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  1. simplify

  2. Seeking a teacher

    Hello @TranquilTurmoil I sympathize with your desire for a teacher and personal relationship. Please know that, with all the teachers, gurus and sages in the world, who will be able to guide you appropriately? The fact is that all spiritual information is incomplete. And the majority of it is even misguided. Or worse, malicious. Where can you continue your cultivation, then? Build your foundation on normalcy and sobriety. It sounds like this is the place you are at now. Yaey! If Tao is Zero (circle), you need to become One (a line) before you can enter the narrow gate. Spiritual strength is developed through cultivating gentleness and softness. In time, and with loads of patience, the strength of one's spirit will feel like jade! Gathering the Mind by Sun Buer Before our body existed, One energy was already there. Like jade, more lustrous as it's polished, Like gold, brighter as it's refined. Sweep clear the ocean of birth and death, Stay firm by the door of total mastery. A particle at the point of open awareness, The gentle firing is warm.
  3. How are you?

    Watterson was born with luck.
  4. Key 'Stats' for Cultivators

    Yep. Some people are born with luck.
  5. Best herbs for constipation? Currently looking at triphala

    Some ideas for the OP super important: drink more water consistently - if you don't like plain water, then drink flavored sparkling water. suggestion: make a chart and cross off each 8-oz. glass of water you consume, up to the recommended dose linked above. [note: each human has an inborn preference for liquid intake. I know some that don't drink hardly at all. they experience chronic constipation and even eventually have been hospitalized for dehydration. I know others who can't drink enough, are constantly thirsty, due to large body mass or health/medicine issues.] walk regularly apples, pears and other helpful foods senna tisane (full cup for stronger job; half a cup for mild job)
  6. Haiku Chain

    One's load cast aside My responsibilities Paused before slumber
  7. De-caf question?

    Heck no, not trying to scare you. OK? Trooth that it takes up space.
  8. De-caf question?

    Do you mean teeccino? I love their tisanes. Sorry to hear you are anti-microwave. I regularly use mine. So handy.
  9. Opening for another moderator or two

    Who are the current mods? (As I've been away for a bit.) Thanks.
  10. No. Better to hang with nature, the sun, the rain and the rainbows!
  11. What is courage?

    Courage is the sun.
  12. Most every tradition has blind spots that their practitioners cannot see. The sages and adepts of the traditions will have similar blind spots, no matter their claims or level of enlightenment. A tradition does not protect one from deluding oneself. (I have been deluded myself at times.) A tradition is a way to delude oneself, unluckily.
  13. Does luck exist?

    If 'luck' is an inborn quality, surely some have greater or lesser capacities. Good luck discussing this topic!
  14. Tea/Tisane

    Speaking about pu-ehr teas, how do folks break open the brick when the block is insurmountably unbreakable? This year I broke open my first pu-ehr/mum tea. I steamed it repeatedly as I was able to break off pieces. But still it was a challenge. (A hammer to the outside of the block did not break it.)
  15. Peaches and plums

    Peach talk brings back memories. Summer 2019. Vermont, USA. Hosts had a vegetable garden and a peach tree. Breakfast: Ripe peaches on rustic toast. (The hostesses' favorite!) Slightly charred greens with garlic. And eggs. Tea with local honey.