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  1. interesting energetic phenomena

    @blue eyed snake I believe you would find this video about the golden-white light from above interesting and insightful
  2. Jesus in India ( Himalayas)

    It sounds to me you don't even realize yet what I'm pointing at inside you.
  3. Jesus in India ( Himalayas)

    It's not skeptism, you're afraid of something. And you need to trivialize the profound and mystical all the time because it somehow threatens your ego. This need to reduce everything to mundane of yours is coming from some kind of loyalty to the ego. It's not coming from a genuine search of truth.
  4. Jesus in India ( Himalayas)

    You won't be able to see the whole picture if you're only fixated on the negative. And besides what I feel from you is a strong resistance just to the idea that Jesus was a light bringer and a great benediction upon the earth. That is what is fueling all your responses and perception of the Story. You're not genuine in your pursuit to see the whole picture.
  5. Jesus in India ( Himalayas)

    Some entertaining videos: How to meditate like Christ. Jesus and the rainbow body/immortality
  6. Jesus in India ( Himalayas)

    He demonstrated that even during the worst of cruelty and injustice, your love can be beyond animosity, hatred, resentment. And that there is no death and nothing to fear, no power in the universe can hurt you. Because your nature is love and love is forever free. And he was a living example/demonstration of that truth. And his ministry on this planet created huge waves of revolution. He planted new seeds in the matrix of human consciousness that there is a better way to live life and inspired thousands of generations to follow in his footsteps and seek for something higher. Also he's a bodisatva, meaning his grace is still available even today to those who are willing to receive it and he is still continuesly helping people to heal and awaken.
  7. Daoism and artistic pursuit

    ^Anything takes makes you excited. When we act on excitement we follow our heart. And when we express our heart, we make art. This extends to daily life as well. Just a simple smile or conversation can be art or an expression of the heart. Marry Christmas btw. A day dedicated to Christ(the core of every heart). The source of all creativity and love and art.
  8. Daoism and artistic pursuit

    There's nothing wrong with desire. Without desire you couldn't even lift your arm. Nothing happens without desire. Life is desire. Desire is the life force that creates everything. It's Shakti. It's life force that makes your heart beat. It's the life force that makes the whole universe spin. And it is love. Art is just an expression of that force/desire. Let it flow absolutely overwhelmingly so that it brakes you wide open and heart begins to sing without obstructions. That unobstructed song of the heart is art. And it is union with the Creation. And it is joy and freedom. And it is what you are most authenticly.
  9. Pranic Healing - Choa Kok Sui

    Beautiful thread. This is valuable new information for me.
  10. How do you personally meditate?

    1. Be willing to feel everything that you feel. 2. This opens the heart and initiates an alchemical process of transformation through prayer. 3. Abide in the and presence of Light, and Glory and Love of God 4. Bless the world 5. Amen
  11. Whats your purpose/meaning or life?

    A video about orgasm for my fellow orgasm lovers here
  12. Whats your purpose/meaning or life?

    I was quoting him actually
  13. Whats your purpose/meaning or life?

    Why do people masturbate. To orgasm and expand and experience love So God was trying to experience orgasm, cummed, big bang happened, and now you're here. That's why when you experience union with existence you experience that the whole creation is just a giant cosmic orgasm
  14. Karma

  15. @Apech don't ask me why. Must be the Christmas mood.