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  1. Voices from 'Murica

    Here's a voice from breathit county, I know I've mentioned Harlan county, pike county, carter county, never mentioned breathit, known as "bloody breathit" Some things are better left unspoken, round here, if you've told anyone that someone from breathit county is here to see them, their complexion would turn pale as a ghost as if they've seen one, or about to. Anyways, gonna let the man say it in his own way
  2. simplify

  3. Bums I am missing

    @soaring crane
  4. In the wake of 2020, with its “pandemic” birthing crisis after crisis, here is space to look at current humanitarian challenges and to address them outside of political BS consideration.
  5. Voices from the world -- of space and time

    I had forgot about that one. Brilliant.
  6. Voices from the world -- of space and time

    Craft, concept, performance—
  7. Voices from 'Murica

    This thread’s intent was reconciliation; to nudge towards compromise and understanding, care & cooperation. I don’t think the thread found much traction in that regard; it is my shortcomings for why that is so. I tried shutting it down several times, but there is power in music and it is a media where common ground can be reexperienced. Here, in the Bluegrass state, where once was caught in the crossfire of perhaps Murica’s darkest hours, when, if one was between a rock and a hard place, they had relative safety from the Madness,,, we came to understandings; This morning, in the darkness, drizzling rain, and wind, with fallen leaves swirling as I walked through them, I went to Daniel Boone’s statue and rubbed one of his boots. What’s up with statues anyway, eh? if you ever read Faulkner, then you should know, the past isn’t even (ever) past. and perhaps maybe it is like that so we have active reminders of what once was could be once again. I, like many, have a checkered past. Moments of Light, moments of dark. Murica is like that too. We are in uncertain times. Change, capital C, is underway. Things tend to follow predictable cycles. What once was will be once again. I pray we get Light and not Darkness. I’d rather be gardening, working on art, listening to healthy laughter, discoursing with ya’ll bums over light topics. I pray for each of ya”lls health, safety, comfort, and joys going forward. Destiny, destiny, I will close this thread fr there will always be another song to play, to sing along with or tap your foot to. The time has come for Taomeow’s thread. Let’s combine our energies and good will there. I will continue on with the othering thread and the kindness thread, for a bit, if events allow. I want to end the thread by sharing this: here, in Richmond Kentucky where a civil war battle was fought, and then when Lee surrendered, and Glory Hallelujah for that. But it didn’t really end then and there, there was not a clean break. here, at Eku, founded 1874, as a way to stop open hostilities that were still going on in the aftermath of the war. The idea was to find any common ground and begin from there. They chose to fly a new banner in the breeze. the banner bearing four words, they actually found four words they could agree on and they entered into a noble non sectarian set of principles to found the university on. To replace the war and its subsequent conflicts that grew from the schism, whatever the depths of those differences, at the time, the four words chosen were Lex Rex Crux Lux they agreed that The Law was our king, the cross is our light. and they moved forward. That was the common ground they found at that time. nowadays, we need to find common ground, it won’t likely be those same four words chosen in 1874. This is 2021. And in 2021 we will not agree to basic common ground. And we will, perhaps pay a heavy price for not doing so. I’d say, count on it. We cannot agree on the principles that the founding fathers wisely laid out for us. And Light shined for the world to see. And immediately, Darkness took note and took action to extinguish that Light. unrelenting, darkness is soon upon us. We could choose four words to agree to and rebuild from that, instead, we will be seduced by the darkness, taking the bribes they offer and caving to their threats. It is the power lusting mongers who peddle darkness, spreading misery among us. One side says it’s the right that is wrong, the other side blames the left. While all the while, the power lusting mongers play all sides against the middle, smudging, obscuring, trampling out the common ground that we do share. nothing like a good rant to start the day, I reckon. here is the final song of the thread edit>> the final song on this thread to be posted by me. I had a bum reach out, asking me to leave the thread open.
  8. Voices from the world -- of space and time

    It is in the shelter of each other that the people live
  9. Voices from the world -- of space and time

    Makes me smile a real smile. I have followed this very Russian "progressive folk" band for maybe 3-4 years. I find them to have great clean energy and their music is ear candy. Yes, Voices from the world--of space and time. And what better band to kick off the thread than them; they have such an enthusiasm, wit, humor, great music---and I'm sure much more, my foreign language skills very much lacking, so I short change myself, and can only wonder what I lost in the translation. However, I do feel their energy and I enthusiastically look forward to see how this thread develops. Thank you, Taomeow, for such a well timed and thoughtful thread.
  10. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    I think it was Mark Twain who said there are three types of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics
  11. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Stephen Apkon's The Age Of the Image: Redefining Literacy In A World of Screens also listening to Stephen Apkon talking about The Age of Image.
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  13. Humility and Self Esteem

    With experience, the right experience, one develops confidence. Two words you used stick out to me. Sensibility, that you ended with and bolded, and sincere. sincerity is never denied. regardless of where anyone is; they have achieved abilities, powers, skills, there exist higher levels still, that is the beauty of it and where a little humility comes in, goes a long ways actually.
  14. Humility and Self Esteem

    why would Humility damage Self-Esteem? when one humbly enters the passageway with an open mind, open heart, with sincerity---the Gate Opens
  15. Voices from 'Murica

    Can not forget these voices of Murica let's continue on with the so called Rat Pack destiny, there's a concept, eh clang clang clang judy was first vice president btw fyi of the pack, her husband sid luft, cage master bogart was rat in charge and here of course is the Pack Master edit>> isnt that the way Murica is, That's Life it sums up the Magic That Is Murica SECOND EDIT TO ADD BONUS TRACK
  16. just wanted to share some thoughts on the lighter side of things i hope at some moment of this day that you did experience some laughter?! was it a reaction from hearing a joke? were you being tickled? did you experience joy? or happiness? did you have an evil laugh?
  17. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    you are checking out then? ar ri ve der ci
  18. The Good Old Days

    Ford. Toyota, others, offer armored plated trucks now. Dang, I miss the good ol days. Buckle Up!!
  19. Voices from 'Murica

    yeah, can't avoid grooving to booker t & the mg's. Time Is Tight. Straight up Ear Candy. from Santa Monica From Boston also out of Boston Muricans brought old folk music from the old countries. the thread is now fully open to the world's music. We are One. first, a word from our sponsors
  20. The Good Old Days

    We still have everyone's favorite white cat that wears a blue collar here, then and now. steve is right, when I first joined everyone talked of the good ol days and wild west days. there have been several good ol days and wild west eras here. more to come?!
  21. Observing children, one could think that kindness is inherent in humans. One should think kindness is inherent in humans. This concept was held to be true during the Renaissance, even after all that humanity had endured to reach that apex of human achievement: The Renaissance knew that humans were inherently good and kind. This is a key difference between the Renaissance Humanists and 20th century Existentialists. Plato knew it. Plato’s theory of forms or doctrine of ideas: common ideals are Truth, Kindness, Beauty. Nietzsche knew it. The most curative herbs and agents in human intercourse are Kindness and Love. To be Bona Fide; bona fides, all parties act in good faith, honor system, and with kindness. To make one’s bones, for equality, honor system, good faith, kindness. At King Arthur’s Round Table, one of the Knightly Virtues is Kindness. Mark Twain thought of kindness as a language the deaf could hear and the blind could see. Paul of Tarsus lists kindness as one of the nine traits of Spiritual Fruits. One of the most riveting moments I experienced on this forum was when I was reading a thread about seeking powers or siddhis, and @ShaktiMama posted paraphrasing Corinthians 13. I ain’t no bible thumper and she wasn’t either, but ShaktiMama gave those power seekers a glimpse of what True Power was that day. What are you growing in your garden? What seeds do you sow? During our troubled challenging times, there are those among us, living breathing humans, some famous, some unknown that do the good work, spreading kindness. This thread’s ideal is to shine light on the ideal of kindness. We can name the famous and we can let the anonymous remain so. Feel free to post, share, question, answer, anything related to kindness---with one exception--- Do not post music videos. You are free to request a relevant music video and the spinner may oblige, may not. There is a method to my madness. I have a specific direction in mind, I realize TDB has a collective mind of its own that I very much appreciate and respect that. Still, I kindly ask posters to adhere. And if you ignore this request, realize, I can hide posts at will. heheh Most welcome are references to non western mention of kindness in philosophical or spiritual context. A few members that are free to choose to ignore my restriction request are: @ilumairen, because once at my request she kindly posted a music video on my behalf when I was technically hobbled. Incidentally, that video posted was Try a Little Kindness. How cool is that? @thelerner, because I have seen him pay it forward on several occasions. @Limahong, just because. although I reserve the right to change my mind. @sean. Because, I mean, you know,,
  22. The Dangers of "Othering"

    A lot of recent discussions up top about 'clarity' and I haven't followed those threads. I am going to start this thread with clarity being key to this discussion. Those that see clearly and/or think clearly are surely disheartened, shocked, appalled at the dynamic trend rearing its head, the ugliest monster of all--othering. Maybe it is my Cherokee ancestors calling out to me ( or different ancestors who left Europe perhaps to avoid some insane persecution) that experienced the dehumanizing and devastating effects of Othering. Listen folks, some bad hard times are approaching at breakneck speed. That train no longer moves slowly and it is just around the bend and soon upon us. Upon us all. I expect this thread to be moved to Current Events. I ask my fellow mods to let it remain here for a day or two, allowing its roots to grow. This thread isn't about politics or getting vaxxed or not. however, it is these two recent events that provide excuses for the Monster that parses folks into this pile or that pile to rise. Whatever side you happen to be on, stop for a moment, think about humanity, think about your humanity. How would you feel if you are in a group that is attacked because you have been selected to feel the brunt of scapegoating. Emotional triggers are about to be set and set to go off that will allow the degrading, isolation, discrimination, abuse, and persecution of the group deemed unworthy. I have more to say. this opening post is but a fragment.
  23. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    they are magical majestic creatures when you meet the right ones. Three curious ones showed up and made a believer out of me. Made believers out of the entire street.
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  25. The Dangers of "Othering"

    Again, I think we are talking about two different things. “Power” that is used to threaten or extort or intimidate, is not actually power at all. Te is power.