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  1. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    ... and you thought using Zoom was a new thing ...
  2. sean gone?

    Our lives are fucked, The Board is cucked, Now Sean has gone away. Don't save your Jing, Just have a fling, And masturbate all day. Or light a joint, 'Cos what's the point, In following the Way? It's all gone wrong, Forget qi gong, Stay up late, Don't meditate, Lie, Steal, Kill, Drink, Shag your neighbour at her sink, Let's face facts, No going back, It's all gone wrong, Now Sean has gone ... And That Is It.
  3. sean gone?

    Sean oh Sean - Trump made you pissed, Cos you are an anarchist, Now Bernie's screwed, By Biden's plots, We all will end up Trots, Or dead in jails, Like Jeffrey Epstein, Cos being left Will be a crime. Come back, come back. And and change our fate, or leave us all to the white male patriarchic corporate capitalist state.
  4. sean gone?

    Oh Sean, Now you've gone, This place is a bit More shit.
  5. Virapocalypse Day XX

    Was the ground beef marked 'Soylent Green'?
  6. downward energy flow

    Do you find your mind is racing?
  7. the Guru has no aura

    aura borey alias
  8. downward energy flow

    What does your mind look like when you get this irritable/insomnia state?
  9. https://www.academia.edu/3045718/2013._A_Cosmic_Hunt_in_the_Berber_sky_a_phylogenetic_reconstruction_of_Palaeolithic_mythology._-_Les_Cahiers_de_lAARS_15_93-106 quite interesting. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Franco-Cantabrian_region.gif#/media/File:Franco-Cantabrian_region.gif
  10. sean gone?

  11. sean gone?

    I wonder where my Seany's gone, Seany, Seany, Seany, Oh, For everywhere that Seany went, I ... was .. sure to go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGBZnfB46es