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  5. oh my...levels again, where have i seen that before... i do have problems to pay for my daily groceries, I think I'll stick to my own cheap brand of doing the hard work myself. no levels needed, no theories, or lists or whatever. just train daily and diligently, even when I was rich though, I would prefer that
  6. yep, males are an aggressive sort...
  7. yes, reminds me of an then eightyearold niece who was crying to her hearts content when her grandmum died. someone tried to console her with words like: "grandma doesn't have any pain anymore, it really better this way" Then she sort of yelled: of course I know that, but I'm sad, I'll never see grandmum again and that hurts!!!! and she cried further, the healthy response of a kid when i wrote I saw: crying to her hearts content... maybe thats sort of what CT means
  8. thanks for the booklink, it does inspire me
  9. I do not remember the before, but during and after it opened saliva-production indeed went way up and was sweet. Now when i get it to flow sweet saliva starts flowing. I think that started when it opened but I'm not sure about that. Btw, i never did any MCO-work, whatever that is. The body was ready so it opened, at least, thats how I see it. As I said, even though I'm sure Sifu knows the theories, he does not talk about the. just train, daily, and with a good intent
  10. sorry to disappoint you. I've never craved something extraordinary, I started chigung just because I'm ill and wanted my health back. then strange (extraordinary) things just started to happen, totally unexpected. But I did not like that. At that time I'd rather be a normal women without all these thingies. Now I've accepted it for what it is. Nothing more. maybe it's time to move on and agree to disagree
  11. 's that true? wow, then there's still hope for me and the original poster asked just about waht people experience whem the MCO opens, now the discussion is derailing into a discussion about whether an opened MCO leads to immortality (or a prolonged life) just saying
  12. yes, the veil can be very thin, and you're open for it. Boom May I share a memory? after my brother died, my mum could not let go. He always drove an old yellow deuxchevaux, with that strange noise those cars make. So, she and I could hear his car driving up to the house. I heard it and looked at her and vice versa. But my dad didn't hear a thing. noises in the house too, we lived in an old creaky house. A house were you can hear who is upstairs or walking the stairs. Mom and I heard it, dad did not. It took a real long time for her to let him go, and for him to let go. He died of suicide, makes it harder. Bereavement, takes a year my love. And the most heard thing of people who lost their partners is that the first year they get help from family and friends. After that , well a year is a long time isn't it.... But then you have to recreate your life without him. The highlights of the year again. Whether that be Christmas or private things like looking at the first flower from some plant. Little intimate things. sorry, I should not let you look so far forwards maybe, take it a day, an hour at the time. that boom, I do not know Joe, but from what you've written about him, sounds just like him. A memory to carry with you I think
  13. i did not regard it as a judgment, just felt like telling how it felt for me.
  14. hallucinations... I remember when my dad left us, a sudden and by most of my sibs totally unexpected death. I came back from my vacation and sat with him, I clearly heard him talking to me, he had an important message for me. I've never regarded that as an hallucination, he just needed to tell me something after his body was no longer functioning. same with my brother. I don't know what happens after death, but I do know that people contact us, when there's need and when we can hear. Me thinks, as with all those things, go along with it but don't get ' sucked in' by it. love again, cry when you need and look for diversion when you need that.
  15. fire