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  1. Interesting take on things. Perhaps I was mistaken, but that word is like all over the first post.
  2. I know you love those tables. Sucked ya right in!
  3. And if I may, he offers "degrees" of Turiya which may aid in realizing the scope of that persistent mind-blowing perception that... Self Alone Is, and may serve as signposts to gauge one's level of "conscious awareness" throughout all so-called relative states. Well, hope that helps. I suggest purchasing a copy if you are so led, lest I end up sharing whole chapters.
  4. Probably one of the best I've come across conveying the depths of the "stateless state". From, "Turiya - The God State" by SantataGamana. It should be noted that the author acknowledges the concept of "wakeful sleep", but doesn't just leave the reader with that bare vague claim. He actually describes Why the concept is accurate as a pointer, which creates an understanding that integrates the experience for us who've had glimpses, or days, or weeks of literally, "living the dream."
  5. There's something to be enjoyed in all views or models various schools adhere to. Advaita happens to consider Turiya as another experience also, and intimates the transcendental with Turiyatita; beyond mind, without necessarily "being the all" either. I'm not so sure about the so-called individual's volitional potency in regard to anything that seems to happen or not happen, continue or cease... generally speaking. But that would surely be for another topic.
  6. Turiya, or that which is pointed to beyond the 3 most familiar states of being, is not another state. It is consciousness itself.
  7. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight." ~Joseph Campbell
  8. what does the transcendent desire?

    Becoming springs forth from pure being. The sense that one is, spontaneously manifests to objectively know the depths of one's nature. We could label that apparent primal urge simply as a desire to be... something. Yet that would surely seem to but scratch the surface when considering such limitless potentiality. This spark of life guiding life is the same divine expression of self-exploration throughout all of creation. Like how an unassuming seed explodes into a many-petaled lotus, the perceived mundane lies within the transcendent blossoming. The seed knows of no desire to transcend, it contains the entirety of transcendent majesty within itself. Why the veils? Because playing hide and seek is fun. Peek-a-boo.
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