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  1. What happened to the Matriarchal Cultures

    In general (since everyone has individual factors) male energy is associated with the mind and worldliness, hence the stronger drive to attain external success and positions of power. It is a hard energy and does not have the gentleness and softness of female energy, which is more spiritual in nature. In general, the male has more pressure to transcend his biological nature to reach the spiritual realms. This does not mean he will be successful of course, as it is such a different thing to power and external success. Conversely, women by having female energy may not experience the same spiritual drive, but that also does not mean spiritual achievement. Perhaps, a better natural ability to project ones mind higher toward the stars. It is true the two balance each other and depending on ones views both are necessary for society advancement, as that is aside from spiritual achievement, but becomes problematic due to male energy always asserting dominance.
  2. The attainment is the Dao. It certainly does not need to be spoken. But when trying to transmit this to people, it is done through the formed, by way of philosophy and teachings. These are limitations, but will always be useful to guide a student's mind in the right direction. And they will remain useful, even when the student can recognise and be willing to accept the formless teaching - the xian teacher themselves. The philosophy is simply however way the xian teacher expresses their Dao in teachings. Although xian teachers have the same Dao, that Dao is experienced through a unique individual. And it come through in their writings or recorded sayings. Even the specific words used - "emptiness", "end of suffering", "light", "water", "mother" are a result of a teacher's uniqueness and traditions, and will shape their philosophy.
  3. Im sure you know more about Buddhism than me. But different xian teachers, different approach to teaching. Some teachers reached more of the public, others less. The dan or fetus can be seen a naturally acheived end result of sorts. For someone who has gotten there, is talking about it in depth serviceable to the general people? When they will only experience those things toward the end of their cultivation? Lao Tzu and Jesus didn't talk directly about energy or the immortal fetus, but their words are constantly read today and quoted for their serviceable teachings. Buddha formed his own philosophy too, which he would have taught to many. I see this as wisdom, as talk about and focus on the energetic achievements so much that are out of reach for most, and people miss what is beneficial to them at their stage. You will get people misinterpreting things and creating poor side paths and misleading teachings. They'll start tossing aside the overall framework and philosophy to guide one's cultivation - whether it be virtue, naturalness, simplicity - and believe they can live forever with their still polluted energy and soul, if they follow some steps. Like Buddhist texts, many texts in the Taoist canon will say false things, and that is unavoidable due to the sheer size of it. Even though there is a lot of talk about dan in Taoism, it doesn't mean the people who talk about it reached the real Dan, either!
  4. That's because Buddhists, with some exceptions like the Buddha, simply weren't able to reach the dan or fetus that is needed to end rebirth. You can't talk about something you don't know about,no matter how many volumes of books you write. What many Buddhists thought was the highest enlightenment didn't come close to forming the real dan.
  5. Lust and the undeveloped mind

    Celestial carriage woman sure beats a man in a Ferrari.
  6. Lust and the undeveloped mind

    You should have joined her. It is rude to decline a woman.
  7. How to recognize the wrong dan dao?

    Good luck not dying. Imagine living through the apocalypse and then you are the only person left on earth cos you just can't die dammit!
  8. He also rocked a hairstyle and beard befitting a great scientist. Respect
  9. How to recognize the wrong dan dao?

    Thou underestimateth the power of xing
  10. Buddhist View on Taoist Practices?

    Buddhists would love to chop off some taoist top knots. Basically, what they think is not enough baldness
  11. Well my internal alchemy turns lead into gold
  12. You know what impresses me

    Vegos do live longer though unless they eat oily deeep fried fake tofu meat. But you really only find out when you die, then it's too late.
  13. Yuxianpai & WuLiupai Tradition Doctrine

    Ive experienced the signature WLP gang bang too, and I enjoyed it. Although I brought it upon myself, I was asking for it.
  14. Why do you say "school"?

    You are not Huang Di, Mr chief instructor. Do not compare yourself to him. Drop your facade of authority.
  15. Why do you say "school"?

    Since when was the Tao about flaunting your specially recognised school on Internet forums like a rich kid with a superiority complex. Stepping over others and stroking your classmates third eyes. Your 'tao'is not the Tao, but the precious school that you defend with your pride. And when someone like awaken gets you riled up, you're forced to bring in your silly chief instructor to protect you reputation. Reputation that your self worth depends on. Stuff like this is laughable and disgusting. If you're lacking spiritually, joining a school to become a 'real taoist' and having someone like opendao as your teacher won't grant you anything remotely spiritual. But many people here already see this. You all are a living talking example of the results of your 'alchemy'. So take your wlp elsewhere, start your own forums. Because everyone else here is wrong right? You won't get many people traveling to Russia, so why keep posting except to make yourselves feel big?