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  1. Canna Bums

    A thread devoted to all things cannabis. Not everyone’s cup of tea, perhaps, but a rich and varied topic nonetheless.
  2. Paintings you like

    A few from my last visit to the Dali in St Pete, Florida:
  3. John Chang - Jesus

    Fun fact - Before he became pope, Joel Ratzinger banned all Demello’s writings as heresy while serving as the Official Censor for the Catholic church. This position is a renaming and reworking of the Office of High Inquisitor. As a Jesuit, Demello’s publications were owned by the church and withdrawn from circulation for a period of time. After he died, I believe somehow his brother managed to get them republished. This document is an interesting read -
  4. John Chang - Jesus

    No need, you already did that...
  5. John Chang - Jesus

    Awareness is a great place to start. Another masterpiece is The Way to Love. My favorite is a 12 cd set Wake Up to Life. Are you still in Mexico?
  6. John Chang - Jesus

    In my experience, if something’s coming up often it may be worth looking at a bit more closely. One valuable thing about this place for me is it can show me things about myself I otherwise may not, or may not want to, see. I have no idea if it is applicable to you, just sharing my perspective.
  7. John Chang - Jesus

    Christianity, as a path, was redeemed for me by Anthony Demello. Its presence in the lives of many is a different beast altogether.
  8. John Chang - Jesus

    Thanks, I can use all the luck I can get. Your reactivity sure made it feel personal. If not, I stand corrected. I feel no addiction to correctness. Or that is at least the objective. The I who is correct is ignorance from its foundation. The pointing out of his flaws is appreciated.
  9. John Chang - Jesus

    It’s clear you took my post personally which means you must at least loosely identify with one of those categories or with the dear departed, or maybe just the history here. I clarified in my response to luke if you are interested. It’s not that “a libertarian” couldn’t consider themselves a “Daoist” but I stand by my comments regarding personal cultivation and Trumpism.
  10. John Chang - Jesus

    I thoroughly enjoyed my lockdown time. Alas, I’m back to work full time which for me is more stressful.
  11. John Chang - Jesus

    I never invalidated the alt-right or GOP experience, not did I insult it. Although, to be clear, I strongly disagree with their policies. I was simply pointing to the group that got shit-canned for lording their political views here with the support of moderators. I didn’t say anything derogatory, that was your perception. Your words, not mine. Wow, you’re out there with your assumptions and projections... My lack of empathy? I don’t think that’s very accurate. You’re saying I don’t empathize with imaginary people I label in a way they don’t label themselves? That’s quite a story you’ve created.
  12. John Chang - Jesus

    What experiences?
  13. Like others, I would recommend avoiding the flights of intellectual fantasy Drew indulges himself in but that is your choice. I've had training by lineage masters in Daoism and Bön Buddhism and no one has ever emphasized the need for full lotus. There are important points of posture during seated meditation but the specific position of the legs, other than crossed in some way, does not seem to be critical. That said, here is an excellent program of stretching to guide you to full lotus posture:
  14. What are you listening to?

    You might never, ever come down!
  15. Non dual Buddhism

    Beautiful! .