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Found 5 results

  1. In this video Michael Goddard and myself discuss intuition and how to develop it. We discuss techniques from Reiki, foundations for integrating intuition into your daily life, as well as how intuition has literally saved my life. I hope you enjoy this discussion and we plan to continue these. Thank you, Matt Parsons
  2. Hello everyone, I just wanted to know - if anybody knew - where I could find blue aura individuals. I'm not sure why I want that, but I want that. I've come across some people, in my life. And, when I felt there heart I could swear they had something different about them. It was like a calming influence, like soft, and tranquil. Like the ocean. And then I looked it up on the internet. And that's what I was looking for, what I felt with them. I've only met two maybe three people like that. It's a bit like jazmin in the movie aladdin. She's a woman. but the two people I met like that were male. I think i've yet to meet a woman like that. Although I'd liked to. But it was definitely like that. I don't know. Are they rare? I think I've read, read somewhere that blue auras were not common. That they didn't come along very often. But I'm not sure. It's a slight Mary energy, in the movie "there's just something about mary." and ive always loved that movie, and i know what he means: there's just something about her. And, I remember priscilla presley. In the movie naked gun. She's also spectacular. Same energy. A very spectacular woman that you just want to love. There's also the actor in the iconic movie "plains, trains and automobiles." With that white guy with the white hair, and his friend. He must be it. Also. A blue aura person - at least that's how I see it. Must be why he plays those roles. Just like ben stiller. There's no level of acting that gets you there looking like that. I have a hunch that this is who he is: a guy chronically good. And turned it into a comedy. I think what I wanted to know is if someone could relate, and if there was some kind of club I could join to meet these people. Do they hang out in secret clubs? Tell me your thoughts. And if somebody's like that. Please. Short definition of blue aura: Aura colors can mean many things to different people, but a blue aura is generally thought to be connected with sensitivity and intelligence. The presence of blue energy in a person’s aura is also linked to an openness to receiving or perceiving spiritual energy. People with a blue aura may have a strong sense of intuition, but be unaware of where their instincts come from. “True blue” auras are sometimes found in people who are calm and collected and tend to live a very balanced life. In short, the meaning of a blue aura often reflects the meaning of the color in nature—a relaxed, receptive energy that is aware of the bigger picture.
  3. Would love to hear of ways to develop a persons intuition It is especially a problem as far as motivation ... and to be able to decide how hard to do stuff ... for example how not to burn out from doing too much or how not to be too lazy and do nothing all day
  4. So to start with my intuition is, at the present moment, and to my present knowledge, not very developed. I have too many irons in the fire to address this right now. All my concentration, energy and focus is going into opening myself completely to the Source, to clear the channels to my artistry and creativity. So this is not a thread asking how to develop my intuition, although if you know of any good resources on the subject I wouldn't mind it if you shared them. No, this is about a sort of drive or pull I get sometimes. Right now I have made a request to the Source to provide 3 specific books by 2:45 PM Saturday afternoon. I am practicing keeping a laser focus on that, the manifestation to me of these items. The other day I felt I should go to Goodwill. That drive or pull again. So I went. No books. This was a previous attempt and it turns out I had the titles wrong for two of them :/ I am feeling this same sort of drive or pull to go to the Treasure House here in the town where I live. This time I have asked for the titles correctly. I have come to the conclusion that if I am trying to manifest these books, chasing after them as it were, that I would be interfering with the Source. That I should just do what I normally do. I have wanted to go to Goodwill for a long time now. I don't have a car so I don't get out to shop much. Need a winter coat and they do have a lot of books there for cheap. Along the same lines I want to go to the Treasure House. It is also a thrift store. I still need a winter coat. Also thought I would look for a Singing Bowl. The point being that I don't normally go to these places. They are places I like to go and would usually request trips to when my father is available to drive me, but otherwise I would not go. Lately my father has been busy working at the church. He drives a fancy Hyundai, so this is why I ask him to drive me, because the car would be hard to replace, it was my mom's parent's car. So it is rare for me to drive around in this $25,000+ vehicle which is their only one. But my dad has taken a trip to California, so the car is mine for a few days. I still need to be respectful, if my mom says I can't drive it to these places then I may decide to honor her. I know that force applied in any way towards the manifestation I am focused on is also interference. So I have come to the conclusion that this is some inner, subconscious or habitual mind driven impulse, this drawing/pulling towards Treasure House and another little oddball store that might have things like Singing Bowls in the area. It is a fear-based response. It is the little me, my ego, the false self, trying in some way to make the thing happen I am focused on. The best response is to ignore it for now. I may go later after I get some more sleep and drop my mom off tonight. By refusing to listen to this drive/pull for now, by refusing to respond to it, I hope to get a clearer reading as to what it is. Right now all I have is guesswork. My track record is that every time I feel this it proves to be useless if acted upon. An example... I walk past a board with information on it about local events on my way to the restroom. I make a mental note to stop and look at it. I leave the restroom, go past it, forget to look, get most of the way to the parking lot, feel suddenly that I must look at it, that I might have missed something (fear) so I turn back, even though at some level I know its useless (which, if this were intuition, would block me, I have to address this negativity.) I go back and, just as I suspected, there was no reason to do so. This is an example of how this sense operates. I don't think it has ever been right! So my question is how to tell between the drive/pull of this useless sense, most likely based on fear, most likely a tool of the ego, and true intuition, that true gut feeling? For you NCIS fans, that famous Gibb's Gut? I know that intuition is the voice of the Source, AKA God, speaking to me. I know what intuition is, I know it is important to listen to it, but how do I separate that voice from this very similar drive/pull coming from fear? Heck, I am not even sure I have ever really heard the voice of intuition, so I don't even know what it sounds like! I would really appreciate some guidance here from those who hear and know the voice the intuition. What does it sound like and how can you tell it is intuition and not something else? Thanks for your help! - Mark
  5. How's Your Intuition?

    I thought this might be both interesting and fun at the same. I have put an image up on my computer screen which I will be focusing on from time to time throughout the day with the idea of sending the image out to people on the tao bums forum. If anyone wants to give this a try, fire up the blank screen in your mind's eye and see if you can pick up what the image is I will be focusing on. Post your best guess here in this thread. I will post up the the actual image I was focusing on after a day or so depending on the responses. Now this does not take too much effort, so give it a try! The only hint I will give is that the image I have chosen to focus on is not so busy that just any answer could be right.