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  1. How/why does qigong work?

    Looks like your communicating abilities can use some improvement. I remind you that this forum is NOT guys only. There are ladies around who definitely do not act with a snarky, passive aggressive commentary. so I ask you to curb thy tongue.
  2. Bums I am missing

    sometimes lurking, still sick
  3. INFERNO !

    grateful to know your still alive and well.
  4. Potassium

    When i remember well potassium in pillform can hurt the lining of the stomach, that's a reason to keep the amount in pillform low. Further when you take too much you can get problems with your heart-rhythm. Plus most people do not need it. I don't know why you would want to take it but would do some bloodtesting first. I do take potassium but I am ill and body needs it, like @redcairo I take a powdered form.
  5. What is Patriarchy

    never said anything about that
  6. What is Patriarchy

    first it was something about inclusiveness now it's comrade?? implying that I want ( or need) to hold up my hand for my living, I wonder what you read between the lines. Its far beyond reality.
  7. What is Patriarchy

    I have not said or thought that. of course we are, and equal, that equality is not yet recognized by many men, hence my vehemence. especially as I see ( in my country) that things are reverting backwards. you're repeating yourself for the third time here, it is not a valid argument.
  8. What is Patriarchy

    thanks, that looks interesting, long read though. It's some thirty years ago that I've been reading on the subject. Maybe it's time to freshen up my knowledge.
  9. What is Patriarchy

    enjoy, I'm having oolong Ti Kuan Yn, it's delicious, a gift from my grown son.
  10. What is Patriarchy

    I live in Western Europe you try to divert me to countries where women's rights are all but non existent, is not gonna work. That things are worse somewhere else is no reason not to work on bettering things in the place where I live.
  11. What is Patriarchy

    I have many thoughts about that, but it does not belong in this thread.
  12. What is Patriarchy

    as I said, women have fought for that, it was not given to us by oour mighty benign male counterparts Looks like me you dunno what you're talking about. Granted, much, very much is improved, but much in the way of equality is not there yet. And women will keep fighting for it. ( take a look at statistics about being poor for instance, or not having access to medical treatment when needed, or to the paygap et cetera)
  13. What is Patriarchy

    I would like that, we'll do it in spirit
  14. What is Patriarchy

    yes, indeed, my granny and her contemporaries have fought for that, My mom and I follow in her footsteps. It's worth fighting for. In 1916 there were demonstrations for voting rights for everybody. without fighting we would not have gotten what we have now. That freedom was not a gift as you seem to imply. And happily more and more women are joining, these women were not allowed to enter the temple...oh, that benogn fatherly societal structure. ( India january 2018) Indian women were advised to stay inside their homes becuase of the risk of rape, again, that fatherly touch...They got rightly angry and protested, the males should keep their dicks in check and police should do what police is for. ( india, august 2017) you stated the comparison with animals, not I again you imply I'm stupid, happily I'm not impressed. manfasted is a nice slip of typing. It's always interesting to hear males telling about what females look for in a mate
  15. What is Patriarchy

    times have changed here you tell me I'm confused about myself, I'm not. ( that's typical male dominance behavior that you're displaying here ) nope, I am human, and my essential humanity, or better, the essential humanity of women is denied them. easy, that half of humanity that gets born with a baby bakery. that's beside the point. I was talking about the place in society of women in general, your picking out something that is not relevant thereby trying to divert me. nope, not with you. but I know I am
  16. What is Patriarchy

    yeah well, I have never read about this topic, I meet it daily though. so yes, in chimps the alfa male is the dominant one in the grup, in hyena's the female, because she's larger and thus stronger. In lions the ' alfamale' get fisrt choice at the food, but only the females do the hunting. So essentially he's a lazy bum. to me, patriarchy has it roots in the simple fact that males are bigger and stronger then women so have the ability to beat women ( or their daughters) and rape them into submission. But as we are not chimps but humans we all have a seed of morality, in some larger then in others. So males tend to hide behind patriarchy being benign ( like the short period of dad/mom/kids and dad as sole provider. This I think was not only small in time but also just a portion of the population). I do not say modern males do intentionally do this, but historically I observe that. We are all conditioned into thinking that males are the strong dominant good fathers, and the females the childish, irresponsible weak ones. Well, just looking around everywhere this just does not click with reality. On the piece of mud were I live, women have been sytematically denied the little freedom they had under the ' benevolent' influence of the very patriarch catholic church. At least in this country, people were not that enthusiastic about ' being ' Christened' There's a legendary story from the North of my country where a missionary ( Bonifatius) has been killed. This guy reputedly chopped down a holy oak. The folks were not amused, they wanted to keep their own gods and goddesses. It took to around 1000 before the northern half of my county was christened. But they had to sneak it in slowly. then around 1500 the hammer of the witches was written and brought into effect. The dutch wiki tells us this. This, to me, is about how a lot of men tend to think about women, and this is were it comes from. For women and men alike it meant that the wisewoman of the village were arrested and killed. Wise in the ways of herbs, wise in the ways of relationships, in essence they were the medical doctors and psychologists of a village. They lost their doctor and were send to the monks with their aches and illnesses. These women did midwifery, they helped women with childbirth, but also with how to get rid of unwanted children. This for a woman is of utmost importance. It's better to be able to feed the child you have then to loose them both because you get pregnant to soon. When too young or too old it's better to not be pregnant at all. Whether to have children or not ( or how many) has a causal relationship with the amount of freedom a woman has. Church changed this. Around 1900 church told women that breastfeeding is sinful ( remember, women have insatiable desire and are inherently sinful) and the kids should be fed animal milk, can you imagine the amount of dying children, the women who became pregnant again and again because they did not breastfeed. This was the result of male patriarchy, to the detriment of women and children, not benign at all. church stepped in and handed the medical profession to the ( male) monks, the nuns in general were allowed to help but not to be practitioners them selves. By now that bastion is broken, but there is no balance yet, there still more male doctors then female doctors, and more female nurse then male nurses. Medicins are tested out on males, but females are half of the population and react differently, guess how that comes about? our bodies are way more intricate then males because of that baby-bakery we carry around. Female bodies live in circles, every month again, were male bodies live linear. Due to the warped ideas that males have about females , females are taken less serious when they go to a doctor. 6 years ago I fell ill, a good friend of mine preceded me with that for about half a year, he was send to every sspecilasis there was, I was told that I probably had had too much stress, that i shuld take an antidepressivum and go see a therapist. we had the exact same symptoms, and my case is not unique. Know what MS is? Females are much more prone to get it then males, I think about 75% is female, it was called hysteric paralysis. females are hysteric ya know... Now we have HIV, AIDS, its about solved by now, hey...that's an illness were primarily men were ill at first, and then prostitutes, so there were clear male interests there. It is more or less solved. Now ME ( myalgic encefalomyelitis) which was around the bock long before HIV stuck up its head. Primarily females are falling ill with this, just as with MS. And they get send to psychiatrist and told they should do more. Even though research clearly shows that there are many bodily dysfunctions that make these patients unable to do that. If such a patients believe doctor and starts to ' do more' they almost invariably fall back to bedridden for years , sometimes for the rest of their lives Well...there is not much interest in this illness, even though patients are more ill then MS patients, their suffering is unbelievable. There goes more research money to find a solution to male baldness then to millions of people laying in bed, unable to move, to read, to endure light or sound, sometimes tube fed, in the dark. patriarchy pushes women into kitchen and kids, there not allowed to be anything else, and it is those remnants that are still around everywhere in western world that get women fed up with patriarchy. Take a look at several Muslim countries, that is patriarchy in it's pure form, and if we do not keep up fighting, western world will revert to that, i will fight against that as long as I live. I am not a girl, I am a human endowed with just as much knowledge, morality and compassion as a man. two differences, I can have a baby, you cannot. You can ( if you're up to it) do heavier physical work then I can so what...lets work together, do away with these historically construed conflicts. to me, the way in life is about balance, in my own body and life, and in relationship with others. As long as men belittle me, act as if I'm a child, not able to live my life independently, as long as that exists, there is no balance.
  17. What is Patriarchy

    But ...historically seen the period that there was a structure with married couples, dad earning wages and mom staying at home is tiny. lets go back to industrial revolution, every body from age 6 and up ( sometimes even younger) needed to work to get some scarce food on the table. before that there was agricultural society, everybody worked as able, you can't run a ( small) farm on dad and sons alone. Women have always worked whatever work there was to do. And in time of war, long before WW2 there have been many wars, they've always done everything that needed to be done Patriarchy is much older then the period were the dad/mom/kids-marriage with working dad was the norm and at least in Europe the christian church had a big hand in putting women lower then men.
  18. Durgā: An Alternative to “Femininity”

    Hel, Norse goddess of death
  19. Durgā: An Alternative to “Femininity”

    When I would look for a goddess or something like that, I would look to the north, to the Vikings. As I live in western Europe where Christianity effectively stamped out traditional ways. The Scandinavian countries appeal more to me then the eastern traditions, much closer to home. In the 15th century the hammer of witches was published and more then 2 centuries of witch hunting followed, eradicating female wisdom and pushing the last remnants of it underground. Apart from many awful things that happened, one of it's effects was that midwifery was reduced because many of these women were killed. So the birthing process came into male hands, with it the wisdom of herbs and such things, the wisdom of healing was transferred to males, to the monks. Reading on the dutch wiki about the hammer of witches I see this hm...should have posted this elsewhere I think, but I'll let it stand. I may go looking into the old Norse mythology. The submissively sweet female is so strange an idea, I mean, think of the archetypical Italian mama
  20. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    I would much like if both gentleman will continue this thread, I find it fascinating and it holds a lot of interesting links too. and seems to me that ad-lad-tis must have held girls too, else it could not have grown to it's mythical proportions
  21. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    interesting thread, please keep it up laddies, I like reading about this stuff
  22. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    yeah, interesting isn't it. It's loong ago that I've looked into those things, but indeed, holy crap sort of says it
  23. The clay pot theory or the crack-pot theory?

    I've never read much, but once there was a moment ( or 2) were the 'me' just vanished. It felt like being the activity my body was doing, being the things I used for it, being the surroundings. I don't care whether that is low, high or higher experience.The memory of it is treasured. And the little I do read has become much clearer. I always like the simple language Dwai uses to tell about things, it reminds me of my teacher and touches something in me that probably needs to be touched.