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  1. i did not read the whole thread, only the last part of it. yes, psychosis can be terrifying, that is what makes it different from hallucinations, i've had hallucinations for decades, could be interesting, or weird, or slightly disturbing, but never terrifying. Also it was clear it was not "real" it was not shared reality, it were hallucinations. you out of it now?
  2. one very physical reason for hallucinations is a B12 deficiency and do not think hallucinations are the same as a psychosis, they're not being psychotic you do have hallucinations and more, its horrible were hallucinations can be nice --------- same sort of mistake as a sparrow is a bird, thus birds are same as sparrows
  3. Enlightenment - what is it?

  4. hm... at the time we had a sweep to clean up a lot. I would want to know what the current mods think of it. tbh, i do not remember what misbehaviors got him banned, but i would give him a chance to come back. 4 years is a long time and a lot of growth can happen in such a timespan, if he wants to be part of the bums again i guess we can give him a chance.
  5. Transgender Q&A

    samesies, although not anger and father but neglect and mother same age, different continent
  6. Bums I am missing

    @C T
  7. Transgender Q&A

    its confusing, or it was when I was a teen and decades later. first it was: you're a girl--- bot nope, i do not feel I am a girl so then I must be a boy ( strict dichotomy, when you're not A then you must be B, this was as a preschooler Then I found I was attracted to boys, young teen, dreaming over that one boy in the class...but how can that be? when I am a boy then attraction to boys would mean I am homosexual, or am I a girl after all. ( this was at a time were homosexuals pretty much were not allowed to be a teacher) some years later wildly in love with a girl, I still remember her sweetness. Now, am I a boy falling in love with a girl? Or am I a lesbian for wanting to share with a girl- more confusion so I can well imagine that the same confusion reigns now for some kids, but on the other hand, Friend of mine never had one moment of confusion, he was a very feminine homosexual but never had any confusion about his gender.
  8. Transgender Q&A

    In my younger years I had sexual relations with both men and women. Looking back on that, I prefer men in my bed, the thresh-hold for women to end up in my bed was a bit higher. I needed a stronger heart connection so to say. Also differences in how I enjoyed, as in qualitative differences. Now that my sexuality is reduced to looking and enjoying like you enjoy a butterfly, without any active intentions. Both genders can look good to me but I prefer women. That has always been so, I do remember long ago we were eating lunch and looking at passers by, i spontaneously said, hey look what a beautiful girl is walking there. Which gave me surprised looks from my colleague mechanics and then one of them said, somewhat baffled: "you really are a man". which shows nicely how people tend(ed) to think their sexual orientation determines whether they are man or woman
  9. how nice to meet you here, its been a long time. I cannot answer your questions being quit unlearned but maybe just sit down, remembering that fox and softly drumming. Then just observe whether something happens, just observing, keeping your cool as in not getting emtionally heated so to say. Just calmly repeat this, in a rhytm, like maybe once every week, no need to be hasty, slowly does it. and find a good spot who knows he will come back for a next "lesson" I tend to approach things like this There are foxes in this neigbourhood, amazing creatures
  10. Transgender Q&A

    very well put
  11. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    for @Maddie
  12. Transgender Q&A

  13. The power of Russian love

    oh, excuse me, i did not make myself clear. he told me : i have this bunch of young and often quite aggressive guys and I teach them to be more dangerous then they already are. So I need to instill some responsibility in them. That's much harder then teaching them the physical things.
  14. Transgender Q&A

    never thought of it in those terms, i mean I am just stumbling through life. but most people are just living, unaware and uninterested in spiritual ways of looking at life. My guess is most trans people do surgery to reduce their suffering and to be more compatible to both their own sense of self and society. as for me, it slowly grew as a youngster a NDE, so the identifications with body was never strong and the identification with sex specific characteristics just never was. I am not woman and societal rules made me believe that I then had to be a man. But I am not a man either so I am something inbetween, the younger generation came up with the term non-binary, for a while that fitted me but now, I am just BES as a weird cloud hanging around a physical body a luminous blob