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  1. anyone else gets this?

    At some level it means that you are at least paying attention. Not a bad thing. Notice you are paying attention, and take a nice, deep breath. Let go and move on You know how to breath, you're just too much in your head in that moment
  2. To me it means that I do not see the world as it is, I see the world as I am.
  3. BON What are your favorite practices?

    I was a Daoist practitioner for over a decade until discovering Bön, which changed my life. Now I'm a committed Bön practitioner and no longer practice anything else. My core practices are 9 Breathings of Purification, Tsa Lung, Guru Yoga, abiding in the Natural State, and support practices from the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyud. I engage in a variety of other practices as well, all from the Bön teachings. If I had to pick a favorite, or most important practice, it would be my daily informal practice - integrating the Nature of Mind into day to day activity and relationships. It is such a powerful and challenging practice! A lifetime practice.
  4. More Icelandic delicacies

    Hmmm... Hákarl or Hrútspungar? I'd rather fast.
  5. I can understand and respect your criticism. On the other hand, English Bon resources are so rare I'm thrilled it is available and very appreciative to have it. Definitely a good idea to get some personalized instruction, if possible.
  6. There is a wonderful new English resource for channel and chakra practices from the Bön Mother Tantra:
  7. Well said, You made perfect sense. Another aspect is that everything we experience and interact with is colored by our conditioning, expectations, and life experience. This is the basis for the teachings on the 6 realms. No two people experience the world in the same way. It’s not the world that is different to each observer, it is the observer that influences the experience..
  8. Learning Mandarin

    If possible, find a residential language program in China.
  9. Here is a nice description of the meaning and practice of transmission -
  10. Things that can disrupt or disturb sleep - Marijuana Alcohol Electronic stimulation in the evening Dehydration Diet Exercising too late Eating too late Too much energy work Just some thoughts, good luck
  11. Wonderful point and thank you for sharing your play (trying to get away from the idea of art as work). Creativity is another “measure” or form of feedback for of my progress. The more open and connected I am to the source, the more I feel and manifest spontaneity and creativity. And I don’t mean just in terms of drawing, painting, music, writing, etc... Anything can be creative - solutions to problems, spontaneous interaction with a loved one, an unexpected friendly gesture to a coworker... anything.
  12. I have a valuable feedback system in my practice. If I am doing my practices correctly, I should see tangible effects in my life. Less impatience and frustration, deeper connections and openness in my relationships, less resistance to things I don't like, and less attraction to things I do like. If I don't see clear changes in my day to day, I am not practicing effectively.
  13. Haiku Chain

    Enough is enough Appetite satiated I am still hungry
  14. I am officially jaw dropped amazed.

    Yes, it’s not so much about what means what to whom. The point is we can only experience our own stuff and those experiences will affect each of us in unique ways. I’m happy to disagree here. Approaching meditation as an accessible and ‘no big deal’ practice that can have healing and supportive effects is enough for most people and valuable to most. This gives them an easy in and easy out. It lets them see for themselves what the benefits are and whether they should dig deep. That should always be a personal choice. Treating it as some distant and wondrous goal is more likely to cause the excitement you describe, IMO. On the other hand, sometimes failing is precisely what people need to learn and grow. I try not to judge for others, it’s their life. I take a different tack. I generally do not presume to know what someone else needs in their life, particularly when it comes to spiritual growth. Sometimes, I have doubt as to what I need, let alone others. I tend to take a position of support and encouragement if someone has chosen to tread a particular path but I would never try and push someone if they were undecided. They need to open the door and step through, then I’m happy to help if I can.