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  1. Seeking counsel and camaraderie

    I feel like I ve done all my can on my own after 8 years of intensive practice, and I know I haven’t come close to completing my spiritual development. I use to beg the I Ching to let me seek a master and after wishing for 8 years I think the time is finally right. I could go into further details and explanations later in the day if your interested I just wanted to make sure I responded to you. btw Creation was nice enough to respond to me too and offer his recommendations. hope this gives you a little insight into my situation.
  2. Seeking counsel and camaraderie

    Hey! I’m looking for direction for my practice and path from someone whose wisdom and experience I can trust (quality over quantity). I posted in the general yesterday the thread about seeking a teacher and I didn’t get much of the type of feedback I was looking for. I think I’m looking more for a mentor than a sangha or brief consultation at this point, so if you think you can be a good connection or can direct me to who you think would be it would be much appreciated. 🙏🏼 ps: hoping to actually talk or video chat more so than msg but I will take what I can get
  3. Seeking counsel and camaraderie

    Ye bums! You are letting me down! I implore my fellow I Chingers to throw your coins and cast your stalks and see if it would be beneficial for us to talk/unite. I just consulted the Yi again now to see if I should beg you guys for assistance and got hexagram 27 changing lines 1,4,,5,6 into hexagram 45 (gathering together). I hope someone seriously takes me up on my request this time. I will be very grateful. -Elliot
  4. Seeking a teacher

    That’s a beautiful poem! Thank you for the feedback. I’m finally arriving at normalcy and sobriety in my practice besides relying on divination and becoming restless for change and fulfillment. There lies my main hesitancy in seeking a teacher in that my ego could co opt it for its own purposes. However I don’t really have a spiritual practice/routine anymore as far as training goes and I kind of use a methodless method. I think that a teacher could help give me encouragement and the necessary kick in the arse to purge my bad habits and deepen my strength/devotion/connection to the world. im not too worried about aligning with a charlatan or malicious teacher because I run everything by the I Ching... and many wise students and teacher emphasize the importance of a teacher/spiritual friend in self cultivation. Regardless there is wisdom in your advice and I appreciate your response!
  5. Seeking a teacher

    I see that makes sense. If the bums don't come through I will give that forum a look. And yes I agree that online learning isn't ideal, but am hoping to open the door through talk and video chat or even meeting up and then seeingwhat opens up from there. I live in NJ very close to NYC btw for anyone reading this and can provide my phone number if interested
  6. Seeking a teacher

    While my body is gradually recovering from the asceticism, I'm sure learning the internal energetic arts and disciplines would be of great benefit and am open to doing that, but I want to speak to someone I can have a personal teacher-student/disciple relationship with. Thanks for the feedback Gerard
  7. Seeking a teacher

    Hey fellow bums i posted here several months ago a bit prematurely it seems. I was transitioning from years of asceticism and trying times to gradually reintegrating back into the world. Now the shackles that the I Ching had put on me for years as an expedient means to cultivation have come off, my austerities I was doing (diet, hygiene, letting go of desires in general) seem to be over and done with. As nice as it is to live a normal life again with new eyes and appreciation, I don’t want to rest on my laurels and believe the time is right to seek a genuine teacher who can encourage and guide me on my path. The only prerequisites I’m looking for are someone who is sympathetic to the I Ching path as well as the bodhisattva aspiration. I have little to no experience with internal arts but I think I have progressed extensively through years of non doing, refining my thoughts, attitudes, and conduct, and attempting to devote my life to service. I’d be happy to hear from anyone, teacher or not, but ultimately I hope to be pointed toward expedient and optimal practice tailored to how I am. I hope to get feedback from you guys. thank you, -Elliot 🙏🏼
  8. Spiritual hubris

    I think that the gnosis experience is universal (albeit rare) among very different traditions speaks to this. My own path was haphazardly formed but devotedly followed and while I have suffered great misfortune and adversity I also feel I have made fantastic progress over the years. All I used to do was aimless shikantaza all day, day after day, practice austerities, bear with obstacles, and work on purifying my thoughts and attitudes while harmonizing my conduct with the guidance of the I Ching. I really had no method other than this and consulting the Oracle. However, I have no experience with an intentional internal alchemy path like neidan or Vajra practice so I don't doubt working with that you need a proper method and guidance. Liu Yiming seemed to agree with freeform's perspective and I would not doubt his wisdom. I just think there are many paths that lead to profound progress and only some of them require precise methodology
  9. Mahayana vs Theravada

    Hey Apech. I know Buddha didn't write down his teachings but I thought that was on account of him not wanting his teaching to be merely studied as opposed to practiced... At least that was Thich Nhat Hanh's account of history. If I remember I thought some people wanted Shakyamuni to write down his teachings in Sanskrit. But either way you are correct, I meant I don't personally believe the Mahayana sutras such as the lotus sutra or the Maha PariNirvana sutra were actually spoken by the buddha but I don't think it invalidates the potential truths in those sutras
  10. .

    Hi Ocean Form. In my experience consulting the Oracle, I often receive guidance that goes against my heart's desire or even my intuition. However, in your moment to moment decisions you should follow your intuitive and discerning sense of right and wrong. But part of the purpose of the Oracle us to guide us through terrain that we cannot fully see.
  11. Mahayana vs Theravada

    I don't think the Mahayana path is intrinsically superior to the theravada although I do believe the bodhisattvas aspiration is higher and more noble than striving towards arhatship. I also don't know how much I believe in following what you are drawn to naturally. I think the optimal path is what you believe and have experienced to be optimal for yourself and have faith in rather than what you have a natural affinity for. I say this because you may lose an affinity for the path you have been on when times get difficult and strenuous and you might look elsewhere for relief or even escape. As far as Mahayana authenticity I don't believe the Mahayana canon was written by Shakyamuni Buddha but I believe it was written by beings of great attainment. Thus I take the wisdom as real and relevant and ignore the exclusionary aspects of these sutras. In regards to different types of realization I have always been curious: is there the satori experience in theravada or is it more focused on attaining jhana and ultimately nibbana? And if so I wonder what mechanism differentiates different experiences for different paths of practice.
  12. Dealing with the dark side

    Hello all. I feel this is a good thread to share my experiences with dark entities even if it doesn't answer any questions. I briefly gave my story here a few months ago but this time I will hone in on the content relative to the thread. My path is a combination of the I Ching, Mahayana Buddhism, Taoist philosophy and Theism. 7 years ago I had a crisis of faith with the I ching part of my path which led to immense feelings of anxiety, doubt, and panic. I had committed myself to the I Ching path similar to samaya in Tibetan Buddhism and within a few months I got the urge to flee at the first signs of trouble. After regaining my composure whilst still anxious one night I essentially dreamt that I either got possessed by a demon or brought one into this world. It was very vivid and disturbing. Upon waking I consulted the I Ching and got hexagram 36.2.5 > 5. The reading was Darkening of the Light and the lines were 2: you have been wounded by a dark force and 5: an external darkness cannot be escaped. This was very traumatic and the beginnings of more severe trauma to come. I 'll describe it more if anyone wants to hear but I feel this is a decent intro to my experiences. In the following months I had a week or two long experience after an energy eruption seemingly brought on by hubris and boasting which led to waking experiences of demons/evil spirits and even hallucinating the mark of the beast written in blood. 7 years later I feel healed, recovered, protected, and happy that I persevered on my path. I never sought out an exorcism as I was never guided to do so and now when I encounter dark forces in my dreams I pray them away. I recently met a reiki teacher whom I hope to work with and can give me more insight into what happened and what I should do going forward. I guess my story is a warning that if you are on a mystical oriented path take heed and exercise caution as you proceed as I jumped in headfirst as a beginner and very nearly drowned.
  13. desire in Taoism

    I think there is no one size fits all answer to this question. At my old Zen center whenever I brought up desire as something to be relinquished or eliminated I got bewilderment or a "hold it lightly" type response. I think the "hold it lightly"/middle way approach is fine and appropriate if you are sincerely devoted and are willing to sacrifice for the path of practice. But it is easy to be lax in this method and indulge yourself if you aren't clear in setting proper limitations/precepts for your practice. I did the extreme of trying to let go of ALL desires and while I found my misguided efforts ultimately beneficial it is a dangerous rabbit hole to go down. So I think we cannot eradicate desire unless we become arhats, immortals, Buddha's if we even can at all. In the face of that knowledge we have to be discerning in which desires are detrimental by their very nature and which desires simply should not be clung too. That's where I stand at the moment, but like I was saying in the beginning it also depends on how deep your aspiration is and how much you are willing to give for the path
  14. Qs on integrating Taoism and buddhism

    That sounds like what I had found at Blue Cliff Monastery during my first 10 day retreat. It was a profound healing and transformative experience that led me away from the darkness of alienation, nihilism, despair that I felt after I went on a deep introspection journey that led me to spiritual seeking and veganism. For years now I have had a profound yearning for sangha and for all my friends I have left behind. I hope to have that again one day... But my future seems brighter now than ever to me. I really appreciate your responses. -Elliot
  15. Qs on integrating Taoism and buddhism

    I was unfamiliar with shiatsu but it sounds amazing! If I ever get the opportunity to receive it or learn it I 'll take it! I should mention in the course of my asceticism I have had scary health concerns. During my hospitalization I survived on a diet of oatmeal and ensure, consuming what I imagine was less than 32 oz of total fluids a day! My blood pressure was so low that I was put on a steroid for 2 years to raise it as I was unwilling to drink or eat more. This combined with no sunlight, poor nutrition, no exercise and Prolonged sitting caused my bones to slowly deteriorate. I faced the brink a few times through these years and thankfully I made it through and my bones are gradually recovering as I now get sunlight, more fluids , more calories and a couple hours of walking daily. I also read that hearing the frequency of cats purring can have a beneficial effect on the body and my kitty Kat takes good care of me. I'm still not getting the nutrition I need however but hope that situation resolves soon. But any healing methods would be welcome to me. Thanks for your support and suggestions yueya -Elliot Ps if I remember correctly you are big on Jung right? I am too!