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  1. Voices from 'Murica

    Needing Cash
  2. Voices from 'Murica

    my voice is a mere whisper added to the screams of generations ; won’t change a thing. Truth, lies, and the somewhere in between. You, turned and You ran,,,wrong, whoa, can’t be matter the lies that slip off your tongue. this thread is locked until voices become heard
  3. Voices from 'Murica

  4. Voices from 'Murica

    want to start this episode off on a spiritual note\reminder. This thread “voices” began with sturgill simpson and now we have him performing voices And more voices
  5. Voices from 'Murica

    This week’s forecast suggests a storm
  6. Wild cats

    Nice kitty, nice kitty
  7. New Moderator

    Ars poetica. The highest art. @dwai has already been an artful moderator on this forum. Evidenced time and again. Now it is official is all.
  8. How do you stay close?

    They say 400, 000 Americans have fallen to this virus. Millions worldwide. loneliness does kill as you rightly point out @liminal_luke at what point is life worth living or not? those that draw the line between loneliness and solitude, like our dear @Marblehead was able to do, those that can do that paid heavy dues and is a testament to their unconquerable spirit. I am surrounded by more trees than there are stars in the skies, most of my neighbors literally chop wood and carry some water. I agree 100 about connectedness, cats, dogs, birds, all creatures are of great comfort to us and us to them when the trees line up. to a Daoist, I think, science can also be subjective. Subjective in that many possible outcomes exist and the daoist is able to navigate the dimensions skillfully
  9. An opinion or observation of madness

    a well established United oligarchy. The state of the oligarchy appears strong. The state of the nation appears at the brink of turmoil. It’s hard to look at ralis’ post @tribelaw and not take away that things have gone tribal,. Gone tribal to the point that everyone is openly acknowledging it. it is little wonder, when wars are planned to be continuous, and our veterans return home after looking through the madness abroad; they return bringing a little piece of that madness with them. That is unavoidable. It is known and has been known by the masters all along. and now we act shocked that insurrection is upon us here at home. Trump is a symptom. 4-5 years ago I wrote on this forum to be aware of what was to follow trump. The sheer numbers of voters that would elect Trump, what else are they capable of and willing to do. Naturally (?) what I wrote then was largely dismissed with eyes rolling instead of eyebrows raised. even dim witted dubya told us in 2001about 21st century warfare. Asymmetrical, and immediately, the tribes here understoood and took up the craft. the single info byte I picked up on last week was that our military is having to be reminded each day that Biden is commander in chief elect. And Biden does have support from some of the military. In the world of law enforcement: Biden’s support is undoubtedly much less. I write here on these matters, political as a chronicler, being the camera. Everyone sees a piece of the madness through their unique lenses. I am merely offering another view to the montage for your consideration. Often I am met with anger or rage for doing so. kill the messenger must be a deeply ingrained human trait! I am asked to further elaborate “my position” it is not my position. I am not defending a side or attacking another. Just calling it as straight as I can, my observations from an angle I feel most of you do not have in your viewfinder. At any rate, any damages I incur reputation wise, I could care less, it doesn’t matter. over the years I’ve found it somewhat sobering what one tribe falsely assumes about the other tribe. Both sides continue to have this flaw. even I, was behind the curve of recognizing the deepness and sophistication ( I’m using the word in a particular context and not in some glorifying fashion) generations of soldiers, sailors, airmen returning home after being exposed to the madness began accumulating morphing into some thing of its own. I betcha ralis holds resentment from the Vietnam era. I go all in on that bet. And it is understandable and natural that he does. And ralis is not different than other humans who were sent to serve. They all were affected deeply being exposed to the madness. What say you, @ralis ? Am I full of shit or is there something real in what I’m saying? It is a sincere question looking for a sincere answer. back to the some thing that morphed from our citizens returning home after exposure to madness. And the “sophistication” of how this thing operates. The same sophistication that Al Qeada operates at, only more so. the insurrection did not start January 6, 2021. It has been ongoing for decades. It is not going away. I’m saddened to tell you. which tribe will prevail? the war is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous.
  10. How do you stay close?

    Enjoying a pot of coffee, the snowfall, and new camaraderie, this morning; live and in person.
  11. How do you stay close?

    In my neck of the woods folks carry on their daily activities mostly like they always have. Maybe some elderly are left to their solitude, I find that sad. The past couple of days I’ve been visiting with a few folks I barely knew; couple or three day sleepover. sometimes, living as if you were dying, is the remedy. No fear.
  12. Voices from 'Murica

    Thread is for American music. Murica fried. There is a clean fallen new snow outside this morning. the state of the nation is at the brink of turmoil. like Stills wrote, nobody’s right when everybody’s wrong. this thread continues the string of songs,,, michael Jackson looks at the man in the mirror...