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  1. You gotta give this guy credit. Agree or not, I challenge you to find a more clear and specific psychic or prophetic prediction Start watching at the 8:00 mark, and tell me he didn't nail it, on a major historic event too
  2. Well, I went out and found Drikung Kagyu teachers in person, and have been doing lots of practice including mahamudra, dzogchen, vajrayogini, and chod. I dont think the drikung kagyu teachings are diluted, apparently they're teaching things openly they would have never taught publically before. I do find Dr. Nida to be very interesting, though I haven't studied with him or practiced his teachings.
  3. Dzogchen vs Mahamudra

    Not sure there’s really any contrast. I’m thinking there’s more to non attachment than just non attachment in a certain sense. From an absolute truth perspective form doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion, so everything dissolves to emptiness. It never even existed anywhere but in your mind in the first place. There’s just emptiness, the present, a pure clarity, and the yiddam qualities arising and dissolving. Everything else just falls by the wayside, and never happened.
  4. You do make a legitimate point. As my argument went before though, what if energetic abilities go beyond just simple things like say taking your friends pain or tightness away by putting your hands on them, or making people feel a buzz in their hands or whatever mundane thing you might do… What if human potential goes beyond that level, however it may not be reproducible on command or could be very circumstance dependent? Or perhaps the concept of auspiciousness could be involved. That is hard to completely control and contain within a scientific experiment. Like you don’t wanna be one of those people who are like “oh yeah my systems got all that siddhi stuff too!”
  5. Okay Madame Blavasky. You like pontificating and you like platitudes, but what are you bringing to demonstrate? I don't get it? At least others here brought something to put up. They were willing to post videos and put their balls on the table so to speak. Going online for online discussion, but then acting like you're above it all and wouldn't waste your time with it when you could be doing productive things and bettering yourself in real life is such a played out trope as well.
  6. Yeah that's why I didn't discuss it, just used as an example of the kind of stuff that doesn't really fly here or in 2024.
  7. So we got a dude tickling people, some old people over reacting for a camera, some magic tricks, and the same old lame martial arts demonstrations like using leverage tricks to break a brick or stone. It's just like, people aren't gonna go for that anymore, they never really did. What's the point of party tricks and magician stuff? You can just hear the thoughts already of "same old shit! same old shit!" Like oh my heart! Hallelujah! Hallejuhah! Also any energy that can have any tangible effect would have to be instantaneous, whether from the dantien or whatever path. Cuz it would have to be coordinated with mind, intention, the Yi. At Yi level the energy is instantaneous whether for martial arts or otherwise.
  8. Dzogchen vs Mahamudra

    From what I understand in essence there is no difference. They are the same thing ultimately. Nothing anyone said about one couldn't also be said about the other. Some people have called dzogchen the padmasambhava lineage, and mahamudra the tiliopa lineage. There are certain specific practices that can be unique to certain school I believe. Like 5 part mahamudra for example. You can also blend different aspects of your experience in meditation together, love and compassion, wisdom, emptiness, awareness etc. Also you can view meditation in stages, like starting with resting mind and mindfulness, you can have mindful body practice, mindful emotion, mindful consciousness, mindful phenomena, then shamata, vipassana, and fiinally mahanudra/dzogchen At the end they're both about you seeing your true real nature and true nature of reality. The empty and luminous nature, that there is no self, the mind seeing itself, and resting in the natural state of Rigpa, etc and profound deep stuff like that that's hard to grasp or talk about in words and all that.
  9. For so many years, you see so many people just getting enamored with the latest spiritual trends, whatever is cool online, chasing the latest shiny object, getting sucked into lame or weird groups online or in real life, and it's just all so cringe. All the amateur hour bs out there is just ugh! People talk big about Siddhis, spiritual power, energy, shakti this and reiki that. Well time to up your frickin' game people. Let's see it, step up to the plate. This is the new age of the internet. YouTube and internet is almost universal now. Apparently in certain sports because tournament footage is being put up on YouTube instanty all the time, new strategies are developing faster and the sport is developing rapidly So come on, don't sing it bring it. What are some Miracle powers or Siddhi's that are documented? Are there any? Who do you follow and what do they really have when it comes time to put up or shut up? So who's a faker and magician? And who has legit Siddhis? No crap or anything that any trained magician could easily replicate. This is the 21st century, every 5 year old knows magicians aren't real, firewalking isnt a siddhi, and anyone can lay on a bed of nails. I know I've heard scientists have studied Tibetan tummo under scientifically controlled conditions and it was proved to be real. That's probably why a lot of people respect and are interested in Tibetan buddhism. But that doesn't necessarily mean we should absolutely only consider powers or abilities that are shown under absolute strict scientific conditions. That would be assuming all spiritual powers are repeatable at will, but what if they are dependent on circumstances or are extremely rare events not easily reproducible at will? Many spiritual groups report a Guru predicting the day of their death and dying with their disciples as well. Most people will not consider that proof of spiritual power though. Especially since religous and spiritual people talk willy nilly about things way crazier than tummo, like flying, appearing in multiple places at a time, turning a single meal into a feast, and raising the dead. So let's see it. Let's see the proof your spirituality isn't all just in your head or a group delusion? The first example I think of is Grandmaster, a real grandmaster, not a trendy internet Johnny come lately fad, but Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun, the 27th inheritor of the Daoist and Buddhist Dayan Gong lineage. A man had been in a motorcycle accident and been in a coma for many weeks. The doctors at the hospital had determined the man to be brain dead and were going to move him to the morgue. As a last ditch effort Yang Mei Jun came to the hospital to treat him. During the treatment he was revived. I don't know if there is video of the event, but there is photo documentation of the treatment here Next we have a really crazy one. The Earthly spiritual Father, Father Yod, Father Yahowha, on video reviving a dead baby. Like ok, like there weren't scientists monitoring it with instruments in a lab, but it's on video. I know an umbilical cord wrapped around a babies neck is a real thing that happens, and a real danger of not giving birth in a hospital. That baby really does look dead to me in the video. Perhaps I should add it's a pretty graphic scene if you're squeamish, but it's also black and white so not that bad. So read it and weep, can your teacher beat The Father? It's insane, that baby looks dead as a doorknob to me, then comes right to life, and the dude's still alive and a healthy adult to this day! Timestamp of the footage is at 42:30 I'm a bit hesitant but I'm going to include this. Some will probably scoff and laugh, call it the Buddhist stigmata. Like ok obviously stigmata is stupid, I remember hearing about that as a kid and just laughing that people would think it's not a hoax. But Phowa is a little bit different, it's commonly just accepted and repeatable by anyone with enough devotion, and it's based on actual meditation practice. Since ancient times people have long put kush grass on the hole that opened on their heads to demonstrate successfully launching their consciousness to a pure buddha realm. Stigmata seems much more like just a hoax perpetrated by lone hucksters or specific organizations with an agenda to trick people So time to put up or shut up. Talk is cheap punk. Siddhis talk and bs walks. Pics or it didn't happen. Time for the fads and the bs to fade away.
  10. Nei Kung Master

    Yeah dude it’s not something you can learn online
  11. What exactly is neidan/internal alchemy?

    I mean an ultimate level that a human being can practice at
  12. What exactly is neidan/internal alchemy?

    Oh yeah, you could argue the ultimate level is just complete realization of the mind's oneness with the universal energy. Attaining the "prana mind" so to speak.
  13. How my body decided to kill itself

    This was mostly a misunderstanding. I made a statement about the author of an article someone linked to earlier in the thread, and cloud thought I was talking about him.