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  1. Lao Tzu and the "belly"

    I laugh but that's only because it's true.
  2. We learn them as kids, and we discard them as adults. The world tells each and every one of us that we can conquer, reach the summit of whatever ladder we're climbing. It's all about "me", but it's ok if we wear suits and smile at each other across from desks, or have children which are so much better than everybody elses. I'm in it as well when under pressure, life is life and bills need to get paid. But I try hard not to be a dick as much as possible. Being organised and not taking too much on helps...an art that really is lost, especially in the city.
  3. Self-massage Qigong

    Yes, we pat the body but not quite as hard as this. Also, light stretching of the eyes is supposed to help stop wrinkles and also grip and release the left armpit for a good heart.
  4. Taoism and Avoiding Grains

    Wow. More parallel to other religions then? Like ramadan...?
  5. Taoism and Avoiding Grains

    Doesn't boiling water kill the lemon's properties?
  6. Thanks dude. An update on this...I got the usual message of how the new job was a problem and that his anger kept arising etc etc. So I put it straight to him in a 5 minute whatsapp voice message. I said similar things about how I'm noticing a cycle, and I also mentioned how it was all starting to affect me. I then turned my tone and suggestions into more of a "motivational speaker" style, and offered ways on how to convert the energy into a drive to succeed in the job and start playing to win. I compared life and passion to that of a successful football (soccer) manager and that seemed to work. He felt more upbeat and interested in embracing the challenges. Let's see where this goes.
  7. Taoism and Heavy Metal Music

    Yes exactly. No difference to a tribal war dance or bioenergetics imo
  8. Taoism and Heavy Metal Music

    Yes, I like this lot very much. Saw them live twice last year Metal is good - moshing or screaming at the top of your lungs is good therapy.
  9. I'm not into weapons so much but the ones you're talking about should be taught after you obtain your black sash. I didn't get there myself, but I know a few people that did. Otherwise the pole form should apply to weapons which are "extensions of the arm", like batons or knives. Use the principles you apply to both hands and transfer them onto one.
  10. Sorry to hear. Thanks for all your support.
  11. It's been a while. I should indulge.
  12. He's just been sending messages about the world cup. Seems to be distracted from the idea right now. I'm letting things stay as they are as all seems safe, but keeping a watchful eye.
  13. What is a Daoist?

    I always have seen the Tao Te Ching as a rational text over anything else.
  14. What is a Daoist?

    Hi Wu Ming Jen. Other than the hats that define the taoist monk, people from other religions may still posess the qualities that you have described. May someone still be a Taoist if they still consciously follow another major world religion? I would say no, but only because of one core principle: the god concept / having a creator (I believe Buddhism is one exception to this, but they still have a "prophet", of sorts) Whether or not religious taoists have gods/immortals, the Tao Te Ching mentions nothing of creation nor rules to follow in order to go to heaven (or reach nirvana)
  15. What is a Daoist?

    I did read The Kybalion and nodded my head all the way through. Whether or not I am technically a Daoist, I practice what I feel is important universally: interfere as little as possible with other people, be kind to both them and nature. With this, I do not introduce myself to anyone as a Daoist. Why should they care anyway? If people really want to know about me, I mention the Tai Chi and liking the Daoist philosophy and and then see where the convo goes. 95% of the time they will then go on to talk about themselves and their teachings. Good for them