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  1. Levitation and possibly flight?

    Sounds constructive to me!
  2. Levitation and possibly flight?

    Lol, you read my mind...see what I just posted above? It's time to bring the old school flogging back. Seems to be the only way.
  3. Levitation and possibly flight?

    That's right. First, beat them with a stick though.
  4. Levitation and possibly flight?

    Oooh, my ego, quoting myself! Actually, I liked the shuffle where Daoist Discussion eventually ended up above GD on this forum. Maybe Personal Practice should be bumped up as well. People that want to come here to learn should see inviting stuff. Otherwise, they'll come here with high expectations, see all these threads and be like "Wow, those Daoists are horrible people" It's a big thing that major religions struggle with - bad PR due to a select few that shout and attack bigger and bigger so that the peaceful philosophy geta drowned out. Can't we all get back on the down-low? Take a leaf out of the monks' books...
  5. Levitation and possibly flight?

    Funnily enough, I just asked for one. That might take a while. Ugh, me as usual showing up way too late for stuff. I need to be kicked out for lazy attendance.
  6. Levitation and possibly flight?

    I support this. I'm here to share REAL Daoist discussions, it's a shame that said asshats are allowed to stick about. If one goes to a school and behave this way, one gets kicked out.
  7. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    Could you imagine all of us in class together? Teacher would lose their mind. Except not with me, I'm teacher's pet and get it right every time
  8. What counts as Idolatry to you?

    I definitely need 10 dumpsters. This has reduced from 15, though, so that's cool
  9. What counts as Idolatry to you?

    Some atheists share the same God. In fact, so do many other people from other religions... Wait, there IS one true God after all! Haha
  10. What counts as Idolatry to you?

    You mean the ones who pass judgement on virtually everything? Yeah, that one's a head-scratcher....
  11. What counts as Idolatry to you?

    Said fundamentalists would have a ball in Thailand where everybody bows to each other.
  12. What counts as Idolatry to you?

    Exactly. It is very hard for Abrahamic religions to understand because they only know one way of "worship" It took me a long time to understand what was going on in China, but with some cup-emptying, it was a lot easier to grasp. While paying huge respects to great historical figures is massively embedded in culture; with statues, fantastical tales and temples, it is easy to call this idolatry. This is complex because, as my parents would see it as Christians, they look like gods and are therefore false idols. This will send you to hell, right? Well this is the trouble. Is it worship? To them, yes...to Daoists...sort of. By my translation is more like paying very big respect to ancestors. That in itself is no crime, right? In Huddersfield where I live, we have a statue of a former Prime Minister from the town, Harold Wilson. We don't burn incense or leave fruit by him, mind. But at what point do we start seeing things as idolarity? Is it my Dad's extensive collection of Elvis Presley CDs and vinyl with framed pictures on the wall? What if we have a favourite teacher that has showed us the way more than "God" himself? Is this bad because we haven't prayed enough and have gone somewhere more practical? Maybe I have a favourite actor that appears to be a good role model. Anyway, my point is, I've never been into the whole preacher thing....for those that know, do not speak.
  13. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    Ok, here goes. Disclaimer: I have A LOT of you to speak of, so I am going to start small and add to this chain over time. I think I understand the rules. @thelerner Always sincere and kind, and will go the extra mile to help. I remember a specific email that I got after starting a certain thread a long time ago...it's always nice to get a little something extra on my journey @Rocky Lionmouth You've been nominated twice now, so get your arse over here. I think in recent years, we found each other to be on the same page with most things and had a "Dude? Duuuuude!" moment haha. More to follow. Lovely thread, thanks @Earl Grey
  14. I have often seen it said that we transform Jing to Qi and Qi to Shen. I want to focus on the first part in this thread. I used to use my terms loosely, so for example, if I was feeling eratic or anxious, I would say my "qi is all over the place" I am now starting to think that the correct term is "jing". Although I've seen it described as "sexual energy", surely it relates to any form of energy that can have great detrimental effect if not controlled? i.e Anything from compulsive masturbation/sex to panic attacks. When we meditate, we foucus on the lower dan tien to send the jing there, and store/convert it into qi. Am I right in this first part of the theory? Thanks all
  15. I understood it fully, hence my first reply. But let's get one thing straight...you nor anyone is a part of a "higher dimensional race". Please be careful what you get yourself into, because it will shape your attitude and ego in a terrible way. Trust me, I was there before, and it comes back with many negative effects. You are correct about it not being just about powers but cultivating your soul. And if you do so, the soul will be all the power that you need. But try and avoid the negative language and attitude because if you step aside right now and look at how you speak, objectively, you will see that you are taking a very hard, almost draconian approach to this. I encourage a softer, Daoist approach.
  16. Ok dude, this is quite warped. I'd totally review your purpose for cultivating
  17. The world dangles tempting carrots in front of us. When we're not awake to it, the difficult things is to see what it is that is damaging us. We are programmed to make the same mistakes time and time again, whether that's toxic relationships, drugs, fighting etc etc. You can stay on your path, but don't expect others to understand.
  18. A lot of you are deluded

    Oh sure, don't get me wrong. There is so much greatness in games, and I am currently slowly (very slowly) playing through the RE2 remake. But everything else comes first. For me, being self-employed, a musician and taiji guy certainly limits my time greatly, as I like to eat fresh and get my sleep in as well. I just found getting competitive in gaming was extra stress, whereas at uni, I'd happily take aiming for Tekken Lord over actual kung fu practice. "Compartmentalize"...that's a great word to use. But my point is, my life is healthier this way, rather than doing 9-5 then coming home, cracking beers open and playing for 4-5 hours and repeating the pattern. Btw, with that music taste, you and I are going to have to hang at some point haha. I grew up on all that, but I run the risk of derailing this thread if I continue! And ok, Twilight Link can stay. Although, Twilight is in fact the weakest Zelda game imo...or maybe M.M? Again, must....not...derail...
  19. A lot of you are deluded

    This hits the nail on the head. Yeah, I hear that. It actually sounds like you're ready to take off and search for answers. I'm as curious as @Earl Grey with what it is you've been practicing so far etc. It sounds like you'd benefit greatly from time with monks or equivalent and undergo some training in a community that you can relate to. All I can say is that from my experience, when you do, suddenly you feel at home. You can speak the way that your heart speaks and everyone understands you, even if they don't know your language. Now, here in England, I have refined who I have surrounding me. Not out of hate, I still love them dearly, but my training has taken me away. One fella always sent me stacks of images of games he was playing late at night, drinking copious amounts of alcohol. While I can appreciate that, sorta, I'm really not interested and I think he eventually got the hint. "Since you got back, you've been a gay and don't play games anymore" is what he said haha. In his and his friend's world, that's a loss but for me, I have 16-17 hours a day of very important and rewarding things to do. I should probably change my avatar after all that
  20. Qi vs Virus

    I just came across an article on COPD, but coronavirus was also thrown into the mix. Thought I'd share
  21. A lot of you are deluded

    I remember the golden years.
  22. A lot of you are deluded

    Absolutely. So no need to get involved
  23. Are we already dead? Is this actually hell?

    Well, it didn't take long for me to remember I had clicked on a GD thread, coming back to it post-distraction Always fun reading.
  24. A lot of you are deluded

    Nah, there's enough ruckus that goes on here. You could join the few that call people out individually It always makes fun reading. Peace.
  25. Purpose of QiGong

    Subjective, is what it is.