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  1. How did you come up with your username?

    how indeed
  2. Happy New Year everyone

    This is how I try to approach most disucssions. Happy new year, btw!
  3. deleted

    If you had to suffer from any personality disorder, you'd prefer it to be the one with the same name as a flower.
  4. Reflecting on TDB

    The virtue is always with the followers, better to have imaginary or involuntary leaders.
  5. Reflecting on TDB

    Of course, but focusing too much on fast-moving international crises can make you forget the changes that need to be made on a personal level, and despair is a comfy excuse for apathy.
  6. Reflecting on TDB

    I'm not sure the news cycle makes people any less passive in practice.
  7. Daoism and artistic pursuit

    In a way they are a result of those things, but Y being the result of X can be reframed as Y overcoming X, X revealing itself to have always been Y, and so on.
  8. Daoism and artistic pursuit

    Responding to desire means responding to lack, distress, jealousy, regret, etc., but there are other feelings that call for action: duty, compassion, respect for beauty, etc.
  9. Reflecting on TDB

    Imo there are recipes for enlightenment. You wouldn't imagine that the knowledge of a cake recipe alone can create a cake, but it does help. The line drawn between the method we are given and the materials we come with is ultimately imaginary.
  10. Reflecting on TDB

    There are plenty of unenlightened beings who have denied the enlightenment of the Buddha, pickpockets who identify an innocent pedestrian as a pickpocket.
  11. Reflecting on TDB

    A more useful one than sloth.
  12. Reflecting on TDB

    @Daniel might be right, something the belief in universal ignorance adds to the realization of personal ignorance is protection for the ego. On the other extreme, you could meditate on the possibility that you are the only deluded being left in existence, and imagine that everyone except you is an enlightened being who appears for your sake. But that point of view would be less compassionate and equally narcissistic.
  13. Reflecting on TDB

    The appeal of the rhetoric about universal delusion is that it includes the speaker. It enhances the urgency of practice, while also providing built-in forgiveness for inadequacy to it.