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  1. Videos about Zhuangzi Stories

    Subscribes. When I find time to watch the videos, I'll be back
  2. Half Lotus Vs. Full Lotus

    Half-lotus good, full-lotus better but no rush to get there!
  3. Art & the Internal Arts

    These guys pretty much kicked off my spirit quest.
  4. Which QiGong form to start?

    The short answer is yes. If I say any more right now, I'll open up a can of worms haha.
  5. Which QiGong form to start?

    It sounds like you need a class and community to belong to because what you are effectively after is consistent practice (for health, purposes?) which compliments your understanding of the texts. Out of curiosity, which style of Tai Chi were you learning, and was this in person locally, or were you following videos? I know what you mean about the sea of information, so if I can help you narrow everything down, then I will
  6. Which QiGong form to start?

    What is it in particular you're wanting to learn? Because there is always something useful that can be done solo while you try and find a teacher. Some people I know are miles away from accredited schools so they learn one thing in the space of a couple of months and go away to practice it until they're ready to go back. Some of the most basic things take years to work on anyway!
  7. Which QiGong form to start?

    It really is priceless. Even just a teacher with a trusted lineage will be good. If you find a "family tai chi" style, you might just find someone competent. Yes, exactly. Wudang's Sanfeng Pai, for example, do a really elaborate version while there are various, much simpler ones around. There is no problem with the latter at all, it still does the trick and perfect foundational stuff. I'm all about solid foundations
  8. Which QiGong form to start?

    You could try Zhan Zhuang and also baduanjin. These would be good starting points for what you're looking to build up to.
  9. Things for the blind

    Nice to cross paths again, Anand. Thank you...I have already made a start on this as my practice always becomes a talking point. Since his last chest infection, he stopped smoking so little by little he'll edge towards a better way. I just think he needs to keep his brain busy by using his hands as well.
  10. Things for the blind

    I was thinking about wooden puzzles! I have a mensa one... ...I haven't solved it 😂
  11. Things for the blind

    Thanks for all this, I'll take a look through the list. I should have mentioned he's 74, doesn't use a computer and generally has quite a defeatist mentality, so I'd like to find something fairly basic.
  12. I'm looking for advice for someone that I befriend. I took on telephone help for lonely people back in summer, I guess like a Daoist pledge of some sort. He is 3/4 blind and hasn't left his flat in months. He has bad lung health in particular, but he's losing mobility just from being stationary for too long. I want to give him something to do to keep him occupied. I mean, something fun, as he doesn't want to leave the flat, which is fair enough. A friend has already suggested meditation and breathing exercises, especially walking meditation which is fine, but it's not like he's that way inclined. Are there any puzzles or something out there for this sort of thing? He can't do anything like crosswords, I'm thinking something sensory 🤔 Edit: Quite an important thing to note is that he's elderly and has no computer/internet.
  13. I seek power

    Edit: Damn, he got me 😂
  14. What is Fear?

    I spent years and years training martial arts to help build confidence and eliminate fear, yet last night, I froze when asked to make the salmon roles. To experience anything that throws us out of our "norm" can induce fear but I always think our training at least helps if we try to apply it to everything. My hat off to you for the way you handled it...the most important thing is that no one got hurt. Also for your profession, it's very admirable