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  1. I used to do Naam Japa in the past recently this practice has become unacceptable to my mind. I can't find it logical. Though I have experienced it's mind purifying benefits yet it doesn't satisfy my logical mind. Is there any way I can do something other than Naam japa for mind purification. Let's say I take a word kindness and recite it every day with bhava and feelings. Won't it generate the same benefits as doing Naam japa. Will doing Naam japa provide any additional benefits than this self invented exercise of reciting the name of a quality?I understand that one-pointedness is the main goal of mantra or Naam japa but I want to achieve this without using any name of God. It would be great if you include reference to any guru who has touched this topic.
  2. Morals are influenced by individual values, while ethics encompass broader societal expectations and norms. I am more concerned with morals here, let's say I find a wallet on the road. My moral values are such that I think it is a reward given by God and I decide to keep it. Whereas ethical standards emphasize returning lost items to the owner. Many a times we know that something is wrong according to the rules set by society or religion yet we justify our wrongdoings by our own moral standards. What is confusing to me is that how does the cycle of karma work then? Does it boil down to intentions? But that is still confusing as I may do all types of wrong things without hurting anyone. Exploitation is a good example of this. I may misuse someone vulnerable for personal gains. Spirituality for me is journey of connecting with someone greater than ourselves who guides us during good and bad times.In Bhakti Marg, individuals cultivate a deep and heartfelt love, devotion, and surrender to a chosen deity or a personal form of the divine. I see people with all kinds of bad behaviour reciting the name of God. I see them happy also. I just doubt God sometimes and cycle of Karma. Kindly guide
  3. That is all true @Gerard. However the question remains : If morality is subjective, then how come karma ( or laws of universe) work? Are morality and spirituality interconnected?
  4. I am often fascinated by the behavior of people in the modern world. There are numerous contradictions in their actions and beliefs. For instance, I have a friend who holds a government position but engages in corrupt practices. Surprisingly, he also donates a significant amount of money. He has developed his own set of values, which can be seen as contradictory. He argues that donating the money earned through corruption absolves him of any wrongdoing, as the act of giving back mitigates the harm caused. I find this way of thinking truly astonishing. This example is just one among many. Recently, I had a conversation with a friend about adultery, and he expressed the view that it is wrong to initiate such actions. However, if a woman approaches or shows interest, he believes it would be acceptable to engage in such behavior. These double standards are prevalent in various aspects of people's lives. Many individuals who appear to be devoutly religious or spiritual also struggle with strong desires and lust. People have a knack for justifying their own questionable behaviors. I must admit that I, too, have found myself in conflicting situations at times. This constant exposure to contradictory behavior has left me thoroughly confused. Is morality not an integral part of spirituality? Can a person with low moral standards still consider themselves highly spiritual?
  5. Teacher for Non ejaculatory orgasms

    After reading answer from @freeform and others, I am worried that these things are just a scam. They can also be damaging for my physical and mental health. Only you have mentioned that not everything is black which is sold under the umbrella of sexual practices. So the one you have suggested me Body electric. Have you used these practices? If yes, how was the experience?
  6. Teacher for Non ejaculatory orgasms

    May be you are right. Why is this motive wrong Sir? Expecting a healthy and fulfilling sexual life is a bad motive? Please enlighten.
  7. Teacher for Non ejaculatory orgasms

    Don't know if I am wrong, but yes. Who would not love a better sex life?
  8. Teacher for Non ejaculatory orgasms

    I am aware about Mantak Chia's program and it's dangers. That's why I did not mention his name in the list. Anyways, all these gurus and teachers make so many claims and promise a better and fulfilling sex life. My question is if they are wrong then why is there so much hype surrounding it? What else are you going to suggest instead of these programs? Finally, there must be some people with accurate knowledge about these practices. They may not be so mainstream but they must be somewhere. There is one shaman master Lujan Maths who seemed very secretive about this kind of knowledge. He is very selective about the students whom to teach this stuff. May be he knows about the ins and outs of it. I could not find any of his article or book about it. What would you suggest?
  9. I want to learn Tao sexual practices such as non ejaculatory orgasms. I have been looking for some teachers here and there, but there is so much of conflicting information on the internet. I am going to mention few names here : - johnathan white - Nakula das - Chris Bale - Devi Ward - Micheal Winn - Taylor Johnson There are some teachers like Lujan Matus who teach sexual tao practices only to the initiated. Can anybody help me to select the best or the most accurate teachers who has least flaws in their teaching. I do know that this area of tao has no one guru who is 100% accurate. But any ideas would be appreciated. If you have some list of best content please share. It will help the new ones entering this area.
  10. Herbal medicines for reproductive system

    How to do this? It is my question. Any tutorial or video?
  11. Herbal medicines for reproductive system

    Yes, this seems very logical and accurate. I would definitely try it. I hope you don't mind asking one more question. The cardiovascular activities we do like jogging, sprinting and soccer. Do these activities account for breathing exercises? There is no control over breath in these exercises so I don't think that they are. Anyway, your opinion would be insightful.
  12. Herbal medicines for reproductive system

    I do all these things man. Still if you see it as 20% then I doubt your knowledge.
  13. Herbal medicines for reproductive system

    I am not aware about Taiji but I would definitely try yoga. It also involves breathing exercises. Are these herbs useless without practising yoga or taiji? Why are you saying this that internal damage cannot be cured by external medication.? Millions of people don't have access to this kind of knowledge and they are also cured with herbs. Kindly elaborate.
  14. Herbal medicines for reproductive system

    Oh really, It's first time I have heard something like that (No disrespect). If you see my kidney health as 20% , provide me a solution also to make it 100 % . How quickly can I restore my kidney health. There must be some other more practical way to check kidney health. Let me know that also. Why the herbs won't work for me. I am a regular gym-goer and eat 1.5 times protein of my bodyweight and your words are really discouraging.
  15. Herbal medicines for reproductive system

    I was also going to ask the same.