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  1. Pure sources of Kabbalah

    Baal Sulam's introduction to the Zohar: https://www.sefaria.org/Baal_HaSulam's_Introduction_to_Zohar.1?lang=bi Cordovero's Or Neerav: https://www.sefaria.org/Or_Neerav%2C_Introduction?lang=bi Both are free on sefaria.org
  2. [TBOPB1C00] Agrippa Book One Introduction

    ^^ imho this is concerning
  3. Haiku Chain

    with four syllables: a house is made; seeds planted. hand to open hand
  4. Haiku Chain

    Sit silent. Listen. Click, click, click goes the coaster. Moment settles in.
  5. Strange sensation in upper dan tien

    Hello @freeform, If you don't mind the question, would you please elaborate on this ^^? Searching youtube for "Taiji for flexibility and balance" returns 100s of thousands of results. Because of this any recommendations/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely,
  6. Hi @abester, It's nice to meet you. I recently read Cleary's rendering of the Golden Flower as well. Although other than that you've covered much more ground with Daoism than I have. Welcome to The Bums
  7. Haiku Chain

    naturally distinct silence and a ringing note bounces like tiger
  8. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    the dog that can be switch-bladed... is not The Eternal Dawg
  9. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Rule#1: Never trust a cat that can operate a switchblade. The owner clearly knows this; hence the little pink bell.
  10. Not really new but...

    Welcome back.
  11. Newcomer

    Hello P. nice to meet you. If you don't mind the question, what are your goals?
  12. Newbie

    Hello Sariel, welcome to TDB.
  13. Hello, New Member Here

    Hello @Wayist, *waves from the PacNW*
  14. Hello

    Hi Morrako, welcome to TDB
  15. Its been a while

    Hello @Frax, It's nice to meet you, I hope you find what you're looking for. Best wishes, Daniel