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  1. My will is too weak

    I feel that weak will often isn't just about weak will but the means behind it, the wisdom that speaks as to why. You may be denying a strong will because you have solid reasons within not to have one or you just lack momentum towards that attitude. Or it could be energetically related, but i'm not too into energetic related stuff. You can try out this exercise to find out where there is conflict and contemplate it later. This exercise should also help create a lot of momentum; you can imagine it as getting the blueprint, the workers, finding the place and then beginning to build the bridge. After you complete the exercise, over the course of the upcoming days and weeks you'll notice the seeds of thoughts kind of snowballing towards this desire just like how a bridge gets built more and more now that everything for it to be built is ready. There's nothing wrong as well with repeating the exercise, though its advisable to let it be and have nature take its course. 1. Think on the following phrase: "I want to have a strong will" (You can make this something else just change it up accordingly for the later steps). Effectively the key is to feel the emotion behind phrase, you can repeat the thought "I want to have a strong will" in your head a few times to solidify that feeling of wanting. Take 30 or so seconds at least with this step. Once it feels solid enough (there's no standard indicator so just move on when you feel ready) then move onto the next step. Alternatively if you feel bad about even wanting a strong will, then the problem likely lies in why you'd even want a strong will. After all, if you don't even want a strong will, how could you expect yourself to obtain one? Otherwise, the reason could be behind some energetic symptom but I somewhat doubt it. 2. Think on the following phrase: "I can have a strong will" Once again feel the phrase, but also try to feel the shift from wanting something to acknowledging that you can have it. You don't need to even give reason as to why you can have a strong will, just know that it is possible. This time if you feel negative emotion, you don't need to stop and reevaluate; just repeat the phrase and focus on the feeling that you can have a strong will. This feeling can be anywhere from expectation, pride, a mix, etc but it should never be one of lack where you beat yourself up and feel bad. It's expected that you may have some thoughts that berate you about not being capable of having a strong will, you don't need to deal with those. Just feel confident and positive that you can have it and the thoughts will mean nothing. When you feel ready, you can move on but i'd reccomend spending at least 30 seconds here as well. 3. Think on the following phrase: "I will have a strong will" If you're reading this first and then attempting the exercise, this jump might feel a little strange. But its a lot easier to say that you will have something if you can first acknowledge that you want it, and then that you can have it. Otherwise, making such a statement is like preparing a feast without any food; it's just a lot more difficult. Otherwise, repeat the phrase and feel what it means that you now will have a strong will. This feeling can be pride, expectation, excitement, etc; as long as its positive and it feels good then it should be fine. Otherwise if its negative, then work towards correcting it even if you're being berated with thoughts. The negative thoughts mean nothing if the feeling is positive. Move on when you feel ready, but if you're unsure when that is take a minimum of 30 seconds and move on when you're feeling positive. 4. Think on the following phrase: "I have a strong will" The rules are basically the same for this stage. Hopefully it's easy and you can simply rest in satisfaction and completion. Speaking of that, common feelings for this step are satisfaction and completion. Warmth in the chest, relaxed, excited, etc. Once again, negative emotions may come but honestly they don't mean anything as you can feel satisfied regardless of what they say; they're like the barks of a dog. Do you bark back at the dog or let the dog ruin your day? No you just keep walking on your merry way, even if the dog's barks surprised you, you can still just walk away. Rest in this state however long you feel. No minimum or maximum, just stop on a good note though. Once you stop, thank yourself for putting in the mental effort and deciding to have what you wanted. You can thank your subconscious too as well for overseeing the bridge building. Now there should be some kind of seeds planted. You'll notice thoughts that align with each of these steps, like "I wish I had a strong will", "when will I have a strong will?", "I know I can have a strong will". Just leave it be and let your mind do the work and you'll naturally drift towards strong will. You don't need to do anything else to prove it either, just live life as you do and how you would do. The momentum will show itself normally. This exercise has another lesson however, effectively that you can just choose how you feel. We often let our thoughts or physical interactions choose them, but we can just skip that and feel motivated, satisfied, happy, sad, etc without them. So if you want to just do things regardless of how you feel ( have a strong will ) just create the feeling you'd like to feel and do it. Otherwise, the negative feelings in each of the steps give items for you to address and contemplate on. Though I also find myself agreeing with helpfuldemon. Don't beat yourself up, take your time. If you find yourself doing both, chances are you'll demonstrate a strong will from natural passion while completely forgetting about needing it in the first place.
  2. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Yeah I found the same when i read that excerpt. It's just a bit rude and random. I imagine if someone actually let it grow as a demon in their mind then it could come to be.
  3. Blue aura people

    This is really interesting, I've never really encountered people with a presence or aura but it seems like you definitely have. Can you describe more of your encounters and also other auras you see in others?
  4. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    True wisdom derives from no source A mirror reflects a myriad of images, but remains unchanged
  5. I'd like to request a PPD as well please. I remember requesting one before but it got buried.
  6. Remaining Centered - Simply Be

    What a wonderful excerpt. I wrote two poems on this matter, one which many of you might have already seen. I find what these poems illustrate for me, is that freedom/completion/satisfaction is not to be gained, it is inherent! Then perhaps the journey towards enlightenment is simply letting go of the all the attachments that dispute this fact.
  7. What are you listening to?

    I don’t listen to music much but this is one of my favorites
  8. Huh, I've had a lot of issues with bad habits, depression, and so on. The final nail in the coffin for me was to stop relying so much on the brain/body. They are fickle things that work sometimes and don't at other times. Rest in the awareness of the brain/body and not the brain/body itself; after doing this, for me at least, I found myself a lot more free of all the random stuff it does like breakdowns, fear, etc. Otherwise, best of luck. Everyone has their own methods, I hope that you find one suited to you.
  9. Framework is important... but I’ve never been one good with terms. I prefer realization of concepts rather than names describing them. This is likely also the case for people who extensively self study.
  10. Huh I’m somewhat lost on this topic and the use of long terms. Though I feel like this observation may relate? The objects of the world are ever changing, but the mirror they reflect off of never really does. Whether that mirror/reflection is awareness or also the I, I’m not sure. But It reminds me of a story: A King and Buddha are talking by the Ganges River, and Buddha asks how the king has changed with age. The king explains how he has gotten old, his eyes lack sight, etc. And then Buddha asks, even though your eyesight has diminished, this river Ganges is the same? It has never changed in your memory since you first saw it; it is the same river Ganges. The king agrees. Thats a paraphrase of the story. Dunno how much it relates but I felt that it does. Kind of like finding the unchanging nature within the changing... But it makes me think about how I may experience the taste of ice cream per say, but if I try to imagine a taste of a specific flavor... it has never really changed.
  11. I’d like a personal practice discussion thanks
  12. Mental Rituals

    Oops I tend to write stuff in my head first then write it down; so it reads confusing. The way you explained it was perfect; better than I could put it. But what I was meaning was that if someone did something mentally, and believed in it same way as a physical ritual, would there be any difference? Meaning they emulate the pain of offering flesh, and feel fervor and greatness as if it was entirely real. Some people might call that kind of insane though, but i would think that the results wouldn’t differ so much. You can imagine it being like an imprisoned man just sitting in his cell to the outside world, but in his mind is some vast and ornate ritual that he truly treats as real. Also Ha, I’m just starting to figure out ‘luck’. Fun to hear your stories :), just now getting into creating my own luck so it’ll be exciting times. As for aboriginal ideas; they seem pretty cool. I especially like their idea of sacred time and cyclical time. very cool stuff. Also unsure if you pasted in that Bill Neidje quote the right way but it seems interesting. Huh never really experienced much like this. Though I’m glad to hear your experience. It’s cool to see that it can go both ways, in vedantic faith they’d still call stuff like that self effort, just of past lives, and it’s experienced like actual luck/tendencies. As for deities, never really encountered any. Wonder if I should try to invoke one or other beings at some point. Guidance would be nice in the solo cultivation process. Though, from time to time it feels like I’m being cheered on or guided. Otherwise life feels very silent. Thoughts are mostly left to me and no one else to share them with. Save for internet connections, no one else to talk to about these things or ask, but I suppose solitude is something we have to accept with spiritual practice. Though I am trying to manifest a guardian spirit for that right now, but there’s no rush for it. Feel like it will happen, kind of like ordering something online. Once you’ve ordered it, you wouldn’t say that you don’t have it, just that you’re waiting for it I am somewhat worried about creating projections and so on tho, but I’m sure with enough wisdom and good habits things should end up fine. I imagine once it’s ‘real’ i could approach it in the same way that deity approached you. Would be cool to hear anymore stories you have on this matter, and guidance. I’m no pro just a newbie lol
  13. Who likes tea? I like tea.

    Thanks for the guides and source to get tea from. Definitely will check out and start experimenting Though, on a side note, for people who aren't big fans of caffeine; should we be messing with this stuff? Edit: I suppose so. didn't know there were non caffeinated teas, I'll try them out.
  14. Who likes tea? I like tea.

    I've never actually gotten into tea, though I've tried before because it looks sagey and stuff haha + health benefits. Still never really got into it though, but I'm welcome to try again. So, what would you reccomend for 'le beginner'? Also is tea for everyone? I'm not a big fan of coffee or other fancy beverages, water is a pretty solid choice for me.