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Found 4 results

  1. Continuum

    Silent Thunder posted a link to a video concerning body work approaches pioneered by Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper. I'm finding a lot of value in this line of inquiry. (A copy of Emilie Conrad's book " Life on Land" is on the way, I'll review that as I get to it)
  2. Musical Bums

    A thread devoted to sharing and discussion of music. Whatever you like, play, compose, listen to, whatever... In honor of coming Autumn, I made this recording of Qiu (Autumn). It’s a guitar piece from Si Ji (Four Seasons) by French composer Thierry Rougier. It’s written in shang mode, one of the classic Chinese folk music modes.
  3. I found this group while searching for possible sources of a tapping sound I sometimes hear during meditation. It is light and regular and occurs when I do not concentrate on it. It tends to go away if I focus on it. I found a discussion of similar experiences but no definitive answers. That's ok though. If it matters I assume I'll find out. Currently living and teaching in China. Bless this community.
  4. Lately there is lot of sensitivity to sounds. Not sure what to do about this. Sudden sounds annoy or trigger a minor shock. I felt like hammering my cell phone some times. I couldn't, it will be very expensive to replace it.