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  1. Vegan or vegetarian in Daoism

    Meat in early age is fine and decrease it as you get older. From what I saw, these kung fu kids in China are genetically so different anyway. Rice and veg gives them more arse-kicking ability than anything, so meat isn't a huge part of the bowl.
  2. Mosquitoes, ants?

    Hmm, well it could be accurate and unadulterated but I doubt this. Sounds like "sect" rules but bear in mind this is a school for training. The no-intoxication is a big clue to that, yet some Daoist priests drink wine, so.... I second the idea of aiming for prevention. If you have to kill, so be it but you should always aim to avoid this in future. Try not to be too overly sensitive to it, it'll drive ya mad (I've been there. Started crying once over ants...that's a bit much)
  3. Chuang Tzu Companions

    Make of that what you will haha. Reminds me of a translation I read years ago. Something like; monkeys, three nuts then four nuts. Monkeys angry.... ....and so on. I walked off and bought Burton Watson's after that. It would not surprise me if a lot of the book is misinterpreted in the west. I asked a Chinese kid in Wudang about the famous butterfly allegory and he said it was about quantum mechanics. In the west, there have been lots of other meanings attributed to it, but it is so hard to even know as it is so abstract. PS Champion effort on what you did transcribe. That somewhat ties into legitimate cultivation at least
  4. Suicide?

    Bless you.
  5. Suicide?

    The world is a mosh pit. Sometimes we fall. The good guys help us back up. We can catch people early enough just by paying attention. Sometimes an outsider will know without even needing to have that conversation. Look out for each other. It's the least selfish thing we can all do.
  6. Daoist Funny Memes

    And another one: https://www.facebook.com/coldmountainboy/
  7. Daojia & Daojiao

    Some members here once upon a time were very strictly "philosophical", and to be quite honest, when I first landed here I was too. I think a lot of this comes from our new way of thinking in the west - questioning religion and their frameworks makes us want to depart from anything that has that label. Said label is the problem. Religion is such a different thing in the far east that it is difficult for us born in the west to comprehend it. It takes some serious cup emptying. As I practiced more, I realised that I didn't just have a philosophy. Everything was a "practice", so therefore I had the theory and application as one. Maybe some of the philosophical types will come to this realisation if they continue on this path. There is no distinction between the two. Only people that want to have a distinction will have one, and will be missing half of their training in the process 😉
  8. Daojia & Daojiao

    Hello and welcome The main difference I notice is that "philosophical" Daoism gets interpreted in a way that suits our culture and way of thinking. It can clash with traditional Daoist teachings from the "religious" side of things because they have belief systems that we are totally alien to, and really, have no business getting involved with anyway. Yet everything is Dao. So it doesn't really matter, when you're on your Way, you will integrate what is necessary.
  9. 8 Peices questions

    8x6 is all you need max. I'm trying to understand how much you are doing but to me, that looks too much!
  10. internal anger

    Anger goes away when you constructively deal with a situation that bothers you. The environment around me right now is full of anger, and it is unavoidable as I have to operate out there, no choice in the matter. Find pragmatic ways to avoid the fight, and if adversity does come your way, pacify as best as possible. Then rant to your friends on the phone about it. Or here
  11. Curious person has some questions

    Hey, good questions. I'll answer the best I can 1. This depends on what you mean by "Daoist". One can identify as Daoist simply by reading the Daodejing and trying to apply it to life. Just like there are levels in which people are "Christian", from those that just read some bible before bed, to priests and monks. Same same. 2. If you are looking to be initiated into something, you are looking at finding a temple that will take you but there are some that are quite open these days if you show you are capable and willing. What is it you are looking for? Because full temple life is not quite for me, but my school is a martial arts school. That doesn't make me any less "Daoist", it just has me where I need to be at my current stage of cultivation. 3. I don't know, and I personally don't believe in most of it. Until anyone show me otherwise, I see this or any sort of divination outside of ancestor worship a deviation from the Dao. You'll see a mix up with other eliments of Chinese culture these days, so rituals for wealth etc. but I don't care for all that. 95% of what you'll see will be a scam or superstition. Blessings and exorcisms are very real, speaking from experience, but without getting to technical, that's not all supernatural haha. More on that later. 4. No. That's because the real result is what happens inside YOU. True Daoists do not care for labels, and if you do find an organisation, that just makes you a part of an organisation. However, that could well be more beneficial to you to help you cultivate. 5. Yes, and it's a pain in the arse. It was a bit of both, I was curious like you...seek and you shall find. In the end, it's they who get you and it's quite overwhelming. Although, the nice ones are great, the whole thing is pretty tiring if you don't know what you're doing (which I didn't and still don't really, although I've learned along the way so at least all is calm now) Do they care about us? Hm, long story short is yes unless you leave them alone, which is what I advise! 6. It isn't as exciting. I don't know which media you're talking about in particular, but if it's fire out of the hands or dudes with long white beards kicking the hell out of 100 men, then yeah, not that. But if you want to feel qi, be in good health, feel connected to the heavens or to be able to at least be able to kick above head height as an 80 year old, it might be a good path for you.
  12. Daoist Funny Memes

    For those that use Facebook, I thought I'd post this. Some really funny stuff. Post more if you know of any! https://www.facebook.com/adadkeepstheweebsaway/
  13. Coming back(?)

    Well, I did read, but yep...you've made a good decision here 😁
  14. And of course, if one isn't aware of having mental health problems and is not showing any sign, then Goenka isn't to know of course. But this is the risk of being in the "alternative therapy" business. "Psychics" that do what they do for a living...legally they have to go down as an entertainment business to help avoid accountability. Therapies can't do this, so this is why I'm very careful and advocate teachers who have less bold claims and are not trying to really sell anything.
  15. Unless you're Steve Jobs. Er. Yeah. 😝😂