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  1. Seeking Scholars Of Daoism And Buddhism

  2. Seeking Scholars Of Daoism And Buddhism

  3. Seeking Scholars Of Daoism And Buddhism

    Thanks for that lovely video.
  4. Alcohol and Qi

  5. If you know anyone who is a professional scholar of either Daoism and or Buddhism, please send me a private message. I would like to connect with these people to ask some questions in private. Thank you very much in advance!
  6. Discussion On Immortals

    I think private discussion is best to prevent conflict.
  7. Discussion On Immortals

    It is the correct strategy, thanks.
  8. Discussion On Immortals

    Yes. I am looking to have private discussions, with qualified people assuming they are willing to help. Public discussion on such things doesn't seem like a wise idea to me for the reasons I have previously stated.
  9. Discussion On Immortals

    I can in private sure.
  10. Discussion On Immortals

    That is correct. So far it has only resulted in a few people telling me they could not or would not help, and several others wanting to argue about how stupid my questions are and how I should give up and quit being an idiot.
  11. Discussion On Immortals

  12. Discussion On Immortals

    Thank you, I will message him.
  13. Discussion On Immortals

    I've already emailed countless academics and done all I can do with google. As it has already turned into arguments in private, I think public discussion is best avoided for this reason.
  14. Discussion On Immortals

    I would prefer to speak with people who who have a degree in eastern religions or some similar qualification.