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  1. The Bible

  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Saol fada agus breac-shláinte chugat. ☮️
  3. The core of Quaker "meditation" was to sit and listen in Silence and to speak only if led by the Light. So, if I attend a Quaker Meeting, I follow their rules, which have also stood the test of time, and in so doing I usually learn something valuble and meet someone who is really interesting. ☮️
  4. A Path of the Light (Practices)

    Heart and Soul Nebulae 'Tis Light makes colour visible: at night red, green, and russet vanish from thy sight So to thee Light by darkness is made known: Since God hath none, He, seeing all, denies Himself eternally to mortal eyes. From the dark jungle as a tiger bright, Form from the viewless Spirit leaps to Light. Translated by R A Nicholson ☮️
  5. Kunlun & happy new year

    Hey Nichole! Thank you for your New Year greeting. Happy and Peaceful New Year to you too. ☮️
  6. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Let there be Light! ☮️
  7. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    When an operation, no matter of what sort, is brought to a close at the right moment, the stoppage does it no harm and the agent herself is no worse for discontinuing her action. So, if life itself (which is nothing but the totality of our operations) also ceases when the time comes, it takes no hurt by its mere. cessation, nor is she adversely affected who thus brings the whole series of her operations to its timely conclusion. But the proper hour and term are fixed by nature: if not by a human's own nature (as for example by old age) then at all events by great Nature herself, by whose continuous renewing of her every part the Universe remains forever young and vigorous. Whatever serves the purpose of the Whole is kept forever young and blossoming. - Marcus Aurelius - ☮️
  8. God and stuff

    Sounds interesting. Which forum? ☮️
  9. More on Brexit

    On the same theme of self-immolation http://chrisgreybrexitblog.blogspot.com/2018/09/britain-is-humiliating-itself.html ☮️
  10. @3bob I'd like to encourage you get on with frying the rather tantalising fish that you previously published, as I feel that might help to dispel the somewhat disagreeable odour of self-basting goose, which continues to permeate this topic. ☮️
  11. More on Brexit

    She forfeited that right by her actions and some British citizens seem to share that opinion[1] just as some Americans citizens seem to have no respect for Trump. Perhaps respect is a two-way street? [1] www.independent.co.uk/voices/theresa-may-brexit-rant-uk-eu-respect-adult-toddler-a8549081.html ☮️
  12. More on Brexit

    It was. It wielded its influence via its UK proxy vote, which is one of many reasons why most Europeans are, on mature reflection and having now seen the UK's stereotypical perfidious conduct, are content with the UK's decision to leave. One European leader characterised the UK's attitude as opting into membership with opt outs and now wanting to opt out of membership with opt ins. I guess that the eventual breakup of the UK will allow Scotland to rejoin while Irish reunification now seems inevitable. ☮️
  13. @neti neti Haven't you yet realised that what you're saying means that those who've not had this experience themselves cannot even begin to resonate with what you're obviously never going to be able to convey via words? The opening verses of the Vijnanabhairava tantra, with which you seem to have a passing familiarity, make it clear that all this mere philosophising is a pointless exercise. Does that make sense to you? ☮️
  14. how to stop spontaneous movement?

    This will probably require real world intervention. Where are you located? ☮️