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  1. O sweet mother's wind, By which I sorrow, Verily I have fled the wretched den, Embracing the happy sun Good stuff, I've thought about this question a bit. I think the answer is nothing really, not as in the void or some other substance, but a bit like a shrug. Self realization was never that important it seems, so do whatever you want.
  2. Intellect vs Wisdom

    intellect sticks, wisdom dissolves itself
  3. Simply Be -- Summa Iru

    Hmm I don't know if this is similar, but I actually did something that relates to this just yesterday. It was really great. Basically I just took my hands off the mind and let it do whatever. No breath control, no opinions on what thoughts pop up, not taking any sides really and just letting the whole train just zip by. Letting the mind think whatever it wants. What ended up happening is that a whole bevy of thoughts appeared that collided with each other and moved like waves on an ocean. Some deeply positive, while others abhorrent or strongly negative. All the while I floated beyond even ignoring the conflict or the awareness of it all. It ended up being what felt like the final straw to the mind, as even the thoughts that had strong ego's that made it seem like I was on a certain side no longer meant anything. This seems to be an extremely powerful practice towards letting go, rather than the contempary methods of bottling up the brain like a pressure cooker and beating it into silence, as you're not caring about what opinions you hold anymore nor the direction the whole train seems to be going. Negativity, positivity, and all these states seem to return to just being states and nothing more. Otherwise, I was cleaning the kitchen at the time, so it was a bit nice as it felt like I closed my eyes and woke up to a cleaned kitchen hehe. Though maybe its important to note, that I think most go the wrong way when it comes to quieting the mind. They treat it like some beast or some great foe, but really getting a silent mind is as easy as learning to stop talking. Just trying to stop thinking in the same way that you stop talking... doesn't get simpler than that I suppose. Well maybe it does haha. But yeah... if I was a telling a "beginner" something then I'd say watch the breath for a few days, and then just learn to stop talking if you want a quiet mind.
  4. Hey Goodlookin, What u got Cookin?

    Ha, street tacos without the street. Made me lol reminds me of a time I was at a school trip to an amusement park, and it started raining. But we were all hungry so we ended up eating tacos in the rain. My friend remarked, “This is as low as it goes.”
  5. Subtle Clinging

    I is actually more of a collection of clingings, which can be very subtle. Clinging to flaws, clinging to virtues, and clinging to various activities. I recently actually had a dream that involved clinging to love. In which it was revealed that an unhealthy relationship/love seems to involve ownership. However, I think division is the worst kind of clinging. Besides the story, the 2nd paragraph reveals how deeply these clinging can subtly stand. Concepts like I, etc are not natural. They are gained and only seem natural due to constant reinforcement. What is natural is beyond the tides of what has been gained and lost.
  6. What are you listening to?

    Nice one I like, mellow: A bit higher energy, and dunno if I already posted this one, but it's a favorite of mine:
  7. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Have you guys ever tried slightly fermented oranges? You just make a hole or two and leave it for a few days. Come back and it has an interesting flavor + it’s probably good for your stomach bacteria. Otherwise what the heck is that towel thing?
  8. A prayer of thanks

    Many thanks for this wonderful place, that has allowed me meet many wonderful individuals and further my practice. I am indebted towards you all.
  9. Is meditation the only path?

    I personally gained the most off of contemplation and inquiry rather than meditation. Reading Texts and understanding them was basically the bread and butter. Practical application came next. Though I think there’s still a point where mindfulness/meditation comes hand in hand with that, because pure contemplation can spiral. My own experience is that contemplation was definitely worthwhile for me to start with. It’s just now that I’m really getting into mindfulness, and because the contemplation beforehand it seems to be going really quickly + the ability to choose what “present” you unwrap is nice
  10. Jing: Living as Conservation

    This is a good post. Though I find myself agreeing with freeform about psychological importance. Otherwise, all I can say is reliance on the physical creates results that remain very much in the physical. Though that's also coming from someone who believes that rules and tradition are not the way.
  11. Spiritual hubris

    Nicely put Steve. IMO any knowledge, whether dzogchen, materialist science, or some other ideology is not evil, harmful, or limiting at all. The person themselves is at the core of the experience(whether they know it or not) and gravitate towards what fits them. So I think that it’d be rare for worries of conflicting knowledge harming someone to actually be true. Though it can be hurtful at times when others preach conflicting information at you when you’re starting. Like it’s already such a big jump and commitment for most when they start, and when others aren’t only not supporting you but instead are trying to even bring you down... eek it’s hard(speaking from personal experience). I guess that’s why a lot of these ideologies can be a bit defensive, because there’s a lot of preachers in this day and age who want to speak their nonsense to people who don’t want to listen. Also probably why “good company” is seen as a major aspect of some practices.
  12. Spiritual hubris

    What both of you guys have said is definitely true. There does seem to be this cycle of exclusion. Even comparing the various hindu faiths we see this paradigm where certain faiths say this is the way to achieve enlightenment/spiritual advancement and other ways are mediocre at best. And it is most likely true that the way these preachers preach is a way, but the mistake is to believe that it is the only way. It reminds me of a poem, written by Lu Zhishen ( fictional character from the water margin): In my life I never cultivated goodness, 平生不修善果, Relishing only murder and arson. 只愛殺人放火。 Suddenly my golden shackles have been opened; 忽地頓開金枷, Here my jade locks have been pulled asunder. 這裡指斷玉鎖。 Alas! Hereby the river tide cometh, 咦!錢塘江上潮信來, Now I finally realise that I am what I am! 今日方知我是我。 The poem itself speaks for the character. He was basically a bad monk, who even took to banditry at some point. Yet good and evil, does not change what one is. I like the poem because it reminds me of how there is no way. So better to not worry about things like Jing, karma, yin-yang, and instead focus on your self
  13. What's wrong with mantra meditation?

    Somewhat unrelated opinion below:
  14. I always felt that yin yang was more so a representation of non duality and so it can represent quite a bit. For me it tends to show how duality doesn’t actually contradict but instead shows the nondual/equanimity. Complex allows simple to be, everything allows nothing to be, good allows bad to be, vice versa. And while, yin and yang contradict each other separately, they are in truth never separate and are instead necessary for the other arise, creating balance. As for the motions in which yin and yang revolve, the illusion of change is given but in truth yin and yang are balanced at all times. However, that idea in itself seems to be disputed among various practices. Daoism, from what I recall, tends to believe in returning balance to yin and yang through practice. At least that’s part of it, but I could be wrong. Please do tell. Otherwise, practices like zen tend to believe that all things are already balanced, and thus abstain from the effort of trying to balance yin and yang. Though this tends to involve some effort towards not only realizing this but letting go of ones perspective that suggests otherwise. Whether one sounds cooler or not, both tend to be difficult paths. Hence the knowledge not really being hidden but just genuinely difficult, which is a bit different from the congruency of material sciences. Otherwise, what I find most interesting lately is the spreading of knowledge in the west. Most notably stuff like law of attraction and so on, which deals with how the perceiver and perceived aren’t independent. But it tends to ditch all mental development and goes straight to feeding the egos desires. However, there’s still big potential for people to become spiritually advanced through it. As far as Its spread, well it’s even popularized on stuff like TikTok. But the general message has also significantly degraded with many off branches going into wierd rules and removing the actual substance. Now it’s more of a new age thing, with more of the negative connotations than positive. I can only expect a lot of people get mislead or caught into something they aren’t ready for. But eh live and learn I guess. Otherwise, this is a really good reference though as to why knowledge might be “hidden”, because it’s an example of typically “classified” information being popularized/publicized.