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  1. The Real 4400

    This was eye opening, to think that extraterrestrials could have already made contact with humans
  2. Canna Bums

    Probably Marc Emery, or someone connected to him, he was basically responsible for North American bud overtaking Dutch bud as the highest quality on the planet and created many new strains.
  3. Looks like UFOs are real

    Crazy stuff coming out. The government and establishmemt politicians never really let this stuff out in the past The pilot's commentary is great More being released soon
  4. Best qi Gong To Tonify Shen

  5. Best qi Gong To Tonify Shen

    For spiritual development, I've really been getting into Wild Goose qigong lately. I've really been drawn to it lately, it's really, really good.
  6. Jumping on the Vegan Bandwagon

    Good job man!
  7. BDSM, psycho-spiritual context?

    They could say it there, but it wouldn't be accurate and would demonstrate a sort of lack of experience with or understanding of the dynamics going on in a dating or sexual context.
  8. An opinion or observation of madness

    Putin has nothing to do with this, but China's laughing right now. Their plan of locking down travel from Wuhan to the rest of China, when still sending travelers out of Wuhan to the rest of the world, has worked better than they could have even hoped. More damage done to America, economically and socially, than anyone thought this virus would do.
  9. BDSM, psycho-spiritual context?

    I don't really know what people mean by "hook up" culture, if it even exists. Sex is a natural thing, if people are attracted to each other one thing has a way of leading to another and flirtation and chemistry are going to occur. There's nothing wrong with sex or "hooking up", and an ongong and deep connection can occur even if two people have sex on the first date or night meeting.
  10. BDSM, psycho-spiritual context?

    People into that stuff generally have psychological issues and problems. It's sort of a "negotiated" relationship which damages and prevents the chance of things being able to naturally flow and the chemistry and connection to truly develop as it normally would. It's mostly a psychological attachment to sex and stimulation, and certainly not compatable with spiritual development or a spiritual path. I certainly wouldn't recommend getting into an ongoing going thing with a woman with an obsession with that stuff. It'll save you a lot of stress and drama in the end to just cut your losses and keep it very no strings attached and short term if a woman tells you she's into that stuff, whether before or after you have sex with her.
  11. Anyone use online dating apps?

    Man I've got so much now I could post that would help any one of you understand women's psychology and mating strategies better, but not many here seem to appreciate it. I've improved since I last posted, blowing away what I used to do a few months ago, and I wasn't too bad back then. 3 weeks ago I got with 3 girls from tinder in one week, 2 weeks ago I got with 2 girls in one week, and another cute 22 year old iranian/persian girl on Friday, so 6 girls in 3 weeks. Not too bad if I do say so myself. Online dating is booming more than ever before right now. Is there any interest in what I'm doing and how I'm messaging them?
  12. Bill Maher is right- The wet markets plus the Wuhan lab

    Last week Bill came out with a sequel, and he's right again
  13. Paintings you like

    Looks like an image from the show Game of Thrones or something.
  14. Bill Maher is right- The wet markets plus the Wuhan lab

    Chill out dude. It's nothing like that. He's just saying CCP is a terrible dictatorship and it's no longer just the Chinese people that are being affected now. That's not a controversial, political, or really even a debatable subject. But the bottom line of this thread isn't even about the CCP, it's just that Chinese wet markets need to end, and the CCP as a side note are not responsible or capable enough to have places like the Wuhan lab operating either.
  15. Bill Maher is right- The wet markets plus the Wuhan lab

    100% true. I exposed them as CCP apologizers pages ago.