lam Kam Chuen (1995), and I remember watching the original series on TV!
  9. I don't want to own anything anymore!

    As I recall, I wasn't hungry or worried at the the time - I knew where to get food without needing any cash! It was just an unusual feeling that made an impression on me at the time.
  10. I don't want to own anything anymore!

    I recall a couple of occasions years ago when I had spent all the money I had on me, down to the last coin. It left me feeling relaxed, perhaps even euphoric, I remember a sense of great freedom.
  11. Name Change

    Thank you viator! G.
  12. Name Change

    Hello, Could a kindly mod person please change my display name from 'gcb' to 'fellow_traveller'. Thanks, G
  13. Hi there

    Hello everyone. I find I am drawn more and more to Taoism, and the discussions here are really interesting. Glad to be here!