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  1. Lima, your timing eerily synchronized with advice from my SO and my general idea of what to do. Besides slacking off which has been frequent during late spring and early summer 😳
  2. You know when someone goes to great lenghts to explain something that is more or less perfectly obvious to most people in the room and someone tries to jokingly tell them ”You don’t say? Stop the presses, you’re never going to believe what this one just told me!” and the irony of the moment is just totally lost on that first someone who proceeds to go on and on to make sure their ”breaking news” is delievered? Wait for it... just a few minutes more...
  3. Lima, imho it travels and revolves amazingly fast. My own progress however is snaillike to a snail.
  4. @Daolander1 thank you for that long-awaited permission to keep blundering in futile efforts down a dead end road, fun talking to you.
  5. I’d say no. Afaik one is supposed to build from the ground up, like a house. When the house is good to live in and store your reserves in you use it. When you need to dip into your reserves you do so from the top. Analogy: you are human between heaven and earth, you live off the earth and what heaven feeds it to grow. So first you make sure you can stand on the ground, the study yourself while you study the earth and once you have built considerable relationship to the earth you can gain from heaven and study your relationship with both of them. So when you use energy you get it from the sky, through your connection to the earth and it is expressed out of you in a similarly descending direction. This is probably overly simplified and only corresponding to where i’m at and in no way a final thing. I’m still learning from earth and it is slow.
  6. Central channel or Heart Field?

    Totally friend, i understood the react and i wrote the post in a spirit of humor Don’t be sorry, it was an enriching experience in the end and it lead me to revert to Sifu for questions and new perspective, things changed drastically.
  7. Central channel or Heart Field?

    Dwaimandem my friend, pray that you never do, i have and at first i trusted them and it put me off these practices for a time out of sheer desillusion.
  8. Ugh. This is why we cant have nice things. And also, notincidentally, this thread got real old real fast. And as a parting gift to the thread which i hope shall continue merrily with wathever is going on now: whoever invented the pizza-drone did not account for seagulls. Tenacious, incredibly skilled at recognition and relentless when in groups. Which they form as soon as there is opportunity. Fresh, tasty food buzzing through the skies like that will lead to an odd precipitation of mauled drones and respective parts, pizza cartons and discarded toppings.
  9. I’m still mulling your take on yinyang simply meaning polarity Krankenhaus, but the rest of your breakdown above sounds legit. Imho TaiJiTu describes the progress of changes and how they transform and balance and that within the whole their existance is mutually generated and supported. Yin and Yang exist as such because something wasn’t and this lead to it culminating and at that point the shift happened, it began and so there was the not-moving and moving fluidly shifting proportion and once both were they have not stopped since. It is nice though that the ”eyes” gives a layer of correspondence with kan and li, but its not enough really, not for me. The transformation and potential of each towards the other is of its own because there is no room for there to be just one and/or the other. The polarities or simultaneous complements carry the seed of their own counterpart because they cant be exactly pure. Movement presupposes rest and rest likewise must at its own core presuppose movement. And if either of them doesnt the you have Wuji, no-thing and nothing. Its not even a vacuum, its the utter absence of both something and nothing. Thats the beauty of the Schroedinger quote Lima threw in there: no barrier exists. Movement cannot exist without being born out of rest and returning there before beginning anew, and vice versa. Breaking Yin and Yang down further isn’t really possible i think, they’re as far as the breakdown goes before arriving at the whole shabam of the Dao being everything and then some. Kranks shows the way to go to describe any reasonable breakDOWN of Yin and Yang, because you don’t get further up without arriving at the all encompassing and therefore greater unified Dao. So down it goes, in myriad progressions of yin yang into ever smaller details and so greater number. Just because the 64 hexagrams are something of a finite set that supposedly describes all (aberrant) change it doesn’t mean there ISN’T yet another and another yin and yang subset. It’s elephants all the way down o the utter botto, where there is yet another group of elephants standing on their own lower group of elephants. (All the way down)+n1 where n is the amount of further layers. .... or at least thats my current take on it. By the way i HAVE seen Pies in the sky once, they were accidentally propelled above head height of all present and subsequently landed on the edible side sadly and were this spoiled for the most part but what crubs were salvaged tasted great. Then there’s the pie-throwing crowd, they put pies in the sky willingly. Once i saw a muffin-shaped hot-air balloon and that counts too, as well as the one with the Pi symbol on it...
  10. The ego and the heart in Chinese medicine

    Second Aetherous on this, good aim there! I think TCM (for my laymans uniformed opinion of it) shouldn’t be confused with cultivation practices as such. Dissolving the ego doesn’t actually suggest obliteratinging it, rather making it not-solid. Ok i might be looking too hard at semantics but if you dissolve something it usually entails a solvent and results in a mix of the dissolved and the solvent. Like Ride suggests, a transformation. The ego dissolved in the solvent isn’t as it was before transformation, but its components have shifted and merged with more, or are at least not as rigid and defined as previously. Worth remembering is that self and ego and mind and all sorts of words are used in spiritual contexts to describe ”the enemy”. Not sure what the chinese texts use but i’m pretty sure the use of ego is due to its connotation of self-image, self-knowledge and most relevantly perhaps: the illusion of these and other things. Imo having no sense of self probably wasn’t a very good idea to go about in life even in a hypotethical China of 1000 yersteryears, i think there was far less support for someone in a bout of self-loss. Today there’s psychiatry and drugs and mental instittions and DSMs and people who can get better from suffering from issues related to the ego. Yet, as you point out OP, suffering and pain still abounds... perhaps as much as it used to do 1 or 10 thousands of years ago? We’ve been Homo Sapiens for a lot longer and it’s quite recent that we record our misery for others to view it, our tribulations are perhaps older than us as a spieces, who knows? Sages and enlightened people are spoken about as adaptive, boundless and knowing but not lacking in boundaries or sense of self. They seem to possess quite a lot of it, turning away people who arent ready, withdrawing from nosepokers, understaing their own and others place among things and what have you. Heart in Chinese, again layman if not bumbling idiot speaking here, seems to refer to a true and honest mind and awareness, capable of discerning purpose and directing intent. Not mind mind exactly but a broader spectrum including our emotional intelligence, intuition, experiential knowledge and general quality of mind and spirit. At least from what i can understand of cultivation practices. 2 cents, awesome topic!
  11. Contradiction ?

    Good to hear Clouds! Anytime, with wishes of being not needed for a good long while yet.
  12. Taoist meditation techniques

    Do you also have this feeling he gets around some? I do. Yo Starman, do you? I’m reading your description as if you saw it from outside of yourself, as if being a spectator to a visitation, am i getting it wrong? I think @Aetherous has a valid point for you to consider, the man has chops. Second on the notion of noticing a demonic visitation is more likely in the borderlands between sleep and wakefullness. As far as ”real”* dreams go my working hypothesis is they’re an internal experience, sort of like the pop-science explanation that its either your brain ”sorting” things out after a day of making new connections and rehasing old stuff or that it’s the id blurbing stuff with some editing from the self and superego as far as the imagery goes... One thing that strikes me is that you call it a demon. Not an entity, not a ghost, not a monster or disfigured man; demon is the name you give it. This might be relevant for your understanding of what this could be about. It’s interesting you say it’s a deep fear and that you don’t fully understand it, yet in this dream the demon actually interacting directly with you caused you to yell (expressing, calling for help, activating adrenal response, expelling old breath forcefully to energize and increase oxygenation) and then wake up. This is a long shot but interpreting it there are two powerful actions you undertook, you strengthen your body (yelling) and changed the rules of the situation (waking up). This fear might have quite an effect on you but your dreaming and waking speaks to your being equipped to deal with it. There might be something to the fact it made a hissing/sibilating sound and you’re quite positive it was a he-demon but the face was, as it were, indistinguishable. More possible clues to pinpoint the object of your fear. It wants to touch you when you are most vulnerable or relaxed, there’s a hissing noise, it is male (many possible interpretations there) but it is not a knowable individual, but you can respond and escape the situation. Analyze wide and laterally, look at scary concepts and what you consider yourself vulnerable to or what is worrysome when you feel at ease. Idk where you’re from and what your cultural influences are but what demons are considered to be where you’re from can give you yet more clues to the nature of this phenomenon that you fear exposion to. My notion lf demons is that they posess some sort of supernatural powers, have a maglinant intent and purpose to cause harm either by own volition or by order of others who wield power over them, they’re not really of this world but arent really spirits (neutral, dead folks, nature or location etc) nor deities or immortals. Christianity has demons pegged as fallen angels (often at least) and Chinese folklore etc, fwik, signifies demons to be reincarnations or enitites below human level as far as development goes, they’re angry and raging but can also be under the appropriated service of benevolent deities among others... Idk, food for thought Toni, most of all i advise you not to give this demon more power over you than you’re comfy with. Just because it’s scary it don’t mean it can do anything to you. *real dreams ie the ones that just happen when you sleep, distinguishable from lucid dreams, astral(?) stuff, half waking visions etc.
  13. I mean for how long had Narada been seeing the great master anyway? That piece of conversation they had there did not occur a moment too soon. Poor Narada though, what a blockhead, his master had to split his log to unify him. But his master made a mistake, he steered Narada right into the trap of thinking of who is who and persons and shirts, he’ll hit a decent sized wall with his log pretty soon again.
  14. Taoist meditation techniques

    Never heard of the technique before, sounds like a fairly scary dream though. Dreamwork is fairly finnicky business it seems, pretty advanced and i’d wager someone with more knowledge than me can chime in on protective measures or routines. What was your feeling when this demon touched you? Why was it there do you think? How did your sleeping self react to the touch? Sometimes things can seem scary but their looks hide their purpose or role. If you seemed to sleep on undisturbed by its touch it can mean such a thing has no power over you, even though it was close and did its very best. Or, and i’m not saying it has to be like this, but perhaps you just dreamt your fears and saw them clearly, but it was just a dream so know you know more than before? I think sleep should be practiced for its main purposes, ie rest, recuperation and relaxation. If you study a full body relaxation exercise with some nice deep breathing and focus on finding a refreshing rest while sleeping and waking up energized i think you’ll experience a fairly dreamless sleep. Try it out?
  15. Contradiction ?