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  1. The light is awareness and attention which is nearly always turned outward towards the "outside" world. Turning that light around means to focus our awareness and attention inward.
  2. Dharmakaya / God?

    I can reconcile the two in my life and mind. I think it’s all a matter of our expectations and needs as conceptual beings.
  3. Pure Land

    Rebirth can refer to any transition, moment to moment, day to day, lifetime to lifetime. In the sutric traditions there is more focus on accumulating merit for other lifetimes. The Pure Lands are very far away! In the trantric tradition you transform into the deity and abide in Pure Lands in this and future lifetimes. In the dzogchen tradition you simply realize inherent Purity in every moment, in every situation. It is here, it is now! ~ Peter Gabriel
  4. Pure Land

    I'm no authority but will offer one perspective - Purity refers to freedom from ignorance, it refers to the primordial, unelaborated essence of being. Purity is thus related to wisdom. When wisdom arises in a practitioner, they are said to have Pure Vision. When the world is "experienced" through Pure Vision, one sees the underlying spontaneous and unelaborated perfection of our natural state of being in everything one encounters. Everything is in its place, all is well... Thus the Pure Lands are the lands of the Buddhas and Bodhisatvas. The Pure Lands dawn with the arising of the Three Kayas. They are not somewhere else, they are here and now.
  5. Okay to be vulnerable?

    I think noticing that tendency is all you need to do and maintaining that awareness. Permit a brief rant. My approach is to be with it when it comes up and trust that it will change, if it needs to change, when the circumstances are right. The one who feels not authentic or simply unsure,the one who needs to change something, is the very obstacle to that authenticity. IMO, authenticity is spontaneous by definition (ziran) and manifests when the narrator, the thinker, the planner, and the doer rest. What’s left is openness, listening, allowing it to be as it is without resistance or forced action. That’s wu wei - non interference. When it runs its course, if allowed to, it will liberate. If an action is needed, it will happen. Trust that and rest completely connected to the moment - body, speech, and mind.
  6. Okay to be vulnerable?

    I would suggest that if you don't feel vulnerable and unsure sometimes, you are not paying attention or not being honest with yourself. It's a necessary experience in becoming aware and a marker along the way.
  7. Can't seem to find it on ESPN.
  8. Futbol is very important to many Mexicans, including my sister-in-law! Due to the family connection, I've become a fan. They have a great team and have a pretty good chance of winning the cup. Mexico has beaten Germany (2014 winner) and South Korea so far. They play Sweden next week.
  9. I enjoy the World Cup - the only pro sports event I pay any attention to.
  10. Dzogchen teachers and online teachings

    Hi Jin Song, I don't know Geshe Ten Gelek personally. I've attended a few of his online teachings and they've been very good and very traditional. He basically reads the scripture and does his best to explain in English. He also guides meditation and teaches any necessary prayers. His English is good but not perfect. Here is some background on him: • Geshe Degree (Doctor of Philosophy), Tibetan Bön Academy of Philosophy, Menri Monastery, India, 1996 • Primary Education, Central School for Tibetan (CST), Dholanji, H.P. (India), 1982 Experience • Chairman of the Tibetan Bön Academy of Philosophy, Menri Monastery. • Chant master for 3 years at Menri Monastery. • Teacher of Bön secret tantric tradition Dance for 6 years, Menri Monastery. • Bön Lecturer, Central University for Tibetan Studies (CUTS), Varanasi, India, 1996-2009 Menri monastery in Northern India is one of two major Yungdrung Bön centers outside of Tibet. The Oral Transmission of Zhangzhung is the only Dzogchen teaching that has never been terma. For this reason it is generally considered the most important Dzogchen teaching in Bön, arguably in all of Buddhism. It has been passed continuously in an unbroken oral tradition. This makes it unique in all of Buddhism. Nyingma Dzogchen teachings are all based on terma. Other than iconography and prayers, the systems are very similar but I've never studied Nyingma so I'm no authority. Here is an article about it by a well known translator, John Reynolds: As far as I know, the ten sessions will cover the entire oral transmission which is a comprehensive exposition on Dzogchen. The oral transmission includes: - Nga lugs or introduction into ones Natural State - Trekchöd and Thögal, cutting through illusion and seeing with pure vision. - Outer and inner Rushen - Tsalung Trulkor - View, meditation, conduct, and fruition - Supplementary practices to help clear the central channel and stabilize the nature of mind - Guidance regarding wrong views and conduct To my knowledge there is no prerequisite. You can message him directly through Facebook if you have any specific questions. He's very accessible and responsive. Since this is the first time this material has ever been taught in this fashion, to a large degree we'll have to see for ourselves what he presents and how it goes.
  11. What is in our power to do?

    Loved it, entertaining read even if you're not a runner. Highly recommended.
  12. Dzogchen teachers and online teachings

    If you are interested in direct, practical, and accessible dzogchen instruction I suggest you connect with or explore the teachings of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. His teachings are progressive and experiential - - Here are foundational practices, the best place to start IMO: - There is an online ngöndro course ongoing at this time: - Following his Facebook Live teachings is a great way to get a taste - For a more traditional approach, Geshe Ten Gelek offers teachings through his Facebook page. He will begin live transmission of the Oral Teachings of Zhangzhung Nyengyud, (the most important Bön Dzogchen cycle of teachings) starting July 1st - not free but a bargain at any price!
  13. What is in our power to do?

    Ever read Born to Run by Chris McDougall?
  14. What is in our power to do?

    Can't wait to see where my new Luna's will take me!
  15. What is in our power to do?

    Not right, not left.... inward.