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Found 13 results

  1. Excellent article that covers the relation between Vedic and Tantric concepts of Light and Energy (Jyoti and Shakti) -- To quote an excerpt of the wonderful article --
  2. The Radiant Light

    Chandogya Upanishad .
  3. The Dragon Revealed -

    Thank you for making this opportunity available for others to share their experience in the Chinese Internal arts. My name is Eric Wilson . . . I trained and taught Chinese Kung-fu, Tai-chi, and Qigong for more than 24 years. And while I did realize a great manifestation of "internal" power, I also experienced some very strong negative effects. I am sharing my story and these experiences at the links below, and it is my prayer that these will be of help to those who also have had questions about the spiritual source of Chi and "internal" power. Thank you, Eric Wilson and family
  4. the least obvious

    Work is utterly nuts this last month... a near fantasy world of incredible noises, construction machinery, indoor cranes hoisting thousand pound lighting instruments overhead, forklifts, dust everywhere. Five departments simultaneously trying to prep a high end product for the pickiest of clients. In midst of this cacophony. Routinely, i unfold into silent emptiness in the midst of my task, for the last several days, amidst this losing of self in the task a thought repeatedly arises... what is least obvious? While i've spent countless evenings contemplating what is most obvious, only recently has this question been arising, unbidden, unsought... but repeatedly. what is least obvious?
  5. I consider it a translation error.(The secret of the golden flower) original(text) link: 1. chapter 1 10. Therefore you have only to turn the light around; that is the deepest and most wonderful secret. 各司其事。諸子只去回光 chapter 3 12.What the sages have passed on has not departed from inner illumination. Confucius called it: ultimate knowledge, Buddha called it: the observing mind, Lao-tse called it: inner observation, it is all the same 聖聖相傳,不離反照。孔云:“致知”,釋曰:“觀心”,老云:“內觀”,皆此法也 聖聖相傳,不離反照: [反照] is passed down from saint to saint. 回光: the light around --> Focusing on dantian 回光返照: It's a short moment when you come back to your senses and act before you die. In Buddhism, it also means to spirituality in your mind without relying on language or letters. So it means Focusing on dantian, not turning the light around 2. chapter 1 The Confucians call it the empty dwelling in the middle; The Buddhists call it the terrace of the spirit; The Taoists call it the ancestral land, the yellow court, the mysterious pass or the prenatal opening. ”儒曰:“虛中”;釋曰:“靈台”;道曰:“祖土”;曰“黃庭”、曰“玄關”、曰“先天竅”。蓋天心猶宅舍一般,光乃主人翁也。 These words mean dantian . 3. chapter 1 The Golden Flower is light. What is light? It is symbolized by a golden flower, which hides the word light in it. It is the true energy of the prenatal Taiyi. 金華即光也,光是何色?取象於金華,亦秘一光字在內,是先天太乙之真氣 The Golden Flower is light = 先天太乙之真氣 = gi = not sunlight = Can’t see! = Can feel = it's like a warmth. 4. chapter 3 1. Master Lu (Dongbin) said, what is the origin of the term 回光? It began with the 文始真人. When the light is turned around, the energies of heaven and earth, yin and yang, all congeal. will it become spirit-fire(真陽real yang), suddenly a millet pearl is born by itself, just as an embryo forms from the intercourse of a man and a woman. 光之回(Just watch, You cannot turn around of the light), 即火候也(This is firing process) 回光之名何昉乎? 昉之自文始真人也。回光則天地陰陽之氣無不凝, 光中自然一點真陽,忽生黍珠,如夫婦交合有胎 光之回,即火候也。 火候也(This is firing process)=回光(Just watch, You cannot turn around of the light) There were accidents in many other places.
  6. Han Dynasty Astrophysics?

    I've been pondering passage 4.19 of the Huainanzi. In in it describes 5 colors of qi relating to a period of time: white 900 years bluegreen 800 years red 700 years black 600 years yellow 500 years Could the night sky, (heavens) have been colored to ancient man?
  7. What is Light? I will start with what it's not. If someone sees various dimensions and realms, travels astrally to these places, interacts with others astrally, none of this is actually light! Not to discount such experiences. They are so fun and only those with their third eye open are able to do such activities in general. Light is beyond all of this. If I see something, anything, as other or seperate from me, if I travel from one place to other, then I am still in dual mode. I am just a limited entity, who sees 'other' things and be able to travel, interact etc. In Light, we go beyond the state of seeing to become ourselves, everything that is out there. If I am not seperate from everything else, why do 'I' need to go anywhere? As the crown opens and beyond, the individual starts expanding beyond the local body and mind to become everything. The whole process is fascinating. Questions, comments, welcome.
  8. Shared White Light Experience

    A couple years ago, my wife and I shared yet another paradigm shifting and unique experience together. The latest of several that have occured in our three decades together. On a weekday afternoon in our kitchen, we were utterly consumed and saturated in a sphere of White Light, for a span of about six seconds. Complete white out. Total white out. All vision gone white. We were standing in our kitchen together when it occured. I was on the phone with a friend in mid sentence, when I went silent as the entire interior of our home was engulfed in pure, non-directional, utterly saturating, White Light. It was roughly 3pm on a cloudless, typical Southern California day. Sun blazing overhead. This White Light blocked out all other sight in both of us and if it came from a source, it seemed that it was within us, or between/within us. Our field of vision rapidly irisced up until all vision was whited out. I remember looking at the mirror on the wall 14 feet away as it just dissolved in this dense fog of white light until neither I nor my wife could see even our hands in front of our face for a span of about six seconds. It was just like a pure black out, only white. Then it rapidly receded just as it had come on and was gone, leaving us both gaping and me repeatedly asking "what was that?... what could do that?" The light had no direction, like a reflection. And any light of that intensity, capable of whiting out all sight, should have left us both white blinded for a time. I work in the film industry and am constantly moving between very low and very intense light situations, not only should we have had some sort of retinal ghosting after such an intensity of light... there should have, by all my previous experiences, been stabbing pain in the intensity of such a light. My eyes are so sensitive it was often an issue back in my acting days... when the light was sufficient to render my face for film, my eyes would be watering and ruin the shot. i also struggle with night driving and will often tear up due to clear lenses and piercing sensitivity. With this, there was nothing. No retinal response at all. Literally zero sensitivity reaction to this light, as did Willow my wife. Our son, who sat in the living room noticed nothing. These seem to reinforce the sense that the source of the light was internal. It utterly saturated and engulfed us both, along with the entire interior of our home. I've never seen a light of this color, nor intensity in my life. Perhaps it's relevant to add that this manifested in the midst of a time of the worst emotional upheaval I have ever experienced in my rather blessed life. Having just lost both of my parents, several dear friends, the child of another friend, and in the second year of witnessing the near complete emotional collapse of my beloved partner and wife as she wrestled with the awakening of long buried memories of childhood trauma at the hands of her parents, whom we had subsequently excised from our lives and home. To say it came at a point of deep emotional pain is understatement. I've only spoken of this once before. Matters of this nature, like the silent thunder my wife and I experienced together and where I take my name here from are always tough to share... but the time seems right given the state of the board and the nature of the recent light topics. So I'm curious what your various lineages, and hopefully some of your direct experiences with such open eyed visual strangeness have to say.
  9. What is Light? That which illuminates. What illuminates? Awareness. Awareness is Light. Awareness is not consciousness. Consciousness is reflected awareness. Pure empty Consciousness is Awareness. Consciousness (of things) is like the moon, reflecting the light of the sun. Awareness is like the sun. Feel free to discuss
  10. New research exposes how biophotons may be responsible for the transmission of adverse effects of radiation between individuals, and illuminates how the fabric of human consciousness may be based in light. The first part of this article is kind of sobering, but maybe just concentrate on the later part, talking about biophoton research and discoveries, which is where light-based human consciousness is discussed. You can scroll down to The Bystander Effect: Biophotons as a Central Player
  11. Over the years here at Daobums, I've interacted with a lot of people. All good people (even those who have argued with me most vehemently, and I with them). I've had what many would call an "awakening", but it is really a non-event really as there's no separate entity who wakes up. It is just a shift of perspective. This doesn't really make me a "special" individual, rather it makes it clear to me that I am nobody...nothing. The "I" that lived in the material world just dropped it's hold on my attention. And then I realized that I was never not that which supposedly was "realized" in this so-called "Waking up". It was an apparent waking up, like one wakes up from a dream into waking state. Similarly, we seemingly wake up from a waking state into an "awakened" state. But really, all these states are that "awakened" state, just as all the masters and texts state. It is just that the states of "dream and waking" lose their hold...suddenly things fall into "perspective" -- that all the things that we apparently experience are just happenings and have no hold on us, the root of our consciousness is free, empty (of objective nature), non-spatial and atemporal (i.e. space and time don't have any meaning for it). Call it "Atma jnana", Self-realization or realizing the Emptiness of the Self. There are many many insights that arise from this, for the mind-body complex to navigate the complex and suffering-ridden world. Wisdom (Jnana) that arises by just staying with the presence, that is the root of our consciousness. In the Advaita Vedanta tradition, we say that "the knowledge of the Self or Atma Jnana" and the realization of Oneness (Atman is Brahman or Brahma Jnana) are two distinct phases. There is the non-realization of emptiness of mind-body (staying in the ever-present now) and there is the expansion of the Self to everything-ness. We are taught that the "oneness" is a matter of grace, and eventually we get there, when the time is right. @Jeff and I started interacting a while back (a few years maybe) and our perspectives didn't match wrt. what the "end-game" is. I couldn't understand how what he terms "residing in non-local mind" and "expansion of mind beyond non-local" was any different from just the mind just seeing more objects. What I failed to understand that time is that the expansion that Jeff was referring to, is outside the domain of the local mind. Do I know that now? Yes. How do I know? By taking the plunge (sic. dive) and actually trusting the process and the individuals (all kind, loving and wonderful people). I will try to explain how the non-local mind expansion differs from the local-mind experience. The Local mind is very powerful. But it's primary function is to bind a series of stimuli from the sensory apparatus into a "story" that the individual seemingly experiences. The story is the story of our lives, that we are "born into" -- with a body, an ego, a sense of individuality and one that experiences pains and pleasures, emotions, thoughts, is inspired to create wonderful things, is driven to do things - good or bad. In a single word, "samsara". Towards this, I'm going to construct sentences that will imply some sort of "special" doing, but as I have explained before, it is not really "doing" in the sense that the local-mind/body is "doing" something. So, kindly bear with me as I elaborate... When we get to the root of consciousness (the ever-present Nowness aka pure Awareness), we realize that all the happenings of samsara (life as we normally refer to it) happens on its own. It has no bearing on any kind of "doing". Until we get to the root of consciousness, there is doing and there is causality (karma). But after, it is just happenings. Like a few here have expressed before, the old habits and patterns start to lose steam and eventually just stop. If you come from a Hindu (or Buddhist) background like myself, you might have encountered a colorful multi-verse that we pass off as mythology (Westerners seem to study this sort of thing with mild amusement in the form of Greek Mythology). In this mythology are references to gods (devas) and goddesses (devis) aka deities, their realms, different realms (lokas), different rules for different worlds, etc. Most of us modern people scoff at these as over-active imaginations of our relatively primitive superstititous ancestors. I am happy to inform you that, such an idea is abjectly untrue. These beings, realms indeed do exist, and there exist "higher" planes. These are accessible when consciousness expands beyond the "local mind" level. There are many things to learn from these planes and our work in these planes inform us in the local-mind state. It is not the emptiness of Self, but an expansion that starts to encompass many things, including things beyond this mundane samsaric existence of the local mind-body. This is the expansion of the mind from local-mind to Universal mind, to get to the "all is one" knowing. How do I know that these states are beyond the "local-mind"? It is because as the mind/consciousness expands, each of these "planes" are accessible simultaneously, while being rooted in the ever-present now. I will halt my post here. I welcome your thoughts and comments. P.S. -- I'm not the person Jeff was referring to in the post about levels of conscious mind residing BTW.
  12. Hey everybody, I was just wondering if anyone tried the rasa transmission from Ausar ( because it's among the most powerful transmission I ever received that did something permanent to me and not just healed my body or removed blockages. I was searching for methods to quiet my mind and open me up to the Divine light, one's soul Consciousness. I tried a lot, from Flying Phoenix Qi Gong to Kriya Yoga. Nothing worked as efficiently as the Rasa transmission I received from Ausar. I was genuinely surprised. I felt the top of head opening instantly and saw many lights inside my brain. I was put in the deepest bliss I never could imagine. I tried this on my own with my Qi Gong technique but Ausar explained to me that since his crown chakra is already lit up, it was easy for him to light my crown chakra, like turning on a candle with a hot flame. After the transmission, I always felt the top of my head open and I knew myself as Divine light rather than the physical body. I am so impressed that I wonder if anyone has got a transmission from Ausar. I would love to connect with you and hear your experience. Cheers, Syl
  13. The Bashar (channel) Thread

    An interview with Bashar's vehicle of communication. Bashar speaks. 1 hr 58 mins Hope you enJoy these videos. Namaste, gentlewind