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Found 7 results

  1. Was wondering if anyone had info regarding phosphorus as a stage in internal alchemy, similar to mercury/cinnabar or lead in daoist alchemy? Supposedly phosphorus was useful for its 'trapped light'.
  2. Hey Bums I have a question about Taiji levels of progression. I've been practice taiji form everyday sinking qi to my dantian for couple of years and still practicing stillness moving meditation (dantian). Couple days ago, My dantian and Meridian Channels transform my being. Now my Meridian channels feels like STEEL. I feel my Yin Channels powerful steel like feeling. I easy ward off or push any opponents easily its not every funny. Every times I practice taiji (yang), This Steel like meridian channels getting stronger and this why I'm here. Can anyone tell me the stages of my progression with my Taiji Tai chi? I'm going to reach out to Master Clear tai chi and Master Jesse tsao about it b/c I've been in the past train with them. Will update about they say about it. I hope this will HELP others in the future. Thank you
  3. Ma Wei Qi Bagua

    Hello. I am a long time member and a non frequent poster. It is great to be here and always love the upgrades and improvements over the years. Currently I am working on the connection between internal arts. Specifically Aikido and Bagua. Anyone interested in discussing the historical possibility of this?
  4. Hello all, As a beginning martial arts practitioner (Northern long fist) who has been training for around a year and far less experienced in internal work, I have been trying to look for a proper teacher who'll be able to guide me in internal cultivation for martial arts - mainly for internal power development/control. From the numerous posts I've seen on these forums, there seems to be a lot of people who are very experienced in internal work and skill, whether it is for martial arts or spiritual cultivation (or both). However, I also feel like people with genuine, high level internal cultivation are extremely rare, so I come for your advice. I have an opportunity to learn Sheng Zhen Gong with one of Master Li Junfeng's direct students. From the information online, it seems that it is more of a spiritual-focused one, rather than a martial-focused one. However, some teachers in my area (Austin, TX) highly recommended me to learn from his system, as they informed me that Master Li is also very experienced in martial arts as well. Any thoughts?
  5. Hi everyone just wanted to let everyone know that we just finished a new translation of: The Study of Xing Yi Quan: Xing Yi Quan Xue by Sun Lutang its 200 pages paperback 6x9 to celebrate finishing this project we have it at a special reduced price on our website the book will also be vailable on Amazona nd on Kindle soon I will update this post with links when it is available I know a lot of people here practice the internal styles of kung fu but for people who don't know: Xing Yi Quan translates as Form and Intention Boxing it is one of the internal styles of Kung Fu (the other internal styles are Tai Chi and Bagua) The basics of the boxing is rooted in Wuji, Taiji, Sa Cai (three powers) and the 5 Elements it also contails 12 animal forms the training is straight forward and liveley the book covers the theory, basics, boxing forms, and 2 man application sets (the five elements paired practice and An Shen Pao (advanced paired set)) Sun Lutang was a very famous practitioner he was the first one to publish books on the interal styles of chinese Kung Fu his Xing Yi book was written in 1915 he mastered all 3 of the internal styles - taiji, bagua, xing yi and was well versed in taoist cultivation which is reflected in his books Cheers Franklin
  6. I have been studying various martial arts now, manly Wing Chun. And I am looking for an internal art to straighten my outer, if any one has an art that I should try I would appreciate your suggestion.