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  1. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    Well, used to be it was all [redacted] but then a voidgate opened and in flooded unsolicited debt multipliers with a strong positive growth coefficient, now my toaster is worth three times my yearly income and has bought out the property. What will we eat?
  2. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    This an automated post to inform you that the ”Days Without Mo Pai”-counter has encountered issues with time linearity and 404’ed because of necromancy. 3DT scriptis out of sync and natural abdominal reboot is advised. Please contact MicroTosh Pear-Hatch administrator for them to dislodge the blockage of energy in the diamond core.
  3. Daoism as a Practical Philosophy

    The thing about the tools is also that each one is different, you cant play just anything the way you want on two different guitars. I play a fairly mean delta blues that has two variations, one for my acoustic and one slightly different for an electric ash-tray style someone built once and i like it. Jack of all tools, master of self might be the person who can find their way almost instantly in unknown territory. Martial arts is not about pulling punches or not, it’s about learning how to use and choose appropriately. Boxing is a competitive sport that causes severe injuries and make a nice bed for dementia, parkinsonism and other neurological degradation. All things float except for those that sink and this all depends on the two or more mediums surrounding them as well as the things own properties in relation to the others and vice versa. Stuff does, stuff is. I do like the archery thing. Theres this story in an episode of Mind Body and Kickass Moves where a samurai who is a master warrior and archer gets humbled by an old guy pouring thin threads of oil through a coins center without spilling a drop or dirtying the coin. Its the work that matters and not what it is. But then again its all about what it is and the work is obviously not that big of a deal, it’s within anyones grasp.
  4. Daoism as a Practical Philosophy

    There is litterally tons of different types of qi according to a few different masters i’ve consulted on the subject. Energy or power is qi, then there are many more or less concrete designations of qi such as food qi, wei qi, geographical qi, geological qi, a specific minerals qi, wind qi, feng qi and sui qi and so on and so forth. Some of these types correspond to quantifiable things in empirical science, others refer to certain relations and interactions, yet more others to more theoretical or descriptive things and then there is the esoterics, magics etc. Its a mess to be honest to narrow some of it down.
  5. Daoism as a Practical Philosophy

    AH! The individual dao of things is highly important, and it takes hard practice of emptyness and sensitivity to begin to see. The principles of the philosophy are fairly standard ”decent living” and being pragmatic, and the finesse of it starts where it looks like you did nothing and it sorted itself out. Mobilizing public support in a way as OP mentions isn’t exactly wu wei-ing it as it smacks of ”ism and schism” style politics, but it is very finessy that such a result can be achieved on a truly bold gamble and that it was in fact the people who were allowed to show the way. But, it was not an action devoid of ulterior motives, rather manipulative imo. Following daoism as a practical philosophy is for me very much as Luke said it. Practice an art and allow its subtler workings go unchallenged, soon osmosis will start to work its wonders. But the importance here is in what can seemlike the tyranny of being surrendered to a master och discipline. Before it can start to develop and grow within the soil must be prepared and few can spontaneously and by their own volition make themselves so empty as to succeed in sprouting these seeds. Time and devotion and hard work is required. Words will never be practical, understanding a practical philosophy lies, imho, in its descriptive title: pratice and practicality. It does sort of imply some deftness and adaptability that is already in place. But daoism as a practical way is also cultivating the yin to manifest the yang, soil to sprouts if you will, so a yang doer will often mislead themselves into idealism and stubborn principle before discovering that reverting to yin and transforming is necessary. Culmination happens before reversion and decay or diminishing is the method... i think at least. Who knows?
  6. Some people emit heat, is this chi related?

    Totally in resonance with what i’ve observed also. I can have full, coherent and seemingly lucid conversations while still being sound asleep and not remember an iota of it upon actually waking. The experiences are weird too: i can almost always identify what sound something is and i wake up for fires and people fiddling the door handle of my house but i’ll sleep right through the alarm clock or a misfiring fire alarm. It is definetly worth trying it out, but i gotta fix my snoring and whistling nose before i have nearly enough credit on the ”plz get used to this” account, it’s totally in the red right now 😁
  7. Some people emit heat, is this chi related?

    Yo @Yang mind the frogs coming out your mouth yeah? Where to start? Ok, autism is a disorder spectrum because of the high variance in symptoms, functioning and impact between individuals who have the disorder. Having a disorder or neuropsychiatric variance is not an inability or a lack, it can however include a functional disability, but i’ll tell you right here that your take on disorder vs order is pretty nasty to be on the recieving end of mate. I have disorder and dont much enjoy the implications. Vis a vis your hamfisted and haphazard spectrumization of genders and sexualities i have to ask: have you run this by any trans, gay or bi folks to get any balancing or corrective feedback? It would be a learning opportunity if you did. From where i stand it looks like you ad-hoc’ed stuff to fit on a projective model you really like and in so doing your stepping all over toes, heads and whatnot to write others on their nose. Its been repeated from many trans people (by the way tranny is highly offensive when used by non-trans folks to describe and generalize trans folks, just a little useful tip for you there) that common, highly disinformative and offensive, mistakes are to mix, equalize and blend things as genitalia, gender (social and legal), sexual preference and personal disposition, among other things. Do tread lightly if you’re ever going to expound those theories of your out loud among people you don’t know will interpret you with earned goodwill, thats another piece of valuable advice if you’re looking to avoid being plain horrible to people who done nothing bad to you... DNA i know very little about, but i do know the chromosomes that govern the genital development in a child are regular for women and aberrant for men. X-chromosomes are the standard in all other pairs but the genital one for males known as the Y cheomosome is the only ”healthy” chromosome that lacks a leg. I know it’s been mused that men are a generical defect, while i could see the irony and humorism in such a statement, i know for a fact few men like to hear they’re only useful for the species because of their aberrant genetics... just to relate how mislabeling and defining the world around you might affect you and others, especially through the power of words.
  8. Some people emit heat, is this chi related?

    I understood and agreed with you my friend, i was just referencing the goodfellas scene for laughs.
  9. Some people emit heat, is this chi related?

    Bit like autism you mean? 😉 But in principle i agree to some extent. My opinion on yin and yang between male and female isn’t necessarily so that men are always mostly yang and women yin, the energy of yin and yang is that of dynamically complementary in their union. Among a set of men there would be yin and yang men, as well as within a set of females. Every human being has both properties at once and in interaction and relationship the main yin yang dynamic is between those involved as a whole and not just stemming from gender. Imho. I’m not sure social gender, physical reproduction organs and sexuality correlate, not for me anyways. I like Eddie Izzards way of explaining his transgender take on it during the ”bloke in a dress” bits he does. He’s out as transgender and describes it like being a physically male lesbian, but also reports having a boy and girl mode switch. He was talking about it in a podcast episode with that other guy Rogen or Rogan something, idk, i hate podcasts normally but that was a good episode. There’s probably an overview possibility if you put it on a origo-centered graphic function. Izzards take on it seems quite threedimensional. But the heat thing, and how it relates to sleep, is still interesting from a qi perspective i think. Like tummo, thats supposedly some form of nei gong or qi gong (or isn’t it?) where the inner work produces body heat. So if qi and technique can be used to regulate and express heat like that, what could be going on energetically with those who are percievably warmer than others? I do recognize the OPs experience, forgot to say that previously, but for me it hasn’t been only females but all sorts of folks. I have an old training friend whose hands i could sense from about 10cm away from me, distinct heat. One time we did a sensory development exercise and i could see brightness as well as feel heat from this guys hand with my eyes closed. We didn’t have any romantic connection or sexual spark between us, we were just good friends training kung fu together, but he was one of those incarnated rays of sunshine, always happy and lighthearted you know? His case was extreme for me, but i have met others who were noticeably warm at about a foots distance. I’ve been content regarding this phenomenon as just a way of perception and sensing, like most of my qi gong training opens up ways of feeling, seeing and understanding more without necessarily labelling it as anything, or even calling it a result. It’s mostly data along the way for me. But, but if there is some theory to it it’d be fun to know.
  10. Some people emit heat, is this chi related?

    Ah, finally someone who’s making it work! Yeah the old thermostatic-foot trick is frequently employed, as well as using thin ”summer” comforters in the cold seasons. Good idea with the fan, it’d not work for us because the sound of mice holding their breath wakes the lady up. I like her sleep heat too, but shring the same blanket cant be done with dryness and relative dignity.
  11. Mo Pai and unwellness

    That is odd yes, personally i’m not afraid of them but a few times i’ve been upset enough to start writing defensively and it’s not how i want to share or exchange. At times there is the preference to err on the side of caution and/civility, but i think thats perhaps preferrable to a careless attitude. Starting out mildly aint that bad. A few of the arguments i’ve gotten into on herehave gotten to a point where i either pleaded to an agreement to disagree, bowed out or asked a specific poster to leave me the fuck alone so i wouldn’t have to put them on the ignore list. Those are my experiences of getting into rapid escalations. And many of us have witnessed stuff getting bonafide ugly which brings me to a collective issue: namely the aspect of embarrassment and tediousness for everybody else to read a three party flamefest that gradually overtakes the whole thread... i like it when people get passionate about something but i also appreciateit when affect isn’t messing up valuable info and consideration throughout posts. I don’t agree with the lack of exchange and sharing in threads, i’d say a lot of it is made by people with experiences but perhaps there is the unbridgeability of that which is easily talked about and that which isn’t, there’s a lot of talk with litterature-terminology and it is highly fallible. What i referred to in the specific case of Mo Pai threads is similar to threads that have the words Nei Dan in the topic: they derail in fairly vicious behavior, ad hominems and fallacies abound with eerily high frequence. Some noob threads arent very interesting to me either, but sometimes someone has the opportunity to easily advice or inform someone about reading or practices that they need. I think it’s good there’s a low threshold for posting about basics or newbie topics, keeps people less shy of daring to engage and easily completed discussions are quickly done and forgotten, as they should be. As an aside: i will never placing blame on anyone for posting long stuff again, i do it all the time. Sigh.
  12. Some people emit heat, is this chi related?

    Huh! I’m known to be always warm to the touch, except for when i sleep. Of the women i’ve slept with (with and without sex or romance mind you) they’ve all been reverse: cool (also to feel easily cold) when awake and warm if not hot when asleep. The heat also bugs me because its impossible to snuggle up without overheating for me. Whats that all about?