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  1. Your Experience of Standing Meditation

    Years ago I practiced zhang zhuang quite a lot. My first qi gong master was very very good at it, he loved the practice and always made us do it. It was funny, because I remember some students, specially the newcomers, suffered a lot. A LOT. Me too at first. I happened to train quite a lot the standing meditation, it was a challenge for me to endure for a long time in the position. I wanted to be as good as my teacher,. I trained it every single day for some time, until everything broke down. It was like my body didn't want to do the practice anymore, because every time I tried to do it all my body shook, from head to toes. My neck and head moved and shook a lot. I didn't know how to interpret these erratic movements, my teacher said it was good because it meant I was unlocking deep blockages. But I arrived at the conclusion that it was just my mind that didn't want to play that game again, like it was senseless to continue. I would have liked somehow, some part of me, to be able to stand for an hour effortlessly, like my teacher used to do, but I never could, and I decided it wasn't worth anymore to try. I chose to focus on other things.
  2. human being always lie, always, but a good movie portraying many dark truths of our society is Requiem for a dream. Highly recommended, one of my favourite movies ever
  3. Dark night of the soul

    this is one those classical posts worth remembering. you can like @starjumper or you can dislike him, but this post is great. "you have to go through hell before you can get to heaven", starjumper!
  4. DaoBums Facebook Group

    is there a dao bums facebook group?
  5. Gaming Corner- What's your game

    and which are your favourite rpgs?
  6. Ping Shuai Qigong

    can you do this form without shoulder pain?
  7. Ping Shuai Qigong

    i had to quit it, the pain was increasing every time i did this qi gong. the more i practiced it the more pain i felt
  8. Ping Shuai Qigong

    a few years ago i practiced this qi gong for a while and i can remember well i had pain in my shoulders too
  9. Planning a solitary retreat

    the date is approaching, let's see what i will or will not do
  10. I have found this info about the influence of the moon on our bodies:
  11. Planning a solitary retreat

    yes, first of all I want to do something easy, like a weekend or half a week, just a few days. I want to dedicate that time to do something that helps me grow and improve, maybe meditation, maybe study something, maybe observe and be in nature, etc., I don't even know. I guess I still have to think about that.
  12. Planning a solitary retreat

    what do people typically do in such a circumstance?
  13. I am planning to do a solitary retreat in November or December. Any ideas or recommendations? I am not sure if the topic has been discussed already in other threads. what do people typically do in such circumstances? I have never been on any kind of retreat, honestly. I should think what I would like to do to make the most out of it.
  14. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    The way to win in a battle according to military science is to know the rhythms of the specific opponents, and use rhythms that your opponents do not expect, producing formless rhythms from rhythms of wisdom Musashi
  15. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    I will give it a try, that is for sure! by the way, I see you are a great reader. What about Dostoievsky? do you like him? what are your favourite books about him? I read him when I was very young. I really enjoyed Brothers Karamazov (I read half the book, I was only 20 or 21!) and Notes from the underground.