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  1. What is Taoism

    First of all, the three basics good food, sleep and being calm. Without good general health, we cannot cultivate successfully. Try and remain relaxed but sharp during the day at work. Smile - people out there are angry but a good energy will benefit all. My personal practice is taiji, qigong and core strength training. Before, it was full contact martial arts but I'm shifting now as age is kicking in, and my need to be "boysterous" is declining. Oh, and yes, guitar playing, singing, and cooking. I like to let my spirit free.
  2. What is Taoism

    Sure. So in this lifetime, we can't do everything. My gateway into Daoist life came from gongfu and when I try to divert to more, monkish ways, or to find monastaries, I seem to get spat back out into martial arts practices. I've found that the teachers that "find me" are now taiji. Temples are pit-stops, then it's back to training.
  3. What is Taoism

    Bless Guan Yin. And I have a mini Buddha, but that's it on the ornament side. I lost a lot of things years ago when I had to leave my home, which I recently returned back to. A friend of mine said that ornaments of Laozi we close to impossible, but sometimes pictures are used. He was born into Daoism, or something that he refered to as tri-dharma. Hence the many deities.
  4. What is Taoism

    What's with the switch around? Is that to sigify the bond between them? This is important. For me, I am on the martial route. I burn incense for direct relatives but I do not worship. Shifu told me that one was not important for me.
  5. What is Taoism

    That's a big thing too - methods of learning. We just learn stuff differently here. Even mannerisms and speech. If someone is western and short with you, they are probably rude or pissed off. If they are Chinese and short with you, they are just being themselves and probably mean well. A western person will absorb the DDJ with a western mindset until they remove themselves and become a product of a different environment.
  6. What is Taoism

    Haha. To use the cliché, "It's all a part of the journey, maaaaan"
  7. Microwave bad effect on food qi ?

    Further to my post above, my landlord put his old microwave in here first. I tried using it once and it locked itself and wouldn't unlock. It turns out that it didn't like me either. Landlord said "how the hell did you break it already?" But that's me. Often technology breaks around me. I control this better these days, before it was out of control! Unfortunately I wouldn't rather eat things cold. According to TCM, I'm a warm-wet food guy. Unfortunately, not supposed to eat too much spice due to yang overload, but I LOVE spice.
  8. Microwave bad effect on food qi ?

    Yep, mainly covered already. I'm always late to the party...must be a time zone thing. Fresh, organic, wok-fried and steamed food best. I went several months without a microwave and all was good. My landlord who sometimes crashes here put one in the kitchen, so I have used it out a few times since for reheating things but it isn't my go-to. I don't know how much it kills qi, I'm just going with the obvious "fresher is better" and the closeness to nature that Daoism teaches us. Tbh, I haven't noticed any negative effects. Then again, I'm not exactly using it twice a day on ready-meals but I have seen the state of people that do live that way 🤣
  9. Putting it out into the Universe

    This has come into my mind at two critical points in the last four months. Firstly when we were having our elections here in the UK, second as Covid-19 hit the west and I watched nations of frightened people fending for themselves, taking from others instead of sharing and thinking of the vulnerable, not realising how rich and fulfilled they already are. Pointing fingers at politicians, criticising how things have been handled (I am guilty of this one) and criticisms of other countries. "Imagine there's no countries", is a very enlightened line. Not to throw away our identity, but our political stubbornness and separation. So I put my blessings out to the world, for forgiveness and understanding. The world has panicked, and now let's be humbled and love our brothers and sisters.
  10. stuff to do to feel qi better ?

    On this subject of walking, I realise I didn't mention the usefulness of a light 10 minute jog and stretching first thing in the morning. Also, a variety of aerobic-style arms swings and exercises to turn the wait in order to tire/relax the muscles. Call it, "limbering up" and letting that tension go. I think with some trial and error, you'll find what works for you
  11. What is Taoism

    His opinion.
  12. What is Taoism

    And with that comes the question "What? But some of those things aren't Daoist" If you ask a philosophy bum. Herein lies the difference between what we perceive as "Daoist" by reading books and actually acknowledging how it actually is in China
  13. What is Taoism

    Burning incense and paying respects in prayer to ancestors and past historical figures of the country. Said figures have become immortals/Gods. You'll even find a Buddha in one of the temples in Wudangshan!
  14. stuff to do to feel qi better ?

    That sounds like one of two things: 1) I don't know who the teacher is, but if they are not from a credible lineage, nor an ordained teacher, he could have just been doing mind trickery where all his students are basically hypnotised. Unfortunately, this is all too common. If a teacher has really developed qi, you feel it when you walk in the room without demonstration, because it will radiate from them. You'll know when you're in the right place. 2. Possible blockage. But if you are able to learn a taiji form and practice it daily, religiously, this should subside and prep you.
  15. stuff to do to feel qi better ?

    I only find this to be the case on the day of actual training, though. In fact, within hours of putting down whatever is being lifted, the body can return to a neutral state. I find that I can sink back into "soft mode" just fine.