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  6. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.―William Arthur Ward
  7. Visiting Reincarnation Again & again

    I've never understood why people think reincarnation is not true and when we die we're just get switched off. I come from a western country, was brought up without any religion. But already as a child i was sure of this, anything else seemed just illogical/strange/madeup...ungraspable for me. Now that I'm older these ideas of course have rooted in my mind , there have been some experiences too But I have no theories, no need of them either. I do admit to being a little curious to what will happen after the body gives up its last breath.
  8. Blood type and personalty

    over here in the Netherlands about 35% has bloodtype A, so that is not an overwhelming majority.... then 40% for bloodtype O, which should then be a healthy ' natural' type. I would that 40 % of the population was ...err wat did you call it...( looking back...) well, I but rarely see those types over here. the rest of the population is split up in small percentages. I am A negative by the way, and when still young and fanciful sometimes have wondered if those 7 percent of the population that i belong to have in common except for our rare bloodtype.
  9. Paradoxes in Chapter 41

    sometimes I think, that what we get of whatever text, can never be more then a reflection of ourselves. When I read something like this, I get a very different association then say ten years ago. But for everybody there's wisdom to be found in these lines. For us humans to play with and ponder.
  10. Paradoxes in Chapter 41

    Micheal has exlained better then I can what i meant by:
  11. Paradoxes in Chapter 41

    I've read that as examples of how every thing carries the seed of the opposite . like the dots in the yin yang symbol
  12. Closed

    seems to be time @karen I for one am proud to be naive and stupid, being aware of knowing nothing is worth my while. immortal female sage, Quan Yin comes to mind. hearing the screams of the world and aiding those in need, that is done with the heart.
  13. Closed

    My, thanks for the laugh guys, if I'm allowed to drink tea I would like to join the beerdrinking club. I do not think that an immortal sage woman would be attracted to your given profile, and what makes you think that she would be eating nothing or only fruit? As a sagely woman here once said, the life-elixer is animal fat.
  14. Are Secrets Really Necessary . . . (?)

    those who know own, those who don't know often want ' secrets' for free. knowledge comes through training.