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  1. How lazy are you?

  2. For cultivators that enjoy midnight meditation, here is a calculator to determine one’s local midnight solar hour. For time use “00”. https://www.pveducation.org/pvcdrom/properties-of-sunlight/solar-time (If anyone has a better calculator/formula, or more insight, please share.) ** At midnight, the ren & du channels are connected, and energetic flow is smooth. **
  3. Hi @Scholar Chi is a word cultivators use often to describe energy without being specific about where the energy resides. Here is a brief outline to help you. Jing is the heaviest energy of the body. It is stored in the lower dan tien (intestines area) and other parts of the body around the ldt. Jing is one’s physical energy. Many martial artists have a resonance for jing arts and have well-developed physical traits and explosive physical power. Chi is mental energy and less heavy than jing. It is stored in the middle dan tien (diaphragm area and heart and lungs too). Chang Tzu’s energetic center was in this area. He was an excellent writer and a sage. Einstein also was a genius in this chi area. Shen is lighter energy and is stored in the face area (chin to eyes). Once you go above the middle of the brows, you enter formless energies, entering the upper dan tien, the home of the north star, big dipper and beyond. Buddha is an example of a person who was born with his energetic center in this formless area. He had a natural talent for spiritual cultivation and did not need a teacher to guide him. Tao formless energy is in the middle of the brain. There are even higher formless energies beyond Tao (mother nature is one example). Lao Tzu wrote of mama. Every person is born with natural talent(s) that can be can be traced to one of these areas I mentioned above. Some examples of talents: athletic chi, engineer chi, artist chi, writer chi, debater chi, musician chi, leader chi, criminal chi, beach bum chi (some talents may not always be positive). Understanding chi may not be easy as a newbie. However, experiencing chi is simply engaging in life. You run? Feel your leg chi. You eat? Notice your food chi. You are digesting your food? Notice your stomach, spleen and pancreas chi. You pray to Jesus, Lao Tzu or Buddha? Notice your formless chi. Energy flows to where your attention goes. This means, watch where your mind is interested in going. A good cultivation practice is to reflect on your awareness often, so you can know if you are directing your mind, or if your mind is directing you. Enjoy the journey of life.
  4. The Soft Power of Totoro

    Love the koalas and other fuzzy Aussie creatures.
  5. The Soft Power of Totoro

    Keep the sweet Totoro goodness flowing...
  6. What would be your superpower?

    @sean - would you be willing to to move the Totoro / Studio Ghibli posts to a new thread? How about this for a name: The Soft Power of Totoro Then, others can continue to post super hero and super villain powers herein. Just a thought. Thanks.
  7. The Soft Power of Totoro

    L VE it that you and your son share a love for My Neighbor Totoro. Miyazaki incorporates so many unique creatures as well as meaningful female heroines in his films.
  8. What would be your superpower?

  9. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Sounds like an owl 🦉 that I know. His name is Henry.
  10. Paintings with a Wow Factor

    Hi Steve, Glad to hear you mention her exhibit. I enjoyed it as well. Great to see her development over the decades. I especially enjoyed her use of color and her large abstract works. Hope you are well.
  11. Road Trip 2

  12. Will to resist the flu (and other illnesses)

    1. Read about copper. Not as a supplement, but as a piece of copper to carry and touch your hands to (or even touch inside your nostrils!). 2. How much do you orgasm? Each orgasm pokes a hole in your protective wei chi. Your wei chi is an important protective nrg shield.
  13. Polishing qi among the crowd

    Very nice, @exorcist_1699.
  14. before thoughts, before she learns to smile

    The phase of the baby. Before she is indoctrinated by the human world. Hey baby
  15. Road Trip 2

    re: Ivan’s GF re: sprawling suburbia Thanks for taking us along with you on your trip.