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  1. I’d like a personal practice discussion thanks
  2. Mental Rituals

    Oops I tend to write stuff in my head first then write it down; so it reads confusing. The way you explained it was perfect; better than I could put it. But what I was meaning was that if someone did something mentally, and believed in it same way as a physical ritual, would there be any difference? Meaning they emulate the pain of offering flesh, and feel fervor and greatness as if it was entirely real. Some people might call that kind of insane though, but i would think that the results wouldn’t differ so much. You can imagine it being like an imprisoned man just sitting in his cell to the outside world, but in his mind is some vast and ornate ritual that he truly treats as real. Also Ha, I’m just starting to figure out ‘luck’. Fun to hear your stories :), just now getting into creating my own luck so it’ll be exciting times. As for aboriginal ideas; they seem pretty cool. I especially like their idea of sacred time and cyclical time. very cool stuff. Also unsure if you pasted in that Bill Neidje quote the right way but it seems interesting. Huh never really experienced much like this. Though I’m glad to hear your experience. It’s cool to see that it can go both ways, in vedantic faith they’d still call stuff like that self effort, just of past lives, and it’s experienced like actual luck/tendencies. As for deities, never really encountered any. Wonder if I should try to invoke one or other beings at some point. Guidance would be nice in the solo cultivation process. Though, from time to time it feels like I’m being cheered on or guided. Otherwise life feels very silent. Thoughts are mostly left to me and no one else to share them with. Save for internet connections, no one else to talk to about these things or ask, but I suppose solitude is something we have to accept with spiritual practice. Though I am trying to manifest a guardian spirit for that right now, but there’s no rush for it. Feel like it will happen, kind of like ordering something online. Once you’ve ordered it, you wouldn’t say that you don’t have it, just that you’re waiting for it I am somewhat worried about creating projections and so on tho, but I’m sure with enough wisdom and good habits things should end up fine. I imagine once it’s ‘real’ i could approach it in the same way that deity approached you. Would be cool to hear anymore stories you have on this matter, and guidance. I’m no pro just a newbie lol
  3. Who likes tea? I like tea.

    Thanks for the guides and source to get tea from. Definitely will check out and start experimenting Though, on a side note, for people who aren't big fans of caffeine; should we be messing with this stuff? Edit: I suppose so. didn't know there were non caffeinated teas, I'll try them out.
  4. Who likes tea? I like tea.

    I've never actually gotten into tea, though I've tried before because it looks sagey and stuff haha + health benefits. Still never really got into it though, but I'm welcome to try again. So, what would you reccomend for 'le beginner'? Also is tea for everyone? I'm not a big fan of coffee or other fancy beverages, water is a pretty solid choice for me.
  5. Mental Rituals

    There's a lot of no doubt actions that we do in the physical world. For example moving a chair. I experienced it, I felt the chair, the strain, and now I see that it's somewhere else. There are still laws of nature though: chakra's, chi channels, gravity, etc. And furthermore elements like people becoming aware of things they had nothing to do with; for example that chair I moved is suddenly gone because someone else moved it. imo these are just as changeable as small things like perspective, physical routines, etc. My perspective on why that is so delves from the topic at hand though so I'll leave it aside.
  6. Mental Rituals

    Yep found this to be the case with my own applications as well. I'm applying this concept real time to a lot of things with life. Suddenly, things tend to be a lot luckier; found a job without much effort at all simply because I didn't worry about it and believed that it would happen, meanwhile my older brother who is more qualified than me can't get one even after applying to a few everyday. Positive reinforcement is the email's back and forth, positive feedback as employers review your application, etc. Then that start's getting rid of the rest of the doubts that you needed to do more to get a job. In the topic of mental rituals, this idea of feedback loop also applies. Say I perform a ritual in my mind, do a long penance, or speak a mantra for a while. In all those cases, you may want to gain guidance from a deity; and in all those cases the best thing to do is to keep faith. Looking for the things that reinforce your belief instead of what counteracts it, furthermore the things that counteract it could be made into reinforcements. Keep this up, and chances are you'll meet that deity. The reason why it may take some years of mantras, or penance is that the feedback loop (faith/belief) works both ways. We may believe that we are this pitiful mortal so therefore we must show great effort to meet a deity, and we may have also heard of our associates who spoke a mantra constantly for 10 years to meet them. So in reality, its all a matter of what we let happen; looking deeper into the phrase "What do I let happen?" and you'll have something to contemplate on for a while.
  7. Mental Rituals

    This is cool. I'm still watching through it but it does relate to my own practice a lot. I used to ignore the giving up the body part a lot with instant dissolution. Now I use my body parts to make a nice feast. Hair chopped into rice or noodles, blood made into wine, impurities into a sauce, etc. It's very grotesque but definitely effective for noticing the impurity of body. A very noticeable effect is that the ails of the body no longer seem like mine. Furthermore, I make each of the sense organs a "prize entree". Definitely helps a lot with changing the hateful relationship towards the body and mind that tends to get developed by newcomers, me included. Then once the feasting table is prepared I let whatever demons or beings that wish to feast, feast; and I serve as a guest for a while. Pretty quickly the food is all gone and then I focus on what's left of me: The skeleton. I usually undertake this part by adding each bone one at a time till the entire skeleton is there and meditate on the full image of the skeleton for however long I feel. Sometimes I just create the skeleton in my head instantly though. It should be kept in mind that most/all of this is mentally created. Even the demons and so on are created by my imagination, however at a certain point its my mind can be partitioned and create a living object through imagination, so while it does take some thought on my part, it start's doing actions that 'I' don't really control. I suppose it's something I'm just starting to use. My further understanding on this subject is that we don't really need physical interactions to approach these issues or problems. We can approach them right now in our minds, and get very real satisfaction/emotional benefit from it. This idea of mental rituals takes that one step further and says you can approach things in your mind, and get very real physical benefit from it. And in a way, we already see that with practiced meditation. It's also an idea that's prevalent in new age stuff like law of attraction; were they tend to decide things without the physical worlds input or reasoning. Though I find that it's not so much a law but a benefit we realize when we understand that the mental world and the physical world/all further divisions are no different from each other. Yet we are the ones that perceive that difference. Here's a quote from the story of Lila, entailing her penance: keywords being: "She was utterly convinced that this penance would prove fruitful" Reminds me of a line from an article: Though faith without wisdom has the possibility to delve into insanity; so there's a rather subtle line where one gives so much power to their mind and faith that they end up letting themselves derive unintended negative consequences. It's kind of like how in the days of old, someone would curse someone else with some meaningful premise and then that curse would seem to manifest. Now and days that doesn't happen so much, someone road rages and say that you'll die a horrible death and you're like "No I probably won't"
  8. Mental Rituals

    And speaking of which here’s another story regarding this matter: this story is mainly about how Samsara can be created anywhere really, but it’s also a story regarding this very topic: the power of the mind.
  9. Mental Rituals

    Huh that’s pretty cool. I really like this point: So here’s another general question: if one performed a mental ritual and they were all those things(quote mentioned above) in the ritual; and they were really into it/believed that it would net results: would he be able to yield results for most typically physical rituals?
  10. An opinion or observation of madness

    Huh curfews where I’m living. I don’t keep up with news much so It was alarming. Apparently protests all over the USA
  11. Shabar mantra

    Huh there’s quite a large list of them; though I’m unsure if I would use any, I find my interest piqued. It looks very similar to western spell casting, which I am also unfamiliar with. I have my Ideas as to why both these, and those work. are you familiar or proficient in practicing any specific mantras?
  12. Shabar mantra

    No I have no idea about shabar mantras. I did some brief research and saw that they were kind of like talisman's except mantras, and more like spells? Don't mean to offend, would really love some clarification on this. I saw something that could be somewhat familiar in Vasistha's Yoga where there was a mantra to treat disease, specifically cholera. For some reason I can't post an image of the mantra or copy it from a pdf but there's these details: "One who is proficient in this mantra should wear it on his left arm and, thinking of the moon, pass that hand over the patient who will be cured at once."
  13. Mental Rituals

    This idea of "mental rituals" that is mentioned in Vasistha's Yoga, which I'm sure are also mentioned in other scriptures as well. It can be boiled down to: Mental actions leading to physical boons. One of my ideas as to why this works (from a mainly vedantic perspective) is that this world is an illusion created by mental modifications/mind. So our day to day lives vs performing an action in our heads is no different. We just have to believe it. Fun fact: It's scientifically proven that practicing a sport in your head actually makes you better at it; whether that be shooting hoops in your head or archery. I found myself particularly fascinated by this idea as my current meditation is a ritual as well, I just didn't really know about it that way till now. Effectively my practice (dazzling white skeleton) involves offering up ones flesh to demons or other entities(the ritual aspect) and then meditating on whats left: a clean white skeleton. Hence one of the meditation's selling points is that it gets rid of Karma and allows one to detach from the body, along with some other boons. Now if I were to perform a hardcore religious ritual, offering one's flesh up is as metal as it gets, so yeah haha. This is generally a cool topic, what do you guys think? Where else have you guys seen this phenomenon of mental rituals? Have you had any experience of performing rituals mentally? Meditations as well that reflect this concept?
  14. Any interesting plans for June?

    I'm working on some web apps... I'll likely continue them. Continue my study of Vasistha's yoga and meditation in between. Though I've been considering sometime whether I want to leave home and just wander for a bit; my first intentions were to go full Rambo, which isn't great and even worse with covid. Now my intentions are more so about moving out and setting up my own place. Wonder if I can find a nice place to fix up, that's secluded and silent.
  15. How does one even start the Dao?

    Well a Sutra or two, and a lot of references but by scriptures I mainly mean Vasisthas Yoga. It will likely be the only thing I study for a while. I guess I just say scriptures though as habit because they refer to the teachings in Vasisthas yoga as scriptures