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  1. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    please don't disturb
  2. Seeking something

    ah, vandaar, die naam is toch wel redelijk onmiskenbaar. have a good time here
  3. Has anyone met or know anything about these guys

    thanks for posting my thought upon seeing that vid
  4. Seeking something

    Hi Hannes, welcome here seeing your name, are you by any chance a dutchie?
  5. The true path of the warrior wizard

    a Yaqui way of knowledge
  6. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    If one person calls you a horse, ignore them.If two people call you a horse, look in a mirrorIf five people call you a horse, you may want to buy yourself a saddle.―Hungarian Proverb
  7. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "Overcome any bitterness that may have come because you were not up to the magnitude of pain that was entrusted to you. Like the mother of the world who carries the pain of the world in her heart, each one of us is part of her heart, and therefore endowed with a certain measure of cosmic pain. You are sharing in the totality of that pain. You are called upon to meet it in joy instead of self-pity." ( found somewhere on the www)
  8. simplify

    land's end
  9. simplify

  10. Burning off karma

    I'll sleep on that tonight
  11. Burning off karma

    thanks @Apech, I like that, it sort of fits the way I look at it. looking back, this is sort of what happened to me when I started working with my teacher, becoming aware of the daily accumulating dust. I tend to see it as ' layers' not as in believing that there are actual layers around my body, but metaphorical. the outer layer is the dust the Egyptians talk about. When you diligently clean the outer layer there comes a moment that you find an inner layer... looking back, I think that the startup work was what Chinese would call working with yin ( or something, y'all know i'm not versed in anything and don't particularly want to either, just Bessie) the next layer is ' issues', stuck problems that ( at first) presented themselves as deep rooted emotional problems. A sort of conglomerate with ( as it felt for me) sort of one big issue in the middle. When I went through that, the fire thing happened and kundalini reared its tail. At the same point in time I became aware of this as an understandable centre of a pattern ( meaning, I had known for many years that there are patterns to be seen in lives, whether own life or that of others) But the pattern all of a sudden made sense. Now, I still am entangled by these patterns, but much more aware when them. I see them happening and be aware that it is that pattern, not needed to become emotional about it. I also see things happening in my life that do not conform to that old pattern, now that is interesting yep, we all mis-translate what we see, and feel, Me too I see it as sort of: this body-mind-sytem is sort of stuck in a rut ( that's the action, endlessly repeating the old pattern). when you wash the outer dust and then burn the inner can get out of your pattern. what would come after that ? and, me thinks when you have burned enough of the inner layer, maybe you do not gather dust on the outer layer as fast as you did before. And when you let it accumulate again, washing it away would let you find the inner layer pretty much in the state you left it when you started accumulating dust on the outer layer (may just be wishful thinking of course ) and yes, I think that other people/gods/entities/whatevers can assist in burning that inner layer away. But the pitfall in that is that the chance that you fall back in your old patterns seems much larger when someone else does the work, then when you do it yourself. In other words, some one more evolved than you, can burn a hole in your inner layer, but then you have to change your intent, or the help will not have been help at all. ( and in the end, maybe even a developmental setback) But also, that help can be much needed when you cannot go through your core-issue on your own. Teacher did help with that, and I am grateful, of which he does not want to hear. He says, you did the work yourself, for many many weeks i saw you struggle with it. Then I only gave a tiny nudge to push you over the edge.
  12. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke
  13. Haiku Chain

    To see, move and breathe, when that is taken, you'll find you are more than that
  14. simplify

    Nothing is All
  15. Everyone post some favorite quotes!