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  1. Actually I have done Zhan Zhaung before and also have done some research, not everybody has the same teacher just like how to have the dantien and mingmen In line to make a horizontal line to open it is not the same in every tradition. I just wanted to see if anybody else has done breathing into the mingmen AND the dantien and has experience with it so they can offer tips to help with my or even others who may have the same question with this.
  2. When you guys do any kind of cultivation exercise, whether it be Fragrant qigong, or Zhan Zhaung etc. Do you focus more on the mingmen initially focusing on the breath going there and then ease your way to breathing into the dantien and mingmen at the same time. To create the girdle or(band) from the mingmen to the dantien to really make sure your activating it to the fullest for the most chi to flow. Or after you have activated your Dantien you just focus on the breath just into the dantien?
  3. Weather Magick

    Hey Lord Josh Allen welcome to the site I haven't visited in a while can you please elaborate on the type of training you do and maybe teach us some weather magick, like how to make it snow plausibly. Honestly I'm tired of the no snow winter we have been having. P.S Earl grey is probably gonna laugh at me for asking this
  4. Levitation and possibly flight?

    Do you realize how much power that would take to do that, if what you say is true then what method did you do to get that much power in the first place, and how what did you visualize to get off the ground. For example you put your energy underneath yourself, and felt it push you up or etc.
  5. Levitation and possibly flight?

    would you like to explain how you managed this?
  6. I am sure you've all heard about monks in Tibet, and in India who claim to be able to levitate, and how in full lotus position they would fly like a bird flapping their wings. Anyone know more information on this, or know anybody who still practices this to today.
  7. 72 hours facts and fiction

    But does this sound correct because i noticed after aligning the mingmen and the belt i noticed my dantien got really warm and i had the warmth move to the back of my spine and shoot down my thigh and dissipate. Now my dantien feels like a ball of lively energy and my mingmen has the warmth shoot back there every so often is this normal. It feels like i am wearing an internal warmth belt or just a line connecting the mingmen to my dantien. So I am assuming i finally opened it, but when i do sitting meditation do i still have to feel this "girdle" band there.
  8. Psychic vampirism and Qi

    So what happens if someone were to walk into a very busy street full of people and absorb all their energy could he fill his dantien in 5 minutes? haha
  9. 72 hours facts and fiction

    I learned that in order to "activate" the dantien you must have the mingmen in line with the dantien in a standing pose when these are in line horizontally, its called Damai or the meridian band that activates the dantien. And when you have the "girdle" or band there then the dantien will open naturally and you will be ready to cultivate. Does this sound right to you guys, and if so do you need to always have this band there when sitting too? or after it's activated there's no need to focus on the mingmen anymore?
  10. 72 hours facts and fiction

    Look guys, i will stop trying to do mo pai. I have been doing cultivation practices for nearly 3 years and the video is right only minute power comes of it if the dantien is not activated, also to Zork i know that it's "bad" to tell a random person on the internet how to do this, but all i want to do is heal others and show close friends that they shouldn't be simple minded. So PLEASE if anyone knows how to simply just activate the dantien just tell me. I wont just go around showing off and, telling every Joe, and John how to do it i respect that its a secret knowledge passed down from master to student, but if you have any empathy for all the wasted time most of the ambitious western students give in any day to learn this please respond.
  11. 72 hours facts and fiction

    Can someone please explain or if they had a true master, show me the technique of actually activating the dan tien like he explained in the video. I honestly had no idea that this was the case please explain
  12. 72 hours facts and fiction

    So do you think that the "condensing" in level 2 is just a conversion to jing because in taiji you "condense" the chi it becomes a vibration like current or, electric like. And when the chi turns to jing which is physical maybe then if a MP practitioner had all of that jing in one area plausibly, it could appear as a lump.
  13. Is it true about the whole 72 hour wait period and who came up with it. Is it linked to the 72 levels in mo pai or is it the channels in the body like meridians. Some qigong or neigong schools just say 24hrs so who's right?
  14. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    What if Chang made Jim do this so that he would still be motivated to train to get actual results, i mean like think of it like this. Something that requires many years of straight discipline wouldn't you be more motivated seeing results and knowing that your not wasting your life on something empty, or would you rather have more students drop out because they want to see some kind of action already. The times where students would be so desperate to learn by waiting days by their masters doors is gone, this is a new generation and unless you want the art to die out completely like John foresaw, maybe this parlor trick is necessary would you beg to differ?
  15. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    GSmaster if you can do all of these things why not make a video and show it to all of us. And also starjumper you said you know a guy who has more power than JOHN CHANG himself then please tell us his technique and how in the world he got more power than him.