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  1. Neiye - Section 5 - The One

    Dowloaded that thanks - but it will have to wait till I've waded my way through The Shaman and the Heresiarch.
  2. Human Magic : Degenerating Every Tradition

    Q: How spacious is your guru? A: Mine's very Rumi.
  3. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    That's interesting I guess but what does it mean????
  4. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    Who defined them as yin and yang ducts? I don't think the Neiye uses these terms does it? Can't we leave it simply that jing produces ducts/channels which qi flows along? Why complicate matters?
  5. Neiye - Section 1 - The Essential Qi

    Which word is translated as numen - is it shen?
  6. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    So knowledge reaches its end in spiritual awareness?
  7. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    What does it mean then when it says 'knowledge reachers its limit?'
  8. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    When you reach the summit you have to stop - which is the land of humans - infecting even the remotest places on earth
  9. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    It doesn't say 'mundane' - so I think it is just descriptive. As in 'where to thoughts come from?' - Ans: jing in body causes channels for qi. The qi movement (?) generates thoughts, then thinking gives you knowledge - and that reaches its limit so its the end of the process. Perhaps it is saying don't bother pursuing thoughts any further than this. (?)
  10. Neiye - Section 1 - The Essential Qi

    I suspect the key is understanding precisely what xin is.
  11. Neiye - Section 1 - The Essential Qi

    .... So Kirkland suggests Jing, Qi, Shen, De, and Dao as coming and going, thus externally gathered. I may be reading too much Kirkland I take the view (based on very little other than my own intuition) that its a matter of perspective. In ancient times the realm of the numinous or spirit was viewed as, as real as the ordinary world. It was a dimension into which to travel - just like you travel in the physical world. The shamanist view supports this - the cosmos is divided into various realms including the ghost/spirit and you travel there to do certain tasks, like healing or affecting your enemies and so on. The shaman has to purify and prepare him/herself to be acceptable to spirits and deities (te) as it is by their agency he/she gains powers. The whole thing is seen very much as something external, a spirit, coming and taking over the body of the shaman. Neidan actually rejected this view and said it is about internal alchemy - in other words vital energies in the body being purified, sublimated and circulated etc. This actually reflects a shift in human consciousness/perspective about the world and themselves. To see it as internal and to some extent controllable is a much more empirical view - something akin to the shift towards rationality in the West. However, in the end, what is outside and what is inside is a moot point. From the point of view of a sage what is 'outside'? If you see what I mean. Not sure I expressed that properly - but there you go.
  12. Neiye - Section 4: The Sage

    Hmmm interesting.
  13. Neiye - Section 1 - The Essential Qi

    So ghosts and spirits might be hun and po? Which could make sense - especially as it specifically talks about the 'flow' - so earth directed and heaven directed. I prefer the standard line break because that gives a four fold - above, below, flowing, gathering - which is quite a nice pattern.