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  1. Nei Kung Master

    Yeah dude it’s not something you can learn online
  2. What exactly is neidan/internal alchemy?

    I mean an ultimate level that a human being can practice at
  3. What exactly is neidan/internal alchemy?

    Oh yeah, you could argue the ultimate level is just complete realization of the mind's oneness with the universal energy. Attaining the "prana mind" so to speak.
  4. How my body decided to kill itself

    This was mostly a misunderstanding. I made a statement about the author of an article someone linked to earlier in the thread, and cloud thought I was talking about him.
  5. Rates of Sexless Men under 30 hit all time highs

    Marty schooling George Orangutan school
  6. So something you hear a lot about these days, is that fewer people especially men, are having sex than ever before. It’s quite bizarre. i remember about 10 years ago people would talk about the huge rates of “herbivore men” in Japan who never had sex, and you’d think that could never happen here. It seems the phenomenon has come to the west now too though. People have tried to blame everything from tinder, to low t levels, to porn, and the bitter and misogynistic have even tried to blame women. I think only I have identified one crucial factor though. And that’s the maturity and development of the people’s personalities. One thing that’s been universally observed by almost anyone I know of who pays attention to these things, is that guys who are good at the courtship process, who connect easily with women, or who understand how to communicate with the gender of their choice, always start off at a young age. Think of the male gender for example, when two men communicate it’s almost always a logical discussion.They have no inborn desire to speak to each other in emotional terms cuz they never got any evolutionary advantage from it, so see no value in it. But when interacting with a woman in a romantic context, well that will usually require speaking on an emotional level. Women will often appreciate a man speaking in Emotional terms. That requires a bit of effort and learning as it may not come naturally to a lot of dudes. So think about it, who is the more socially, mentally, and emotionally developed person? The one who has been dating and had relationships since they were 15 or a 19 year old who has no experience? Let’s say they both are 20 and both have crushes on the same girl. Who’s gonna get her? the guy who has been dating and had relationships since he was 15 or the 20 year old virgin? It’s obvious who’s gonna get the girl No different than a pianist with 5 years experience playing in a concert against a total noob. It’s a no contest. A lot of reports also say that in places where men are more timid or less experienced like Norway, Sweden etc. it’s easier for a man to convince a woman to cheat on a bf or leave a bf. It may very well be true. So if you want to know why there are so many sexless adult men who as a result must be emotionally stunted, I think you gotta look at age of virginity stats. It appears the trend has been going for a long time actually. Since at least 1991. So it seems the logical conclusion is that in general, there's gonna be more awkward stunted guys and fewer confident naturals than ever before.
  7. Taoist Yoga

    Nowadays people usually call Taoist exercises daoyin or qigong, it's just that in the past like in the 1970s no one knew what qigong was so they just called it "taoist yoga" cuz a few westerners such as hippies and the like were familiar with yoga.
  8. What exactly is neidan/internal alchemy?

    It's simply the development of, gathering of, use of, focusing of, mixing of, purification of, refinement of, etc. Universal life energy within the body.
  9. How my body decided to kill itself

    I dont really have a particular motivation, but here are some words of wisdom by Dave Chappelle which reflects how fundamental sex is to everything, from a real world practical material perspective there really is nothing more fundamental If men could fuck in a cardboard box, we wouldn't build houses 😂👍😉 In fact you dont need a house to fuck, you can play on the fantasy of doing it outdoors, where you might get caught, a fantasy location, beach at night, park bushes, etc This was an eye opening news report back in the day Here is a classic 80s song of fundamental truth
  10. How my body decided to kill itself

    Huh, you wrote that article? you’re apparently also confused, cuz earlier you were elated that article was the only thing you’ve read that was similar to what you believed you experienced But the guy that wrote that article is obviously just mentally ill and messed up from anti psychotic drugs I don’t pay prostitutes I meet girls from tinder and cold approach
  11. How my body decided to kill itself

    That guy seems very confused. He mentions he took powerful anti psychotic drugs which is pretty messed up in itself and probably gonna permanently screw up your energy and body anyways A lot of the things he seems to think are a mysterious “kundalini” force in his body are likely things caused by the drugs he took, or symptoms of mental illness. He seems to think the symptoms started before he took the drugs, but he’s likely confused about the timeline.
  12. How my body decided to kill itself

    What do you mean? The human body is extremely precious, and likely the highest form of concentrated energy in existence in this material universe. It's also impermanent and everybody has to accept they will give it up sooner or later The guy literally said his dick didn’t work. That’s game over. That’s not celibacy that’s a defect or indicative of death. It’s counter to life. The opposite of life. You could say death is an illusion, but it still exists on this plane here and now
  13. How my body decided to kill itself

    Yeah but they had very specific practices and paths Probably mass amounts of meditation, love and bliss meditations, insane amounts of qigong or yoga, etc. Otherwise that would be very unnatural and break a person's will and motivation, or turn them into a rapist or child molester or things like that.
  14. How my body decided to kill itself

    Here's a thread I posted about it a long time ago