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Found 8 results

  1. Hello

    Hello friends. My mother is a level 3 reiki user but refuses to teach me the level 2 practises.I started using reiki briefly when i was around 7 or 8 years old.I can fasten my healing and ease away my pain for 10 years now.I started picking up on chinese wuxia novels around this year to kill some time.I got really interested in qigond practise's in real life but there is no teacher or dojo in my country so im in a tough spot.I would love to learn some qigong practice techniques (as i learned there is 3 types of it i can already use reiki to a certain degree and my body is weak so i want to learn combat qigong) if any of you guys have some reliable source to how to get started or good topics to help me out. it will be much appreciated
  2. Hi there, I had the realisation of having aphantasia about 2 years ago, ever since then my mind became fixated on curing myself and redeveloping the skill possesed by 99% of the population. Through my fixation i learned obsessively about everything i could relate to it: digestion, diet, nutrition, leaky gut, chakras, energy, reiki, ibogaine, ayahuasca, god In part i am very grateful to it, because only through the realisation of having aphantasia did i become spiritual, reiki level 2, meditation initiated and fundementally a happier human being through my reconnection with the devine. Every free moment that i have i like to read about ayurveda, yoga, hinduism, energies etc and super interested in alternative medicines considering that i have tried most of them and on my way to study them on my new life path of becoming a natural healer So happy for my new life path, but still there is the aphantasia hanging around almost like a curse. I have considered many causes including stuff like carmic debts and i am almost out of ideas... I am begging anyone that might have tools to help me understand and overcome the affliction known as aphantasia. Thank you in advance, Human
  3. Hi, I really like ASMR ( Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ) videos and among the various youtube channels that make ASMR videos there is one that It ALWAYS make me "tingle" at the start, even when the audio is almost inaudible, it doesn't fail to give me a tingle. For example: So I am thinking...Perhaps it's possible to inprint some sort of "energy" on a video? Or her videos have some sort of very low frequency wich I find very comfortable with to trigger my asmr?
  4. Does anyone have any experience with convincing Reiki with Internal Alchemy and where the energy of Reiki falls in Dsoist modalities? I have my own thoughts as to what it is and where it falls but I wanted another opinion.
  5. New guy says hi!

    Hello, I was referred here by a redditor after making this post: I copied and pasted it below. I have high levels of energy which I meditate on and run through different circuits frequently. Some days I try to "burn" with my whole body at once all day long. I am familiar with rotating major and minor chakras on two axis of rotation, and the stimulating effects that has on the energy meridian pathways. I can feel where the meridians go and identify where acupressure and acupuncture points will stimulate. I can warm myself when cold and heal myself. During intense energy meditations, my point of awareness isn't at the third eye, it's wherever I'm focusing, and I can look around and see the energy fields of my body, the chakras, the meridians, the physical anatomy as well, and it's all dancing in all colors of the rainbow, and is accompanied by beautifully harmonious astral music. I don't believe I've had a full Kundalini experience, but when I do connect the tail of the snake through my root to the earth, or the "below", and run the head of the snake through my crown to the "above", it feels like going super saiyan, especially if I'm cycling with the whole universe, fully open, sending and receiving to infinity. Am I right in thinking that I should be putting more energy into the environment now? Feeling my surroundings and working energy with other people? So far I can put up a strong shield, I can "feel" people, whether they're close or far, and send them energy, having beginners identify the areas I send energy to and whether I'm sending energy or pulling energy. All information on energy work I've found thus far teaches how to do these things I've become familiar with, but on my own I've started to find things I haven't heard about before, like seeing the energy and hearing music. Does anyone know where I can progress from here? Any high-level books I could read? What else is possible?
  6. Has anyone ever tried to combine Reiki with Qi-Gong? I tried yesterday. A blockage in a meridian was so "solid" or "cold", that I stopped with my meditation and applied Reiki to the whole meridian. It was rather a interesting feeling, like electricity that "fills the meridian up".
  7. Greetings and salutations.From IL.

    Hello My name i go by is Asharana but if you would like to know my formal name its actually Kenneth. Ive practiced Microcosmic orbit from the mantak chia awakening healing light series as well as learning about the 3 dan tiens. Ive only recently been able to connect the spiritual body (macro) to the Micro(physical) so i am looking on where to go now i noticed each time ive connected to the northstar general other wise known as the northern star i feel either a strong spinning sensation or a pull from what feels like a strong vacuum effect of it. getting back to the intro i wanted to learn not only advance healing techniques but also how to have a strong or more fluid connection to the "Wuji" or emptiness I am unsure why but this seems to be one of the things on my bucket list before i move unto my next life. i can say ive experienced the silence of meditation and felt awakenings of the spiritual nature that hit me more then once like a mach truck of the universal energy . I was first developing or cultivating the energy that i have now when i was about 20-23 years old by first being attuned to reiki. then i realize there are methods that are more simple then reiki within in the first year of finding that attunement i decided that i would learn to be a healer to assist in developing my energetic body which i did not know could grow or i should say raise to higher levels until i started reading about "light/rainbow/diamond bodies" that is when i realize i had all the time i need to start working on my self to become better with my abilities and uncover new ones over time. So i am happy and hoping that within these few years ahead i'll be lead further down my path into the understanding of what my other spiritual bodies are like or even if my soul it self it manly multi-existantial
  8. New Guy on the Way

    Dear all, I am 48 yrs young and after experimenting with a lot of different esoteric/magickal systems I came to the clear conclusion that the Tao is the way for me, too. I am working myself through the "Universal Healing Tao" system and I am doing the "Six Healing Sounds", "Inner Smile"and the "Microcosmic Oribt" once to twice every day. These meditations are very uplifting to me like no other I ever tried. Now I am working on semen retention (day 7 now), which I am really interested in and the cultivation/transmutation of sexual energy. I am fascinated about how others start to percieve me in a more positive way, when I abstain from ejaculation fror week. I want to learn more about why it is so and about how use this energy to change my personality into "higher frequencies". I came here to this forum because of a fascinating answer the member Seth Ananda gave here: This is exactly what I want to work myself in to! Does anybody have a book recommendation for me? I would appreciate that very much! My further interests are shamanism & tantra and everything that has to do with the subconscious, the "matrix of matter", chi/orgone/od/vril/animal magnetism, reiki and healing but since I don't want to dissipate, I focus solely on the Tao,since the Tao is quite demanding :-) Thank you. Edit: Why I left Satanism. I felt very attracted to Satanism and it seemed to be ok, since I held the belief, that there is no "good" and no "bad". The world seemed to be "symmetrical" and it seemed to be irrelevant which "path" one takes. Today I think different. I am convinced, that there is a life after this life here on earth and that your inner core (soul) will reside somwhere in the astral plane. I am also convinced that here are beatiful places in the astral and really bad places with nasty entities, where nobody (even the most dedicated Satanist) wants to go. Every soul loves the good side. In hardcore Satanists their "flesh" may dominate, but as soon as the flesh is dead, the soul is naked and strives and cries for peace and beauty (see near death experiences). This is what I believe today and this breaks the symmetry! There IS a good side and a evil side and the two paths (left hand and right hand) don't lead to the same goal! Satanism lowers your frequency (whatever this is...) and leads you to lower astral realms - bad, bad, bad. Increasing your frequency reconnects you with God. Things in your life start to fall into place and time seems not to work against you any longer (my experience). I am convinced, that here are only two external powers influencing us: The "dark side", which is Satanism, which is STURNism (Important: Google "Black Cube Conspiracy"). Since Planetary Magick is part of this Kabbala/hexagram system, I consider this as belonging to the dark side, too. The "white side", all influences coming through the Matrix, like belief, Christ (I am Christian), inspiration, trust, love, high vibration (...) and last, but not least, Chi! Luke Skywalker: "Is the dark side stronger?" Yoda: "No, faster!" Saturn/Satan, the dark side, is easier to access and provides everything you want to still your lust. Especially when you are young, Saturns offers can be very seductive! I take some quotes of "Star Wars" very seriously, 'cause Gerorge Lucas seemed to know exactly what he is talking about. Did you know that his invention, the "Death Star", looks exactly like the Saturn (!) moon Mimas? Coincidence? I think not. I hope this helps to understand my postings. I can't go deeper into all this now.