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  1. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    not really a quote but like it
  2. What are you listening to?

    Getting old is strange in that regard, all loved ones pass over and leave this plane, until time is ripe for us to follow. Take good care of yourself
  3. when should long time lurkers speak up?

    "The worst" Now that's quite a judgement. This is a forum, not a teaching environment.
  4. when should long time lurkers speak up?

    I do not see any reason to keep out lurkers, whether before they become talking members or after, or when they never become a talking member. There is no difference. I would not chuck out silent types out of the pub either.
  5. RIP Cheya

    may her journey be full of light she'll be sorely missed thanks for informing us
  6. Women in Eastern Tradition (taboo)

    I am not impressed with Neirong, to the point I've put him on ignore maybe you'd better look at other options Just my personal opinion ofcourse
  7. In memoriam

    So he has made his jump to the stars wishing him well on his continued journey thanks for informing us @steve
  8. Is torino shroud real?

    I seem to remember that the carbondating was done on the fibers from the repair patches which would make the dating invalid we'll never know I suppose Its an intriguing artifact
  9. Emotions are the path

    Not a buddhist but reading some nice things here I do sort of like that although lately I've tended to see emotion as information ( or flow of information) that information ( or energy) imprints itself in both body and uh, the thinking mind. Thinking mind is meant here as thinking mind, not ego perse. The part of us that makes shopping lists so to say. maybe imprint is not the right word, its like emotions sort of wind themselves through body and thinking mind. like connective tissue does in the body, or the circulatory system, it's everywhere. Long did I think that indeed, the ego is formed/has shaped itself around all the shit we perceived in life et cetera. which is still true but there might be more to it. Becoming aware how the old reaction-patterns can wake up, ' me' looking at it happening, becoming aware of body reactions ( like heartbeat going faster) and mind reactions , like "hey this person touches old pain" and thinking on how to respond to that. But it's all a bit detached so to say, same reaction is happening, the ingrained defending of "the ego" but somehow the fire has diminished/gone out a bit. The emotion still following the old ingrained pathways, but sort of diminished. It's interesting and about destructive emotions, in my time girls were brought up to be nice and helpful and obedient, loving, sweet, caring et cetera ad infitum. All such good traits uh, woman should be compassionate When you sink in/identify with that society-induced role it happens to be that all those "good traits" are pretty destructive and disgusting. Where unloading yourself from anger or sadness ( ooh, a woman screaming, bad emotions) can be healthy to regain balance. ah well, just rambling a bit
  10. The Cool Picture Thread

    Nice, 't reminded me of: you're not a drop in the ocean, you're the whole ocean in a drop
  11. The Cool Picture Thread

  12. How exactly does females drain our Jing

    from the other side, a lot less elaborate then the post above this I do not want ( or need) any jing from a person i consider to be below my expectations.
  13. Wim Hof hemorrhoids

    imho it is relevant. many people are overbreathing and in those people hyperventilating before holding breath can make that worse. I think that's what you do? first hyperventilating and then holding breath? Have done that as a youngster, before deep dives. You temporarily change something in the balance of the bloodgases. Thereby tricking the brainstem as your co2 will stay low a bit longer. It's the brainstem that gives the signal to take a breath, it gives that signal when it deems the CO2 getting too high. Not when there's a shortage of oxygen. a healthy person should be able to hold breath for about a minute, if it's much less, even after training it something is off in that balance. Another way to gauge it is how many breaths you have per minute when sitting relaxed. when you look up buteyko method you'll probably find a better explanation.When you are indeed overbreathing I would look for a way to fix that, it'll make you feel better, more relaxed. but regardless, when whatever training is causing damage to your body you should either stop or change it so that there's no risk
  14. Wim Hof hemorrhoids

    breath retention decades ago I did something else which involved holding my breath uhm, how long do you hold your breath? does it give tension on your body? and if that is so can you either hold your breath a bit shorter or find out a way to not have tension (on the underside) meaning when this is causing a worsening of hemorrhoids something goes wrong so you either have to stop or change the way you practice
  15. Authentic golden body

    thank you from making such clear words about it. You come at that point thinking it over and that, for me , is helpful as it makes words for my lived experience it seems to me that i am crawling out of the worst of my illness with a heightened awareness of that bubble, somewhere I read something like: at first you'll become aware of a nothingness inside you, and later you'll find yourself inside of a nothingness. But forgotten where that comes from. seems cognitive faculties are failing me more of late.