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  1. Is being a Daoist for the well off

    Thats cool! Hope you have a good one there!
  2. Contradiction ?

    Well said Cloud!
  3. Contradiction ?

    Impossible for it to give a shit about anything, it is none of the Daos concern to care and especially not care more about something than something else, especially by human distinctions. It grinds the land like corn, and turns the stars over within a heartbeat and with no remorse.
  4. xin heart mind

    Thanks for sharing that experience Dog, i had an almost identical experience just two days ago during a discussion on what yon and yang actually are, its quite the thing to multitask repairing ones inner ”fusebox”, figuring out the response and dealing with it to fruitful means. I knida bungled the last step though... might have accused a lazily quessplaining windbag of being a lazy windbag.... whoops. 😬 I think an ill wind that widens your knowledge of self must be blowing at least some good maybe? Not to force a silver lining on you, i just mean even if the whole thing was a negative instance you seem to have made yourself a glass of lemonade. I really like what you wrote in the last paragraph! Lemme get back to you on virtue, i’m interested to read fellow Bums views too! If i may be so bold: i think that would make a great thread on its own too!
  5. xin heart mind

    This young blockhead asks your patience and illumination on this matter, Each phase having a spirit does ring familiar but i can’t say where i read it. My question sprang from suddenly realizing while writing the post you replied to that i hadn’t studied Yi at all, while still claiming to use it and presuming to know what it is. Unsubstantiatedly so 😁
  6. xin heart mind

    I’d like to offer the following in relation to a yin yang relationship between thinking and feeling: I think feelings have a very Yang way about coming into my world of perceptions, they arise out of nothing and can be very dominant and loud while soon reaching a zenith and receding and dissipating. Thinking on the other hand, for me at least, arises very Yin-like. Input is sorted (messy and loud incoming) and thoughts start to follow, they recieve the input and filter it and start to adapt to contain sensory and theoretical knowledge. They then solidify gradually (slower than emotions) and reach their depth of scrutiny whereby an yang response of emotive characteristic urges upon me an action or position to take. I know the categorization pitfall, i’m not saying they’re one or the other, but when i manage to observe their process and interplay the rationality is yielding, inviting and collecting inwards while emotivity moves in an more expressive, judging way, feelings have a tendency to be dominant even when they are mixed. And they follow one another, as for their nascent order i thinks a bit of the old ”hen/egg came first sitch” but receptivity comes first as far as senosry input goes for me. Xin is a beautiful concept, i had a major bump from the descriptions in this thread guys, thank you. Would anyone dare elaborate further implications of the meaning of ”open your heart”? Being happy is definetly accurate, but i believe this also relates to an intent, yi right? Would you say yi is of the xin somehow? Whats the common theory say in classical daoist teachings about the relation between xin and yi?
  7. A clear explanation of neidan

    Indeed Bindi, the first and second paragraph is much how i view it as well. As for which what is which i was merely pointing out that both Water and Fire are referred to as specific ingredients very often in the texts, i have a w.i.p. idea of what those two are, even if they arent always the same exactly. I think Heaven and Earth are less specific but much more inclusive once they’re achieved and worked with, but i speculate. I do believe Water and Fire to be descriptions of two states or ”places” and a certain statements regarding a mechanism. But this i glean only from trying to observe the two trigrams as illustrations for these things in a person, i might be off course for not interpreting from a perspective of the bigrams first. We all know the single line principles, the bigrammatic line combos are so vast and abstract but yet clarify something about the principles and how they move. Questions abound: do the lines stack from bottom up or vice versa? I think Form and Li (this was discussed in a few months ago but i forgot to jot it down, i’m probably messing the terminology up) might shed light here but who knows really? Bottom-Upwards is one thing, one process, while Top-Downward is a whole different pair of pants. I know it holds true for building houses and studying kung fu, both directions being working with different methods, goals and results (not always the desired or expected ones) and i do believe the trigrams can represent a human being in a way, but what exactly does this say about Water and Fire in the alchemical context? We know from Liu YiMings writings among others that symbols only serve for us to grasp the message, to forget them once we have understood what they mean for their appearance is only one of convenience, and they don’t even do that good of a job illustrating whats being talked about. So, which is what and what are they? I have an inkling, had many actually but the latest one has been a pretty solid working material for a few years now, i wont go into details because it’d be tantamount to teaching and Heaven forbid i do that until i get it right, and even then would it be advisable to propagate it? Idk, but probably it spells more trouble than i’d like having, got just enough as it is already
  8. Into the void..

    HAAA i had forgotten this! Classic Marbs indeed! I was torn wether to put a LOLface response or a tearful one but the laugh outshone the grief, which he’d shurely be both surley and teasy about. Thanks for the reminder Kyoji, i needed that!
  9. A clear explanation of neidan

    It is a pretty clear explanation, alas it does not state how to do it a d what is which.
  10. Reverse breathing in meditation is fine, just remember not to force or push. As soon as something other than your belly moves because of your technique then you’re forcing. Do bear in mind that whatever you practice will change over time as you gain experience and continuity. But before you can even say you’ve given this stuff a try go at it for a few years. Celibacy is great because it ups your frustration, gets you mad and irritable which makes concentrating and releasing and all that harder. But it’s not for everyone and unless you accept whatever it brings then don’t do it. Regarding feeling ”nothing”: thats ok, just feel that nothing, what if you were feeling pain instead?
  11. Help with what? Thats a destination to name. You’re not supposed to feel something, you’re supposed to feel. See what comes from there. Warmth, tingling and all that stuff is just initial stuff, never mind that. Just do your thing and keep at it. Never force and always figure out how to ground. If you develop a LDT you can circulate and research all you want, just ground it and let it rest where it’s supposed to. If you want a destination to go to, get a teacher. You can go at the basics alone and you will make mistakes and you will discover things, with pr without a teacher,
  12. Abdominal breathing is ”regular” in cases of meditation and qigong, imo. The thing with what you describe is that it takes a long time and neither vegetarianism or celibacy has any guarantees as far as developing something along the lines of what you’re hoping for. The only thing to do is to keep the work up and let it build over time. You won’t feel the actual qi, forget about that. Just keep doing your exercises and don’t focus too hard on your Dan Ti, let awareness rest there, do some light exercise, stretching and qigong also, that should move things along a little over the coming six months.
  13. what is next

    Word, that makes plentiful sense. As far as i’ve understood emotion and connection are huge factors in daoist healing and buddhist healing also. Very cool that you managed to create the space in the lady to heal the boy, her love and compassion for him is a great source vis a vis their connection, you’ve obviously got some mad chops to understand these things, lucky for the boy!
  14. what is next

    I think you’re right, you were panicking, needed a solution and the idea came and you tried it unimpeded by such things as usually get sorted out of possibility when your judging mind has the time to put their opinion in, sounds like it belongs in the ”wei wu wei” category of things. SoD, i don’t know why you’re tearing up on what i said but i assure you no malice or ill was intended. We good?
  15. what is next

    Mani, thanks for that, brilliant horse technique.