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  1. SFQ Spirit Guides ??

    I can't speak for SFQ, but you speak as if people don't already have spirit guides available to them before joining these systems. This is not the case, as people will literally *always* have a spirit guide available; it's kind of what spirit guides do, afterall. From my personal experience, the one that I am in contact with will generally help me in cultivation, and she was not "unlocked" through any lineage, rather, she has always been available to me from the time I began looking for my spirit guide. I would agree that folks are somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of an unseen hand, but that is exactly why they don't tell you about the deeper aspects of these systems when you first join. If someone is not ready for the knowledge, it can certainly destroy their progress. I don't believe it is unethical to not say anything about these, no matter how little "comfort" someone may have with the idea. Using external help from benevolent entities is never wrong, no matter what religion or system you practice in. If you do not have a good teacher, it becomes extremely hard to progress. The key phrase here, however, is "benevolent entities". Spirit guides and angels are classified as such, even though not all gods are benevolent; this is why it can be risky working with unknown gods, but it is not risky to work with unknown guides or angels. As a short example, I often call upon the archangel Michael for assistance in some of my tasks, but I am not part of any of the faiths that have him in their pantheon. I get the help, thank him for his assistance, and move on.
  2. What makes a good day for you?

    If I can genuinely smile at the end of the day, it has been a good day.
  3. Mona Lisa mark under lip

    The question was on the topic of past lives and the significance of this life. I would not like to go into details here, but it was kickstarted by remembering a past death in full detail. I remember the time from waking up to the point of death and shortly after. I recall the heat, the sensations of death, and the brief confusion that consumed my past mind before dying. Overnight, I went from ridiculing anyone who thought that there was anything beyond death to fully believing that there was. It started a search to find "exactly" what I was before, how I ended up remembering said past life, and why such things existed in the first place. My answer was found after a lot of emptiness meditation, talking with spirit guides, diving through tarot, and mental projection. I wouldn't recommend my path to another person, but I found that letting go of my desire to learn actually ended up letting me learn more than before. I did get an answer on why I could remember past lives, as well as the inner workings of the cycle, but it would be impossible to convey this answer in words. While I don't know how much of this particular story you will believe, nor do I know how much it will help you, I do hope it has helped somewhat.
  4. Mona Lisa mark under lip

    In most cases, yes, it is given vaguely. However, there are some cases where the exact knowledge is given. This is from my personal experience, as my spiritual journey started with a similar question to yours. It has since been answered in exact terms, but it was not answered while I was searching for an answer, rather, it was answered after I completely gave up on finding a reliable answer.
  5. Mona Lisa mark under lip

    Not specific enough to warrant the kind of investigation you are attempting.
  6. Mona Lisa mark under lip

    As I trust that you are capable enough of googling a word definition, I will instead give a situational example. If a spirit appears to you in a vision and tells you "If you go to (street name) at (time and day), you will die there.", that is considered specific. If a spirit appears to you and tells you "Tread carefully; a storm is coming. Weather the storm and all will be well.", that would be considered not specific. The first message tells you exactly what will happen if you follow a specific path, whereas the second message gives a suggestion of best practices with vague wording. In my experience, a vast majority of omens and signs will be vague, and will only become clear after the events that they hint at transpire. The same can be said of personal body marks and/or qualities linked to past lives. Yes, body features can be linked to certain things spiritually, including past lives or personality types, but it will not be clear what exactly is truly linked with what until you have reached a level of understanding and spiritual awareness that far surpasses the need for such signs. You will be left wandering and wondering about the correct answer, while neglecting the most effective spiritual growth practices and potentially devolving due to your eternal quest for information on the past. It is best to see these things as a curiosity, rather than a life's work.
  7. Mona Lisa mark under lip

    It is best to see the signs, acknowledge that you see the signs, and not give too much thought on what the signs actually mean. If they are not specific, then you are not meant to know. If you are not meant to know, and you attempt to chase that knowledge anyway, you will end up falling into delusion. Sometimes, the signs are simply there to show you that there is something more than what you know, and to start you on your journey towards understanding more. Look not at the finger, but rather at the moon it is pointing to.
  8. Nosebleeds and symptoms overuse of power

    I must have misunderstood you then, apologies! I only started proper martial arts four years back, and have had this happen back when I was only using magic, so I used that as an example. I've edited the main topic to clarify the question; hopefully I succeeded. On overreaching yourself in martial arts, do you have any methods you use to judge when you're going too far?
  9. Nosebleeds and symptoms overuse of power

    Specifically, it's similar to how most humans know instinctively how to crawl or walk. It's just something that I feel I can do, so I try it and it works. Indeed, I wouldn't call myself a master by any means. That said, it's worked for me so far, though I completely understand your skepticism. However, let's remain on topic. I posted this in the general section, rather than the occult section, due to my intended question targeting all of those systems that use energy, rather than simple magic. Naturally, this includes magic, but it also includes various martial arts. I'd like to foster a discussion on how various practitioners and systems track overuse of energy, among with their ways of resolving such issues. Afterall, that is one of the few topics I have not seen covered in depth after searching TDB. Cheers!
  10. Nosebleeds and symptoms overuse of power

    I don't know how to answer that, as most of the spells I cast are ones I just "know" how to cast off instinct. I assume they're leftovers from past lives? The general process is usually using my internal energy combined with intent to stimulate external energy into bringing the desired effect into reality. Things like summoning or canceling rainstorms don't bring recoil, but if I were to attempt to summon or cancel a disaster (such as the wildfires or a hurricane), it would create recoil. Same with gathering information from elsewhere; if it is trivial information, I will usually get it free, but if it is critical or sensitive information, it ends up giving me recoil. Summed up, the more it affects the physical world, the more likely it is to come with recoil for me.
  11. Nosebleeds and symptoms overuse of power

    Health is not the cause. Reliably happens when using power on the divine level or communicating with higher-level gods, though, I've had it happen when certain spells are cast at a large scale. Oh snap, you caught me. I'm Pablo Escobear; got my source from that downed plane way back when. (I wonder how many people here will get the reference I'm going for...?) In all seriousness, it doesn't happen unless I cast a rather powerful spell. Usually, will follow with recoil on the body within 24 hours, though, it doesn't often hit immediately. The main point of this post is that I am curious if this happens to many others, and if the symptoms vary between people.
  12. Hello! I've noticed that whenever I use quite a bit of "power", usually in a magical sense, I'll end up with nosebleeds. That said, what I'm referring to as "power" is also used in martial arts, so this topic applies to all disciplines that use energy. Has anyone else noticed these kinds of symptoms? Do any of you have any "cures" that you prefer to use for these conditions? Usually, I find that it's best let the bleeding run its course, as I feel refreshed afterwards, but that is just my personal body. As I have not found much discussion on judging pacing in martial arts and magic on the forum, I thought I would start a topic by asking. Much regards!
  13. I spent the first twenty years of my life on a heavy cocktail of psychiatric medicine. The doctors never allowed me to go off it, even after it practically killed both liver and kidney function. I ended up weaning myself off, as I could feel it slowly killing me. Generally speaking, I am much healthier than I was a year ago, but I have always had issues in the lungs, heart, liver, intestines, and kidneys. Having said that, I will also acknowledge that psychiatric medicine can be a great help to some. It functions as a wonderful bandaid for symptoms, but will rarely actually fix the underlying problem.
  14. I realize that you are asking Freeform, but I'll offer my experiences as supplement to whatever he says. When I got the du and ren flowing, my required sleep went from 10-13 hours on average to 7-9 hours on average. This is without an alarm clock, and I generally will not exactly feel tired before sleeping, rather, I will feel that it's "time to sleep", and thus go to sleep. I assume the gains would be even greater for someone of normal or above average health, but that is simply my assumptions.
  15. While my case may be an outlier, I got into martial arts with the express purpose of getting into the internal arts. I started Wing Chun around four years ago, and was formally introduced to some of the neigong aspects last summer. I spontaneously opened the du channel alongside a kundalini awakening this summer, but did not open the ren at the same time. After a few weeks, the pressure built up in the head until I could no longer walk straight, and I was constantly losing focus to the point of blacking out. There were days where I could not safely drive, nor could I read or write well due to the pressure. The issues there prompted a search into more in-depth knowledge on the internal arts, and led me to @virtue's post on dragon sickness. After finding that, I found out that I should have opened the MCO much sooner, and promptly began serious research into ways of opening the MCO. I eventually found Damo Mitchell's MCO course and began taking it. Within two weeks of starting the course, and before finishing all the exercises he had available for it, I got the MCO going passively. The ren channel seems to still get stuck sometimes, and requires further work, but if I quiet the mind, I can immediately feel the warm flowing of energy through all eight extraordinary meridians. That said, it is still strongest in the du and the ren, and I can feel that I have much to improve on the quality of the orbit.