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  1. Circle walking

    We obviously don't have the same practices. I can make someone fly with a simple Wood fist. Single Palm Change typically has a number of supplemental exercises I learned before getting it sure. 3-5 years is excessive - I feel one needs 1-3 years with a good teacher. I feel the Wuxing and Single Palm Change takes about that long and how we teach it, including the Neigong - one should be able to fajin at will using all 5 Elements on the circle and then the 8 Mother Palms.
  2. Circle walking

    Yup - me too just a different branch. Did you guys start Bagua? I have a number of transmissions for it now. Last I saw the David Chan guys did Yiquan, Liuhebafa, and some Yang Taiji Sword. I feel like Baguazhang is basically mobile Yiquan as taught by our Jiang Rong Qiao. Really takes the 12 Animals of Xingyiquan and moves it through different angles. Granted, I have a slightly different lineage so we do things a bit differently. Fajin whilst walking - super basic work for a Bagua person - you should be able to do this when you have a good grasp of Single Palm Change.
  3. Circle walking

    Everest and K2 are both in the Himalayas - one is still taller than the other. What I do is heavily influenced by Liuhebafa but does not pretend to equality even if we can see from our peak to theirs. Jiang Rong Qiao thought for a very long time it was the same as Taiji until the latter part of his life. Prior to that he had helped develop Taiji Duan and Chang Quan sets with his martial brother Yao Fuchun. It's said that his Baguazhang may originally have been developed for a Xingyi man to transition into Taijiquan. Later, he changed it to include content from Liuhebafa. My Yiquan lineage is also influenced by Liuhebafa and I can see the crossovers between the Zhan Zhuang of Xingyiquan and the influence from Liuhebafa's Weituo Gong in the Han Xing Qiao Yiquan I practice. There is good reason so many people sought out Wu Yihui and so many of Wang Xiangzhai's students cross trained. I don't pretend to know it yet but can tell there is something there I do not yet have from training Taijiquan, Hebei Xingyiquan, or the Jiang Baguazhang I have practiced.
  4. Circle walking

    Baguazhang is very interesting. It really takes this liminal space between ritual, meditation, and martial arts and expands it. I feel it's probably the second highest peak of the Chinese internal martial arts after Liuhebafa. I'm a Jiang Rong Qiao line practitioner and I've received a few transmissions now largely from Jiang and other Cheng related branches but I'm told some of our neigong comes from Fu Zhensong as well. Every group seems to have a slightly different focus. The more fighty focused guys usually had a focus on natural heel to toe stepping. The more energetic focused cultivation guys loved long low mud wading steps with very exacting requirements for not peeling the foot. The more body structure oriented steppers seemed to want to "check" every part of the step as you go. Anyway, get an in-person instructor with good achievement - it helps to be in someone's field to get these things right.
  5. This is the author's blog. I did the spiritual heat talisman - kinda like a Daoist take on Weituo Pusa.
  6. This is Jason's publisher.
  7. No, it's just what I practice from the journal. There are at least 3 extant major branches of Mao Shan. I'm told the line we do descends from the Lingbao. I don't have the same lineage as Jason - just read his books and incorporate some of his practices. After receiving so many transmissions now - these things just work.
  8. It's what is in Max Christensen's Kunlun System.
  9. I've not really done the prescribed exercises as I already received a Lingbao transmission - it's just filling in gaps for me. I've been practicing talismans the past 3 years or so now. Jason is a cryptolinguist by education and training who has spent much time in China and married into a sorcerer's family. If you want more information about other, similar Daoist practices I was pointed this way. I'm primarily waiting for his Fox Immortal book - it's going to have information on Liu Ding Liu Jia practices that will fill in the Chinese gaps a bit better on the Kuji Kiri I learned from Chris Matsuo's students.
  10. I've rather enjoyed Jason's Facebook group and received this along with other PDFs prepared for people looking to practice. This is intimately related to the Daoist roots of Reiki.
  11. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Hey guys - I've gotten a chance to train with 2 of Chris' senior students in person and 2 by distance for a few different things. I consider the transmissions I've received to be the true catalyst to the skill I've built and the life changes I've seen happen in the last few years. I learned the core Baguazhang neigong material with Tim White as well as Usui Reiki 2, Kuji Kiri, and some other advanced meditations. My personal project has been to integrate my experience with Gong style Xingyi, Jiang Bagua and Han Family Yiquan. Looks like School of Everything may be down but this was his link. If you are completely new to the internal arts and want to really build a foundation or you are looking to repair the one you already have - Ray Carbullido's web site is superb. Ray's training library is very affordable and his private training sessions are also affordable. Prior to COVID we spent an hour together in private training and he gave me a tour de force of his unification of martial arts through what I can only think of as his evolution of Han Family Yiquan. I was shown the swings at different levels and with 18 different kinds of footwork. A truly useful evolution for anyone looking to take the qualities of their standing meditations into movement. If you are a student of the system of Chinese alchemy and wish to learn the deeper aspects of Reiki then you may want to contact Ray directly about the Hirai Master Healer Development course he developed. It provides basics of Guanyin Magnetic Qigong and breaks down their view of the energy body and how the dantians, elements, and chakras work together. Michael Goddard is another student of Chris' who has gone on to study in Japan and now resides in Europe. He offers Udemy courses on Kuji Kiri. I also recommend his Your Inner Light course as it has practical techniques to ascend and return to the material as well as how to energetically charge things. A lot of the Kuji Kiri mudras are available on his YouTube but the other resources included in the course are worth it. He really focuses on the San Jiao Qigong that is so important to this system and integrates the mudras into his performance of the set. If you are a Gong style person the 3 Seas of Qi and Seeking Moon at Sea Bottom exercises combined are substantively similar. As was mentioned earlier - there are incredible transmissions being offered to the whole world. I was part of a Gong style 9 Palaces ritual a couple of years ago and was able to be aware of what was being done and transmit the energy from myself to the whole world. There are many others doing the exact same thing. The Dalai Lama is under immense political pressure from the Chinese government's false Panchen Lama. He is basically giving away these empowerments for the whole world. He would rather his position be eliminated than taken by the Chinese. Those of you familiar with the Guanyin Magnetic Qigong may find it incredibly interesting to see the various ritual aspects of the Avalokiteshvara empowerment performed by the Dalai Lama. I am certified by Brett Bevell for his Psychic Reiki system and am also an Usui Tibetan Reiki Master. The playlist below will provide you with Usui Reiki Reiju, the Psychic Reiki Crystal Empowerment, the 1,000 Armed Avalokiteshva empowerment, as well as the Medicine Buddha Empowerment. I would like to provide a warning - there are quite a number of White supremacist views that Patrick Hodges seems to have infected his students. You can look at his site and see it right away - Aryan Kung Fu? I have decided to move on to other schools after seeing Sifu Matsuo's wife get caught up in QAnon this last election cycle. Another Daoist I know seems to also have been caught in a similar trap and it's his own words that have been quite helpful of late - decipher lamp from light. We are all human and fallible, I can only hope in time that they do the work and deconstruct those views.
  12. Max's system has a number of influences. I've learned from a friend of his and a former student of Chris'. I can't speak on what Max teaches but it has been seriously recommended to us to study with him if we can. One of my Xingyi brothers is an apprentice, it's really helped up his life.
  13. Tai Chi Master online?

    Chris Davis
  14. Serge Augier: Daxuan

    I've gotten the Shen Gong book and the 2 Udemy courses now. I feel the exercises in the Daoist Physical Cultivation are most similar to I Liq Chuan, good stuff. The Stress and Emotions class is really good for anyone wanting to get a better understanding of Reiki 1.
  15. Yiquan and Liuhebafa have both drawn my interest, I've posted here on the Tao Bums for a few years and I have honestly learned a lot from this community. I just started a gofundme page for this project. I'll be donating my own time and effort to produce and research the podcast and hope to interview various martial arts instructors, meditation teachers, philanthropists, poets, musicians and artists. Please do not feel obligated to donate, I will be releasing the podcasts, interviews, and videos free of charge. Water and Will Project - Documenting Liuhebafa and Yiquan My name is Matthew Parsons and my goal is to document two of China's internal martial art styles - Liuhebafa (Six Harmonies Eight Methods) and Yiquan (Mind/Will/Intention Boxing). The two arts intersected multiple times through the years and have influenced each other in various lineages. My first goal is to study Han shi Yiquan in Sacramento, California. After gaining some proficiency with Han shi Yiquan I then hope to study with the Xinyi Meditation group in Manila, Philippines.After learning from the Xinyi Meditation group I would then like to study with Mok Kei Fai's group in Hong Kong. Another person I would like to meet is Paul Rogers in England who I hope can illuminate Zhao Daoxin's synthesis of neijia arts - xinhuizhang. Other arts such as xingyiquan, baguazhang, and taijiquan have been better documented than liuhebafa. My goal is to provide more information about yiquan and liuhebafa in general as well as provide an in-depth look into lineage, kung fu as a whole, and how these arts may be integrated into modern sport fighting. I will be producing a podcast for this project to address internal martial arts, meditation, Daoism, performance poetry, literature, music, travels, and various other topics.
  16. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    If you're really interested in water lineage Daoism Max Christensen is a bit cheaper to study with as are Chris Matsuo and Ray Carbullido. I've done classes with some of Frantzis' students and was impressed if not completely drawn to the method. Bruce is who he is and that's not for everyone. Like someone else said, there's a lot out there - do what you're drawn to do. There are a number of Tibetan Buddhist teachers out there now since the diaspora. Also really knowledgeable internal arts teachers that many are unaware.
  17. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    So you're breathing from the perineum up to the dantian, then what you are supposed to do is reverse breathe and pull from lower dantian toward the mingmen - this will start your qi rising up the spine.
  18. Reiki

    Reiki does not have xie qi so long as one is properly channeling and staying open to the medicine buddha's guidance throughout your session and not interjecting your own intent upon the session. Stay within what the client asked for, stay empty, and let the guides do the work. Speaking of metta - I recently did a Celestine Reiki session with Emperor Rohan, Empressa Majelda Lei, and the Chancellor guiding me through the various levels of the system until I was doing metta along with Celestine healing for the whole planet. It was an amazing experience to feel compassion spread from continent to continent and from ocean to ocean. I'm almost done with the first Love Inspiration volume.
  19. Humans are instinctually polyamorous. You may want to read Christopher Ryan's Sex at Dawn. BTW, in only a select few species are there actual alphas. For most mammals (including wolves) the alphas are just the parents of a brood, take from that what you will.
  20. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    The 2nd and 3rd book are about Yiquan - the 1st is about a sort of Wuji Qigong.
  21. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    rideforever - you can sit here and pontificate, poke people who actually study the arts, or humble yourself and reach out to the people who might know and go learn from them. I recommend the last part because very few teachers will give the information you are looking for away on DVDs or online courses. The best Yiquan instructional set I've found so far is from Gerald Sharp. He includes mudras, tones, and postures for each of the 5 Elements related to Xingyiquan as they consider Yiquan to be a subset of practices within their art. What spiritual benefit you get from this will entirely depend on whether 1: you have received transmission (yes energetic transmission like reiki) for your lineage and 2: how much you actually practice. I've trained a bit of Han family Yiquan and the spiritual stuff isn't really discussed except as a possible side benefit. Until you get to a certain level (creating a vertical rolling wheel of energy in front of you) it's not of any use to discuss anything with you as you will only be confused further. I've gotten the transmission from one of Chris Matsuo's students. Before and after were like night and day in practice. After transmission my qi sensations and visualizations became much more intense.
  22. LHBF somewhat deceased thread

    Looks like taiji - for good reason.
  23. Thank you! I'm aware of BDK America but I'm always looking for new resources. Got a Tibetan empowerment last January so it's of interest to me.
  24. Is being a Daoist for the well off

    Everyone's path is different. So far it's cost me less than $200 but a shit ton of effort, mental and physical abuse (xingyi), and my sanity a few times. Where do I go? At first it was a friend who knew Chen village taiji and Mantak Chia's stuff but I lost my mind with a physical trauma release and entheogenic trip. Then I started doing BK Frantzis' meditations at a recommendation of someone to help me fix myself and Sedona Method as an add on dissolving practice. Next, I went to train Kenny Gong's line of xingyi and bagua and lost my mind again thanks to abuse and the instructor's incomplete understanding. I've been working on the Dragongate Sanctuary material of late and it's really changed my life. Honestly, I think the martial arts side of this is the least important aspect. Getting your body, mind, and spirit right are really far more important. Once you can sit down and pivot your viewpoint, you can shift your life. Also, don't discount Buddhist practice, it's a good fit to add. Since I started doing reiki hardcore I've gotten a new job that fits my scheduling and work environment needs. It's more important for me to have a job that enables me to spend time with my son than making a LOT of $$$.