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  1. It’s a hatha yoga style. There is a book on it called Shadow Yoga Chaya Yoga by Shandor Remete and a documentary movie called Agniyogana.
  2. Thanks for sharing these. Video number 9 (lesser MCO) provides a very good description of an experience that arose unexpectedly some time ago in my shadow yoga practice and now generally shows up whenever I sit still with my back straight. While there are a number of things in common between what is presented in these videos and what is in my yoga practice, the MCO is not a specific quality sought in yoga as far as I am aware. I’ll have to ponder this a bit to understand what it’s message for me is.
  3. Huan-Ching

    Thank you. Do you know which texts originally used this term? Seems like this definition is out there on the web but I couldn’t find any reference to a source text nor timeframe of original usage.
  4. Huan-Ching

    Came across a term called Huan-Ching in a paper I was reading but there was no reference associated with it. The full quote in the paper was “The yogic technique China sent back to India is called huan-ching, or “making the Yellow River flow backwards” Anyone out there familiar with this term and what it’s provenance (text/author/timeframe) is? I am interested to read more about it. Thank you
  5. Found some contacts for good teachers and practices that helped me reconnect with what I had learned many years ago in martial arts and to explore some automatic/spontaneous movement I experienced in my current yoga practice.
  6. New to TDB

    I am new to TDB. Interests are in self cultivation from both South Asian and East Asian perspectives. Introduced to external and internal martial arts as a young man in a traditional setting 40 plus years ago. Last 15 years have been also doing shadow yoga and nrtta as well as some kriya. In the last year or two have been adding additional forms such as Yigong, Wu bagua, some GMDW forms to my practice along with revisiting the martial arts I learned 40 years ago. I feel I get something different and important from both yoga and from the martial arts/qigong. Have found it very helpful reading about other’s experiences on this site. Also using my time in retirement reading about the history of self cultivation practices in South, Central and East Asia. Lots of interesting papers on these topics on