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  1. Dear Dao Bums, This post is about sexuality and spirituality, and joining these two together (which may mean different things to different people). Three parts: 1) Intro 2) A newfound discovery (link to interesting stories!) 3) Inviting you guys for sharing knowledge, experiences and helping me answer some interesting questions Intro Sexuality and Spirituality has been my own two main interests in my life. This has made me venture into many interesting things, including: Sri Vidya which I've written about here: Genital weightlifting and daoist lovemaking, which I've written about here: I feel like I've managed to a certain degree to blend and understand both domains (sexuality and spirituality), but I am still searching, looking, living, exploring and experiencing. Lately I've been very fascinated by the power of ancient Sri Vidya rituals (including mantra, yantra, tantra, mudra and nyasa used in rituals). While researching online, I discovered that Sri Vidya has been kept secret until very recently, where my own Sri Vidya Guru's Guru (my paramguru) made it open to the public. My Sri Vidya Guru is Guru Karunamaya. His Guru is Amritananda Saraswati Natha. Amritananda has build a small place for the practice of Sri Vidya called "DeviPuram" (city of the Goddess). While reading and researching more on my paramguru, I came across this very juicy and very amusing story! 2) A newfound discovery In Devipuram, sex rituals are a very big part of their practice! This really surprised me, as India is known for being extremely conservative. The spiritual abstain from alcohol, meat, sex etc. You can read this very interesting story here: In short, it's about the son of two western hindu converts, who grew up in a puritan hindu ashram in the US. He was celibate and trained to be a religious leader, however, in his 20s he rebelled and went to India. He came to Devipuram. And was involuntarily immersed in all kinds of sex stuff. You can read his amusing and interesting take on it in the links above. 3) Invitation for you guys' participation and questions 1) Have you been to Devipuram? 2) What was your experience? 3) Do you know anyone who's been there? 4) Do you know where one could obtain the way to conduct "yoni puja"? (worship of the woman's "bab'ul-jannah" or doorway to paradise ;)) 5) Do you know where one could obtain the way to conduct "linga puja"? (worship of the man's lingam or sexual organ) 6) Do you know where one could obtain the way to conduct "maithuna" or ritual lovemaking? After having experienced the power of Sri Vidya rituals and mantras on my life, I would be very interested to give it a go, and try to say these mantras while worshipping the Divine in another's body. It's cool, fun and interesting to sit and worship a turmeric cone or pyramid with water to get money and happiness, or worship a yantra with milk and ghee to heal yourself... but imagine how much fun it would be with your partner It sounds fun and exciting and if it works, even better! I look forward to hearing you guys' reaction to the stories, thoughts on this whole subject, and hopefully some who can share some experiences or point towards manuals explaining the rituals. Be blessed by the Divine!
  2. Dear Dao Bums, Today I'll share my experience with "Guru Karunamaya" and his teachings of Sri Vidya (a branch of spiritual practice in Hinduism). I have tried many things under the sun, but I am extremely positively surprised by the power of his teachings. Intro to Sri Vidya: Your body, energy, chakras, aura, psyche etc, is a perfect replica of the universe. This is called the "microcosm" and "macrocosm" idea. How the energy flows in your chakras and nadis, or energy centers and energy channels, showcases how your mind works, as well as how your life is working (and will work in the future). If the energy is flowing freely in a particular chakra and its nadis, it means your life is flowing freely in that particular area. E.g. regarding work and money, sexuality and pleasure, power and fame, love and relationships, manifestation and communication, understanding and wisdom, spirituality and oneness with the universe, etc. By opening your chakras and nadis, you also open the corresponding areas of your life. You then progress through the "sri chakra" or "sri yantra". This yantra holds all yantras, all gods and goddesses, all chakras and nadis, and all areas of your life. The beginning practice: You start from the outside perimeter, and then work your way through it. You end up in the center, the "bindu", the point, the dot.. The divine The outside perimeter (bottom left corner, the outermost square line) corresponds to the elephant God "Ganesha" or "Ganapati". This energy corresponds to the root chakra (muladhara chakra), and general stability and trust in your life. This also includes basic needs like work, security, fincances etc. When you get the deeksha (initiation) into the "ganapati" (another name for Ganesha or the elephant God) you start opening this chakra. With the shaktipat (energy transmission) of the teacher, you get a boost to your own process. Then you recite 100.000 repetitions of the mantra. This makes the mantras energy "flower" - both in your chakras and nadis, your physical body, as well as your life. This will give you physical health, heal any problems related to the anus, spine, legs and feet, bring you emotional and mental stability as well as trust, energetically it will open your muladhara chakra and its nadis, in your life it will attract a job to you (if you're looking for one), otherwise it will make your work situation stable. The scope of continued practice: Further, you continue this journey of self-healing alongside realization of ever subtler levels of the Divine, inside and out (your body, energy, emotions, mind and soul, as well as your outside life). This is done by working your way through the Sri Yantra. There's a process for everything: opening chakras and nadis, getting a job, attracting more wealth, removing black magic and evil spirits, controlling the weather, overcoming racism, depression and other negative mental states, and it just goes on and on. The sri yantra contains everything. Also ALL the siddhis (supernatural powers, e.g. auric vision (called divya dristhi or divine sight), controlling the weather, healing of self and others, and so on and so forth). Ending blessing and prayer: May you all be blessed, and enjoy good health, long life, prosperity, happiness, wisdom and peace
  3. Swami Lakshmanjoo talks about the final goal in Kashmir Shaivism (tantra). From my personal study (which is very limited of course) Chinese neidan and Kashmir Shaivism are very closely related. I could also add to this mix tantrick Buddhism as well. Not talking about Hatha yoga which is a direct offshoot of tantra.
  4. Majority of the taoists and Indian tantra gurus advice against coitus reservatus, however there are some who do not vehemently disagree with its efficacy. For instance, mantak chia in his book says that it does help to save the male seed but leads to congestion and can ultimately lead to the failure of prostate. Another tao master Lujan Matus( in one discussion advices " Just remember you can make love to your partner and withhold your semen and when it becomes unbearable let it go outside of your partner's body". I asked question in the same discussion regarging it but could not get a reply. I also tried asking the same question from Dr. Lin ( and got a somewhat confusing answer. He says that when we do coitus reservatus the semen may go back to the bladder which is ultimately wasted. He did not tell me about why and how? I want to know who is correct? Where does the semen go If we reach on the verge of orgasm but decline its outlet? Is it reabsorbed or goes to the bladder? If it goes to the bladder then why some masters say that it saves male seed? I urge all of you to not misinterpret it as a sexual topic. There is so much confusion regarding it on the internet and a good discussion can be of great service to the husbands who are practising this half baked information.
  5. The main problem in discussing this topic is to ensure that it doesn't contradict the Westerrn scientific perspective. Interestingly (perhaps), this statue can be found in the grounds of CERN: The inscription can be seen here:
  6. Excellent article that covers the relation between Vedic and Tantric concepts of Light and Energy (Jyoti and Shakti) -- To quote an excerpt of the wonderful article --
  7. From the Vidya Gita, which is part Tripura Rahasya. Enjoy the enlightenment
  8. Hey everyone, I'm a beginner at Tantra and I'm looking for books to help me understand about it's spiritual practices and to spiritualy develop myself. I'm also interested in Kundalini I was thinking of reading one of these books "The Serpent Power: The Secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga" by Arthur Avalon "Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System" by Anodea Judith "Kundalini Tantra" by Swami Satyananda Do you think one of these books can help me as a beginner? What would you recommend?
  9. Tantra, daoism and sahaja

    I am new to spiritual practice, I read few books about buddhist tantra, hindu tantra, daoism and I found some similarity in practices. From my point of view hindu tantra is very disciplined and ritual based, buddhist tantra is almost same but more mysterious and both of them emphasize on supernatural powers comes with the practices although in both practices say those powers are not the true outcome of the practice but side effects, true outcome is liberation. Daoist practices are seems more subtle to me but there are similarities, both tantra and Daoism emphasizes on inner practices, self awareness, self acceptence rather than outer rituals and dogma.Three granthis of yoga-three dantian of daoism, kriya yoga-microcosmic orbit seems cut from the same cloth. But after reading texts of an unpopular doctrain of buddhaism known as sahaja buddhaism(charyapada,dohakosh, doha of Saraha, ganges mahamudra of Tilopa ) I felt I am reading the teachings of Dao de jing and zhang ji especially zuang ji.
  11. The book 'Tantra Illuminated - The Philosophy, History, and Practice of a Timeless Tradition by Christopher D Wallis" is by far the best introduction to Tantra and Kashmir Shaivism that I have come across so far, in English. The title is a bit misleading, because it does not state clearly that the emphasis of the book is on Shaivism rather than Tantra in general. The book does provide ample generic introduction to Tantra, its history and practices, but the primary focus is on Shaivism and Kashmir Shaivism in particular. Some of the advantages of the books as I see them are, it communicates using very simple terms, that beginners can pick up without having any prior knowledge or familiarity with the technical terms used in Tantra and Shaivism. The author is knowledgeable and proficient in communicating even the complex ideas with some really good examples. Many other celebrated books in Kashmir Shaivism like 'Siva Sutras', 'The Triadic Heart of Siva', The Doctrine of Vibration or 'The Secret Supreme' can be intimidating to a beginner who is unfamiliar with the terms and concepts generally used in Kashmir Shaivism. Instead of trying to learn, many might give up after reading few chapters painfully in any of the books mentioned above. Not to discount any one of them, they are all clearly masterful works in explaining the higher concepts and truth of the Kashmir Shaivism philosophy. But their sophistication and use of higher terminologies right from the start would more than likely drive away the casual reader trying to understand what Tantra and Kashmir Shaivism is all about. In my opinion, a bridge is needed to cross over to those higher works. This book acts exactly as that in my opinion. First a person needs to learn to stay afloat in water, before going on to learn some advanced techniques and participating in competitions. I read some critical reviews of Wallis's books by some other experts or author's in Kashmir Shaivism in Amazon. They go on to point out some of the differences between Wallis's definition and that of others like Swami Lakshmanjoo, with respect to 'awareness/consciousness', etc, in few places. Even such critics have appreciated the effort by the author to put together the concepts in such simplistic way in this book. My answer to such criticism is, the author may perhaps be wrong about some of the higher concepts, assuming this is even true, it is fine by me, and this book is still by far the best introduction to Tantra and Kashmir Shaivism in English is my opinion. In order to learn swimming, one does not need an instructor who is the best, understands the highest concepts or won olympic swimming medals. Such people who may be the best swimmers may not necessarily be the best teachers or the people best suited to explain the basic concepts. They may write wonderful books about the higher techniques and nuances of swimming, a beginner who reads these might get overwhelmed and give up on wanting to learn swimming. I would rather go with a teacher, who uses appropriate techniques and tools and helps the beginners to understand and learn to swim. This book in my view is doing exactly this, teaching the concepts of Tantra to those that are beginners and not familiar with the topic. In this way, the claim this book makes in the 'Preface' stating it is an unique undertaking and first of it's kind to explain Tantra to the general audience, has some validity in my opinion (I would qualify that with 'General audience in English'). This also does not mean someone who is familiar with Tantra may not benefit from the book. The book does cover some complicated aspects of various philosophies such as advaita, monism, paradvaita, etc. Tantra Illuminated - The Philosophy, History, and Practice of a Timeless Tradition by Christopher D Wallis
  12. In the text Tripura Rahasya, King Janaka expounds to sage Ashtavakra about the nature of samadhi. He says that nirvikalpa samadhi is a continuous experience of every being. It is only interrupted by thoughts and objects. When the mind is extroverted one doesn’t realize the nirvalkpa samadhi that is constantly there, as the attention is busy grasping this and that. The purification of the mind is with the introverting of the mind, from outside to within. As the mind purifies the samadhi becomes apparent and eventually one can effortlessly stay like that (effortless samadhi).
  13. A Shamatha Meditation Based on Symbolism, Visualization, Mnemonics and Classical Conditioning. This 3-level meditation method is based on pure psychology and a completely rational method to develop focus, objectivity, discipline, inner purification, a desire for liberation, inner stillness, understanding ‘destructive normality’, and a preparedness to walk on the path of spirituality. You can read the disclaimers given at the top to understand the objective of the meditation:
  14. sex and spirituality

    I am a new member on this forum.Sex has always been a confusing matter to me.Sometimes it makes me feel ecstatic and sometimes it makes me feel low.So, i decided to find answers to my questions regarding sex and how it influences my attitude towards life. During my search i came to know about left hand path of tantra which talks about achieving the highest goal of life by using some techniques and methods.These methods also involve sex as a important part to reach the highest goal of life that is kundalini awakening. However the path of tantra is very hard and not easy to follow. I think following tantric practises without a guru can cause much harm to the body and also it is very diffficult to find true and authentic gurus under whom these practises can be followed. I would really love to share the knowledge on this forum and meet people who also want to reveal the secrets of life and sex. I also read mantak chia book- the multi orgasmic man. i found that both tantra and tao talk about conserving the same thing and moving it upwards. In tantra it is called bindu and in tao it is called chi.Moving this energy gives tremendous power to a human being. I would really love to meet the people interested in both tantra and tao and i want to become more aware about these topics. However, i also believe that only one path should be used to reach a certain goal and that path must be choosen with utmost care and responsibility. Hope i will get to know which path should i choose in life using valuable advices of people on this forum.
  15. I was browsing kindle and on suggested reading, found this book "Kundalini - An Untold Story" by Om Swami. I had some pressing questions on Kundalini based on experiences I was going through. The book was given free with Kindle Unlimited. I thought, why not check this book out real quick? I started reading and surprisingly I could not put the book down. I put down after completing the book. I haven't done such reading from cover to cover (single sitting) in a long time. The narration is simply brilliant, capturing the attention of the reader. My initial thought, this must be another book on Kundalini with pictures on chakras that talk about raising this sleeping snake. The stars on chakras, their colors, the visions, the siddhis, the whole nine yards.... To my surprise the book was completely different. The title is apt, it is an 'Untold Story'. Not only is Swami's experience enthralling. Swami explains the entire process of Kundalini in a new light, starting with the story of Daksha Prajapati, the great yajna he conducted. How, he chose to insult Shiva. How Sati choses to leave her body. The metaphorical meaning of the entire story explained is simply beautiful. This story seems to happen in all of us. Due to the ignorance of Daksha in all of us, the shakti goes dormant in muladhara in each one of us. Then she takes the birth as Himavati (Parvati). From a human body, she had to raise up, transcend the human body, climb up with bhakti and dedication, to reach and become one with Shiva again. This story seems to play out in all of us. Those who had read parts of Shiva Purana or Skanda Purana must be familiar with the story of Daksha. One can be familiar with the story from reading comics also The book starts with this story of Daksha, continues narrating, how this knowledge of tantra, was first taught by Lord Shiva to sage Agasthya. How by a series of steps, it comes to Sri Veda Vyasa. Then it tells the story of how Lalitha Sahasranama was revealed by Sri Hayagriva. Those who have chanted Lalitha Sahasranama will know, that it talks about all the Chakras. It talks about Brahma Granthi, Vishnu Granthi and Rudra Granthi. All of these are the names of divine mother. The book goes on to expound Kundalini purely from the perspective of Lalitha Sahasranama. It is a very interesting read. Here is the link for the book, "Kundalini — An Untold Story: A Himalayan Mystic's Insight into the Power of Kundalini and Chakra Sadhana"
  16. If you want to know and "practice" original Dzogchen as it was meant to be presented, please purchase all of Chris's books as displayed on his Amazon page. These are all new first time translations of Dzogchen's most profound and earliest teachings. What you will read is quite shocking and revelatory as the Dzogchen view is brought into clear focus. It cuts to shreds any notion of a "gradual path" or need for practice and effort. Chris has captured the essence in his translations of what Dzogchen was intended to convey; immediate enlightenment and release! May all beings prosper!
  17. Okay, I have been reading about ways of opening the microcosmic orbit and one way is the cool draw technique known as testicle breathing. Another I have read is about imagining a small white pearl at the lower dantian and then orbiting the pearl around the back and front channel with intention to feel at the same time as visualization. Do you guys think the deer exercise can help open this orbit? And, can you guys tell me what techniques you use to open the microcosmic orbit?
  18. New Guy on the Way

    Dear all, I am 48 yrs young and after experimenting with a lot of different esoteric/magickal systems I came to the clear conclusion that the Tao is the way for me, too. I am working myself through the "Universal Healing Tao" system and I am doing the "Six Healing Sounds", "Inner Smile"and the "Microcosmic Oribt" once to twice every day. These meditations are very uplifting to me like no other I ever tried. Now I am working on semen retention (day 7 now), which I am really interested in and the cultivation/transmutation of sexual energy. I am fascinated about how others start to percieve me in a more positive way, when I abstain from ejaculation fror week. I want to learn more about why it is so and about how use this energy to change my personality into "higher frequencies". I came here to this forum because of a fascinating answer the member Seth Ananda gave here: This is exactly what I want to work myself in to! Does anybody have a book recommendation for me? I would appreciate that very much! My further interests are shamanism & tantra and everything that has to do with the subconscious, the "matrix of matter", chi/orgone/od/vril/animal magnetism, reiki and healing but since I don't want to dissipate, I focus solely on the Tao,since the Tao is quite demanding :-) Thank you. Edit: Why I left Satanism. I felt very attracted to Satanism and it seemed to be ok, since I held the belief, that there is no "good" and no "bad". The world seemed to be "symmetrical" and it seemed to be irrelevant which "path" one takes. Today I think different. I am convinced, that there is a life after this life here on earth and that your inner core (soul) will reside somwhere in the astral plane. I am also convinced that here are beatiful places in the astral and really bad places with nasty entities, where nobody (even the most dedicated Satanist) wants to go. Every soul loves the good side. In hardcore Satanists their "flesh" may dominate, but as soon as the flesh is dead, the soul is naked and strives and cries for peace and beauty (see near death experiences). This is what I believe today and this breaks the symmetry! There IS a good side and a evil side and the two paths (left hand and right hand) don't lead to the same goal! Satanism lowers your frequency (whatever this is...) and leads you to lower astral realms - bad, bad, bad. Increasing your frequency reconnects you with God. Things in your life start to fall into place and time seems not to work against you any longer (my experience). I am convinced, that here are only two external powers influencing us: The "dark side", which is Satanism, which is STURNism (Important: Google "Black Cube Conspiracy"). Since Planetary Magick is part of this Kabbala/hexagram system, I consider this as belonging to the dark side, too. The "white side", all influences coming through the Matrix, like belief, Christ (I am Christian), inspiration, trust, love, high vibration (...) and last, but not least, Chi! Luke Skywalker: "Is the dark side stronger?" Yoda: "No, faster!" Saturn/Satan, the dark side, is easier to access and provides everything you want to still your lust. Especially when you are young, Saturns offers can be very seductive! I take some quotes of "Star Wars" very seriously, 'cause Gerorge Lucas seemed to know exactly what he is talking about. Did you know that his invention, the "Death Star", looks exactly like the Saturn (!) moon Mimas? Coincidence? I think not. I hope this helps to understand my postings. I can't go deeper into all this now.
  19. The Tao of breathing

    I have a question regarding proper breathing patterns and the ideal of practices involving the control of the breath, because I have observed that deep breathing is widely advocated by diverse teachers or people giving advice. But I have read that hyperventilation is unhealthy and according to some teachers of Yoga, the goal of Yoga is not to increase the intake of oxygen but the reverse, namely to breath less than the average. Here is a wikipedia article on the physiological effects of hyperventilation: Here is a video in which a professional practitioner of Yoga argues that the purpose of Yoga practice is to develop the ability to breath less than the average: What do you think?
  20. Just a question

    If an adolescent (male) say, finds out about sex early on and starts masturbating till orgasm by the age of 6 or 7, but doesn't actually have a physical ejaculation until 13 or 14. Are all his orgasms before then considered sort of tantric in origin ? You know because of the orgasm with no ejac, or does that always have to involve seminal fluid traveling up the spinal cord for a male. Just curious. speakin hypothetically people.
  21. I like reading liturgies of any tradition as they are instructive and horizon broadening. This liturgy on arousing kundalini ( is worth a read. It's from the Fellowship of Isis. The small print says that the ritual is to be performed by Fellowship of Isis members only, but a lot can still be gleaned from it nevertheless.