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  1. Yes anyone who is interested in learning Authentic Neigong, definitely learn it from Rudi. He gives a very clear, and straight to the point lesson. Whenever you have questions he is available to answer them. I think you all on this forum would really benefit and be thankful for this opportunity and teaching. I finally am getting tangible results, only from a couple days from this practice. My health is improving and I have a better understanding of how this energy is truly supposed to work. Not like the fake schools out there who forget their foundation principles, and throw you for a loop. Very good class I recommend.
  2. Teaching authentic neigong

    I downloaded it.
  3. Hey, I've been having a lot of trouble regarding energy feeling and control. And to give you a gist of what's been happening is that I have been doing a lot of building the bucket exercise's and the energy started to get very dense and my lower abdomen gets pretty warm with a buzzing sensation but very low in intensity. That was great and all and I had the idea of trying to feel the energy on the outside of my hands, in the environment but I had a thought in my head that kept saying that I am doing something wrong or something doesn't make sense. The energy or whatever is in the air in front of me feels like a bunch of little blue or whiteish blue orbs, or electric balls, that I try and feel everything about. Then with my awareness of it I try to a "be" it almost like the "be the ball" saying, and feel like I'm moving it towards my hand to gather the energy and it felt electric actually to the point of me being able to make my muscle spasm and twitch when focused through my fingers to the other arm. That was great until I started to question are we actually cultivating the gases like oxygen, and nitrogen in the air we breathe or is it these tiny little electric blue thing's? I started to try and do my breathwork but it's never been the same always asking how do I do it? And another really important question I have been meaning to ask How In the world do we actually control the energy!? do we feel that this energy from cultivation is ours and it moves like our limbs, with full control of our minds? or do we have to feel like our willpower is pulling this energy somehow? This kind of thing has really been bothering me, and the same thing with dantien building do we feel like the actual air itself is somehow fueling this ball of electromagnetic energy? somebody with many years of experience and knowledge please tell me how this works thank you in advance
  4. Hey guys been awhile since I posted anything, happy new year by the way. So Damo Mitchell, I have to say that his video on building the bucket really put things into perspective along the lines of building a dantien, and the such. BUT I want a bums opinion on this 😕🤔 using your intuition, and gut feeling, how many of you think that he really has all this energy work, and power down pat. In other words do you guys think that he is a genuinely powerful cultivator like John Chang. Not so much in being able to burn stuff, and levitate kind of power but just to be able to give a nice shock that would send a bear running for the hills 😆 kind of strength
  5. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    Yeah it's so weird today I had done some meditation with just sinking the mind and it creates a warmth that's unusually comfortable where it passes, like it pacifies me or something.
  6. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    Speaking of Damo Mitchell his video on filling the bucket, how exactly do you know when your bucket is made and have you guys tried sinking your mind into the dantien yet? I have to say when I first dropped my mind which was about yesterday after doing some qigong and Zhan Zhuang in the past the imense heat i got from it was crazy it made me perspire in about 1 minute! then electrical shocks everywhere to my hands and spine. I watched this video on Youtube explaning how to properly develop a good foundation and he speaks about the method lonemanpai taught him. Any thoughts? @Paradoxal @Trunk
  7. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    Hey can someone do me a huge favor and post how to do the original technique with the breath entering the qi hai, to the hui yin. And If I'm not mistaken but when the breath goes to the hui yin and you do the pelvic floor squeeze are you supposed to feel the squeeze push energy into the dantien or do we focus on the dantien at all kind of confused since the forum is not available anymore. @Trunk
  8. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    @dwai So then with this Tai Chi method of condensing chi in the bones to "burn the gasoline", what is the difference between this and how I mentioned a while back on the mo pai thread, how condensing energy with the supposed lvl. 2 technique Is the same as tai chi except only in the dantien? You could say that you are burning the gasoline but only in your Dantien right? If I remember correctly someone had mentioned that slow breathing plus, straining the muscles equals energy stagnation, and cancer. But recently I have done 100 days Chi Kung exercises from Tao of Meditation and one of the technique's requires you to let your breath fill the arms, and shoulders and squeeze very tightly for as long as comfortable. What are your thoughts on this?
  9. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    Couldn't agree more I just like the practice though gets the chi moving
  10. @freeform When you mentioned that using visualization to move chi is the opposite of letting go, basically when you do any kind of qigong exercise you should just focus on the breathing into the dantien, and just let the energy do whatever it wants. Only because in Falun Dafa there's an exercise where you focus on the energy going down after the heavenly circuit. So does that mean that I should not focus on it going down or is it different in this case?
  11. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    Oh yeah i had stopped doing mo pai after the forum arguments couple months back, I am on a new path now
  12. Does anybody practice Falun Dafa, and if so I would like to hear your experiences on it, opinions, and if some other form you practice is comparable or better.
  13. When you guys breathe into the dantien do you feel the dantien expand with the air, then on the out breath it's absorbed and condensed, or do you just feel the breath be absorbed by the dantien with no expansion at all then with the out breath almost pack it in. Because a lot of people use the analogy of the dantien being like a balloon that expands with the breath, but for whatever reason it feels more normal to just have the breath be absorbed with no expansion at all. Any thoughts?
  14. Honestly most likely yes there's a reason why most scientist who discover that water molecules can literally be changed with the tone of voice you have whether you are angry and give it bad vibes that frozen water crystals look mangled and darker, but a happier tone with good feelings gives it a beautiful look that is full of patterns. But people like that who research stuff in that way often get stamped on or even to the extreme "taken out" crazy stuff man.
  15. Guys guys come on, calm down let's all take time to pay our respects to John Chang, I haven't been keeping up with the site so I have Just recently found out that he passed away. This is very sad news all of us wouldn't honestly be on this site if it wasn't for the ring of fire documentary on John Chang showing us that we all have power that's undreamed of that's not in the movies and, cartoons. Now on the subject on how the government uses the porn industry to control lot's of people I definitely agree with that 100% I mean can you imagine how much different the world would be if every person did retention, meditated or cultivated or something extremely beneficial to their health how much money the medical economy would suffer. Now people may agree or disagree with Megamind, on how Mopai is real or its a bunch of baloney but I Just have to say it's probably the only cultivation system that I have seen that really has gotten proven results, and a bang for it's buck. But I'm sure there's other systems that cultivate the same amount of power or even more for the matter that I would love to learn about so if there is one please share with this forum.