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  1. I'm trying to bring it back. But I'm also trying to bring back double-denim and am failing.
  2. If Taoism got too popular, the world wouldn't operate the way that it does. And we can have that now, can we? Hehe
  3. These days yes due to cross-influences in China. You're closer to the source with traditional stuff. The Tao Te Ching will suffice really, until you find someone that has more knowledge of traditional Taoist schools of thought.
  4. There is no dogma to this. Taoists don't know, and it doesn't matter.
  5. Yin and yang. This what saints are made of. There are some good charities out there, and I have seen that religions also contribute quite nicely. We can start there, join the other droplets and grow. After going to my Dad's native city, Kolkata, I want to do more for the families being raised on the streets of India. But Kolkata is big enough...I must rely on other good souls that may worry about other places. One man or woman can't save the whole world, but we can do what we can. Certainly! Bless.
  6. Ok, so it would seem that typing my profile name and keywords on here didn't bring much luck so I'll elaborate as best I can. The first thread I was thinking of was along the lines of Daoism not necessarily being exclusive to China. Traits can often be found among many people all over the world, and a lot of them won't have even heard of Daoism. Dao is everywhere, so everyone's Way, survival and wellbeing methods has to be. Although I am far from Arfican poverty, my life here compared to many rich people that have the means to live very well (by the best possible diet etc.) cannot compare. It's often said, that those with wealth get good health. But how many of the early Daoists had wealth? With it being such a large scale, I cannot possibly go into much about other poverty. I don't have solutions, only perception. The other thread was something like Daoism being for the well off, in which we went back and forth realising that rich or poor, underatanding and working with the hand that is dealt is most significant. So what if there is a world of ideal food, medicine and exercises? Then we have to peel the onion back further and determine how much of this is BS, how much of it is necessary and so on. But my question to you then...is everyone in the world lucky enough to be able to cultivate?
  7. And they do say, you can only really look after others if you can look after yourself....
  8. Yes, this is a very good thing to bring up. Bear with me though, I have a lot of work on out of town but I'll come back to this when I can.
  9. Picasso liked to paint, Michael Jordan liked to play basketball. As long as we're having fun
  10. Aren't we to understand that our brains have changed physically since then, and that there is not a lot of solid information as to how the species actually lived?
  11. Now I remember yeeeeears and years ago asking questions about image 2, especially. It's on this forum somewhere...if I ever find it, I'll sling it your way.
  12. Well, that was unexpected, quirky but surprisingly relaxing.
  13. "Confirmation bias" is a term that keeps springing up in my mind. For a lot of things. Definitely a fair point and keep doing what you do.
  14. Nono, you are right. That is what I'm getting at. Your first sentence...that's not so mental (as in, mad, right? Gotta be careful as we are talking about the mind so I don't want to misunderstand haha) The reason I say this is because of your next part. Yes. Yes indeed. "Taming the domestication or societal indoctrination", as well as...acting on impulse...which is...animal instincts. All you gotta do as a bear is tread on another bear's turf and you'll be looked up and down and challenged to a bloody death. When we're meditating, we are no longer going around shagging everything, trying to eat everything or barking at whatever we see in the park. But yes, I agree that animals rely on their instincts more than most humans, and therefore "do" better than we do because we have minds that get in the way. Damn minds. As to your last point, sure. Even if it is just to get up and enjoy a glass of water and some toast. And if that's all you need, then good for ya!
  15. I wouldn't be able to say with my hand on heart, that we ever lived like animals. Maybe more instinctively than today, sure...a time when we didn't have weather forecasts and supermarkets. However, one thing that has always differentiated us from the other animals is the ability to think, which is both a blessing and a curse. The daoism paradox is forever present, and I cannot talk too much on it before it sends me mad, but it goes a little something like: 'Hey - yes, the dao is nature, flows like water, is intuitive, instinctive and just works. Here's the catch: you'll need to read about it and practice to get there, so you'll need your brain for a little while. Oh, and your cat...yeah, he has more dao than you. But he can't think, and doesn't even know it. Psych!' Wait, but even Zhuangzi did something. Then again, maybe it's because he was married that he had to get out of bed. Well, if it works, it works buddy. I'd be curious to know more about how your decision making process works when life throws a curveball at you, but this is and as and when sort of thing. I'm interested to know if your mindset changes over time, mainly because mine has copious times since the beginning of my Daoist journey.