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  1. Cold feet, cold hands and hot head

    At the end of this website you can find good info too on Raynaud's: https://web.archive.org/web/20150322151428/http://www.soilandhealth.org/02/0201hyglibcat/020117tildenpt2/020117.ch9.html
  2. Cold feet, cold hands and hot head

    "Raynaud’s phenomenon is caused by overly-sensitive blood vessels within the fingers and toes. They are more affected by cold and stress. The blood vessels narrow substantially, causing a decrease in blood flow and associated color change. The lack of blood flow often results in a pale, or white, discoloration. Subsequently, the digits can turn blue and eventually red as there is a sudden influx of blood into the digits after the episode is over."
  3. exercise of almost any kind, or just walking should help
  4. Cold feet, cold hands and hot head

    I am reading books from the hygienist tradition: Herbert Shelton, John Tilden, Henry Lindlhar, etc. I highly recommend these books, you can learn a lot
  5. Cold feet, cold hands and hot head

    I am doing some research on this topic and I see some authors recommend cold water, while others recommend hot water for warming the feet. Still others recommend first hot water and finally cold water on the feet, plenty of options to choose!
  6. Reading higyenist literature I have come across a definition of disease quite interesting. They said that in disease feet and hands are too cold, due to obstruction of capillaries which don't let the blood flow well, and this causes the internal organs and the brain to get too much blood (the blood that doesn't go to the extremities). Their usual advice was to put the feet on hot water in order to dilate the blood vessels and draw the blood there, although some advised cold water, in order for the body to react against its influence. Many people today have this problem, cold hands and feet, and too much blood in the brain (fever). Ringing in the ears, dizzyness or veins too full in the forehead/temples are symptoms of too much blood in the head. This is similar to what @Gerardhas been saying in this forum. It is just that the solution given by the hygienists doesn't happen to really attract me a lot. I am sure there must be more ways to draw the excess of blood away from the brain and internal organs and make it go to the feet and hands. Any ideas?
  7. Seeking personal power - Good or bad?

    and what is true power according to your conception?
  8. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    What kind of work is necessary to build up a decent foundation and open up some shit? just to know what the basic stuff is like in your tradition, no need to go into details, thanks!
  9. Seeking personal power - Good or bad?

    Personal power is a necessary and good thing, as long as you don't do evil things with it
  10. A few personalities

    Some day I will create a thread listing the things I have done in these last years that helped me to grow somehow, versus things I did that didn't help. For example, to quietly understand (without over-reacting emotionally) what has happened in these last 2 years and a half is something that has helped me to develop tremendously. Also to properly understand the human body and its hygiene through authors like John Tilden or Herbert Shelton. The several qi gongs I did I am not sure if they helped me or not, maybe not a lot in my case.
  11. A few personalities

    We are probably more conscious, we think about things that our neighbour don't even care about
  12. Diet for enlightenment?

    the pineal gland secretes a liquid that hydrates the body? can you share some source? thanks I ask this bc I am also interested in dry fasting and pineal gland activation
  13. A few personalities

    thanks for your kind words. I come from a different environment probably, so these nice words are not often heard, a different style I guess. We prefer the hard ones As for a simple medical/health qi gong, which one do you recommend? In fact, I am looking for some kind of simple qi gong to mix with my intermittent fasting routine. And for the self-delusion thing, I think one golden rule for us internal cultivators is do NOT lie to yourself, be honest with yourself ALWAYS.
  14. A few personalities

    I am not sure, many people deceive themselves about their practice and progressions. In my case, my years of qi gong training didn't really make me grow a lot. Intermittent fasting, the starvation cure, has benefited me much much more, but again, there are many paths for self-development, each of us must choose which is our's. Self-deception is one of the main hindrances in the journey to self-development. I myself fell into this trap at some point while doing qi gong in the past, imagining I was going to be able soon to use and control the energy of the universe or at least to improve myself and my health. None of this happened, maybe because I wasn't good enough or maybe because qi gong is not for that, I don't know. But after seeing many people I can say that self-honesty, avoiding any kind of self-deception, is difficult but necessary to progress.
  15. A few personalities

    wow, yes, inner transformation is very very difficult IMHO, you have to work hard on yourself, and then maybe, and only maybe, this will happen. Methods to do it are many, but you probably need to find one that suits you, or even create one yourself! Self improvement has been one of my biggest passions for years, and difficult as it is, it is also a beatiful attitude, a great path. Some years ago it was through qi gong, now it is with intermittent fasting, who knows what will be in the future, I am still learning and progressing.