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  1. Teaching authentic neigong

    Hi guys, I haven't been on here for a long time but thought i would pop in and get some opinions. Many of you know that I have been in china for a long time, searching out authentic practices and schools and learning all i can from these masters/places. Many of them not known in the west and all of them only speaking chinese. I am considering teaching some authentic practices for the first time. The real methods for activating the dantian and cultivating qi that is tangible and in my opinion the fuel source for all higher qigong/neigong/neidan practices. All the time i have been here the one thing that bothered me was the secrecy and costs involved to learn these practices. I have always wanted to do things in a way that made them accessible to everyone without gimmicks, without secrecy and without worrying that you are wasting your time with someone who isn't intending on ever teaching you all the way. This unfortunately happens way too often with a basic outdoor practice being taught for years while milking people for cash. This happens most of the time. So, i was thinking of doing a zoom meeting, teaching 4-6 hours over 2 days and teaching the actual practices that I myself did and still do to this day. They are real, authentic practices for developing the dantian and filling it with highly refined qi. The next stage of teaching will cost the same, I won't be increasing prices over time as you get to the higher practices. I also want to create a monthly subscription for those who wish to keep practicing with me with easy access to ask questions. Only those who attended either a zoom meeting/in person meeting and are part of the monthly payment group will be allowed to come for the second, third and fourth level practices, but I think this would make sense as you cannot skip the first practice. It will take a good 5-10 years of practice to develop the dantian and qi to the level where you can start to emit it by yourself so please do not expect a new practice and level every few weeks of having finished the first stage in a few weeks ready to move onto the next. What you will learn i still practice every day and is the main method for replenishing dantian qi if you have been emitting it all day (mostly for treatment, I am a TCM doctor). There will also come a time when meeting in person will be required to adjust and open channels for students who made good progress but these meetings will also be reasonably priced. For the zoom meeting and teaching I was thinking $300 a person and those who wish to keep practicing with me and have access to a group I was thinking $50 a month (something like a wattsapp group). This means the following stages will also cost $300 and if we are meeting in person once corona is finished will keep prices as close to $300 as possible with increases only to cover expenses. """"" After some consideration and feedback I think it would be better to just charge $500 per seminar, no monthly fee but the wechat group will be made and kept for a while to allow questions and review and will be completely optional. This way people can learn to whichever level they want without any long term commitement. """"" I am only offering to teach up to the level where you develop the ability to emit qi (the wonderful electric qi everyone either wants or thinks is fake). I can also comfortably say that most won't get there because lets be honest, how many non chinese/asian in the whole world do you know who can do it? Then again, no one who could do it ever offered to teach it in this way so who knows. So, there are 4 stages of practice that will be taught, 1-3 within the first 2 years and the last one when you dantian is brimming with qi and you are ready to learn to emit it out of your body. Health will be the deciding factor in how well you develop, however, I don't plan on offering any treatment because this is the main complaint about how Dr Jiang Feng did things. I really wanted to ask peoples opinion on here because many here have practiced with many different schools, different teachers and I want to do things differently, do them right. PS. I would discourage people who do reiki or similar practices from doing neigong like this, they aren't compatible. If you do wish to learn neigong, you have to stick to it and leave reiki/similar practices behind. I injured myself really badly because this wasn't ever explained.