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  1. Cant sleep, did I fucked up ?

    Yes, in fact, insomnia is my biggest problem as I'm very excitable. Therefore, when I train taiji, it can have the adverse effect that I expect sometimes. A day or two off to just settle might be what you need.
  2. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 73

    Look at me here, being the first! Hehe. The problem is, my question disappeared after reading your transmission @flowing hands This is very concise and I have understood my lesson for today. Thank you.
  3. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 72

    In my whole journey with this study, I have realised something invaluable, which is that regardless, the words should be read as both in every chapter. There is governance of people, in which I am "people" and an someone else is playing governor. Then there is me as governor; of my own mind, body, soul, as well as the people around me. And vice versa. When we interact with the world, the world reflects back.
  4. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 71

    I think it is also more. The "pretending you know when you don't" idea. So, one might use supposed knowledge to win people over and manipulate them, which I think is a human sickness that we all have until we read something like this. I still have it in me. The heart-mind purification still has quite a way to go.
  5. Organizing PPJ into Sections

    Aw that's super. A bit of wu wei in action there 😁
  6. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 69

    Know your enemy. Avoid violence whenever possible. Have mercy.
  7. Question on the dantians

    In the back of my mind, it was there! One of those where I've seen "elixir field" around and not put two and two together 🙄
  8. Question on the dantians

    Seriously, a good point. I might have to steal this for when others talk confusedly about Daoism. Facebook pages are great for that!
  9. Question on the dantians

    Do you have a translation for "Dan"?
  10. Organizing PPJ into Sections

    Who can I contact to get my own PPJ?
  11. Has Anyone Heard Of Mak Jo Si

    Oh, does he not promote guns anymore? I guess that's a start.
  12. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 68

    There have been similar lines to this elsewhere in the book. I still wonder whether this means to just not be dictating when in a position of power, or if it means to not even go for a position of power and to be a positive force behind the scenes. Maybe both, depending on the situation you're in?
  13. Has Anyone Heard Of Mak Jo Si

    I am still butt-hurt from this.
  14. On Spontineity

    Hang on a minute 😂😂😂😂😂
  15. On Spontineity

    Why create turbulance?