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  1. Love, Loving-Kindness, Bonds, Attachment

    think my command of the english language is failing me here. You mean whether it is 'large' or 'small' suffering? Methinks Quan Yin would hear all voices, regardless of the reason or the 'amount' of suffering.
  2. Love, Loving-Kindness, Bonds, Attachment

    when relating to someone who is suffering a lot of things can happen. trying to fix it for instance, or telling the sufferer to understand it's not that bad, or judging the sufferer as he or she should ... whatever, change her/ his behavior and/or his/her attitude. Mostly we try to change something when confronted with the suffering of a fellow human being. empathic behavior is based on the ability to feel what the other feels, sort of. So to be able to sit with the pain of the other. I always like this video to explain it. Well, there are many forms of suffering that I cannot even begin to think I can relate to, thankfully. We have refugees from Ukraine living here in our village, I do not know what they've been through, what there still going through as their husbands, fathers and sons are still there. They are uprooted. I can think lots of things about it but I do not know, cannot know what they feel, so I can't really empathize uh... compassion does none of the changing behavior or attitude, neither does compassion need to be able to feel what the other is going through compassion acknowledges there is suffering, that's all. It's the ultimate "sitting with the pain" The person who is the recipient of compassion feels seen, heard, feels his hurt, her suffering is totally accepted, that her pain, his anguish is acknowledged. From the viewpoint of the sufferer this is enormously soothing, like you can breathe again. ( but i suspect the result is also a possibility to develop further into how you relate to suffering. As, by having it acknowledged, you can start to acknowledge it yourself.) thinking of Quan Yin, she who heard the crying of anguish from the world and went back to that world.
  3. Maybe we should not judge the amount of suffering of others, it's not particularly helpful.
  4. Love, Loving-Kindness, Bonds, Attachment

    empathy has it's boundaries, sometimes the suffering of the other is so vast that empathy just breaks down. Compassion is boundless. "Noli me tangere" is the Latin version of the original Greek expression "mê mou haptou". These three words can be translated in different ways: "don't touch me", "don't hold me" or "don't approach me". sometimes I think that it's " do not touch me" as your body will not be able to stand up to this high energetic state, but mostly I feel it's " don't hold me ( back) , let go of your attachment to me"
  5. Differences between dualism and non-dualism

    oow, this is very well formulated, need to read more of that
  6. Differences between dualism and non-dualism

    But the other growing things around that tree will be aware of the falling and the vibrations that accompany it. Thus the falling of the tree will be part of the collective awareness.
  7. i've bolded some things that jumped out to me, imho you need a doctor, not a guru. Firstly I am very sorry this happened to you and at such a young age, regardless of what people say, you've suffered a lot. reading your very first post my first association is that you might have been B12-deficient from a very young age. This will lead to the sort of symptoms you describe. B12 deficiency can lead to widespread neuropathy, problems with eyesight, severe weakness and a host of other symptoms. Not knowing were you live but a lot of countries have patient led informative websites... Those can help you finding treatment when you decide this is worth a try. hmm... this is from some doctors that specialize in this deficiency, translate to English and you'll get a lot of info When it rings a bell try getting on treatment consisting of B12-injections and oral folate. these two need to have a very precise balance, when B12 deficient too much folate can worsen the neuropathy very fast. Do not take B12 orally as it just does not cut through to were it's needed. bloodlevels of these two can (and should) be tested. Adequate treatment will stop the worsening neuropathy and in most cases even slightly reverse it. Orally taken B12 will make things worse in the long run. Benzo-withdrawal can lead to disbalance of certain neurotransmitters and may have opened the door to the severe energetic dis-balance you describe. Seeing that you were on weed and alcohol even when you were young suggest underlying disturbance of these neurotransmitters making your body vulnerable to this. The strong rising energy you describe is very hard to live with, especially in the weakened condition you are in. I hope this information is of some use to you.
  8. Differences between dualism and non-dualism

    remembering, I was standing and ironing a curtain, all of a sudden I was gone, meaning ' my mind' was not there, no idea were it was hidden. But there was awareness, the body went on with the task, the hands were busy, the awareness was aware of the hands and the feet, but it was just as aware of the iron as of the hands, just as aware of the curtain, of the other things in the room. I never talked about it, but the way I thought about it ( later) was liking it to the electron, that can behave as a particle or as a wave. that moment this little part of everything was working in wave modus, mostly I am back behaving like a particle, but there is an undercurrent of knowing this fact that has never left ( my awareness) I would not call it mind, but awareness. It's everywhere, it is in everything, we just forgot how to let it go through us while being aware of it. (or something.) Thanks for your post, some ways of putting words together make it clearer for me.
  9. Differences between dualism and non-dualism

    yes, I would like to hear some more too. I never was a 'spiritual seeker', far from it, just an ordinary person. Chi-gong was started due to health reasons. after 3 months of doing some of these exercises I sat down for meditation and the realisation that "me" is made up of layer upon layer of conditioning hit me. This was accompanied by strong energetic happenings in the body. Looking back on that time I realized that this happened right after the central channel was cleared of some nasty shit. so there seems to be a relation between the clearing of the central channel and shaking loose from the ego ( for want of a better word)
  10. What's a mystic and how to become one?

    Somehow I think that both slandering a religion and deliberately misquoting someone is not falling under the rules of civil behavior, seeing you're a newbie I invite you to read up on it, there are some pinned posts in the section welcome. edit, I suggest you remove your post, when you do so I will remove my quote of it too edit, removed quote
  11. Differences between dualism and non-dualism

    see, that is what comes of being un-educated . but I still disagree, we were talking about people at large, not people here at the forum. I do not think it's a good idea to somehow cajole people into trying something/ teaching them about nondualism f.i. when they have not by themselves declared an interest in learning bout that. Further, this is Bindi's thread, she wants to explore the differences in perspective, anyway, that what the title of the thread says, so no need to 'reach her a hand as to methods' as she's clearly not interested. I am a firm believer in to each her own in her or his own good time. My best friend is a devout Christian in a (to me) almost sect like little church. It makes me cringe, but seeing how she lives, what she is doing with this religion, how she's transforming herself then I cannot but conclude for her, in this life this is right. same goes for everybody, I try not to meddle in those things
  12. Differences between dualism and non-dualism

    get well soon , take as much rest as you can, more then you think you need
  13. Differences between dualism and non-dualism

    while ironing curtains never had any teaching about it, only thing "I did" was a bit of meditating and a bit of chigung. the more 'intellectual' realisation that ' me' is nothing but layer upaon layer of learnt behavior etc. came after abut 3 months, that was together with high energetical happening, I still bear the mark of that on the body. what you call stream-entry after say 2 years, that was weird, soft and so funny
  14. Differences between dualism and non-dualism

    oh yes, there is a lot of unneeded suffering. Won't deny that. but teaching Buddhism to each and everybody ( as you seem to imply here) does not appeal to me. In fact buddhism does not appeal to me, just BES, that's enough. ending wars, feeding, clothing and educating the poor would be first anyways
  15. Differences between dualism and non-dualism

    cannot talk for 90% of the people, but people I have known are mostly not feeling they are miserable beings, yes moments of pleasure and moments of pain/ feelings of inadequacy alternate but that is just as life is. As long as there is balance between joy and suffering people cope alright.