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  1. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    Caprylic acid. ☮
  2. Haiku Chain

    And watched where I step. Reflection is needed to enlighten the dark. ☮
  3. A Path of the Light (Practices)

    Another Path of the Light. ☮
  4. Can't get you out of my head

    Here's an index and description I found after locating the complete (and entirely uncensored) 6-part series. ☮
  5. Quaker Meditation

    There's nothing to stop you from gathering a few of your like-minded friends together and setting up your own meetings, especially because you might stuggle to find one that works as originally intended, as @Awen has illustrated above. Happy to discuss the pactical details here if you're interested (and I feel led to do that later anyway 😊). ☮
  6. Can't get you out of my head

    Really interesting. Thanks! Deserves at least one bump. ☮
  7. Quaker Meditation

    Wise and useful words. 🙏 Good to meet another Friend. 🤝🏻 ☮
  8. Reading/Study as a practice

    Sometimes attendees at Quaker Meetings will read aloud passages of text from various sources. The effect of the Silence of the meeting being filled with such sharing can be profound. ☮
  9. Quaker Meditation

    If you attend a Quaker Meeting in the UK, you will often find people reading during the meeting and in every meeting room you will find copies of a small (6" x 4") red 24-page booklet, Advices & Queries that is made freely available to attendees (in case they've forgotten to bring their own reading material 😊). Sometimes, during a meeting, attendees will feel called to stand and read aloud a part of it or other prose or poetry that they feel called to share. For example. ☮
  10. How to Have Better Arguments

    Pertinent article by Teresa Bejan, the Associate Professor of Political Theory at Oxford. Author of Mere Civility: Disagreement and the Limits of Toleration. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/12/two-concepts-of-freedom-of-speech/546791/ TLDR ☮
  11. How to Have Better Arguments

    I'm glad that you also seem to have found something of interest or value in these articles @thelerner ☮
  12. A few other useful tips. ☮
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/feb/16/how-to-have-better-arguments-social-media-politics-conflict Bonus: 10 Causes of Communication Breakdown. https://ianleslie.substack.com/p/ten-causes-of-communication-breakdown ☮