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  1. The perfect weapon

    Through hearsay/media, I've heard 8-12 months...
  2. The perfect weapon

    Oh. I was thinking more about handling money and the virus passing on that way. Send all money back to banks, then shut them and their atms? Ok, I'm being facetious. But this would be nice.
  3. Master....what master ?

    But you have the answer, so I'm not sure what your beef is. Why not seek one of these, then?
  4. The perfect weapon

    Seen this in the flesh and I could feel it by watching. Beautiful stuff.
  5. The perfect weapon

    I mean, I'm not one for a lot of the terminology in this article, but yes, I always get very sick after bouts of anxiety, fear etc. Some say laughter is the best medicine, and this can be very hard when stuck in one's own mind. I say, find people that cheer us up and hang with them. Laugh, play, smile....and taiji!
  6. The perfect weapon

    Also, I'm ready to start a movement. Let's save this wonderful beer and all buy a crate... https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2020/02/27/corona-beer-takes-a-hit-from-coronavirus-as-brand-image-suffers.html
  7. The perfect weapon

    Where's the "Ay Caramba!" emoji on here?
  8. The perfect weapon

    Mmmmm ......harmonies
  9. The perfect weapon

    Well, there is a theory that it's an act of God
  10. The perfect weapon

    @Heartbreak Tell me more
  11. The perfect weapon

    Cases springing up everywhere now with no links/contact with China. What is this thing, blowing in the wind over the seas?
  12. How/why does qigong work?

    @alchemystical There's some good usedful answers on this page.
  13. How/why does qigong work?

    Had a thought yesterday...sorry if this has been mentioned already but... ...we're not really waving arms anyway. Moreso turning the waist.
  14. Is chi hardening a thing ?

    I'm starting to love this word, "asshats", or for me, "arsehats". Exactly my experience. After our wing chun school shut, a few of us along with other friends started a little MMA group where we would cross-train with BJJ, Thai Boxing and Judo guys. We had about 7 of us and would rent cages and get so much done with little injury other than natural soreness. With interest to compete, and with others hanging up the gloves having kids, moving away/on, I joined my closest and most reputable MMA gym. Credit where it's due, the instructor teaches good stuff and over this whole period, I became a much more rounded fighter. However, LESS than 1/4 had control. One guy rolled over on my arm so hard he nearly snapped it off. Then new guys would come in who "used to box" and then treat sparring like it was a UFC main event. Therefore, I kicked a few people harder than I should have then decided to leave. I never made competition because I was often to injured to train. If I had the mindset, I'd push through the pain, carry on and try and get a competitive fight in or two. But is it really worth it for maybe a photograph of a memory which may later be lost to some sort of amnesia anyway?
  15. Is chi hardening a thing ?

    I gave up MMA for this reason...I like my head in one piece.