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  1. Does hypnosis use fa shen?

    Joining and Rou shou (which are the terms for these practices I am familiar with) are pretty cool. It’s an internal martial arts/neigong skill that can be learned. I think the cool part is seeing what is possible to develop using your mindbody not the martial skill or power. I understand there are a number of ways to do it. It’s a skill not magic though it does have a little woo-woo.
  2. Rudi Authentic Neigong

    Lots of old texts, particularly in South Asia, talk about siddhis (one whole chapter in Patanjali’ s book with 4 chapters talks about them)They arise naturally as a consequence of the practice and how we respond to them to affects where we end up. I think making a certain capability the focus of your practice is limiting, even showing it or talking about it can carry some consequences, particularly if it’s a show off or carnival type approach. On the other hand teachers sharing their qi with their students, (or in this case with a patient) can be a useful normal process if done correctly. Having powers doesn’t mean someone is spiritually advanced either. I’ve seen people who could do many things end up unwell physically, mentally and reputationally because their experiences made them view themselves too highly and they took advantage of others. The negative, cynical energetic reaction we see to this topic in these comments and elsewhere on TB is just the flip side of people over excited chasing powers. They are like the negative image of obsessed fans.(negative fan boys) I would say it’s equally as destructive for them as it is for the over excited fan. The advice I have received for responding to weird things arising is to maybe acknowledge, maybe laugh or say wow, then move on with your practice. I think the same thing goes with responding to others that have something arise in their practice. Finally sometimes I see teachers talk to other teacher’s students talking negative about their teachers. I think this can carry some pretty serious karma if it’s done to for the wrong reason. It’s easy to think you are doing someone a favor when a) you don’t fully understand what is going on in that relationship b).it’s really done to steal that student away. For students I would say take any comment from a teacher that disrespects another teacher or school and that they alone possess the right way to practice as a huge, glittering, waving red flag.
  3. Rudi Authentic Neigong

    Sorry, tried and failed. It’s just a 25 second video of Damo Mitchell treating a patient. One of the treatments shows him putting the chi into the patient’s torso and the patient having muscle contractions head to toe. Then there is a short description that I quoted (e.g. 16 types of chi emission ) The name Zhen Fa could relate to Zhen qi but that’s just conjecture on my part.
  4. Rudi Authentic Neigong

    As a follow up to my comment on seeing something familiar before to the method Rudy used. I found the reference I was thinking of but it might be different than what Rudy is doing so apologies if that’s the case - it’s called Zhen Fa - a type of Qi emission used by a TCM practitioner to treat a patient called vibrating shaking chi. Patients reaction was similar to other videos posted as was the method by the person applying it (pushing the chi down his arm into the patient and the patient’s muscle’s contracting) . Apparently there are 16 types of qi emissions that can be used by medical practitioners. It’s presented as an example of a tool that can be usedin a descriptive manner in the video. Not as an ad. Couldn’t figure out how to link the video but it’s on Internal Arts Academy Facebook page - search for acupuncture. Posted in 2020. As I said before, I believe qi emission is something that can be developed. I don’t think you will get a job at a shipyard as an arc welder with it -lol- but it definitely is a tool with a purpose. Actually the more mysterious part to me is getting the energy to the right point to be medically useful without injuring the patient.
  5. Can jing be replenished?

    Sex not much of a Jing issue for women. Childbirth and nursing are big consumers of Jing for them as I understand it.
  6. Can jing be replenished?

    Yes. I can think a person is attractive or desirable and not have the physical steps of sexual arousal take place which are specific physical changes in the mind/body.
  7. Can jing be replenished?

    My understanding is that it’s lost through arousal not just desire. It’s the body’s physical response that burns it. Arousal could be sexual in nature or it could be something else like stress starting a physical fight or flight reaction (arousal) in the body. For men it’s not the ejaculation, it’s the body physically getting ready for ejaculation that burns the Jing. I think it’s an important distinction because it provides a better opportunity to manage it.
  8. Lower dantian not below the navel?

    Some lineages consciously avoid use or reference to energy centers below the belly button for puritanical reasons. Sometimes they are referred to as secret for similar reasons.
  9. Rudi Authentic Neigong

    Based on my familiarity with the exercise Rudy does in the video to generate/move the qi (particularly the part where he has to do it a couple of times to get it going), familiarity with the exercise’s effects on the tissue when one does it as a qi gong form to move and thicken the qi, having seen others move qi into their hand the same way that Rudy demonstrates, and the limited level of reaction of the young ladies receiving it (no falling onto the floor and rolling around or other drama) I would say that it’s a simpler solution that it’s true than that he learned how to effectively hypnotize people to believe it and successfully deceived all his students. I guess the only way to be sure is to ask him to demonstrate it on you. I am not one of Rudy’s students nor do I have an interest in chasing abilities as I don’t think it’s the correct approach. Not much to say about the other videos other than I don’t plan to visit the school of magnetism and mesmerism anytime soon.
  10. Rudi Authentic Neigong

    So only 10% feel it? From all the examples of debunking of phenomena I’ve seen here based on the widespread, foolproof method of hypnosis, hypnosis only works on 10%?. my cynicism feels dashed and I am aghast!. I hope I don’t have to start believing in esoteric phenomena now.
  11. True meaning of Non-Dual

    That is my understanding There was another guy Prakasatman after him that specifically tried to clarify “Maya and Brahman together constitute the entire universe, just like two kinds of interwoven threads create a fabric. Maya is the manifestation of the world, whereas Brahman, which supports Maya, is the cause of the world.” Hmm sounds a lot like Siva and Sakti. It also sounds like a lot of other philosophies where one guy says something and later a cottage industry is set up to explain and defend what he/she said often fundamentally changing it in the process.
  12. True meaning of Non-Dual

    Good question. We need to ask Shankara what he meant by maya being conceptually distinct from Brahman. Though saying that siva and sakti are two views of one thing that is indivisible subordinating Maya to a lower tattva isn’t exactly clear either, though I do prefer living in a world that is real to one that is illusory.
  13. True meaning of Non-Dual

    I think the Buddha had a break through insight with dependent origination. However trying to graft on prevailing views such as karma and transmigration on it was not intrinsically a good fit. Though his reorienting of karma away from actions more to intentions probably saved a few yogis lives!. Advaita Vedanta’s secret sauce of illusion is a good concept but becomes a bit unwieldy when it gets separated from Brahman. Still Advaita? I guess any philosophy can have a part that is a little clunky though perhaps a leap of faith would create less headaches than trying to prove everything logically. Since most of us are still subject to duality trying to have a nondual discussion based on logic is pretty tricky.
  14. Karma

    When I think of karma I think of those phone wires on poles in some countries that are impossibly, crazily tangled in huge mazes of wires. The phones work but I can’t imagine how any utility employee could make sense of them to try to fix them let alone someone as lacking in skills as myself. I can only be grateful when they work and understanding when they don’t. Knowing how precarious the whole thing is I just try to be careful not to pull on the wires or bump the pole to make matters worse. Actually this metaphor may be more apt for dependent origination than karma though I think the two must be related somehow.
  15. I am familiar with some of these qigong forms that GM Doo Wai taught (San gong, golden flying Pheonix, Tibetan burning palm, etc). Have been exposed to some other forms that might be related some of which use a similar approach to the breath (percentages) and am curious if they are related. Have you heard of a qigong called Heart Piercing Palm?