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  1. Eating and alchemy

    Best to wait about an hour after eating I think.
  2. Haiku Chain

    summer, winter, fall - get up again with a spring, perfect seasoning.
  3. Norse mythology

    This channel is quite interesting on the religion: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThomasRowsell
  4. The Cool Picture Thread

    looks like it.
  5. The Cool Picture Thread

    2700 year old Egyptian cat ring:
  6. East is East and West is West

    @Yueya, Perhaps an alternative word for 'certainty' is truth. A word that everyone seems to wish to avoid these days, probably because of the ascendancy of post-modern relativism. Maybe we could say that people are seeking truth(s) and generally speaking this is defined by society to be fact and data. Anyone who knows a statistician might question how close we get to truth through sorting data - on the other hand they tend to be unshakable on facts and logic. Then of course there is narrative or mythological truth, how stories can reveal truths to us particularly about the human condition. This is, I think, Jungian, Joseph Campbell and now Jordan Peterson territory - completely overlooked by science even though it has its own 'standard models' and so on - grand theory like evolutionary theory which are actually narratives. Spiritual truth could be truth 'provided' or revealed by spirit to us, or alternatively the truth of the reality of spirit (as the nature of things). I would guess that the way we get certainty from this would be application of the truth(s) to our lives. There is much play made of the evolutionary advantage of believing in a higher power/purpose. But I find this argument a little weak because in certain circumstances there might be some kind of short term advantage in believing in something untrue. I have always taken the position that revelation is in its purest sense the coming to know directly of spirit/consciousness of itself (we being it - if you see what I mean). While data and narrative might apply in some sense I cannot see that they are adequate guides for someone seeking to truly know themselves. I have come to the conclusion that aside from meditation, the vehicle which navigates the journey is prayer (and I say this as someone brought up in a strictly atheist household) - or maybe you could say devotion, or maybe you could say a pure willingness - a kind of daring which opens up to the immediate truth. Prayer in the religious sense, for me anyway, is directed to those who have gone before, the masters of the past.
  7. East is East and West is West

    Very interesting, thank you.
  8. simplify

  9. Seeking counsel and camaraderie

    Good luck in everything you do and I hope you find your teacher.
  10. Seeking counsel and camaraderie

    Why do you want a teacher?