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    Hello, My name is Daniel. I am a middle aged, married, father of two living in America in the Pacific Northwest. I am very new to Daoism. All I know of it comes from internet research and a brief period where I was interested in and learning about Falun Dafa. I come from a large Jewish family, but was not raised in an Orthodox home or with any substantive spiritual/religious practice. However, I have always been a spiritually inclined person. In my 30s, when my wife was pregnant with our first child, I started exploring Jewish Mystism in order to be prepared for any questions my child may ask about their heritage and what it means to be Jewish. Since then, I have been learning, exploring, and developing an understanding of world religions and human spirituality. Even though I know very little about Daoism, I feel something special while learning about it. That is inspiring me to learn more. Sincerely,