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  1. Stories for Inspiration

    My "neighbor" whom I met for the 1st time today, is a man aged much further along in his years than he appears, by his own confession. I commented how well he looked for his age. He joked about how the secret of his youthful demeanor is, his 4 wives... I laughed it off as a joke about not staying married to the same woman granting longevity, and bid him a good day... He didn't even crack a smile but as we parted ways, he advised me to Be Well. I couldn't shake the way he said it... so something made me look up... man with 4 wives... lo and behold, it appears to be a story from the Buddhist Agama Sutras? Perhaps someone can confirm. So, even though my thread is in the Hindu section, I thought I'd share this gift of wisdom from the Buddha two doors down.
  2. Self is already realized, grace is already working, and has no karma to work out. The paradoxical imperceivable reality of identification with that, 'One without a second', can only be spoken of dualistically. As that which is essentially no-Self, there is neither One, nor an-other. The entirety of what can be objectively known, from un-manifest to manifest or from grossest to subtlest, arises as an appearance in the realized. The appearance is a reflection of That which projects no image, and yet spontaneously pervades and sustains all while remaining untouched. All is not apart from It, but It is not the all. All this is merely catalyst for understanding, in comparison to a seeker imagining a strange and dangerous world out there, somewhere. Just pointers, teaching tools within the one resplendent consciousness. An inversed conception to rattle the student out of his comfort zone, that he may throw himself at the feet of the Guru, his consciousness. The jñāni is apparently in the all, yet he abides beyond. He has no mind to call his own, universal mind is his consciousness. Consciousness, like a small grain of light in the expanse of his infinite being is how he knows that he is, and thus a true jñāni worships it. A jñāni is said to be a knower of consciousness in its totality. He knows who he is without words, for he has known all that he is not by and through his consciousness. He is wholly unattached and uninvolved, without an identity as commonly conceived, and therefore without a mind that clings or grasps... and yet, he knows and abides in the hearts of all. The knower's "attainment" of Self-knowledge, is to say he abides as that primal knowledge itself. This untouched awareness, pure jñāna, is like an ever-burning fire. An all-consuming flame in which all karmas are burnt up as instantaneously as they arise...
  3. Change the world now

    Ha! Well, those words which naturally flow outward should reflect a certain degree of quality I suppose, considering their Source, so ... thanks for being me. But let's not start patting each other's backs quite yet. It seems there's a bit more work to be done!
  4. Excellent, with a passing allusion towards inability to see the forest for the trees. Of course, nothing wrong with holding one's gaze upon a singular wave, so long as the immensity of its ocean can be seen within it.
  5. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "The biggest ego trip going is getting rid of the ego." "A fool who persists in his folly will become wise." ~Alan Watts
  6. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "The dog of doubt barks in vain." ~Shri Siddha Rameshwar Maharaj
  7. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "Judgmentalism is the vanity of all egos. Scripture says, "Judge not, lest ye be judged." Also, "Judgement is mine, sayeth the Lord." Christ said to forgive. The Buddha said there is nothing to judge because perception can only see illusion. Perception is always partial and limited by an arbitrary context. In truth, no judgment is possible." ~David R. Hawkins, Along the Path to Enlightenment (pp. 82-83)
  8. What blows your mind?

  9. Stories for Inspiration