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Found 6 results

  1. What is the advantage in not masturbating and eating good food .... if anyway qi comes and goes with the body ? its it usless like putting buckets into a flowing river ? (also some palces i seen people say there is no point in gathering qi and all that matters is doing stuff like practicing qigong increasing the flow between the body and the world) what are the advantages of gathering more qi in the body (in means of food and celibacy etc) ?
  2. Why do they talk about no masterabtion , and eat good food , and keep hui yin up so energy doesnt "leak" out - if we focus on flow of energy ? (i even heared this guildlines from teachers that talk about flow of energy from the universe to the body and out - so it seems not an issue of accumilation VS flow cause even people who focus on flow of energy talk about this things celibecy etc)
  3. *every info someone wants to add to this subject the better - some questions i have : 1 . The more flow in the body the better ? 2 . Do the meridians expand the more there is more flow or you expand your meridians and than more flow is going through them ? do you need to maintain them by always pumping more qi through them or else they will close ? 3 . Do the meridians expand ( i read recently they expand somewhere so i wonder how big can they get ? do they expand out of the body ? do they push each other ? cause some are pretty close together) .... or the difference is just in the volume of qi flowing thorugh the same size meridians ? do you just release blockages inside the meridians more and more until they are smooth as much as possible ?
  4. Hey Spiritual cultivators I like to hear any advice on what happened next after three dantians are FILLED and flowing? recently couple days of ago, this happened to him while cultivating my lower dantian then it flow up fill my middle dantian for couples of weeks then fill my upper as well. Now when I cultivating my lower dantian (sitting meditation upon it) the qi flow from lower to middle to upper and now it return back to lower dantian. I like to know more about this process and what WILL happen next?
  5. Hey Bums I have a question about Taiji levels of progression. I've been practice taiji form everyday sinking qi to my dantian for couple of years and still practicing stillness moving meditation (dantian). Couple days ago, My dantian and Meridian Channels transform my being. Now my Meridian channels feels like STEEL. I feel my Yin Channels powerful steel like feeling. I easy ward off or push any opponents easily its not every funny. Every times I practice taiji (yang), This Steel like meridian channels getting stronger and this why I'm here. Can anyone tell me the stages of my progression with my Taiji Tai chi? I'm going to reach out to Master Clear tai chi and Master Jesse tsao about it b/c I've been in the past train with them. Will update about they say about it. I hope this will HELP others in the future. Thank you
  6. Hi! , Lately been feeling that goals, targets makes me feel tied, and more stressed and affects all my decisions and life just to reach those goals. Once I achieve those goals or so, I feel free, relaxed and boost in my life, it feels like freedom from a specific direction. Can we just live for the sake of living and without any objective, target and direction in life and is it possible? I feel it is difficult for me, since having a target or a direction provide a sense of safety since you know where you are going and maybe have something to strive for? though i know these stuff aren't much healthy to have. The question is where would I end up if I have no goals, targets or direction in life ?