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  1. Bill Maher is right- The wet markets plus the Wuhan lab

    Last week Bill came out with a sequel, and he's right again
  2. Paintings you like

    Looks like an image from the show Game of Thrones or something.
  3. Bill Maher is right- The wet markets plus the Wuhan lab

    Chill out dude. It's nothing like that. He's just saying CCP is a terrible dictatorship and it's no longer just the Chinese people that are being affected now. That's not a controversial, political, or really even a debatable subject. But the bottom line of this thread isn't even about the CCP, it's just that Chinese wet markets need to end, and the CCP as a side note are not responsible or capable enough to have places like the Wuhan lab operating either.
  4. Bill Maher is right- The wet markets plus the Wuhan lab

    100% true. I exposed them as CCP apologizers pages ago.
  5. Bill Maher is right- The wet markets plus the Wuhan lab

    Lmao what's with the defending of dictatorships here? Or at the very least trying to divert attention away from tbe blame they have? Face it, it has spread around the world because it escaped from the Wuhan Lab. This is not in any way a conspiracy theory and to claim it is, is weak apologizing for a dictatorship. If someone thinks the CCP is morally equivalent to free societies that person is not really a person to take seriously 😂
  6. How/why does qigong work?

    People have given some decent answers here. Xin connecting to the Yi, Yi connecting to the Qi, Qi to the body, the movements specifically designed based on tcm and yin yang for dredging the channels, openng and closing the joints and acupoints, expanding and contracting the torso to exercise the internal organs, opening and closing the lungs, strengthening the lower body to develop the ming men and kidneys. But the most basic thing in the beginning that you shouldn't overlook is simply relaxation of the body and mind. That's the first step to all of the things mentioned above. Relaxation. Developing softness. The other thing is that in qigong you aren't just moving the arms, through relaxation and focused intent you're connecting the movements of the whole body, allowing you to get your deeper into the body, distinguishing the channels, the bones, the muscles, the tendons.
  7. WW3 2020?

    Iran's not politically significant enough to be the catalyst to start WW3
  8. Anyone use online dating apps?

    So what I’m getting from this is you’ve spent a lot more time in your life watching movies and looney tunes than dating?
  9. Anyone use online dating apps?

    You’re really losing it buddy! Come on I know you have something to contribute. I mean even ralis finally addressed the topic and contributed to the subject of the OP even if it took him 4 pages until he did, and he had social problems growing up!
  10. Anyone use online dating apps?

    Now it’s farts! I don’t know why you equate sex, farts, and hemorrhoids, you definitely have issues around bodily function and sexuality. It’s ok I don’t judge you if unlike others on this thread, you don’t have as much experience or advice to contribute about dating. I don’t see you as less of a man or anything like that. There’s no reason to be self righteous, or insecure, or emotional like you are. That doesn’t mean you need to troll to prove your masculinity or make up for anything.
  11. Anyone use online dating apps?

    False. You just have no answer, cuz you know I'm right, so you blurt out a random fallacy as a last resort.
  12. Anyone use online dating apps?

    Why do you find sex and hemorrhoids to be comparatively repulsive? Why are you so squeemish about sex and relationships?
  13. Anyone use online dating apps?

    I'm not ignoring the plight of others. While saying "not everything is politics" may or may not have bern used by people to ignore a political issue that doesnt change the fact that not everything is political. Mating strategies are one such issue, they are not primarily political, they are primarily biological. The same attraction triggers that work in tribal societies, also apply to people in modern society. I already explained this to ralis earlier, why religion isnt the driving force of dating behaviors, and neither are politics. Meeting a woman for drinks at a bar is not political. Sorry to disappoint you about that, but it's true.
  14. Anyone use online dating apps?

    When someone's last course of action is to go after spelling typos, they've pretty much lost.
  15. Anyone use online dating apps?

    Oh you're just so virtuous and pure. Its completely harmless.