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  1. Anyone into strength training?

    Stick! Stick work is the bomb, both mastering the forms with sung power, transmitting power to and through the stick and so on and so forth! I am passionate about sticks, spears and polearms in general but the classic staff is the Sage of weaponry. Preferrably a 2 meter-ish Double Headed Dragon (equal diameter [20-30 mm] along the whole lenght) made out of rattan (no varnish!!) and correctly maintained with (linseed imho) oil on the inside. They are alive and glad to be so in caring hands that have control and power. Making one of those resonate either in a curve or a circle is serious training, my oh my! Spears, the supreme General of weapons, do up the ante somewhat in power-cultivation but every spear technique you can do with a stick and not all stick techniques are applicable for spears so the Sage is more adaptable than the General. A good rattan stick is perfect for sparring too, used correctly they clack and bounce and make the room smell of cooked sulphur from their curing treatment. Doing these ”wobbling” or shaking exercises force a practicioner to use their internal power and structure correctly, the more exerted they are the less correct the exercise is done. Bouncing and tapping drills show the way. Doing the forms force a student to use correct footwork and alignment, but the real challenge comes in doing paired sparring routines, where zero sloppyness in body- or footwork is allowed. Without shaking and wobbling training it’s impossible to actually use the stick correctly at all. I’m so happy others to this too! It means stick-skill is alive! I’m seriously celebrating over here with some more coffee!
  2. Qi/Martial arts Cultivation

    What Rara said! Let me also suggest you look at the threads relating to something called Sung (roughly means a vibrant and active form of relaxation) and check out videos on ”Sung Gong” which is a very useful and beneficial practice. There are videos out there with very detailed and easy to follow instructions and wether you should find a primarily external or internal martial arts practice you’ll have a lot of help if your body is familiar with this form of relaxation and mechanic. Something that is worth mentioning is that besides the famous internal martial arts branches of Taiji, Bagua and Xingyi there are some, less renown and marketed, styles that still have intact and thriving internal practices. For example there are more than a few southern styles of kung fu systems that incorporate internal cultivation after establishing the right body mechanics and structure in beginners. Nei gong, qi gong and meditation are still alive within Choy Li Fut, Hung Kuen, Five Animals, Five Ancestors and the like to name a few. Some masters don’t have an internal style in their advertized curriculum but do practice cultivation for healing and research purposes too. What schools are available to you in your area if you dont mind telling? If there is a legit, traditionally trained acupuncturist, calligrapher or feng shui master (someone who either is or trains directly with a lineage holder) near you you could ask them to teach you since those professions usually require skill and insight with internal cultivation to take to the next level. Don’t get stuck on what is apparent and obvious, asking questions and inquiring about referrals can yield interesting results!
  3. I cant really say whats good vis a vis strenght training that is pro internal development. Sifus system has a lot of nei kung exercises, some are very physical (usually on entry level) and very focused on a particular thing, some are softer, some are in stillness etc. I know my brothers have been given exercises based on their five phase body type: certain bodies have a stronger relationship to wood or fire or earth and have their corresponding strenghts and weaknesses. Wood bodies, i’ve been told, usually need balance training among other things because a wood body is ”tall” and slender. Not necessarily taller than others but elongated iirc... so there are exercises to help develop the lacking parts of ones own body, some of which are chalistenic or strenght training as far as i’ve seen. Within our system i mean, hard to speak outside that. But from what i’ve seen with my students and myself is the following: Correct horse stance and low stance training, pushups, planks, lunges, frogjumps, long hard bouts of kicking and striking with medium power and high technical focus and like my man SilentThunder said: WALKING. And micro-training such as using kung fu stances in your daily endeavors (low scissor stance to reac something on the floor, horse stance while washing up dishes etc). Pushups though. Lots of those! I’m currently trying to remedy my diet, which has been a mess for the past year... But i constantly end up falling back on carbs and gluten, bread and sweets are my thing. Plus:I cant do a single ”just a salad” meal without getting some fast and disruptive bowel movements within two hours after, it cant fail. I was thinking going major on nutrient healthy fat (like olive oil), rice, nuts and veggies, the occasional game meat (when available) and tofu/vegetarian protein for everyday eats. Its just that food is so immensly BORING to cook, eat, plan, shop and deal with, i honestly don’t know why but i’ve felt like this for a few years. I used to enjoy cooking and never felt ill at easy with my looks and weight and then the immense boredom and aversion to all the food-related logistics and planning and now i eat like a sugarjunkie teenager with a vengeance. Brrrr! Add a dose of really feeling ugly-fat and heavy plus a recurring lapse in active kung fu training then well, i’m not really enjoying my physical self as much as i used to. That needs fixing, pronto and over a long time... wish a bum luck?
  4. Qi/Martial arts Cultivation

    What the Star-Lord said! Perhaps Bagua could be cool too? What you want is someone who practices the styles and has the nei kung (inner exercises) that go with it from their specific lineage. Also you don’t want a teacher who talks but never explains the how and what and lets you study these exercises in pairs. A lot of people will show an intended use but don’t let students feel it or try it because, well, many reasons. But you want the mechanics and details and to get those you gotta be sincere and dedicated and have a keen eye for spotting windbags. Avoid windbags and people who dangle ”secrets” and ”advanced” practices like carrots, my experience tells me these people need that kind of ”hook” to keep students interested, which is bogus. The real arts with a skilled teacher you’ll get lost in ”basic” exercises and how to understand, use and own those principles and techniques. And word to the wise: developing this kind of stuff usually takes from years to decades before stuff ”really” happens, depends often on how much expectations and preconceived ideas of whats supposed to happen you carry into the practice. Everybody does to some extent, the trick is to shed and leave that stuff at the door and just go with whats being done there.
  5. Ethereal Cultivation

    Putting brush to surface is hard to beat! I mostly do european writing and lettering but that elusive but important feedback between surface and self with the brush as a translator is a very powerful exercise imo! Morning time stretching is my most favourite, i have a mind to implement my sung gong as a morning ritual followed by profusive stretching. Also intuitive, there are fairly easy ways to access almost any part of the body through standing or sitting stretching, i recently found how to stretch out the bicep and upper shoulder and the space in between the scapulas in one two-direction exercise, total eureka-moment 😂
  6. Ethereal Cultivation

    Word, this is good reading! So, what ethereal cultivation do you engage in?
  7. Ethereal Cultivation

    Sitting down with a guitar tuned in an open chord and bluesing out. No thinking really, i take the sound and rythm that comes ans go exploring it, straight up improv with no singing. I dont think, not really following a pattern unless it happens, just using the physical knowledge of the instrument and how it sounds to just play. I used to do this with a qin too but then i snapped a string and didn’t really know how to replace it, i know fuck all about how to play it except a few pointershere and there. Improv. Other music making that involves beats and rythms, especially dub mixing where the goal is to take a recorded track and work the mixing desk balances and effects to create a spatial and stripped down version of the recorded song while it plays back (”realtime remixing”) since it must be done with spatiality and spontaneous feeling. I took to massaging others (means i study my perception and physical listening, no thinking) and letting my hands just find the places and work the issues out. Gives fair strenght training to fingers also, good kung fu! I do gardening (especially weeding), target shooting and fidgeting with mechanical things and smoothing out cast burrs and lips, greasing contact surfaces up and just generally going for an experiential feeling and understanding of the design and function and making sure it runs smooth. All of these can be done with a sort of either onepointedness or no-mind where i just stay open to the activity without thinking or trying to end up in a certain place. Feels great during and after, opens the mind, dissolves knots and clears worries and fears, stagnant feelings and takes nonverbal thinking, spontaneous reasoning and inner quiessence to the forefront. All these are things i do about once a week at least, for a minimum of an hour and no set upper limit. Thats what i thought about when reading the OP at least, don’t know if they fit your question Desmond.
  8. Sexual Jing: Is It Really Limited (?)

    No way!?! Such an old variety? That is insane and remarkable! Thunder, as always you come straight out of left field and drop these diamonds, thanks! I know a forestman who ithink would rejoice and somersault if i could give him some of the research material, he grows firs and pines and i’d love to see what he could uncover with pineseeds. 😍
  9. Sexual Jing: Is It Really Limited (?)

    To the point with grace and efficiency of language Luke, i second that!
  10. Sexual Jing: Is It Really Limited (?)

    But there seem to be ways to be less agressive in consuming jing, which ought to do some difference in a long run right? I’m hoping @Desmonddf would chime in on this question I mean the aging and ecesses thing is visible in many very healthy people too, highly dedicated gym goers, master joggers and other idolized folks who look overly tanned and 15 years older than they are. Then theres folk who you can see in their eye and posture they’ve not really wasted a lot of their stores, i know a few older guys and girls in their 60s who are spry and stronger than most people i know, their energy dimishes whenever they’re not being dynamic and active. Strange but maybe not that strange after all? Someone told me once that once you work yourself tired you’ve done too much and dug into your jing resource, which is why it’s important to stay hydrated and eat a decent amount of food to expend energywise, and knowing to pause before one starts to feel like a break is needed. Anyone against these ideas?
  11. How to learn 'sung'?

    Selma actually ate most of her prey but she had a zero tolerance policy for boisterous birds, a heavily restless kitty with a very large hunting ground and a VERY strong territorial defense game. She and her brother (they pretty much hated eachother most of the time) would coordinate ambush assaults in chasing roedeer off our lawn. Roedeer didn’t mind people the cheeky bastards but they were deadly scared of our cats 😂 I think that particular bird might have been angling to scare cats off because of nesting or something, it was late spring more or less, didn’t work. I know the kind you talk about, my first cat was like that. I got her when she was two months and we grew up together. At 13 she was an accomplished matriarch with such numerous offspring she moved in to our neighbors house a few doors down the road, but she’d come out to visit me when i biked by. She was barely domesticated, we hung out and enjoyed eachothers company but it was a mutual voluntary friendship. She did like to watch over me when i was sick though, she taught all her children how to open doors, and having been raised by chickens after her mother rejected her her angry sounds always had a clucking element, which only the top big kittymama adopted efter Sabina moved out.
  12. How to learn 'sung'?

    I try to study the amazing ”yeah thats an unintentional double backflip with a corkscrew, who would have thunk i’d pull that off?” thing kitty is doing but then that spotted belly comes into view and i wonder if it’d be thin or thick fur and when can i pet it, would it mind if i just gently scrunched its ear up a little and i’m totally lost to it... But thats a bengal right? I’ve almost never seen ”regular” cats get so into playing they’ll do an aerial show and i hear some of the more ”wild” groups such as bengals have an extra gear for serious awesomeness. I did observe my old cat Selma catch a low flying and overly cocksure bird at about a meter off the ground in a similar fashion, she was just eyeing it and suddenly went off like a spring, straight up and latched that sucker with all four paws midair before landing (not gracefully but) very satisfied. Then she bit it half to death and suddenly remembered she left the stove on and just fucked off, tail to the stars.
  13. How to learn 'sung'?

    Like a continuous experience but not as evident as rain. It’s more as if there is an enjoyable quality to the rain and you’re wearing goretex shoes, had your favourite breakfast which means you’ll feel like lunch around lunchtime, the coffee you didn’t drink wasn’t needed etc... It’s the little things.
  14. How to learn 'sung'?

    Taomeow put a very important head on a crucial nail! ”Investing in loss is the quickest way to a win” said dear Sifu to me while we were talking of loosing respect and status or just falling flat on ones face. Do it wrong and do it wrong and do it wrong and the something changes just a tiny bit and so forth. I’d like to venture that standing like a tree without looking at moving and more dynamic exercises directed at developing Sung, aka Sung Gong, is not necessarily going to enhance your sung at all. Standing will benefit sung if you’re on the way, but to simply stand to get sung won’t yield very fast or noticeable results. I agree with Freeform and Steve and Taomeow on this and i think developing Sung is a cumulative practice. You do it, even just a little every day and it starts to happen. That video with exercises is great stuff to learn from, but even with such good guided exercises and clues to the feedback etc etc it’s still not a binary state. You WILL feel it when you start get there but you wont notice it until you notice what it does for your other practices. It’s not like you cross a threshold and you have it. It needs to be developed, maintained and enhanced daily. If you’ve done considerable work to develop it you can go without for some time but too long and your body is going to start blaring pain and stiffness. Standing wont help you dissolve deeper blockagesor stiffness or a certain tendency to favour weight on your left big toe or something else. Just standing and tai chiing without proper sung gong to strenghten the foundation is not going to do the trick. Sung gong isn’t also just one of those things you do and it happens on its own. Sure, a little, but Meows quote there really emphasises the crux: understand what you didn’t know you were doing wrong and correct it. That takes a lot of focused study that can only come from experience in sung practices, which in turn pivots only on surrendering to those exercise and try to experience why they are so fundamental and powerful. Enough blab from me now.
  15. Sexual Jing: Is It Really Limited (?)

    Don’t forget executions, there’s been plenty of those as well with and around kings. Sorry for the crude edit there Shubin but if we look at it as that the whole issue with kings is more like an issue of many humans from all strata and situations.