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  1. Standing Qigong pain issue

    I'll keep my eye on this thread. I still have back pain when I do tai chi and I worry that my teenage, early adult lazy posture is to blame. Maybe it's just damage limitation from here. In your case though, I hope not! Similar to post above by @Aetherous, I'm still working my hip flexors and keeping the glutes stong with the hope that it is "lack of back support", that is casing the issue, rather than the back itself!
  2. When my ex-fiancée broke up with me, I took little hesitation in deleting all photos, throwing away old cards, discarding our joint possessions and generally forgetting her from my life. I left our house that we rented, replaced my piece of shit car and worked to clear my mind of the intense emotions that were pounding on me like a bully in the playground. My current girlfriend (let's see how long it lasts) insists on bringing her up. Not in a negative way, but she constantly reminds me that she was such a big part of my life. In what universe would I not know this? Why would this person want me to keep digging this past up? My only answer for me is "different philosophies". I've been on this path too long and seen a radical change in me that I can only thank Tao for. Declutter. Cleanse. Empty mind. Amen.
  3. Do you get stressed out if someone interferes with your cultivation in this way? I have a similar goal, but I find it's a lot of energy to keep makinh that point and fighting clutter (and often food) away. And I shouldn't complain. People are (literally) dying for such things!
  4. I will message you a bit later because this is going to be very useful! Thank you
  5. Yes, it was George's channel that introduces this retreat to me I dunno. I still like the idea of just doing tai chi for a month in the mountains either way.
  6. Well, if there is an option to save money....the retreat isn't cheap! Have you been to Wudang before?
  7. Haha, I knew you would ask this! Yes, he runs it - I know you're not a fan. It is why I'm here though, to see if there are any other recommendations. I've always wanted to go to Wudang, and I want to have an experience while I'm there, rather than just doing a tourist run of looking around, taking photos etc.
  8. Hello Bums! Apologies for my intermittent attendance on this forum - I've been so busy and I find it hard to keep up. I am on the verge of booking a trip to the Wudang mountains. Initially, I am thinking of going to the Taoist Wellness Academy for a month. I want to know if anyone has been to Wudang and what experiences they've had. The TWA has a fixed price which includes accommodation and food, but I want to know if you think that there may be other places where I can get good bang for my buck. In my time there, I want to practice tai chi, study taoism, and maybe pick tea. If you have any alternative suggestions, do let me know
  9. What is the Taoist religion?

    If there's a thread you'd like to guide me to to compare, I'd be more than willing to have a read through. Thank you for your time
  10. What is the Taoist religion?

    Are you referring to a specific video and do you have a correction to make? If so, please share.
  11. What is the Taoist religion?

    One day I will. Gotta keep saving (I want to go to Kolkata, Lahore and also Yunnan in the same trip)
  12. What is the Taoist religion?

    I've heard Taoism described as a Chinese Folk Religion.
  13. What is the Taoist religion?

    I'm saving up to go to Wudang and find out. Master Gu has popped up on YT in the past year, so maybe one day I will be able to learn from him. I don't think Taoism as a religion is the "way" forward, but I'd still like to learn at the very least.
  14. Yes, it's a new-age/egocentric thought. Not very Taoist.