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  1. Healing the wounded child within

    Even if we're not aware of the inner child, we can still see her effects in our actions, patterns, feelings, and so forth. Why would people engage? Perhaps to feel better, to adjust better, to know themselves better, to heal old trauma. How? Lots of ways. In my approach mainly through being open and quiet. When he is ready, he shows up and I host him in openness, clarity, and warmth.
  2. The wonders of Indian civilization

    It’s the other way ‘round from what I’ve read. Cherokee tell the story of the Pleiades and pine as being children of the Cherokee, they say Ani'tsutsa - The Boys In the Māori creation story the Pleiades are the eyes of Tāwhirimātea, one of first children of Mother Earth and Father Sky.
  3. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Perhaps you are using the wrong pronouns?
  4. Bullshit Mr Han man!

    Shih Kien, actor from Enter the Dragon
  5. Seeking personal power - Good or bad?

    My own take is that there are two things here, personal power and seeking. In terms of growth there is a need for seeking and for personal power when we experience indecisiveness and lack. There must be some fuel and strength of ego to recognize and engage in the process of transformation, and a lot of dedication to see it through. And at some point what is sought is found and the seeker can rest in certainty and confidence. At this point the idea of personal power is moot as the true source of power is experienced and is not limited by persona. For many focusing on personal power can become a major obstacle, feeding the factors that cut us off from the source and objective. This is where a teacher, wisdom teachings, and a community of practitioners can be invaluable.
  6. simplify

  7. The full moon is considered an auspicious time to engage in spiritual practice in Bön and Tibetan Buddhism. I've also heard some say that the merits of practice are amplified on those days, also new moon days. I can't say I feel more energetic per se but perhaps more sensitive and alert, empathetic.
  8. Greetings Friends, The moderation team is committed to minimizing censorship and promoting a wide range of discussion here. We are not the arbiters of truth and do not have the time or expertise to vet technical claims and official narrative, or define what constitutes "conspiracy theory." We are here to facilitate civil debate and discussion on a wide range of topics. The primary mission of this site to host discussion related to Eastern spirituality. While the emotional challenges associated with current events can be a wonderful opportunity to engage in one's own personal and spiritual practice, more often such discussions deteriorate into argument. This has been having a negative effect on the board from a content and energetic perspective for several years now, understandably exacerbated by a global pandemic. While we don't want to ban discussion of important topics, we don't want the inevitable argumentation to drown out the board's primary focus, Eastern spirituality and personal development. Consequently, we have decided to create a new sub-forum in The Rabbit Hole labeled Current Events. This will be a private forum, viewable only by members in good standing who request access. All Covid, political, and other current events type threads not in PPDs will be moved there shortly. All future threads on Covid and current events of all types will be hosted in Current Events. Such discussions will also be permitted in PPDs. Current Events will also be an area the mods can use to sequester other contentious threads. Members that are drawn to such topics are invited to request access to use this private sub-forum, or PPD, provided they do so with mutual respect. Please note that all forum rules will apply. Those who come here to focus on spiritual dialogue and prefer to avoid the current events should find it a bit easier to do so by simply not requesting permission to access. In order to request access to this new Current Events café, please post a request for access here or send me a request by private message. You will need to have a post count of at least 50 to be granted access. It will take some time to migrate the threads, grant permissions, and workout any kinks that may arise so please be patient. We sincerely hope this small adjustment will facilitate productive discussion in a way that is supportive to as many members as possible. Thank you for your cooperation!
  9. Am I being led towards a path?

    I agree it is good for many and I think there is still a fitting of symptoms into theories, even in TCM and all other conceptual models. The only exception is resting in non-conceptual awareness which is, in my teacher's words, the true source of healing. I have a foot in each of two worlds - Eastern and Western - when it comes to medicine and healing. I feel there is great potential to do good in both and I do what I can to integrate the two in my practice.
  10. Am I being led towards a path?

    I would look also to your heart, be open and patient. Sit with the thoughts and feelings of what medicine and healing bring up for you and stay with it, quiet inside and alert. So many different directions one can go. Being motivated and skillful at helping people is a great blessing, the connections that are made as well as the merit and wisdom you gain over time - priceless. Also possible to succumb to the pressures in any number of ways. Only you can know if it's worth it.
  11. I saw many practitioners who spent many years in the [Dzogchen] Community, and succeeded in learning to avoid an honest look at themselves. And I'm convinced, even now that I wrote these lines, many of you have already read them and say to yourself: ′"This is not me, he is talking about another." Here is a good awareness practice to follow: once in the mind will arise a critical assessment of another person, switch up immediately and try on this judgment on yourself. Then, instead of developing your negative judgements, you can really succeed in the development of your awareness. This is one of the meanings of the symbol 'mirror'. Chögyal Namkhai Norbu
  12. Sleeping qigong and lucid dreaming

    If you want more on Bön dream yoga, this is a good book- Here is a good series of free online teachings - And a great paid course -
  13. Sleeping qigong and lucid dreaming

    I've had the occasional lucid dream since childhood. I then began practicing in an organized and devloted way after getting exposed to dream and sleep teachings from Yungdrung Bön. I follow the Bön teachings on dream and sleep from the Mother Tantra. I practiced dream yoga in a dedicated way for about 3 years and then sleep yoga for another 2 years after that. I haven't been practicing either recently but will go back to them periodically. It varies quite a bit depending on the circumstances I find myself in. I enjoy flying very much. I seek teachings from masters. I meditate. I experiment with traveling. I play around with mirrors. I do the exercises we are taught to develop stability and control of the dream environment. I try to resolve violent and frightening dreams into peaceful ones. I try to dissolve the dreams to access the clear light of sleep. Endless possibilities. Abstain from drugs and alcohol, marijuana in particular. Create a sacred, electronics-free sleeping environment. Wind down slowly at the day's end, eating a light dinner, and disconnecting from all electronics for at least a few hours, do some supportive and mentally cleansing practices before bed, approach sleep as a sacred and precious activity. Make your daytime practice every bit as important as the sleep-time practice itself. Approach the lucid dream as sacred - it is fine to treat lucid dreams as entertainment if that is your only objective but I feel the dream world opens more fully to a more reverential approach, much as one would do for example with something like ayahuasca. Consistency, persistence, and patience are key for me. It took me a long time to begin having regular and somewhat predictable lucid dreams, nearly 2 years of regular practice. If you can afford to do it in the setting of a prolonged retreat under the guidance of a master it will come much faster. It's challenging to develop the skills and supportive environment on your own, living in the busy, over-stimulated Western world. It is highly dependent on your emotional, physical, and psychological condition. It is very beneficial to spend time clearing obstacles from your life before engaging with dream and sleep practices.
  14. Sorry to hear that, he did have some deep insights. I got a lot out of a few of his books, When the Shoe Fits in particular. The documentary about him on Netflix was quite eye-opening for me and well done.
  15. I think they generally realize it early and move on
  16. simplify

  17. Morality

    Not specifically but I think it's an excellent idea. I've tagged @Trunk, @ilumairen, @dwai, and @zerostao and would be happy to create something like that if the admin/mod team approve. My thought would be to put it as a subforum in General Discussion or Healing Circle. We could make it a standard public forum or consider making it limited access by request only so that it is not searchable, similar to Current Events and gender specific forums, that way anyone not following the guidelines could be excluded without being otherwise penalized. I'll defer to the current management team but happy to help in any way on this.
  18. Morality

    So??? Don't keep us hanging... which is it?
  19. Current Events Discussion

    @Ursus mellifera Please try now, you should have access. PS - please make sure you also still have access to the Garden Men's forum. Sometimes adding one secondary forum access can interfere with another.
  20. Morality

    As they were growing up, I would sometimes ask my children (and myself) to consider the question - would you prefer to be rich or happy? The knee jerk response is often 'rich' but it takes little research to demonstrate that wealth does not equal happiness. I think being right is similar...
  21. Morality

    I responded there for anyone interested.