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  1. 4 rules of living

    It comes off like an attempt to distill a snack-size introduction to Lao Tzus teachings. LT was very clear about his three treasures and De, the virtue/power that manifests in those that follow the Way. The quotes don’t really convince me, they come off as a very basic and almost overly simplifying rendition, LT as i read it wasn’t close to being this ”hippyish” in form or message. The video isn’t exactly wrong about it nor is it right or spot on describing it. Nobody will oppose themselves to the good of the stated cardinal points but that Lao Tzu would have walked around teaching this all over isn’t right. Afaik he was forced to write his message down while being halted by a border guard who knew him and followed his ideas, the soldier basically forced him at spearpoint to consolidate his wisdom in text before dissappearing from knowledge and sight forever. He wasn’t really one to put on airs or proselytize some loving kindness and how to succeed in life being a saint, rather he was conscious of the reluctance and disdain many had for his ideas. He wasn’t first nor last, but what the DDJ made was a very early writing from a daoist view of the dao and its virtues on very cosmological and high levels of consideration. ZZ was more folksy, but they both pointed in the same direction more or less. The video isn’t a shoddy or crappy one, it’s just incorrect in framing and tone, imho.
  2. Greatest Daoist masters?

    If not looking appalled and telling us to never mind such foolish talk, eat our veggies and jumping on a casually bystanding crane and take to the heavens shaking their head...
  3. What is Jing ... really?

    For those who are looking to build core strenght and such and already have at least an intermediate proficency in martial arts and long time basic sung training i can recommend trying to do it with a plate carrier, that is a military style upper torso body armor carrying vest. Crossfit nerds have gone bananas on this training form but since i find their training style too destructive/unsafe to joints and spine in the long term i’ve tried to adapt PC-training to kung fu purposes. Since the plates are solid and the design of the carrier, when worn correctly, it adds a top heavyness that really forces you to maintain proper relaxation and posture during footwork training and forms. This of course also means shelling out for a decent quality yoked pc-vest with weights (i went for two plates for front and back, each ar 3.3 kg) which isn’t going to cost peanuts but it does ensure those plates will stay put on you, inside the vest (not sliding out and breaking your feet) and distribute the weight on the right places while you retain a fairly high range of motion. Do not buy cheap plate carriers, they’ll fail at the stitching or plate retention and you will be very sorry. If you know someone doing crossfit training on the ambitious level ask them if you can borrow a vest from someone to try it out. As far as i’ve tried it for shorter sessions the weight isn’t very noticeable at first, but you will feel it afterwards, and as all these power and strenght and proper relaxation things it’s a cumulative practice. Try doing horse stance to bow stance stepping patterns and you’ll notice results on your technique, power and strenght. Add Iron Ring training on your forearms (strenght, momentum conservation and arm conditioning) and you’ll be doing fairly hard work that’ll increase core strenght and the transmission of power and structure in the gua, both upwards and downwards. Coiling and turning doesnt seem to be affected in the same way with the pc-vest but i havent tried it very much yet, still sticking to basics and seeing if ilive to regret this investment...
  4. Ta Chuan, tips on good translations?

    It is dense and clear, i read the first three chapters all in one sitting. This is going to be very interesting once i start taking notes and cross referencing.
  5. Ta Chuan, tips on good translations?

    YAS! Thank you Meows, purrs and headbutts, found it on e-book, will begin my studies NOW.
  6. Ta Chuan, tips on good translations?

    Found a hardcopy on amazon of Karchers work, should drop sometime soon inna mailbox. Stoked!
  7. Neiye and Resource Links

    Ayo @sean i have been blind to your treasure right in front of me for more time and years i didn’t know. Hidden in plain sight and shit for this grumbling stumbling fool, thanks for making this available.
  8. Ta Chuan, tips on good translations?

    Now that is typical. Thanks for the pointers Meowski <3 Edit: I must learn yet another alphabeth, for anyone who don’t know alphabets are to me as candy flavoured cocaine is to a yuppie from the 80s. I shall find a way to procure the Wilhelm Baynes one. Do you have any opinions on the Karcher translation? Found it fairly available even on Amazon but i cant tell a Wilhem from a Guillome right now so :3 Edit 2: Anybody willing to share a ISBN of the WilhelmBaynes one? Just getting google to cough it up is, well, not fun.
  9. It’s that time again when this silly Red Panda or CatBear gets it in his unkempt head to give the I Ching a new chance to confuse me. Last time i got not far and without any insight. I find there is a treatise, a Great one if not THE Great Treatise on the classic of change, i would read it if i knew one who makes it justice in this barbarian language of ours. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hands hurt after trying to feel chi

    It’s not that far off just intentionally stumbling on sensing it, it usually shows up if its right there, what is most needed is honing that empty receptivity and clarity of it. Imostly get a lot of blurbs of ”hey wait whats that- ” and then i can usually follow it if its clear. Also i often noticed a forced or a heavily focussed approach tends to scare the connection away. Afaik there is a lot of finding stuff first after someone showed you how to serendipituously happening upon it and after a while you have seen enough to ask questions on a specific thing. But mostly just quietly noticing, stuff tends to explain itself if the connection is appropriate in context and timing. But even describing it like this makes a thing, for me it’s more of a hunch and a sort of remembered fragrance or a familiar sort of tingle in awareness, almost like you get a sense you just missed an aquaintance walking you by or maybe you pass somewhere that has you responding to something, either because this energy is stronger there or because there is less of something else so you notice a few things that would otherwise be drowned out. I know a guy who is scary good with stones. He cant exactly look for them but if he gets a feeling he’ll go finding them almost like a compass. Naturally talented dowsers are supposedly not unfamiliar with this sort of stuff. For me all of it is hard to describe and sometimes hard to discern, but it makes sense when it just shows up or draws my attention...
  11. Hands hurt after trying to feel chi

    This hand form is sometimes used to do the kind of exercise OP mentions. It’s not an easy form to do right but with practice it can be very useful as a striking hand in fighting and useful for massage, acupressure, qi projection (i’ve been told) or as a classic pantomime of a handgun It has both soft and hard aspects, it is slightly rounded, quite fast and very strong. I cant speak to what you felt OP nor why, but i can repeat what has been said to me and others, both on here and IRL, repeatedly when it comes to these sensitivity exercises: Be gentle and very very relaxed. Start out slow. Don't do too much or too often. Start at 5 minutes a day in the beginning. Stop if you feel discomfort or pain, wait a day and try again and most importantly do not worry or push these things. Just feel. If nothing happens, this is also a result. Try again tomorrow! Hope it helps a little
  12. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    Oh crap, popped in my head and saw a thing on superheated fruit, got excited and blurbed it without realizing i had walked into some sort of clash with swashbuckling to-and-fro dialogue and close quarters handgun fighting. Wasn’t looking to add to any bitterness or conflict, sorry, bowing out, cheers k bye!
  13. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    Well, i’m really blown away by the grapes plasma microwave thingy, who’da thunk?
  14. Haiku Chain

    Even acorns feed Sitting in a mighty oak rustling - look, squirrel!
  15. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    Iron body skills are cool but not that advanced imo, almost anyone can learn and get quite far with it, but many suffer in advancing age from all sorts of aches and pains. I have a blunt trauma, stab- and bulletproof vest somewhere around here, takes less time and is way safer than a lot of iron shirt styles. It doesn’t stand up against high powered 5.56 or 7.62 rifle shots and it really impede natural and free movement of the torso. A lot of iron shirt i’ve seen is done way too fast and destructively, the soft and patient way to do it is relatively safe and will bring a lot of benefits, iron shirt being the least rewarding of them. 2 cents is all i got, you guys can have them