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  1. Qi/Martial arts Cultivation

    In that case, for now, I would suggest sticking to basic breathing meditations and look around this forum for other threads. There are plenty of meditation and qigong techniques of you search around. But until you find some, try 30 minutes every morning and night time, cross legged sat on a high cushion, facing south. Palms on your knees. Eyes relaxed, half closed and gaze down toward your nose. Breathe in and out through the nose and after 5 minutes of calming down, relax your eyes. You can close them if you don't lose your focus. Feel the breath going into the lower dantien (just below the belly button) and focus until the end of the meditation. The more you practice, the more you will feel your energy over time. It's a good place to start until you find your practice. Good luck
  2. Qi/Martial arts Cultivation

    Hey! I'm 31! Have you taken any lessons in anything before? Either way, like @Michael Sternbach said, finding a good taiji school close to you is a good start
  3. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    No, but I've read one of his books. Personally, I think he's onto something. Perhaps maybe a bit misguided when talking about the arts' effectiveness in combat, but for healing, I'm on board.
  4. Interesting, this. Becuase my friend often makes big salads when I visit him and I always feel "good" after because I don't usually eat like this. I tried to once, but found it unsustainable. I found that doing this every so often is good, but eventually a good ol' KFC will give me a strength and energy boost when physically tired, and keep me full for ages...and also I will eat less calories in a day because around that, I'll eat very little except things like fruit.
  5. The Art of War

    Haha, this happened to TWO of my TTCs! I'll raise my hand because I like the idea and want to at least try. I am decorating/moving to a new place as we speak but I'll swing by when I can.
  6. Yeah. I lost 14 lbs in Wudang eating rice, but my physical enerrgy output was huge. I eat nuts and seeds anyway...oats, potato, bread, meat, veg, fruit...daily. I run out of things to eat so I still manage to get chocolate cookies in as well and I still struggle to gain. Genetics, eh? Anyway, thread derail alert! Ha
  7. Out of curiosity, what have you replaced rice with to gain wait? I eat a lot of bread, rice and potatoes but still struggle to get over 155lbs
  8. I like to think internal power will eventually have the ladies flocking to me. I'm still waiting, but I'm a believer.
  9. All I can say is that I lifted weights for 10 years along with external martial arts. Due to injury, I won't even do a push up these days and in the last 6 months, my qigong/taiji have vastly improved. But now I have a big head and a skinny-fat body. Meh, can't have it all.
  10. Neijing Tu

    Likewise, good to have ya back.
  11. Neijing Tu

    So it's true! You're back!
  12. I think with enough guided sessions, you will get more and more familiar with correct posture and method. You will naturally feel more confident when doing it alone in due course (as lomg as your teacher revisits it!) When I first learnt, I did it under regular supervision and even two weeks down the line, I would be corrected. But it wasn't much longer until I was able to remember all the details and practice independently. All the best!
  13. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    With all due respect, I wish to be allowed to ask questions in return to help me understand. Especially if your teachings differ to mine, and a lot of others'. Hence the forum tagline "Discussions On The Way" Either way, thank you for your offerings. It will digest one way or another.
  14. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    This is beautiful and a wonderful turn on the thread. I only sought a basic answer in the first place. This is not the one I thought I'd see here but thank you for reminding me about the true importance of this all.
  15. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    Sure, I understand this, but I have been taught the first level which is seated meditation. The rest comes after... Really? Why is it known as the "energy centre" then? I'm pretty sure a dantian is commonly known as a storage space for life force.