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  1. yeah, defining what you mean with a term is often at the core of ( mis) communicating To me, the word religion can mean ( at least ) two things One is a set of rules and a way to live that is proscribes by for instance a certain church, as in katholicism/ protestantism, but also Hinduism and lots of others. The other meaning is what it really means for me. religion is a way to go back to the source, I think every religion ( as in the first definition) started out as a way to go back to the source. But only rarely will people find their way in the institutionalized churches. Concerning the answers on existential questions, i think when you, yourself, try to find the way back to the source, those answers will unveil themselves, slowly. For that i do not want a religion that gives me the answers.... When I say I do not regard Daoism as a religion, I mean that to me it is a way to go back to the source. ( even though I do know that there is a sort of institutionalized Daoism too, but to me that is not daoism) My text is not very clear today... so, what I meant was: to me Catholicism is a religion as in a institutionalized religion, my sort of Daoism is free of that. But I can see that every way of worship, including Catholicism, is ( at it's root) a way to go to the source. For me that means I can bow to Jesus, prostrate for Quan yin, find guidance in Daoism and remain just BES
  2. yes,me thinks marriage is a surefired way for the female to lose her vitality and her spirit
  3. me thinks after 15 posts yu'll be able to make a signature, and welcome here
  4. thank you small fur, the whole post is worthy of repeating, I would like to add one small thing, even though my language is probably less clear than yours. You also need to have enough energy to let those things flow/happen, but that maybe going hand in hand with the things you mention
  5. I do not regard Taoism as a religion, the Chinese teacher whose teaching I follow is a Catholic btw. He seems to be able to do the both of them and doing both of them very well too, welcome at the taobums
  6. I had seen them before so I knew there chinese, but the first time I saw them my association was somehow related to South American, but so much different that it must have been found somewhere else.
  7. might be Accipiter nisus (Sperber)
  8. yes, doctors do say that, but your pains and all the other things you mention are very true, very physical and almost nobody can believe it or understand it. Except those who have been there. This is a nce description of me about two and a half years ago. If it is what I think it is it s called ME, myalgic encefalomyelitis. Besides your purelyly physical problems your energybody seems pretty much out of whack. is called tinnitus, probably a sign of too much NMDA in your body. this was the ' flip moment" yes, there are many more, maybe nausea, dizziness, peeing very often, having problems focussing your eyes, brainfog as problems concentrating and keeping it. The ability to digest information at al. You might want to look up ME/CFS and see what you find. It's an illness that is not well understood by the medical world. One could say that it manifests when the body has taken more stressors then it can take. And then it sort of ' flips' into the state your in. There are some doctors who recognize it for what it is but there is no medical cure for it. My take on it is a slowly helping the body to get out of it. first aid by ME do not ever do more then you're able to do not do anything that can stress you up ( including wellmeaning energyworkers that you do not know personally. If you try ,explain and ask to do something minimal and see how it goes) keep away from people that suck magnesium, the very first. Stress eats lots of magnesium. I use these twice a day, quit sugar/gluten/ cowdairy /cheese ( all kinds of) and soy Take antioxidants ( being the natural variants of A/D/E in normal daily doses + 3 grams of vitamin C. When you have diarrhea take it as ascorbylpalmitate. Then very carefully try ALA ( alpha Liponic Acid. the combination of these 5 together acts as a strong antioxidant, if your lucky it relieves the pain somewhat. When you have too much toxic metals in your body the ALA will make you very ill some hours after you've taken it. When there are no toxic metals then it works fine. Let measure your B12 and start taking it as lozenges. Start with Methylcobalamine. Is also a strong antioxidant but does other things also. you can try Glycine, this is an aminoacid that reduces stresslevels in the body. do this all one by one, so that you can feel what things do to your body. and do not listen to people who tell you that it is psychosomatic, it isn't much love from BES
  9. I've always much trouble finding the right words for what i want to say, I can relate to your bear-trap though. What I tried to say that is that there will come a moment that you will not have your leg in a bear-trap. But that you observe that once, very long ago, not threatening or painful anymore. there was someone, carrying your name. Who had his leg in a bear-trap.
  10. I'm not a buddhist ( or anything for that matter, just BES) but I can relate to childhoodtrauma's. Take the slow and careful route, as long as the troubles that come up lead to agitation, you ( meaning the bodymindsystem that you're inhabiting at the moment) have to deal with that agitation. When that agitation gets too big, it'll set you back. Later there may come a moment where the ' you' becomes so aware that those emotional troubles are not ' you' anymore. Just a memory, something that has formed the way the ' you' behaves, something ' you' can observe instead of being emotionally pulled into.. Then you can go deeper/faster. The moment will arise of itself, you'll know when it happens. at least, that was the way for me, I've been going too fast, at first. But it is not the healthy way. Do not let people push you, it's your life, your path, your pain. just my two cents of course I wish you love and light om your path BES
  11. too tired to really say something, but glad you've come through the christmasdays and now are making some art, I still think of you every evening before bedtime
  12. even though I do not do that practice, this quote remains true. I'll keep on trusting Sifu and his lineage and will go on in the ways he showed me. thanks for another nudge
  13. On the way to the Dojo, many years ago now. Still think the pot of gold is to be found there