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  1. Intra ocular pressure

    I've been enjoying this lymphatic drainage exercise. It is good for general well-being and one part is under the eyes...
  2. I want to become powerful

    I'm more interested in empowering others. Perhaps that could lead towards a measure. Being able to without losing out?
  3. Alchemical Herbs

    "Azoth was believed to be the essential agent of transformation in alchemy. It is the name given by ancient alchemists to mercury, which they believed to be the animating spirit hidden in all matter that makes transmutation possible" I looked up Wikipedia
  4. Alchemical Herbs

    We can allow for some nuances lost in translation? 🤔
  5. Letting Go of Good and Bad

    As far as taking criticism constructively, I'll give you half baked. Trying to slam years of study and contemplation into a relevant, conversational reply, I too felt my point would need further clarification. Transcending good and evil doesn't mean we become good and evil by embracing good and evil. We are not doing anything significant dwelling on stagnant, worse fear scenarios, that is still seeing trancendance from a dualistic mind set. But I need not try to clumsily describe the essence of trancendance again.
  6. Alchemical Herbs

    I know you said herbs, but I heard in an Alchemist YouTube vid from Sarah Elkhady that minerals are helpful.
  7. Letting Go of Good and Bad

    In stead of distinguishing myself from folk that are hard to be among or dwelling in pity for them, we can be free of judging others as good or bad. However, we can still celebrate people who inspire us, their inner beauty striking a cord which moves us to tear up, making us want to try harder, elegant and poised. Giving energy to what we believe in.
  8. How do you stop the leakage?

    I find turning my thoughts from what I don't want to what I do want shifts the gear from becoming drained to feeling wholesome. It's not always as easy as said, but a good place to start
  9. I have occasional dyslexia, so I know I'm not feeling as fluid as I have. I had a high IQ when I was young, then did a test later and was just average. I used to have a great memory, and now my memory is like it has holes. These are part of my motivation to learn from a sound lineage and book and teacher. Catch ya later
  10. deleted

    Yes, it didn't sit as well as it could have for me either. It was a sad conversation thread.
  11. Current Events Discussion

    Hi Steve, can I please have access? Kindest regards, D
  12. Intra ocular pressure

    Gingko is great, I take it. Helps with a lot of things and could be helpful, my aunt drinks Gingko and Hawthorne tea, partly for eyes. My Grandma taught us eye exercises. Look up, look down, look left, look right, look left and up, then move eyes to down right, then up right, then down left, then move eyes around in a clockwise direction, then anti clockwise. Also my Grandma would jump to turn the nearest lamp on whenever we were spotted reading.
  13. simplify
  14. The texts quoted in the original post of this thread sound a bit more metaphoric than literal. It is normal for teachings to start off strict and disciplined. Although this is not my understanding of it, I can appreciate where they're coming from. But I'd listen to the advice you've received, it reads heartfelt and genuine to me.