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  1. Coitus Reservatus and chi(veerya)

    Then why is this advice so prevalent to conserve semen? To be honest, I have also been trying it for some months. I do non-ejaculatory sex with my partner and after that do some squats and cooling exercises (inner smile). I have done a lot of reading on this topic. Tao of health sex and longevity(Daniel Reed) The Tao of love and sex (Jolan Chang) Dr. Lin of Lujan Matus ( Micheal Winn and Mantak Chia Videos What I have noticed among all is that they agree on the viewpoint of non-ejaculatory sex and they cite many benefits of it also. Daniel Reed in his book says that prostate can reabsorb the seminal fluids. However, along with it they also mention the need of cooling exercises and moderation of ejaculation. I want to know what are your views regarding this topic?
  2. Majority of the taoists and Indian tantra gurus advice against coitus reservatus, however there are some who do not vehemently disagree with its efficacy. For instance, mantak chia in his book says that it does help to save the male seed but leads to congestion and can ultimately lead to the failure of prostate. Another tao master Lujan Matus( in one discussion advices " Just remember you can make love to your partner and withhold your semen and when it becomes unbearable let it go outside of your partner's body". I asked question in the same discussion regarging it but could not get a reply. I also tried asking the same question from Dr. Lin ( and got a somewhat confusing answer. He says that when we do coitus reservatus the semen may go back to the bladder which is ultimately wasted. He did not tell me about why and how? I want to know who is correct? Where does the semen go If we reach on the verge of orgasm but decline its outlet? Is it reabsorbed or goes to the bladder? If it goes to the bladder then why some masters say that it saves male seed? I urge all of you to not misinterpret it as a sexual topic. There is so much confusion regarding it on the internet and a good discussion can be of great service to the husbands who are practising this half baked information.
  3. sex and spirituality

    I am a new member on this forum.Sex has always been a confusing matter to me.Sometimes it makes me feel ecstatic and sometimes it makes me feel low.So, i decided to find answers to my questions regarding sex and how it influences my attitude towards life. During my search i came to know about left hand path of tantra which talks about achieving the highest goal of life by using some techniques and methods.These methods also involve sex as a important part to reach the highest goal of life that is kundalini awakening. However the path of tantra is very hard and not easy to follow. I think following tantric practises without a guru can cause much harm to the body and also it is very diffficult to find true and authentic gurus under whom these practises can be followed. I would really love to share the knowledge on this forum and meet people who also want to reveal the secrets of life and sex. I also read mantak chia book- the multi orgasmic man. i found that both tantra and tao talk about conserving the same thing and moving it upwards. In tantra it is called bindu and in tao it is called chi.Moving this energy gives tremendous power to a human being. I would really love to meet the people interested in both tantra and tao and i want to become more aware about these topics. However, i also believe that only one path should be used to reach a certain goal and that path must be choosen with utmost care and responsibility. Hope i will get to know which path should i choose in life using valuable advices of people on this forum.