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  1. What are you listening to?

    @NickC How do you embed the link? And what device are you using?
  2. Vedic Christianity

    @Nungali Did you start reading Bø and Bön yet? Is it helpful?
  3. @-_sometimes Your chamber awaits...
  4. Nothing is missing from nondual awakening, other than perhaps our connecting with it. There is no greater moral compass than knowing that one’s own body is all sentient and non sentient beings. When there is that awakening of unconditional love there is no doubt or hesitation regarding morality. That’s my experience, fwiw.
  5. From my fav film director: THE VIBRATION "If my energy doesn't wake you up, I'm not for you. If my spirit doesn't inspire you, don't force the connection. If my thought doesn't make you think deeper, it's no point in keeping me in mind. If my passion doesn't move you, then you better change direction. If my presence doesn't help you evolve, my absence certainly will. If my love doesn't open your heart permanently, another love will. Go and find what vibrates your being, don't even stop to look behind you. One of the greatest acts of love is letting go. The vibration doesn't lie. Trust your process. " Alexander Jodorowsky
  6. True, lots of paternalism in the culture and religion. The attitudes are slowly changing. The first group of Bön geshemas graduated this year - it's been a long time coming. I'm involved in my own sangha by serving on a council that sets standards of conduct and address any complaints. The other two members are female. Our organization is committed to ethical standards but we can't change the past or the system at large. We do the best we can.
  7. Wait a minute, if that’s true we are all incestuous louts! I just hope you were never my daughter... I find you quite attractive
  8. In Bön and Tibetan Buddhism, the word that we generally translate as wisdom is yeshé. "Ye" means 'primordial' or 'from the beginning.' "Shé" means 'to know' or 'consciousness.' The basis of our consciousness and all life experience is considered to be unborn and undying, primordial wisdom. Perhaps it means something different in the teachings you are studying. Even in Buddhism, the understanding of wisdom varies a bit depending on one's path and proclivity. I was referring to the Buddhist meaning of wisdom because you were quoting a Buddhist discussion, not a Hindu one. PS - I'm not pointing, both hands are in my pockets
  9. Nobody’s safe ‘on the internet’ 🤣
  10. Wisdom is not and has no task. It is primordial and does not have to do anything. We, as samsaric beings. have work to do. Nope, dzogchen acknowledges the reality of Two Truths, both relative and absolute (dual and nondual). Neither is more true or more real than the other. Reality is not One - hence the term nonduality as opposed to Oneness. Reality is not a metaphysical zero, that is an error of understanding that leads to nihilism, it is dependently inter-related. Distinctions don’t disappear, they are simply seen in the context of a deeper level of interconnection and relationship. No different in the Mahayana. In dzogchen, wisdom moves in no particular direction. It arises spontaneously in us. Diversity and plurality are investigated and respected but at some point a deeper connection is uncovered which links us to all “separate” appearances. The article Stirling referenced by Thich Nhat Hanh expresses this beautifully. In Vietnam, I believe both Theravada and Mahayana traditions coexist in a collaborative and unified fashion. I believe their system to be unique in this regard. This discerning wisdom is also present in dzogchen, “discriminating wisdom.”
  11. I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. No nondual significance to tears, I was simply taken back to an experience with my teacher, a very piercing transmission. I was responding to both of your points, didn't mean to link it all together. Very true, he also knows quite well that there is nowhere else to be but right here and right now. Good questions to ponder. Most likely my answers, if I have any, would be unsatisfying or just lead to more questions. One thing about "understanding" nonnduality for me is that pondering can only take me farther away. There is no understanding it for me, only being with whatever is in my experience in this very moment as fully and openly as possible. That's really it. Very true The converse is that if we're not open we can't grow, we can't connect. Very important to find the right balance for each of us.
  12. No question in my mind that he has a deep, abiding connection to the base from which his activity flows. His tears are genuine - I've seen my own teacher's spontaneous outflow of powerful emotion in retreat. Sexual abuse and misconduct in monasteries notwithstanding the Dalai Lama's accomplishments on behalf of Buddhism and the Tibetan people have been phenomenal under the most adverse of possible conditions. He is a product of Tibetan culture which emphasizes modesty. Of course this is also my projection but informed by reading several of his books, including two on dzogchen, and receiving teachings from him. My wife and children have no interest in Buddhism but received a genuine transmission of love and compassion from him attending one public teaching so powerful they were visibly shaken. But just like anything one has to be open to receive.
  13. Everything blended into a velvety luminous blob, delicious!
  14. I had a root canal this morning, the good news is I thought I needed two but only needed one. Now hanging out with my little buddy Lolli and enjoying a smoothie. I thought of all of you and this conversation as I sat in the chair watching and listening and feeling the experience. I particularly thought of @silent thunder and his wisdom. It was effortless and fine. Whether any of us know something or experienced something else, whether I agree or disagree, follow similar or contradictory paths… I feel blessed to have a connection to all of you. Sometimes it surprises me how much you all can get into my head and heart. None of us is better or worse than another, no perspective better. Views, answers, practices, systems can only ever be said to be better or worse for me personally. I can’t judge for another, though my thoughts may think differently at times. We each bring something unique and special to the table. I certainly don’t feel in any way better than anyone else (except maybe Luke, just a little…), just close and vulnerable, especially when talking about things so close to my heart like my spiritual life. I recently completed a multi-year program that combines meditation practices with small and large group sessions. The meditation really opens people up and the depth of sharing and connection that developed was profound. I learned something really valuable - how easy it is to think I understand other people, and how inaccurate I can be and, most important, how much I can learn from the most unexpected sources. All people have immense value and potential and so much can be gained by putting aside presumptions and expectations and really being open. All stuff I “knew” before but this was more of an experiential realization and made an impact. I feel like we have a little of that potential here though naturally we need to be a bit more guarded in an anonymous, public forum. Anyway, not sure where I was going with all this but cheers!