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  1. I might appreciate the penguin more. Being eaten alive by insects during practice in 35°C heat was quite offputting, but there would be no risk of that in the antarctic
  2. Zhan Zhuang sensations?

    Check this with your GP, just in case it's a nerve thing. I've developed numbness in my right arm in the past couple of years and am currently having physio. I noticed it when leaning on it, but now it's definitely present during ZZ, so a slight concern!
  3. Is spiritual qiqong a thing ?

    After 40 mins of qigong, when I walk after, everything becomes like a dream. It's amazing stuff, but yes, focus a lot more on grounding exercises.
  4. Is spiritual qiqong a thing ?

    Loved the whole post, but this especially. As a friend said to me once, Daoism is Pantheistic.
  5. Liu I-Ming 18th century Taoist Adept

    Interesting. Let's talk about that...!
  6. Some more advice needed on practice

    Shifu in Wudang had to train in the dark back in the day. I believe that the inner doors students are getting some quality training and knowledge there, but it is very noticable that they have to also have to adhere a lot to government regulations which may restrict their Daosit approach. For what is quite a carefree philosophy, Daoism is easier achieved in the west than it is in the east, imo.
  7. Greatest Daoist masters?

    I was going to reply to @SirPalomides but with you sending this, I'll answer with the same thought, being.... ...I guess it depends which sect you ask then! Useful to know anyway, because regardless, Zhuangzi is my favourite Daoist figure, so I have absolutely no shame in viewing him as an immortal/sage either way. Just like my Dad idolises Elvis Presley haha. I'm just not convinced that it was ever intended to be this way.
  8. I've been thinking this might sort itself out, but it's been about a week since I considered myself "recovered". But ever since, I have had a tight stomach, no real desire to eat and I am constantly repeating last meals. I mean, I am eating 3x a day to ensure I don't get weak, but it isn't very comfortable. Does anybody know what flu or bad cold symptoms do to make the body act this way? In the meantime, I have inevitably cut down on carbs/sugars and am drinking green tea and fresh ginger drinks to try and ease my stomach but I think I might need a diet plan to get over this. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
  9. Greatest Daoist masters?

    Zhuangzi isn't considered an immortal. Literally just an author.
  10. Religious Expression & Worship

    Sure, I didn't get any specifics because of the language barrier but I did see plenty of prayer etc. But from what I'm told, it's only really important if you're Chinese.
  11. Religious Expression & Worship

    In Wudang, the worship tends to be more of previous brave figures, warriors/kings etc. Legends have been made of them with fantastical stories. I asked my shifu about this and he said for people like me born in the west, we only really need to pay respects to Laozi for giving us the Daodejing doctrine. Home altars can be a thing. Check out a book called Chinese Beliefs by Frena Bloomfield
  12. Funny, in my line of work, it's important to not rock the boat!
  13. Edit: Empty minds think alike? Does that work? Haha
  14. Haha, I remember this when it was originally posted! I didn't click so much with that particular post, but am slowly getting there.