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  1. What are you listening to?

    daily... (Bobby Hutcherson covers Coltrane) ****** ...really like early choro... Doce De Coco - instr arr (Do Bandolim, arr'd by Luiz/Lora) (voc. version: Incompatibildade: get up and boogie rootsy version: Bollani - Luz negra (first tune :42-7:15) - dreamy partner dance; (then, intertwined instr'l voices in many settings) John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble:
  2. Gardner Dozois' collections? Binti Nancy Kress Karl Shroeder HaPenny, etc (Small Change series) The Women's Press Science Fiction Series Kage Baker Steerswoman (Rosemary Kirstein) first book Peter Watts (Rifters) Morgaine - Cherryh Edward Eager... Bridge of Birds
  3. Chen’s style Tai Chi vs Yang’s style Tai Chi

    Is this the test?:
  4. I'm not sure how current the page is, FWIW, CTMAA lists the SFQG8 form on its site here: At CTMAA, regular weekly classes and summer workshops on the following qigong methods will be given: Sword-Finger Qigong in Eight Forms Zhineng Qigong Five-Dragon School Inner Alchemy Qigong They will be described in more detail in the following sections. 1. Sword-Finger Qigong in Eight Forms This qigong method, passed down by Master Wang Xiang-Dang, is one of the most complete qigong methods transmitted in secrecy from master to disciple through many generations. In the past, the method could only be taught to disciples of the Tao and was otherwise reserved to royalty for their use in the preservation of health. Qigong Master Wang Xiang Dang The Sword-Finger Qigong incorporates the essence of mystical union of the individual with heaven and earth. It teaches the ways of gathering the energies of heaven and earth to circulate them in the human body as the means of maintaining good health and developing potential special abilities. In centuries past, there was no single complete set of deep-penetrating sword-finger exercises for internal organs; only single sword-finger and double sword-finger exercises. This Sword-Finger Qigong in Eight Forms is probably the first complete set of deep-penetrating qigong for training the qi which has been made available to the general public. Although the method consists of very simple movements and is very easy to learn, it is very effective in healing or recovering from fatigue. In average, it takes about three to four sessions (or hours) to learn this method. In other words, after attending the Wednesday's class three to four times, you should be able to practice it by yourself at any time. The total time to practice the whole eight sections in this method is about half hour. Sword Finger Qigong workshop at CTMAA
  5. FPCK thread reader seeks continued access

    Hello, I am slowly trying out the Flying Phoenix DVD series, and have been reading the DB Flying Phoenix threads for context and feedback, and have registered to continue accessing these posts. I have limited experience, i.e. pre-beginner. Thanks to all commenters contributing. MS (p.s. re: a sambista likes (Brasilian) samba)