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  1. Thank Earl Grey, I ended up contacting Sifu Dan LaRochelle instead.
  2. Thanks bro, do you know by any chance?
  3. Sifu Hearfield, on which dvd is the first standing static meditation of sunn yee gong? Thank you.
  4. Question about Falun Dafa / Falun Gong

    Tao Stillness, how long does that version take to complete daily? Also, is full lotus mandatory like in Falun Gong? Thank you!
  5. I had a similar issue in a different thread a while back where he claimed how easy it would be to break the neck of a wrestler or mma fighter if they were to attempt a single or double leg takedown. I could care less that he thinks he could do it, my problem is that I didn’t/don’t want others to mistakenly think they can. It is not that easy no matter who you are or what you know, period. Notice I didn’t say impossible. But what trips me out maybe a little more though is how ok some here are with his “gay” comments.
  6. Bone Healing

    Try red light therapy, collagen, and dit da jow.
  7. Middle Class Daoism : Bagua vs MMA

    Apologies to anyone I offended, seriously. Blessings!
  8. Middle Class Daoism : Bagua vs MMA

    Interesting that so many of you were triggered by what I said...You Tai Chi tough guys are cute...hehe
  9. Middle Class Daoism : Bagua vs MMA

    Like I said, best of luck.
  10. Middle Class Daoism : Bagua vs MMA

    I really hope SOME of you internal guys never have to get in any kind of real fight. If you haven’t trained in a full contact combat sport and have only watched on tv, your seriously in for a big surprise. Best of luck.
  11. Middle Class Daoism : Bagua vs MMA

    With all due respect, it’s just not that easy to break a bjj black belt or professional mma fighter’s neck. Also, we use to wear blindfolds when we’d roll sometimes so once a good grappler gets a hold of you, they don’t really need to “see” you. Also, I saw a prison fight video at a seminar once where they showed a guy sitting there with his back flayed open enough to see his rib bones and one of his eyes was literally hanging about 5 inches out of his eye socket, just dangling there by the vein. The instructor then preceded to tell us that not only did the guy live, but he killed the guy that did that to him. Just sayin.
  12. One meal a day

    It’s actually suppose to be very good for you because it gives the system a break and your getting the added benefits of intermittent fasting. Look up the OMAD diet. The thing is you need to eat a lot for that one meal to make sure you get your daily requirement for calories. I’m extremely thin so it was too difficult for me to keep the weight on while trying to eat 2500+ calories at one sitting.
  13. Glutamine to rebuild the gut

    I believe garlic is a prebiotic so should be fine but I’ve read oregano oil will harm friendly bacteria and you should cycle on and off and you definitely should be taking probiotics when on and after the cycle to rebuild the colony.