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  1. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    I keep reading the title of this thread as 'Tin Hat Daoist Sect'. Luckily I was already wearing my tin hat when I read it.
  2. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    At last a post I agree with.
  3. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    Some of us have a lot to be humble about.
  4. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    No disrespect old chap, but you're not coming across as very holy.
  5. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

  6. I bought an iPhone a while ago but after a short while put it back in its box. Quite a lot of money wasted. X factor is vile, I don't mind football occasionally though, but Eastenders is also depressing bilge. Yes England has become a dump and a virtual police state at the same time. So sad.
  7. simplify

    Water gate
  8. Hi, Good question. The word 'politics' comes from old words meaning 'city', like Latin 'polis' and Sanskrit 'pur' and a city originally is a walled enclosure for defence. When people live in cities they develop politics - and this is because we are constrained by the walls (made for mutual protection) into close relation whether we like it or not. So there has to be a way to deal with the fact that we have individual wills and contain a great deal of historical 'material' - subconscious forces, memories and so on which influence us, make us into a jumble in fact - and yet we need to act together. Hence the need of rulers from the earliest times to use images and slogans and so on to affect the minds of the masses. So politics as practiced is often a sham of covered up truths, power plays and manipulation. It is dangerous waters to step in. Because of the suppression of instinct and naturalness usually politicos work on hating the other. This is particularly true at the moment where there is a big divide between conservatives and liberals. Working in anger and hate is ultimately harmful because it generates bad chemicals in the body which lead to disease. However, you talk about meaning - and this is key - finding something you value and working towards it is important to a person and if those things you find important involve working with others - if you are convinced it is a good thing - then you should work towards it - but while you do - watch the process and its effect on yourself and others - and you might find through educating yourself through experience that even higher ideals emerge like compassion and understanding for instance. Just my thoughts
  9. The Reality of Life & Death

    Last time I was philosophising about life and death, someone said 'cheer up, it could be worse' - so I did and it was.
  10. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    I enjoy Hancock for the same reason you seem to loathe him. Although I do recall throwing Fingerprints of the Gods across the room in exasperation. But I'll still watch him on Rogan when he appears.
  11. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    mea culpa. I was chatting to Michael and Hancocks new book came up - so I posted it here.
  12. very advanced energy practice

    orgasm at a distance