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  1. There are a cluster of people who spam every thread with their inane mind drivel, which is why I ended up not posting any more, if you ban them all you might get some decent discussion again here.
  2. Not exactly impartial reporting, the first part of it accusers her of being obese which is ridiculous, she isn't obese at all, infact anyone can go watch her for 24 hour stretches without eating a mouthful. Most of the claims in Gail Treadwell's books have been countered by others who were there. I personally know quite a few people in Ammas inner circles and they have never witnessed anything like that. There were a few people who have accused Amma in the past, all so far have apologised years later saying it was their own inner resistance and ego coming out and projecting on the outside what they couldn't bare to see in themselves.
  3. Try see a professional healer of body worker and see what they say or recommend. All our bodies are bound up with emotional/karmic imprints which twist us up to different degrees, Western medicine is unlikely to help much with this unless you need surgery of some kind.
  4. Trump talk

    I'm saying that the Republican Party have sold their soul , they have given up even any attempt at maintaining any principal for a bit of power Also that there is so little room for nuiance that if anyone stands up for basic morality a large proportion of people immediately label them leftist.
  5. Trump talk

    So is anyone who believes in common decency and some level of morality a member of "the left" now? I thought those values are meant to be the the backbone of the Republican Party? Looks like everything has gone backwards or upside down
  6. Trump talk

    I have an opinion and a slant, my opinion is you have made a professional Twitter Troll your President :) . As much as I enjoyed him taking down all the empty suits and lackeys they lined up from the establishment to try to make President the guy is nuts. I thought i'd would be fun to see him mix things up but in reality all I see from him is more of the same in the sense that he is putting into power the exact same people making the same rich people richer, despite saying he didn't want more wars he has hired people like warmonger Bolton to stir up trouble and a bunch of corporate lobbyists in key positions. I live in the UK, you can insult our leaders as much as you like, I won't be personally insulted by it .There are certain ones I support and vote for more than others but I have enough flexibility to be able to call them out on it when they mess up or act in ways I find despicable, i'm not blindly loyal no matter what they do which oddly seems to be the case with Trump, he can literally do anything and he won't lose support, its more like a cult with blind allegiance. Also with his recent attacks it isn't just Omar he is attacking, he is attacking the others who are born in the USA, I don;t see how the Republican Party can stand by and not call him out on this, it is so polarized that there are literally no moral standards left
  7. Trump talk

    A man has free speech, while the leader of the country has responsibilities which mean he shouldn't go around spouting anything which comes into his head because there are serious consequences. If you don't understand that subtlety then maybe the dementia is creeping in? If Omar is illegal then deport her, if not then it's just plain racism. I have no horse in this race as I don't live in the US, so have no preference for any political side. I have watched Trump most his life and used to quite like him on the Apprentice, but electing him as your leader I found hilarious as he is more or less just a traditional con man, a kind of guy you wouldn't buy a car from, but now he's being openly racist (and rational people are defending him no matter what he does) it becomes more worrying.
  8. Trump talk

    So you guys have no problem with Trump being openly racist ? "Send them back" is a phrase with a racist history and racist connotations, there is not even any attempt to cover it up now, it's a deliberate strategy. Of course such rhetoric is divisive , this isn't some liberal media conspiracy dividing your country, your President is plainly and openly courting it.
  9. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Didn't SOTG just invent his whole system himself? Does he have a human teacher or is it learned from books ?
  10. The Brexit Thread

    So what is the alternative to May? There is nobody, Boris or Gove , complete imbeciles with absolute zero electibility. What baffles me is that there is a part of the Tory party who have been campaigning on this for generations, but now they are in the position they have been working for they have absolutely no idea what to do... pathetic
  11. The Brexit Thread

    The worst thing which could come out of this is if we end up with a trade deal with the USA which opens us up to the absolute horrors of American agriculture and food. Chlorinated chicken, hormone injected beef, GM crops, all at cut price , the only down side is the long term health and welfare of the future of all our future generations. An abundance of unnatural chemicals and hormones pumped into our bloodstreams in the name of freedom. After which the American pharmaceutical companies will start pimping their drugs to us at inflated prices in the name of health promotion. I just pray that we are entrenched enough in the EU that we can can be saved from such a situation.
  12. The Brexit Thread

    You can't possibly get any more establishment than Jacob Reece-Mog. Boris, Gove, Farage are all firmly entrenched in the establishment, you can't possibly believe that Leave is led by anti establishment figures. Also I very much doubt there would be any trouble if we remained, London voted to stay as well as most big urban areas, it's all the small remote rural areas who voted leave, mostly old peoplle. What are they going to smash up apart from their local bus stop?
  13. The person with the greatest vitality/longevity is probably the Dalai Lama, who is 83 but still traveling the world teaching and full of energy, his American doctors say he has the constitution of a man half his age. I am sure his Buddhist practice helps but if you look at his routine he gets up every morning and goes on a treadmill, before having a bowl of cornflakes! I think it is likely if you asked him though he would say his secret is warm-heartedness. But no matter what practice you do genetics are always going to play a major part in your health, health practices and stress reduction can influence genetic expression to some extent but never fully , you are always going to have the genetic history of your two family lineages to contend with. If your ancestors lived through a famine no doubt that "memory" is going to be encoded in your system in some way influencing your health.
  14. I have studied the Fourth Way pretty extensively and Ouspensky's in Search of the Miraculous is a wonderful book which documents a period of the work of Gurdjieff. I would recommend reading Gurdjieff's Meetings With Remarkable Men next. The teachings Ousepensky offers are only partial though in the sense he provides a lot of the mental or intellectual side of things, whereas the more complete Fourth Way involves working on all centres at once, so a critical aspect is the movements or dances, music, as well as all the work of self observation and remembering and conscious suffering. Group work is also essential but the modern Fourth Way groups are very variable in quality, some of which have gone off the deep end, so I'd be careful. If you really want to go into the teachings it involves reading Gurdjieff's Beelzebub's Tales, which is some undertaking.
  15. Is enlightenment or nibbana worth it?

    Good question. It is a pretty universal message that you will get absolutely nothing from enlightenment (as there isn't a you there to achieve it) , so really enlightenment is only for those who are done with life or gone through so much karmic existance that there is nowhere left to go , or you have run out of places to run to avoid the truth. So if you enjoy life I would just enjoy it fully, forget about enlightenment, it will catch up with you in the end anyway.