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  1. Back to the, the garden where the rich folks love a walkDon't chop wood for practice, your place is here in the worldDelirium, delirium, maybe it's just cold outsideCrooked bones show the king's feet[Chorus]Uptown folks pay very well, indeedUptown folks pay very well, indeed
  2. simplify

    United Status of America
  3. Is speed reading possible?

    I'll get back to you in a couple of hours when I've finished reading your post.
  4. Wow, great forum

    There are time travellers in this board
  5. Deception was my job

    How's life in bedsit land?
  6. The locked thread by incompetent MOD

    Dear everyone, particularly SongShuhang, The purpose of TheDaoBums is discussions along the way - that is about our various spiritual paths and mostly how we can help each other to progress, share ideas and generally and so on. The Mod team will take action to safeguard that environment from time to time - when and how it choses in line with a few general rules. If you are not happy with something you can report it. If however the Mod team don't take the exact action you would like to see, at the time you would like to see it, that's just tough. So while the Mod team may post occasionally explaining what action has been taken for the purpose of clarity it is not an invitation for endless debate over whatever is happening. Don't do it. It will be locked. And if you persist you will be banned. Have a very nice day.
  7. Please stop making asinine comments, it's not helpful. This thread is locked as it serves no purpose.
  8. If you are pushing it to see how far you can go - then you've already gone too far. You've only just got here and if you can't cope then feel free to leave.
  9. The Will is a trap

    I think you may have succumbed to some anti-will propaganda. Being wilful isn't the same as being brash and harmful. Social conditioning denigrates the wilful as being awkward and uncontrollable - because they want you to fit in - that is conform to some kind of rationalised version of how to behave. This is usually based on social safety to protect the nervous and those made anxious by experiences that they have not yet understood. Will in its true sense is action from pure unconditioned consciousness - truly free and without conceptually imposed limits.