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  1. I don't think it's about that. The divine aspect is the universal aspect, so a quality of the divine feminine is universal motherhood, so instead of only loving and taking care of your immediate family you look upon all people in the same way. To the divine you are literally it's child, it gave birth to you. But the divine feminine is also Kali so can be destructive also. Divine masculine or fatherhood is similar, but I would say has a more protective universal quality. More a quality of strength going out into the world It is interesting though that the divine feminine is now widely celebrated and accepted but as soon as divine masculine is mentioned it's pretty much ridiculed or seen as weakness or something
  2. If his protocol is basically using lots of other people's techniques and methods it's a bit of a cheek him charging so much, the majority of that stuff is freely available on the internet. I have done nearly all of it over the years but wouldn't prescribe it to anyone as a blanket formulae
  3. If you go by My Name is Earl you may not always get the reaction you expect
  4. Thanks for your honest explanation dwai. I relate more to the first half of your words than the second half, but I don't really see how the expansion that Jeff plays with is related to the first part of what you talk about. Yes these planes exist beyond what most people consider regular mind but what do they have to do with awakening? What do they have to do with ending non-separation?In all the posts I have seen the light workers write I have never got the impression that they have got that first part, Jeff has said to me that he sees differentiation though all levels.. in other words separation. So I don't really see how they are related
  5. Coming back on topic.. say some guy is way above "super guru" level then so what, why is that a good thing? What's the use?
  6. I have clarified that I don't endorse drugs and don't endorse it as a path, as I said it was just an analogy for the importance of being here.
  7. That is what Ram Dass says happened, no misquote Grace is always available it is just a matter of opening to it, so a drug could help open you up to grace by lowering your defences and opening you to what is already there trying to move you. Not that i'm massively into drugs though or recommend them, my original mention of them was more to highlight that what really matters is being here not in some other realm. There is no doubt in my mind that Mother Meera brings down grace to help people in their most difficult suffering and karmic issues though, there are thousands of people she has helped and have stories about it. I know someone personally who received her Darshan just once and it completely changed his life, he transformed his life from one dedicated to selfish egotism to one of service almost overnight after seeing her.
  8. Maybe, maybe not, where do you think all these levels exist except not within mind? There is a story about when Ram Dass went to India and would go around giving LSD to Guru's and Saints to see how they react, then he met Neem Karoli Baba and he gave him enough LSD to knock out a horse and nothing happened, Baba then went on to tell him that LSD can bring you do God but ultimately its no use as you can't stay there with that method It took toll because she was bringing that level down to this human level, bringing grace down to where people most need it in their bodies and in their lives, which has outstanding results for human transformation, she wasn't just hanging out in some transcendent realm for fun or for a holiday. You gain mastery over it by both being the light,being beyond the light and being nothing.
  9. Not sure it's written about anywhere, its more from talking to people who have been following her over the decades and who have observed her state over time.
  10. I heard this story about a guy who took a really high dose of acid who during his trip started going through all the realms, so went through hell realms and heaven realms and all sorts of different places getting higher and higher until he finally broke through the highest realm.. to realise he was back exactly where he started, right here, now, this is it. The hardest and most challenging thing I think is to bring back whereever you go into your humanity, into now, otherwise whats the point , otherwise isn't it just another form of avoidance? Avoiding being here. There is a really interesting book about Mother Meera I read who was tutored as a child by Sri Aurobindo, and as a child they would visit all these different realms together , but she would go higher and higher until she broke through to a divine realm, but rather than stay there she found a way to bring down the Paranatman light from the divine realm into our humanity. So if you now go to see her in person she becomes a channel and brings down this divine light first through her hands into your head and then through her eyes into your body, the result of which dissolves people's most difficult karmic knots. She could probably hang out in the divine formless realm if she wanted, but it wouldn't be much use to anyone else, actually her doing that took a toll on her nervous system for many years so there is something noble and an element of sacrifice in her work, fortunately she now appears to be getting stronger. So if somebody is hanging out some place else so what? Must be nice for them to take a holiday or extended break from being in the messiness that is our humanity, but at some point they have to come back.
  11. Why 785 million and not the whole of humanity?
  12. All I'm saying is that I know plenty of people who are acutely sensitive to energy flows, some of whom it is their full time job to be aware of them and have been refining their sensing capacity for decades , and none them have reported any shifts in the past few days as far as I'm aware. It is possible for groups to have energy shifts and even lineages to get bumps, but to project that onto the world at large is up for question if nobody else anywhere is noticing it. The group I was referring to isn't any group in particular, just the few people in this thread who have replied affirming that they have noticed a difference.
  13. How big is this group who have detected a shift over the last few days? This isn't a phenomena I have found other people talking about in the various energy type groups and forums I interact with over the internet. Nobody else I have found is talking about this except a small handful of people here.
  14. I have been reading this book by a Psychologist/Buddhist named Bruce Tift who explains this phenomena quite clearly. On one level it is just outdated defences from childhood trying to protect you, during their formation they are completely appropriate and formed out of love so you receive the love you need from your caregivers, but as we get older moving out of them creates fear as they are formed for survival and they don't know yet that they are no longer needed so they fight to stay alive. So we end up fearing many strong emotions and we also fear open awareness itself as that is the destroyer of all our defences and survival concepts. The solution to this is essentially giving up trying to find a solution, you hold both your desire to be free and your desire for safety together at the same time in the same space without trying to find a resolution between the competing drives. There is something which has no resistance to either position and has no problem with contradictory energies, it is free in either polarity no problem.