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  1. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    How old are you?
  2. Year of the Pig

    Its the Boar War 2.0
  3. Breathing Techniques

    Well for a start there's shamatha breath counting to calm the mind and there's pranayama to move energy - also various qi gong breathing including abdominal breathing, reverse abdominal and enbryonic breathing and so on.
  4. Breathing Techniques

    OK but what are you trying to achieve?
  5. Year of the Pig

    Sean is American for sure and is the owner of DBs even if day to day running of the site is the responsibility of dawei and staff. He defintely does work for the CIA and I have personally passed your file to him - code red - a team has been dispatched from Langley
  6. Year of the Pig

    yeah I would call it a wild boar - I realise we must have a pig - but why that ugly big brown thing? It looks completely out of place on the home page.
  7. Year of the Pig

    Now I can't sleep.
  8. Year of the Pig

    I really don't like that brown pig that has appeared. It is ugly and out of place on the home page. Is this a sign?
  9. Hi and welcome, Don't take my view as an expert in this field but I think good qi gong etc. would help to strengthen tissues and sinews etc. so as long as you don't do violent straining exercise I think you should be ok. Best thing is ask your doctor of course and find a good teacher who can advise you. A.
  10. Hi, Books can help beginners to get a sense of the scope of a subject and the meaning of terms. But Tantra (there's Hindu tantra and Buddhist tantra of course) is not really a beginner subject - and neither is kundalini. If there is no teachers around where you live then do a bit of research online first (but don't trust any of it especially wikipedia ) - the Arthur Avalon book is something of a classic but was written /translated many years ago and contains some mistakes and misinterpreations. I don't know the other two books they may be ok. But the main thing is don't try to practice anything from a book - and learn some basic meditation and maybe breathing exercises first.
  11. I heard that the goddess Tiramisu is giving Siva his just desserts. But then its a mere trifle after all.