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  1. There's quite a difference between people becoming fearful/resentful of visiting Chinatown and this.... https://beingasianaustralian.net/2020/04/08/covid-19-racism-in-australia-making-asian-australians-stunned-confused-and-fearful/?fbclid=IwAR35ikmthE7K4FaeIVQdwDuTnf0vUZ6rtncZUC0OP82EpQrzGub_8HfkoKg
  2. This is exactly the narrative coming out of the White House, but as of this period, despite the massive movement of mainlanders in and out of Russia throughout all the time before border restrictions were enforced, it just seems odd that the Russian figures are suggesting some sort of anomaly. Im disinclined to believe that all of sudden, in the run up to the lunar new year, the hordes of Chinese travellers suddenly decided to avoid Russia in favour of all these other countries you cited above. Its more like patchwork than anything else when looking at the overall spread on a map with Russia very much a standalone in terms of (low) infection activity. Could be they cooked the books, but a quick glance at Moscow Times confirms the low numbers, although this does not mean Russia is not doing what China is being accused of. As an aside, no thanks to Trump's xenophobic rhetoric, Australia, the UK and Im sure the US as well are reporting spikes in race-hate crimes fuelled by echoes from the man himself. Another major Trump bungle: (multiple sources reported the above)
  3. It could well be earlier than November even. There's reports citing the engineering of this superbug began way back in 2003/04. And why have Russia been seeing such low numbers despite it being a top attraction to Chinese visitors/tourists? 2019 saw 1.5 million mainlanders passing thru Russian borders. This is enough to debunk Trump's claim that it was the Chinese who spread the bug globally during the run-up to the lunar new year.
  4. As late as December 2019?
  5. Medicine Buddha

    Ya, stubborn stains need stronger detergents.
  6. Medicine Buddha

    For stubborn obstacles, the invocation of the wrathful aspect of Vajrayana deity Singdoma the lion-faced dakini is recommended. Her mantra is supreme in the face of evil oppression (both as protection, and also as a form of exorcism prayer), and can also be adapted for assuaging difficult situations in general. Opening the practice: Glorious adamantine Goddess, Wrathful female with lion’s face, Whose fire of Gnosis emanates light-rays, Lion-faced Goddess – to You I bow. Mantra: AH KHA SAMA-RANZA SHANDA-RASA MARAYA PHAT Prayer: Wrathful Singdoma! Because of the force and power of the recitation of your Mantra, Let enemies who torment us teachers, pupils and attendants, hindering spirits who harm us, obstructive conditions, and in short, every enduring inauspiciousness, be turned back! Host of blazing wrathful females! Smash into dust-motes the body and speech Of all the nature of hindering foes, And release their consciousness in Dharma-Dhatu! Through recitation of your mantra, Let me quell all injury, Achieve my aims just as I wish, And spread the Doctrine in teaching and practice! *PHAT pronounced 'Putt'
  7. ~ HEART ESSENCE OF THE DAKINI ~ Presence and Clarity When you look towards a thought, the thought itself disappears. Who is watching disappears at the same time. After everything has disappeared, your experience and presence are quite clear, and this means that this state is not like unconsciousness. It says here that this clarity is like a shining sun - there is no need to add anything else, it is self-clear to the practitioner. What is this presence ? It is prior to intellect, and nondescript. so when we say it is 'clear' that doesn't allude to seeing things clearly. Neither can you compare it to the sun shining or to electric light; don't think it is clear in that sense. The presence is very clear to the practitioner who has the experience. It says here: 'Don't expect to add anything or find any other place which is clear. ' For example, if you light up a lamp you don't need to add any other light to see it - the lamp itself is clear. So that means that this clarity is not comparable to any other clarity; it is self-clear, or clear to a practitioner who understands this presence. You have to understand this. This is not like ordinary clarity as there are no judgements whatsoever because it is not influenced by perception or consciousness. It is like a crystal ball; all kinds of visions and reflections appear when you look into a crystal ball, but the ball itself doesn't change. That is similar. It is clear and shining but it cannot be explained. That is the example for how reflections come from the Nature without changing the Nature itself. This presence is called Nature, and Nature is like the crystal ball - many reflections can come from there, they appear there, yet there is no change to the Nature itself.
  8. Good question, and one that has persisted as a matter worthy of contemplation because there seems to be many layers to the concept, and the premise you posed is certainly valid and applicable to some, although im not entirely sure of the precise dynamics involved where this projection happens in such a way so that one's inner connection is temporarily diverted/deflected to what I assume to be an external entity, for eg, a living guru. Nonetheless, it happens. Noticeably too. Some teachers have said this is a misunderstanding, and if one begins to sense something is off, remedial action is needed to check it back to its proper course. According to the same teachers, the correct approach to grasping the essence of the true meaning of refuge-taking is to first understand that the ultimate source of refuge is none other than one's own intrinsic perfection, or perfected potential (Tathagatagarbha - the embryo of the Tatagatha). Maintaining this clarity is vital. Otherwise one can be misled or deceived by some spurious 'teachers' who prey on the naivete of students. One must always be free and confident to surrender the false ego without feeling vulnerable. Some aspects to consider with regards to refuge-taking - - In the main, I'd say that it engenders devotion, nurtures trust, strengthens commitment and conviction -- done correctly, this dissolves aggression and allows humility to gradually take root. The conscious effort of taking refuge checks the ego at the door each time its undertaken as an entry into formal practice sessions, and in the tradition that I'm familiar with, this is considered a worthy & virtuous undertaking as Aversion (giving rise to anger, hatred and pride) is recognised as one of the 3 poisons that can potentially create harmful obstacles for a practitioner. The other two being Delusion and Attachment, as you'd likely already know.
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  14. An opinion or observation of madness

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