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  1. If you are still there when meditating on emptiness then there is still a duality between you and your meditation object. Even if the meditation is emptiness if there is a duality it just means your mind has created an object which it calls emptiness. The collapse of that duality results in realisation that you are the emptiness, it is what is reading this text right now. After that it is just a matter of being what you already are. Being what you are will open many of the energy gates as most of them are held shut by psychic tensions which all revolve around the sense of being a seperate "I".
  2. In one sense devotion is easier before awakening, because you have a separate object to be devoted to. Awakening in an annihilation of this duality so in one sense devotion is absurd from that perspective as you are basically worshipping yourself, yet it seems to be what goes on.
  3. I read an article about Nisargadatta the other day about how all the students would go and sit with him for meditation sessions where they sat as awareness, nothing do be done once you have moved beyond the I-AM except reside. But then also Nisargadatta would do devotional singing and Bhajan sessions which the Westerners often wouldn't attend, but those who did attend knew that it was in the active sessions in devotion where you got all the juice, and both types were important. How to bring the peace of our true nature into all the deep pockets of separation within us is the question, sometimes that does involve activity and intention in my experience, Bhajans and devotional singing appears to be a time honoured way to help this.
  4. Where are the Taoist Sages?

    The vast majority of them were killed by Mao's purges, mostly what is left are fragments and partial teachings, if you are incredibly lucky you might stumble upon a genuine oral lineage but they are incredibly rare.
  5. Divine intervention

    Also the more light that is shined in the more the darkness is stirred up before being resolved , which is what is going on in the world now
  6. Divine intervention

    There is divine intervention all the time, we just don't notice it our consciousness has become too dense
  7. Working with Attachments

    In a sense attachments are addictions, and usually we only give up addictions when we clearly see we get absolutely nothing positive out of them. As long as we believe we need them or they serve us on some level we won't let them go.
  8. Burning off karma

    One way to look at Karma is that it is consciousness stuck in separation, stuck in time and story. As our fundamental awareness exists outside of time and separation then liberation is about bringing that fundamental nature into those pockets of confusion, or rather bringing that forth from inside of it, so the pockets of karma wake up to their real nature. Therefore karma is ultimately unreal in this regard and any pocket of karma can be woken up and dissolved this way. Just being with a being who is established in their ultimate nature to some extent can create the resonance in you to bring forth that nature within you without either of you doing anything. Going to Satsangs, going on retreats etc all can have a benefit of waking up karma in this way just by providing the pause and space for it to happen.
  9. There are some very powerful people who seemingly bring in divine love who I wouldn't work with. It is a matter of discernment. There was one spiritual teacher from Eastern Europe who used to do world tours and bring in big crowds. People who attended her meetings would say that they felt so much love in her presence , to the extent that they would start falling in love with her neglecting their partners. Some people I know who work with energy attended her meeting and got suspicious when they started to fall in love with her too, so they did some energetic interventions to stop the hook and to stop her from hooking others in. The next week she cancelled all her tours and has never toured again. She was hooking people in in a way which felt like a divine blessing but actually was malicious.
  10. Yes it holds you back, but I'm yet to meet anyone who is a completely pure conduit without issues holding them back (except maybe Ammachi who can give blessings non stop for over 16 hours without a break or rest). I'm talking about personal experience, but as far as I can it applies universally.
  11. Yeah that is true, yet it's only true to say that when speaking directly from that place.
  12. Yes, it goes in degrees, you don't have to be completely surrendered to gain access. Do you think you folks who work with light are somehow beyond ego already?
  13. Depends what they believe they are doing. Not wrong but if you mistake the power of the divine for your own it will inflate your ego rather than humble you and allow you to surrender. It's a very subtle area but the ego will try co-op whatever you do to try to bring it into its own domain, I know from personal experience. For example Jesus never took any credit for whatever miracles or healing that happened through him, he would say to the individual that their faith redeemed them.
  14. Yeah I agree, but it's when individuals claim responsibility and doership for this that it can cause problems.