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  1. Aussie bums
  2. Very creative scenario and muchly agree with the end of your post, @3bob.
  3. delicate
  4. Tectonic!
  5. Oceania
  6. More importantly, how can (and will) cryptocurrencies affect people's spiritual lives? Everything has an energy profile. Cryptocurrencies have energy profiles. If you are a serious cultivator, you must be cautious about how you make your money, in what you invest. You will read on on messageboards from those who made money early on in crypto, how empty some feel. Even though they are now wealthy. This is a serious topic to consider.
  7. Good Te, my friends
  8. Emptiness in the belly/ldt? It's a bottom-up unfolding. You can't unlock your upper dan tien unless the lowers have opened. Can siddhis activate without enlightenment? Surely. Siddhis do not usually indicate enlightenment.
  9. Wake later and go to sleep earlier, I heard. Since the sun is shining less. Maybe adding cocooning meditations under the blankets with your head facing north!
  10. The first officially enlightened? Howsabout Nuwa and Fuxi?
  11. How would you recognize a xian if s/he crossed your path?
  12. question
  13. reincarnated, though hasn't yet died
  14. pasta
  15. It's alchemy. jing (body) transforms to qi transforms to shen transforms to emptiness