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  1. What is the Taoist religion?

    If there's a thread you'd like to guide me to to compare, I'd be more than willing to have a read through. Thank you for your time
  2. What is the Taoist religion?

    Are you referring to a specific video and do you have a correction to make? If so, please share.
  3. What is the Taoist religion?

    One day I will. Gotta keep saving (I want to go to Kolkata, Lahore and also Yunnan in the same trip)
  4. What is the Taoist religion?

    I've heard Taoism described as a Chinese Folk Religion.
  5. What is the Taoist religion?

    I'm saving up to go to Wudang and find out. Master Gu has popped up on YT in the past year, so maybe one day I will be able to learn from him. I don't think Taoism as a religion is the "way" forward, but I'd still like to learn at the very least.
  6. Yes, it's a new-age/egocentric thought. Not very Taoist.
  7. Perfect. I was a serial squatter back in the day, including the 5x5 program for some years. But I'm now little old me, spending more time on the martial arts etc. I'll have a go again on some of thesd exercises as my back hasn't ever been this bad. It just seems counter-productive to do weights when I have tight back muscles but maybe I'm thinking from the complete wrong angle?
  8. Hey, just a quick question about this. Do you have specific exercises? My thoughts are lunges, maybe squats and planks...
  9. Taoist meditation

    Do you feel this is important to do as much of or can you take time away from this meditation? My meditation focus changes with what I think is required. I actually spent so much time on belly breathing not so long ago, that I realised I got lazy with my thoughts and feelings. I became dismissive and cold, which ended up making some close people to me sad, so I had to correct myself there. As with all things, if you've had enough of one, spend some time on the other. Balance!
  10. Taoist meditation

    Critical thinking is, well, critical. We are encouraged to do so much of this, but we lack the balance of sensory meditative and creative practice. This is why for a Taoist, it is important to breathe into the belly, because once the mind has shut itself up after 5-10 minutes, you start to feel the benefits from "the other side" Another thread for you to browse
  11. Taoist meditation

    The thing is, awareness and thinking should not be confused. Awareness and feeling of the belly is relaxing into a pace where you can "feel" the belly. Feel the process of expansion as you breathe. Taoism teaches to empty the head and fill the belly. I opened a thread on this tooic a few years ago with a similar question. I'll try and find it for you
  12. Tao and the Laws of Nature

    I don't think that's what the OP is saying at all. In fact, they said nothing to impose a Western science view, but merely asked how "chance events" are affected by Tao (if at all) I already already stated my opinion on quantum mechanics, but I ask why you feel the links that you provided hold up equally to the quantum theory argument? Both articles are journalistic and to the best of my knowledge, misinformed.
  13. Tao and the Laws of Nature

    Right, I get ya. And also, then, I would also ask, does Tao determine consciousness? To which, I would simply say, yes. So yes to your question, but not to confuse with it governing chance events. If Tao is all encompasing, but non judgemental, all things are within the Tao. But we are not here to understand what man cannot understand. From your artice, "it is impossible to predict when an atom will decay". Tao knows, but knows nothing too. The phenomenon of chance, or something seen as random or unexpected is still what we can call an act of nature. Just like seasons changing, Tao determines this. But it is unknown whether one day it decides to put a tornado into a town, or whether this is from a butterfly effect of some other incident.